Who Are These Spirits Around My Children?

I was hoping to get some answers regarding my two boys ages 3 and 4.

My almost 3 year old talks to a person named guy that he calls his friend. I ask him who he is and he says guy is his friend. Now my 4 year old talks to a person named John Tobas. He also says he is his friend that doesn’t have any family.

Can anyone please tell me whom they are talking to? I try to ask them questions but they are so little! Thanks so much!

Asked by Spiritualbeing

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  1. well, your kids are obviously talking to ghosts. little kids are really sensitive to the paranormal. lots of stuff happened to me when i was really little. not so much anymore, but i still experience things. i suggest you put up a few video camras around your house. be sure to put one in the kids rooms. but if any one of them say they dont like their ghost friend anymore, or that their ‘friends’ hurt them, then you better GET OUT!!!!! hope this helped.

  2. Hello Spiritualbeing,

    My name is Ama Nazra, and when I was a child a had an invisible friend called Jenny Lubher. Translated from 3 year old speech that is Jenny, I love her. She was a Gabriel, an angel, and used to play with me all the time. I used to really weird out my parents .. sometimes I still do, and I’m 49 now. LOL

    Our children are born so tuned into Spirit these days, and its lovely but its also hard work, because most mothers have NO idea what to do with a child that says ‘mum I see ghosts’. Luckily my daughter didn’t really start until she was about 14, and my son ‘refuses to co-operate’ on principle. He always makes me laugh. They are both in mid 20′s now.

    Your sons have some invisible friends. They could be ‘pretend’ friends, they could be ghosts, they could be spirits, they could be angels .. ghosts are lost souls and spirits and angels are our helpers, love us very much and take care of us. To find out what they are, I suggest you either have your minister come in and bless your house, or get a medium to come in and check it and clear the energy. If they are ghosts they will be gone, if they are spirit guides or angels, the boys will still be playing with them, and you’ll no they are not harmful.

    In the meantime, I have an Invocation that is good for house clearing, as well as people clearing .. http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/MichaelInvocation.html read it through and then change the third line to ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not house) and that should clear the energy too. After that the kids might be upset their friends are not there anymore .. but it will give you some peace of mind, which is more important.

    Love & Peace

  3. Both of my kids did this, and I admit, it scared me senseless at first. I think because our children are young, and they haven’t had a chance yet to become cynical and jaded, that they have more “spiritual sight” than most adults do. As long as your kids don’t seem scared or distressed by their friends, I don’t think you have much to worry about. Perhaps they’re just spirits in need of some comfort, and they find that comfort in your little ones.

  4. Hi Spiritualbeing

    It is perfectly normal behaviour for little ones to speak to ‘invisible’ friends.

    Unfortunately, young children are seldom able to seperate the good ‘invisibles’ from the bad ‘invisibles’.

    May I suggest you keep a close eye on your two little’uns behaviour. Watch for things like:

    1. Are they being influenced by the invisible friend – ie bad behaviour which is being blamed on the invisible friend.
    2. Are they becoming withdrawn – ie less likely to interact with other childern, or you.
    3. Are they showing signs of depression?
    4. Are they self-harming?

    … that kind of thing because, if they are, the ‘invisible friend’ is most likely to be the kind of spirit which is best kept well away from innocent children. In cases such as these, it is wise to try and seek out the help of a proffessional to clear your home of negative energy – a priest, exorcist or experienced medium who knows how to cleanse a home.

    However, if the boys remain happy and well balanced, maining their normal behaviour, then most likely they are either speaking to friends which they have either literally made for themselves, or these spirits may well be their guides or angels, as Ama said.

    If you are still unhappy about the familiarality between your sons and the ‘friends’ then you could ask them to leave, or ask your sons to ask them to leave. If it’s a good spirit, it will respect your wishes.


  5. They are something called imaginary friends, most children have them. I had a few when I was a child and I still do. They usually hang around by my shoulders giving me helpful advice on how to handle a lot of things, they are also my spiritual support. It’s nothing to be afraid of if the children doesn’t seem to be scared of them. If things do go unfriendly with them that’s when you start to worry.

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