White Mist in My Living Room?

Hello, I have posted on here a few times before, and I can’t seem to find my other posts, but I have had some weird things happening in my house over the course of about a year that I’ve lived here. Maybe I’m losing my mind, I don’t know.

Just as a summary, I have seen and felt a dark shadow in the shape of an average height and average build man pass by me, I’ve heard my name being called when nobody is there (so has my mother, but she refuses to listen to me, she always says our houses are never haunted then later admits that they were). I’ve seen and felt something run right up to my face then disappear, I just have a general creepy feeling while passing through my hallway even in daytime, I’ve had unexplained events with my TV set malfunctioning, and my cousin has seen my deceased father’s face in my bedroom mirror.

The other day, I was sitting at the kitchen table smoking. Right in the hallway, where it connects with the living room, I saw a big white mist form, move towards the living room, and then suddenly disappear. I KNOW it was not cigarette smoke, because nobody smokes in the living room and I was a good distance away from the hall and the mist did not look like cigarette smoke. My smoke never travels that far. It also would not have suddenly disappeared if it was my smoke, it would have hung in the air for at least a few seconds before disappearing. Funny thing is, the mist was right in the exact spot of the hallway that always creeps me out.

I thought maybe it was just my eyes going funny, but it never did it again. I could see this mist and it was pretty solid, I knew it was not a trick of the light because one part covered the part of the TV stand that I could see from the kitchen and like I said, looked to be out in the hall, not directly on the TV stand, which is in the very back corner of the living room.

Another thing I have been experiencing, and so have my cousins, are tiny little balls of white light that fly past us. We figured it was just the light catching our eyelashes funny or a flake of mascara, but it happens when we’re not even wearing makeup and in all rooms in the house and whether there’s lights on or not.

So, the question is… What is this, and should I be the least bit worried?

Asked by Stephanie

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    The mist was probably a person trying to full manifest itself so that you could see it.

    The name being called is more than likely your angels .. if you’ve asked that question before I know I’ve given the same answer. They used to do it to me in places like the supermarket .. with all that background noise .. the voice would sound like someone I recognised, but could not remember who, so I would turn around quickly, expecting it to be a known person, and not a soul was ever there .. even on a busy day. In the end I would laugh and check the shelves where I was standing, in case there was something there I had forgotten to buy?

    The spot in the hallway could have a leyline running underneath it. A leyline is an earth energy line, which is similar to the veins running through all our bodies. The earth also has ‘veins’ through which channel the energy of the planet. They can affect houses, people, and electrical systems. We also have a ‘hot spot’ in our hall, near my mother’s bedroom door, where our K2 meter frequently goes off, or our ‘ghost’ manifests right when I am about to walk through it. LOL At present she is knocking on our bedroom door, and opening it, whenever Tom is in the bedroom. Since she is haunting him, I’m pretty sure I know who she is. We both find it amusing. She is not a lost soul, and always loved mischief when she was alive.

    Do you have a camera? Keep it handy. Perhaps your ‘ghost’ will allow you to take a photo next time it manifests. And we would all love to see it!

    Love & Peace
    Ama (Victorian Paranormal Connection – here under Friends)

  2. Yea it was 1 of your guardians but the thing that astounds me is that suppsevly our world is supposed to be at a really low vibrational frequency but that high vibrational beings can enter our plane. i understand demons if they can raise there frequencies but powerful spirits that have high vibrational levels can enter here is wow.

  3. I’m not a big believer in spirits of once living people doing these haunts. Being a scientist by trade, I will never claim to know for certain things that are untestable such as the true nature and origin of these paranormal events. However, after years of communication with them I was told by one of them quite emphatically that they were lying to us when they claim to be dead relatives and loved ones. It was told to me directly by one of these things itself. Then on top of that somehow these things exist in a differently in time and space as we do and can have knowledge of distant past, present and future events. That means they can know intimate things that ONLY you and the person they are claiming to be would know and it’s QUITE convincing to the point where some mediums run around making their living talking to demons and such and people pay them to be tricked that they think they are talking to deceased loved ones. And darned if they don’t get some very personal and convincing facts.

    I don’t really know what the mists and all the different visible manifestation really are. I am NOT one to blindly throw out some explanation and convince myself of an untestable premise. However, TWICE I have seen a white mist. Once outside at the farm and once in my bedroom.

