Why Have I Been Seeing These Things?

Since I was four years old I’ve been seeing spirits randomly. I’ve told my parents many times but they never believed me. Nothing bad happened except hearing voices.

When I turned five I moved to a house. It was old and I didn’t like what I felt. I would spend my time outside by myself or playing with my dog and brother. My brother is four years older.

Sometimes when I would go to sleep I woke up on the floor 7 feet from my bed. Then I turned six. My parents had told me to go to my room because they were going to watch a rated r movie.

I went to my room and closed the door and turned on my lamp light. I got my stuffed animals and sat on the ground. I heard my name and turned around. I sensed something bad. I turned feeling paralyzed. I saw a large yellow dark circle with black small dots and a black shadow was there, one leg outside of the circle and one hand making a gesture to come over. I shook my head slowly and I couldn’t move. I just stared and decided to ignore it. I closed my eyes holding my stuffed animals and I looked back up and it was gone.

When I was 14 I was dragged from my bed many times. I held on to my bed not giving up. My fingers would hurt.

When I was 15, that was my very first attack, I was unable to move, couldn’t scream for help or anything. I couldn’t see it. I wasn’t afraid. I felt anger building up and felt my hand move a little then I hit the wall with my fists 2 times telling it to go away or I would hurt it. Then it was gone

When I was 16 I was attacked. We had moved to a new house. I was asleep the first time I saw her she was wearing all white holding a knife covered in blood. I was of course frozen in place and couldn’t speak. I didn’t sleep and my brother had woken up with scratches on his back .

I turned 17 and my brother had moved out, married already. I moved into his room. I was awake not being able to fall asleep I decided to read my bible. I touched it and then suddenly it moved from me. I thought I must have missed it somehow. I reached for it again and it flung hitting the ground. I couldn’t move.

The next few nights, restless, I saw the girl spirit again and this time she was all black. I couldn’t make anything out. She was beside my bed and suddenly her hands around my neck choking me. I couldn’t move after that. I didn’t sleep. I was crying the next day afraid.

I’ve told a priest he didn’t believe me that was my first time I was angry but didn’t say anything. I’m 18 now and I just hope it doesn’t get worse.

My question is… why have I been seeing these things? Its many spirits, not just one. and every year is getting worse. I really really hate it.

What do I do?

Asked by Tendria

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  1. Hello Tendria,

    You have a gift called clairvoyance (clair=clear, voyance=vision), it can be fun, and it can not be, because if you can see a ghost they can know it, and use that knowledge to cause your problems.

    Right now its more important to put a stop to what you are seeing and experiencing, than to spend any energy on it. You are entitled to a normal growing up, and these white light shields and Invocations can help you do that. You’ll find the shield on this page -


    and information about why some of us need more psychic protection than other here among these pages –


    And then there is this Invocation, which removes entities from around you, and I recommend you use it ‘after’ you put the house shield up ..


    That should calm things down .. and then you can ask whatever questions come to mind. The webpages are all mine.

    You can also look me up from my link here under Friends,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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