Why Me and Not Him?

Why is it only I can see, hear and experience things and my boyfriend doesn’t? Is it because he is a non believer?

Also, everywhere I go I always feel like I am being haunted or stalked, no matter where I’m at! How can I tell if I am being haunted or is it just my imagination?

Asked by Desi Northrup

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  1. Hello again Desi,

    Some people are born with the gift of being able to see ghosts and spirits, and some people aren’t. It is a gift, it can also be a pack of trouble. It has nothing to do with belief, or not. My son is a non-believer .. and I know many others .. who have become believers because of what they have seen or experienced.

    As to being haunted, people are often followed around by ghosts, who draw energy from them. This happens because the person and the ghost have something in common, some fear or belief, or anger and other negative emotions, that the ghost can ‘attach’ to.

    My recommendation to everyone is to learn to clear your energy regularly, because you are a sensitive. I advised you to read my webpages in another question, here they are again: http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html for shields .. there is also an Invocation there that clears people’s energy of unwanted ‘visitors’.

    If that doesn’t settle things down, you’ll find links on my pages where you can email me in private, and we can see what we can do from here.

    Love & Peace

  2. Listen, believing or not, if you have that “gift”, you will still experienced it. Altough, you will see it from different perspective. I suggest you to train to make your own protection against those “thing”.

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