    The one in the bedroom was VERY faint but everyone else in the room could see it to and was able to point out directly where I was seeing it too. It expanded the size of the room and dissipated. As it expended it got thinner and thinner.

    The one at the farm was very dense but had a more definite form. It didn’t take the shape of anything recognizable but srayed in it’s relative size and moved around oddly and then dissipated.

    They are manifestations of something but after ALL the years and witnessing hundreds of paranormal events . . . . . I still can’t say exactly WHAT THEY ARE!

  4. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, while still thinking about your other response, some entities will lie to you .. and the liars will lie about not lying, and about there being no spirits .. so how do you win?

    Spirits exist, ghosts exist, demons exist, angels exist, fairies exist, gnomes exist, salamanders (fire elementals) exist, God exists, and I’ve even seen a big yellow dragon in the orchard (and no, it wasn’t a balloon) .. if you go by the ‘test’ of ‘what has happened to ‘me’ personally’, all these are real because I’ve had experiences, conversations and interactions with most of them. I admit I stayed away from the dragon. My evidence is emperical, but subjective .. luckily, when my son-in-spirit came through, I wasn’t the only one in the room to experience him. That was a good night. :-) The next morning my living son had a major jealous temper tantrum .. first thing in the morning, before even coming down stairs, and no one had said a word to him. And he was 17 at the time. I asked him why he was reacting the way he was, given that I treat both he and his sister as similarly as possible, and he didn’t know? Could it have been that I met his older brother the night before?

    For those that don’t know ‘emperical’ means ‘gaining knowledge by means of direct observation or experience’.

    We all do things differently, and see and experience things differently .. but I do believe that if a million people see spirits it is possible they really do exist. And history is full of stories.

    And demons lie best of all,

    Love & Peace

  5. @Ama: son-in-spirit? So…. 1 of your son is already passed away? I am sorry to hear that…..

  6. Hi Adhinferno,

    Thank you. :-) It happened a very long time ago, and its not like he’s really ‘gone’ to me ..

    Love & Peace

  7. Thank you for replying :)

    Ama, I was thinking about what you said for voices calling my name. My aunt had told me it was either God or the Devil, because she had an experience one night when she had colon cancer. She heard her name being called and it was God, and she felt hands on her stomach and it got warm there, and He said, “You never have to worry about dying from this cancer”. She never had any treatment for her cancer, and it was completely healed and went away. I assume she has had an experience with the Devil also calling her name. She told me to be very careful if I answer whoever is calling me.

    I have tried to take pictures, one night my cousins and I sat up and took pictures with their very expensive camera, nothing turned up. Another thing I forgot to mention – every night around the same time, all of us heard footsteps. They stayed several nights in a row and we heard them all around I would guess 2 or 3 in the morning. I thought they were coming from outside, and we were about to wake her brother up to go check as I am very paranoid about people breaking into my house. Then they stopped. She heard them up and down the hallway.

    Lots of times at night (not at 2 or 3, I’m asleep by then) I hear heavy footsteps, and I think they’re my mother, but they’re not. Our main bathroom is connected directly to my bedroom and our house is silent at night (we live almost in the country but not far away from town, very quiet). The only time she ever gets up is to go to the bathroom. I will hear these footsteps and then expect to hear them stop at the bathroom and hear her slippers on the tile floor, but I never do. She always coughs when she’s up at night, and I never hear her cough, either. Or the sound of the dog following her (the dog will wake up out of a dead sleep to follow my mom, she’s very attached).

    We also tried recording EVP’s, we caught some banging noises but I dismissed them, maybe it was from the basement and we didn’t hear it. Also, we used cell phones as we don’t exactly have the proper equipment, so I figured it was something with the cell phone. Any voices we thought we heard, we dismissed also, because of the cell phone.

    I wonder if maybe there is a leyline under my house…. or something happened. Our landlord told us that the previous tenants were not very good tenants. I’m wondering if maybe there was a lot of arguing in that house (from what I was told, they weren’t the most peaceful people). Maybe there is a residual energy not from a spirit, but from the tenants and their habits.

