What was that Weight on My Bed?

OK so last night I turned off the lights and was about to fall asleep. It was around midnight. When I was about to go to sleep, I felt a weight around my feet at the end of the bed. It didn’t climb up. But when I breathed, it went up or down. Because you know the breaths in your body and stuff.

I have had it happen in the past and it didn’t happen to me in a while but do you know what this could be? It didn’t hurt me at all. It just stayed there I guess. But do you think it is good or bad?

Also a few years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and I heard breathing even though it was just me. I was so scared. Of course though, nothing hurt me.

Is this my guardian angel? Good ghost? Bad thing?

I would love to hear an answer.

Asked by Paigerslovesmusic

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  1. Hello Paigerslovesmusic

    Nothing you have mentioned here is bad. Nothing threatened you. You might have felt frightened by the experience, but nothing seemed to be actually trying to frighten you.

    You said the weight on your feet was lifted by your breathing. Could you move your feet underneath it? Could you move them at all? It makes me wonder if you were not momentarily experiences waking up from sleep paralysis? Have you ever experienced that? The sound of breathing could have been your own, when you were also in that ends of that state. Or it could have been a ghost .. but since you mention no other signs of one, I tend to go with my first thought.

    Angels don’t breath, so I would assume it wasn’t an angel either.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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