    Jeff, I know that demons can lie and say they are a loved one. This scares me quite a bit, and although I haven’t experienced anything necessarily demonic in this house, I’m wondering if I might soon. My mother knows that ghosts exist, because she sees them all the time. She tells me there’s absolutely nothing in this house, but my fear is maybe it’s a demon and she ignores it. One house we lived in, I actually had objects thrown at me and a quite friendly spirit I called Jonathan that followed me around. By my estimation there were approximately 5 or 6 spirits in that house. I know of an old man and old lady that used to own the property, and a friend of mine who was sensitive to spirits saw them in my house. My mom refused that the house was haunted, and after we moved I found out that she had the house blessed while my brother and I weren’t there and she admitted to it being haunted. So I am kind of afraid of something evil being here. Like I say, no particularly bad experiences but with the voice calling my name (and my mom’s name, she will randomly yell “What” or come back to our room and ask if we called her), it worries me a bit.

    Thank you all for taking the time to respond to my post, I hope I can catch some type of evidence :)

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I agree about not answering most voices. I don’t usually answer .. just look around. :-)

      Your aunt is truly blessed. :-)

      The footsteps in the hall – were probably a ghost, though it could be reflected sound from outside, and from somewhere quite far away, given your location, and the way wind moves sounds around. I’m also semi-rural, but we have a train line about 3 miles away, and sometimes it sounds like the train is right outside our fence? LOL

      It is possible that something unhapppy happened in your house, and that left residual emotions, and maybe even the footsteps. Until something more difficult happens, I would not assume that is ‘going to’, nor that the presence is demonic. Things would be far worse than they are, if it was anything truly nasty.

      A leyline under the house could turn the place into a ghosts’ railway station. Lots of them hanging around. That doesn’t seem to be happening in your case, which is good.

      The little balls of light you mentioned at the beginning are probably orbs .. you can do a search for spirit orbs on the internet and read the debate about what they actually are .. but I find they tend to be around in places that have ghosts.

      Have you considered having the house blessed by your local minister? That might help.

      Love & Peace

      • Hello,

        Thank you for replying again. I discussed the situation again with my mother, she definitely knows more than she is letting on. She says there’s nothing in the house, but she told me when I hear my name called to tell them to go away and leave me alone. She seemed like she was scared, but didn’t want to let on that she was.

        I told her, even though she can see ghosts, maybe it’s choosing to show itself to me and not her. I’ve heard that ghosts can choose to show themselves to certain people and not others. Other experiences I’ve forgotten to mention are, I’ve seen the white mist in my bedroom at night, I’ve heard a man and a woman talking, very loudly, and I’ve considered the possibility of sound travelling since I am in a semi-rural area but nobody is ever outside, and if I’m hearing people inside their houses, that doesn’t seem very likely. I often have screaming matches with my brother so I know the neighbors can’t hear me inside their houses or they’d be checking up on us haha.

        A few days ago, I was folding clothes in my closet and left the closet door open and the light on. The light suddenly flickered out (it has done this before, suddenly turning off and then I try it later and it is perfectly fine). I reached up and turned the switch off. I went out to the kitchen for a drink, came back, and the switch was flipped up and the light was on. Now my light works perfectly fine. I would chalk it up to an electrical problem, but I am 100% certain that I flipped the switch to OFF, and it was ON when I came back in the room. I did not bump it, nobody else was home, and the dog can’t reach the light switch.

        I haven noticed my dog will suddenly stare at the wall for no reason. She likes to chase the lights from car headlights that make on the wall, but usually when she does this there are no lights at all and she will look all around her and sometimes it looks like she’s sad, like she gets when we have to holler at her. She will put her ears down and stare at us real sad looking, and she will do that randomly for no reason at what seems like nothing.

        • Hi Stephanie,

          I really do think you have ghosts, as you already know. The animals can see them too, and your dog sounds like it reacting to someone (spooky) telling her off. I would ‘tell the air’ to leave the dog alone.

          The light switch thing .. my partner came out of the bathroom last night and asked me if I had turned off our bedroom light .. no .. it happens to him all the time. It’s a dark little foyer at that end of the house and we both turn on the bedrom light to light it up the space for when we come out of the small room. The light is usually on for me, but I think his daughter, in spirit, likes to play games with him. I am sure its also her who knocks on our bedroom door when he’s alone in there, and then slowly opens and closes the door again. If she’s trying to spook him, its not working. LOL

          Love & Peace

  8. Thank you Ama, I think the next time she acts weird I will tell whatever it is to let her alone, and see what happens. Today while my brother is sleeping, I think what I might do is go around and try to get a response, as last night I heard scratching noises right next to me on the bedroom wall where my bed is in the corner, and footsteps walking right up to me. I actually turned around expecting to see the dog right behind me or under my foot, and she was out in the kitchen sleeping the whole time (whatever it was seemed to walk up the hallway right behind me, and when I turned around ran back down the hallway). Nobody else was awake.

    That is so funny about his daughter. I love to hear about playful spirits, that’s probably what I would do if I was still around on earth. Why not have some fun? Haha

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Always be very careful when you go to ‘get a response’ from a ghost. You cannot guarantee how they will react .. so I don’t advise it of people who are not trained in this work.

      Have you thought about asking your mother to have your house either blessed by a minister of your local church, or having a medium come in and talk to the ghost/s and help them cross over? It is not ‘fun’ to be a lost soul. My partner’s daughter is definitely a spirit, we made sure of that when she died last year. She means no harm, just continues to ‘entertain’ him, the way they did when she was alive. I cannot say the same of your ghost .. so please be careful. You do not want to end up wearing a dead person as an attachment to your energy.

      There are other ways to change the energy of a household, and make the ghost leave .. but it is better they are crossed-over into a healing place. Smudging with white sage is one, or lavender incense, or putting salt in the corners of each room starting at the top of the house and working your way out of the front door .. but I prefer direct blessings myself.

      Love & Peace

  9. Ama,

    Yes, I agree I am not trained in this. I have had experiences in previous houses where telling the spirits to knock it off worked (after having objects thrown at me, I was DONE lol) but I know that can be dangerous. Just like with living people – you don’t know if they will get mad at you or try to hurt you if you call them out.

    I would have the house blessed, but my mom insists that nothing is here. I don’t feel that whatever is here is evil or malevolent but I’m just worried about that. Speaking of energies, another strange thing that happened, my cousin and I were taking ghost pictures in the basement and every picture of her brother (the boys came down to check on us).. .he has a red smear across his face no matter where he was or what way he was turned. We chalked it up to his aura but I wonder if it isn’t connected to the ghost. I’ve heard there are “crystal children”, that children with blonde hair and blue eyes are more sensitive to things attaching to them. I don’t know how true that is, but it also happens that my cousin has blonde hair and blue eyes. He doesn’t believe in any of this, but boy was he freaked out when he saw his pictures!

    I had heard about salt before… maybe I will try that. I don’t want to necessarily get rid of whatever’s here. If they can’t pass over and they are a lost soul and a friendly spirit I would like them to know they are welcome here, and I don’t want to anger them if I tell them they’re not welcome. Nothing dangerous has happened and they don’t seem to be mean, I’ve co-existed with spirits before, one extra friendly one even following me around my house before, rubbing my shoulders and sometimes getting TOO friendly lol.

    The house where I have had things thrown at me was the house that was blessed upon moving in, so that’s another reason I’m not sure I would like to have a blessing done. If I get hurt (I have gotten hurt before in a nightmare, 3 deep scratches in my leg), I tell them to get away from me and if they don’t I start praying and tell them in the name of God they better get out. That seems to work if things do go bad.

  10. Can someone answer me.
    Last night when going to bed i walked past my daughters bedroom and saw a blue haze (my daughters room is blue explaining the blue colour). As i enterd my bedroom there was a white thick fog there. I turned on my mobile for light as the lights were all off but it didn’t help me to see where i was going.
    Can anyone explain?
    Cat .

    • Hi Cat,

      Did the fog have a shape? I have seen ghosts manifest by drawing energy out of the room and making it come into a solid shape? They can start looking out foggy? What happened to the mist when you turned the light on on your phone?

      When I was driving taxis .. particularly around 2.00am, the streets would be dotted with energy forms, in deep blue, magenta or emerald green .. some were like a splash of light, others rather rectangular in shape .. but blurred on the edges. I went and had my eyes checked .. and they were fine, and I was never tired at that stage .. on night shift I slept in the afternoon before work, and they were generally in the same locations, but not exactly .. and were not reflected light .. I checked that out. So I put them down to earth (elemental) energy outputs .. as if the energy of that particular area was expressing itself in colours (suburban streets of a country town .. lots of houses).

      There is so much that we don’t understand about nature and our planet. We are all still learning.

      If it happens again .. take photos?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • Hi Ama,
        Thanks for replying.
        When i turned my mobile on nothing happened, i couldn’t see the light on my phone and had to feel for my bed as i could not see it .
        When i st on the bed a large amount of fog gathered and it looked like a silhouette of a person.
        Thanks Cat.

        • Hi Cat,

          A ghost will absorb enegy from any ‘light’ source it can, and can flatten batteries in the process, and seem to take the light out of the room. That’s what happened to my partner the other night. He came to bed very late and said there was a dark figure standing next to me .. and the green light from our bedside clock started to vanish .. so he cleared the house. Yes, he does this stuff too. :-) I was sleeping at the time. :-)

          With the fog gathering into a person shape, I would go with ghost. They are generally not harmful, just hungry for human energy, and I don’t recommend leaving them haunting. To that end I recommend you either arrange to have your house blessed/cleared by the minister of your local church, or have a medium come in and talk to any ghosts around and help them pass into a healing place .. or you could use this Invocation //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ to clear your energy, and then change the third line to ‘from my ‘home’ (not house) and clear your house with it. That should settle anything down, if the ghost is still around. It might have just been passing through.

          Love & Peace

  11. No, I can’t “explain” it but I can tell you that I have seen mists and fogs in a room before. They were NOT “thick” in fact they were so thin you had to look elsewhere to see that there actually was a difference between the fogged area and the other surroundings. Once, when I saw it I said nothing for a few moments and then turned to a friend who was in the room and asked him if he saw something. I didn’t say “what.” He saw the thin fog or mist also and pointed it out right where I was seeing it too. That let me know it wasn’t something I was imagining. It was coming right out of the middle of the Zyria board. I didn’t do ANYTHING except get bigger and bigger and then dissipated.

    The “light” I cannot explain nor touch. I have never experienced luminosity from these things. I don’t discount it but I have never personally experienced “light” from any of these things.

    I HAVE experienced them messing with relationships and people without ANY form of physical manifestation. Sort of like possession, coaxing or guiding of things people do, feel and how they respond to others.

    I LOVE TO WATCH THINGS FLY ACROSS THE ROOM ! ! ! And I love to watch first time experiencer’s see these things for the first time. It’s a BIG HOOT! But I know that when they can no longer manipulate you on a “AWE” type basis they revert to doing things that YOU DON’T SEE ! ! !

    That’s when the really BAD stuff starts!

  12. Correction . . . .
    “IT didn’t do anything except get bigger.”

  13. I’m not keeping up with this post but something new was posted an got my attention.
    The thing is I realize there is a big disparity between the human ghost philosophy and the “demon” philosophy. Truth is I can’t tell the difference nor can anyone else no matter how much they may preach about it.

    Prove it!

    I can say that there is certainly interaction between the two species. When you say you “haven’t seen DEMONIC” action I take it you mean you haven;t seen anything that you can perceive as malevolent. Here’s the deal . . . .

    They aren’t going to start off with terrifying you or you would reject them from the start. Some for whatever reason do tend to be a little scary at first but HERE IS WHAT I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW. . . .

    what they do is get you to accept them. The worst kind of interface is the one you don’t see before your eyes. That is the manipulative actions. I honestly don;t know how physically but they will cause thoughts and feelings that disrupt families and lives. When they aren’t moving things to get your response they come into your head and people around you. All of a sudden people start getting paranoid or angry about things you can’t exactly put your finger on. You just know that things have gotten progressively worse and worse through time.

    Why is that? You would be influenced by something you can;t see or touch. It sounds crazy but when they are done with they throwing things around and aren’t getting the response they are seeking they turn to manipulation. Short of temper, people you once knew acting differently.

    NOT ALL of them are this way but not all SNAKES are poisonous! BUT, I guarantee you are more wary of the ones that might be poisonous than the others. AND, at that point you then are wary of ALL snakes because the ones that are the consequences are so sever that it out weighs the benign events of the ones that aren’t ! ! !

    Live with morals and be wary . . . . Almost ALL of my old demonic friends turned out to be just that! I fell for it hook line and sinker!

    What to do about it? Some say a religious spiritual cure, some burn stuff and chant and wave things around in their Burkenstocks with their hippie friends. The ONLY thing I have found that worked is DEFEAT them in your OWN fears and mind. When you are no longer afraid of them and you can COMMAND THEM they may or may not have to but usually do go find something less challenging to deal with. They are natural creations just like animals. A small man may frighten a large bear away if he is confident enough and convincing enough.

    Note: They WILL KNOW when you are afraid still. Like I said before. It’s one thing to ACT like you aren’t afraid but an entirely different thing when you TRULY ARE NOT ! !

  14. Ive read all of these posts and find them interesting. I have experienced a few things in my life as well but i never knew what they were. I have seen and felt a black shadow figure walk past me..im thinking it was a bad spirit because that was an awful time in my life. I have seen a white figure walk down my hallway in my current home..this one id like to think was a good spirit or hopefully my dad checking in on me. One last thing was activity my best friend and i both witnessed..we were fooling around with a ouija board and kind of taunting it and all of the sudden her blinds started to open and close as if someone grabbed right in the middle of the blinds and opened and closed them. OMG!! ive never felt that way in my life!! i had the strongest chills go down my spine, my heart felt like it was in my throat, and as if i went deaf for a split second although we screamed at the top of lungs! I would like if someone could explain these things to me if possible.

    • Hello Sonya,

      Was the dark figure solid or a shadow/flat being? There are beings called ‘shadow people’ you can research them on the net. They are usually completely harmless, either just watching humanity, or acting as if they don’t see us at all. A dark figure simply means an absence of light, not necessarily something nasty. If it was something nasty it might have tried to harm you, or it could simply have been a ghost attracted by your pain at the time. It is not there now, which is fine.

      A light figure might be a younger spirit, or someone you love, like a member of your family .. or simply the way you see ghosts .. as some people do only see them as light or dark shadows.

      As for playing with ouija and having the blinds flap .. please don’t do that again. The ouija opens a door between this world and the place where lost souls hang out. You invite in all sorts of trouble with that nasty little piece of cardboard. Burn the thing, if you haven’t already done it. If you do some research you will find that for every positive story about the board, there are about three times as many frightening ones. It should never have been invented.

      Are you stil haunted? Because the entity that rattled the curtains might still be around .. but with luck it moved on to people with more negative energy from which it could feed. Yes, I am being blunt, but I have spent years helping people get rid of the entities they inadvertently let in through that board – or worse, chose to invite in .. thinking they wouldn’t get into any trouble. They soon found out differently.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra ( listed here under Friends)

    • I can’t disagree with what AMA said. The Quija is NOT a good tool. I don’t know how to put this in proper scientific method because I do have evidence but none can be definitely proven. However from past experience I (and I say this literally) “feel” that the Quija brings a dark invitation. It’s colors are black and brown. Or, Black. And the usage of such with novices is usually in the Seance mind set. Here you are actually inviting ALL to join. Actually I don’t have any evidence that ANY TIME you communicate you aren’t inviting ALL to join. But, I know that I have had much more positive experiences with things of bright color. Can’t say why for sure but I can speculate from a Psychological point of view and I need not explain that. Everyone gets it from the statement.

      The blinds blowing out, if it’s the truth, I have seen things like that. You want an explanation. You will get a hundred at least. NONE OF WHICH ARE ABSOLUTELY THE TRUTH! They are ALL someone’s interpretation of what they think of the unexplained.

      I WILL SAY THIS THOUGH. And it has happened to me. You MUST watch out for personality changes. WHEN these things can’t entertain you or get to you through your own ways, and EVEN then some while you are entertained, I see that they mess up personal relationships and make the unbalanced person feel things are going bad so that YOU YOURSELF end up making it so ! ! ! !

      It seems for some reason the things that move stuff . . . . Their purpose, behind the antics, is to get your attention on them so that they then start manipulating your life and your GOOD relationships. They will tell you things that no one else could know. Be wary and put them aside, but, when you do keep in mind they are always there trying to manipulate you into feeling crossed so your life will result in bad things to others. That doesn’t make much sense but after you deal with them for years you’ll see how they are NOT so much your friends.

      Some, and VERY FEW have been, but they might have been manipulating me on a level above what I can grasp. Anyway, when I started realizing this . . . . . . .

      ALL the fun stuff moving by itself STOPPED ! ! ! I liked watching other people see it for the first time. It scared the Heck out of them. You mentioned you felt like you were going DEAF when you realized it WAS REALLY HAPPENING ! ! ! !

      That’s exactly what I felt the first time too! Hearing was compromised by fear. I learned to not be afraid after many many many encounters with the kinetic things! Heck it was fun until I realized they were PLAYING ME INTO something that was isolating me and destroying my own life ! ! !

      I still love the stuff but now that I’m on to them they don’t show themselves much anymore.

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