What Kind of Demon is This?

Sometime I see weird things. One day I was in my house and I saw a creature that had hair all over its body. It looked like the beast off of the beauty and the beast. I also was looking in the reflection of my front room window and it reflected back to my kitchen and I saw a man that I have seen before in the past standing by my stove. When I turned around to look if anyone was there I couldn’t see him. When I turned to the reflection in the window there he stood again. I could see him plain as day.

My dog howls and growls all day long at the corner of the room. Even my kid is scared to be alone and even she thinks there is something in the house. I think whatever it is it has possessed me and it threatens to hurt me. I have noticed severe psychological effects from it. I don’t know if its an evil spirits or a demon. I feel possessed.

I have also been having bad dreams about demons and Satan. I also have dreams about the dead. I am to the point to where I sleep with a weapon under my bed and I loose a lot of sleep every night afraid its going to attack me or scare my child.

What can I do to keep this entity evil spirit out of my house? I have thought of holy water but I’m not sure if it will work yet or not. I also caught someone putting a freezer spell on me. I seen the person write out a petition on me when she wasn’t looking. it said… show Greg the freezer… I looked it up on the internet and it said it was a freezer spell used by wiccans.

What can I do to reverse the spell and keep the demon and ghost out of my life?

Asked by Greg

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  1. Hi Greg

    “I saw a creature that had hair all over its body.”
    “I also caught someone putting a freezer spell on me.”

    You don’t have a demon or a ghost. Someone has hexed you (a curse. In doing so they have created an energy form called a daemon, which they are able to control – ie get it (their negative energy) to focus on you and wreak havoc.

    “What can I do to reverse the spell and keep [it] out of my life?”

    Say this …

    Your black magic and your black sourcery
    Are powerless to injure me
    I send thy curses back to thee
    Return I say by three, times three
    Return I say
    So mote it be.

    Whom-so-ever hexed you will have their negative energy (which has shown itself to you as that fluff-ball of a creature)returned to them, where it belongs.

    Alas, Holy Water is only good for ghosts or demons, not self-constructed daemons, as in this case. But the reversal spell works just dandy on nullifying hex’s.


    • For those who haven’t heard of a freezer spell, it is a binding spell which falls under the category of folk magick.

      For the most part, these spells are thought of as a ‘valuable’ way to act out the spell-casters anger, resentment, bitterness or jealousy. The very act of doing a spell can make that person who believes themselves to be somehow ‘powerless’ or ‘victimized’, feel like they are taking control of the situation again- unfortunately it also involves passing on their negavitity to a third party. That is a nasty thing to do, not to mention cowardly.

      To me, this kind of spell is – at the very least – selfish and, at worst, extremely dangerous. Don’t those who cast these spells ever wonder what happens to their negative energy after they’ve externalised it from themselves?? Don’t they realise how wrong it is to use magick this way? Don’t they realise that they are starting to walk on the dark side as soon as they start casting spells in order to cause harm to another?

      What ever happened to talking through problems with one another facd to face and sorting out their differences the old fashioned way, through communication?

      • Hi Greg,

        AJ’s answers are excellent. After you have done what she said, either have your house blessed by a member of your church, or you could use this Invocation to clean up the energy, and yourself.

        The Michael Invocation removes all sorts of problem energy and should help to relieve your mind and get you back on track. You can find it here on this page, on the right, above the heading ‘newest questions’. Read it through a few times, to understand what it is requesting, and then say it out loud. You can also say it to clear your house, if you want to. The instructions are on the page.

        The person, or people, who have done this are very, very stupid. The repurcussions for their actions will be far worse than anything they have done to you. Karma is not kind when it comes to unacceptable behaviours.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

        • Basically what I just said below. ;) wiccans follow the law of Karma, even though Karma comes into play for just about everything. This person is going to suffer repercussions for their actions in this life or the next.

      • Well there is the basic Wiccan reed of If it does no harm, do what ye will and whatever you send out you get back times three. This person, wishing negativity on you, Greg is wishing it back on him/herself(albeit unknowingly) and basically that is what you will be doing with AJ’s spell; sending this person’s negativity back times three. It is, in a way, the law of Karma. Everything has to balance. Do the spell AJ requested you do; it will send the negativity back.

      • Bindings are really not good to do unless you feel the person is a threat to yourself on to someone else. Most Wiccans do not recommend it, because it goes against their basic rule and messes with one’s free will. This Wiccan is in “deep doo doo!!”(or practices black magic; either way does not exempt them from Karmic repercussions.

        • This was supposed to be a reply to AJ, but somehow ended up under my comment.

        • The other thing I was thinking, Luna & AJ, is people really don’t need to ‘send’ curses back where they came from. A curse bounces back anyway, the minute its undone (with a tendency to up its own impact, without any help from us). People are warned about this before they make the curse itself.

          Adding to the strength of the returning curse might not be good for ‘our’ (the victim’s) karma? Even though the cursor wanted to harm his/her victim, what do we want to do when we send it back ‘three times three’ or more? It might not be as satisfying to ‘ground’ the energy of the curse, but in the long run its probably less harmful?

          Something to think about.

          Love & Peace

          • True, Ama, but AJ explained to me, once that, that spell came to her from one of her guides in a dream, I think; correct me here, AJ if I am wrong. But I do agree. Does not make ourselves better if we are just passing the negativity back and amplifying it. Better to block it out or ground it, as you said.

          • Hi all

            Yes Luna,kinda! It’s in my book. I did it instinctively during a ‘dream’. A Sub-conscious response to a situation, when the nasty evil little demon (we called it, Mandy)cursed me. It’s a bit hard to explain in one sentance, but I think you know what I mean. So yes, I probably got a prompt from my guides – lol!

            Ama – that’s a good point about sending curses back, but my understanding is that energy works the same way, regardless of whether its positive energy or negative energy. For example, when faced with an earthbound spirit, what do we do? We send it back to God, its creator, so that it can become a part of the whole again, instead of being apart from the whole. To me, sending back a spell-casters negative energy (which is apart from whole whilst externalised) means that the externalised negative energy is returned to its creator (the spell-caster)to become a part of whole again. Its their energy after all, so why shouldn’t they have it returned to them?

            Actually, and I didn’t put this in the original comment (I was in a rush – tut!), if the sender of the returning spell also visualises green and white light travelling alongside the hex at the same time as saying the returning spell, then the person who hexed them will receive healing and love with the returning spell and not more hatred. To some folk, receiving some love from their ‘enemy’ is a far worse punishment than receiving more negativity.


          • AJ’s book and info – http://www.book-of-trinity.com

          • Geez! My brain has gone!!

            I meant green and pink light … odd how I typed white. Actually, thinking about it, white would be better because its purity and ultimate protection against negativity. Thanks guides!!

  2. Wow, A.J.!
    Neat trailer! Ok, so I think I’m gonna have to get that! First I gotta pay my gun magazines subscriptions that are overdue. Love dem guns, man! Am I a typical american, or what? haha

    Seriously neat. Based on true story, or more a max thriller novel. Or both?!

    • I’ve read the book, Keith. It is actually a true account of events that happened to HER!!! The protagonist in the story is actually AJ and all the names in the story are of actual people involved in the events!(including Paul Hitt, who has commented on her at least once.) It is a really great read!!! Phenomenal and astonishing! To know that there are people out there who have encountered and suffered what she did is truly awe inspiring!

      • LT,
        Wow. Buyin’ it for sure. Thanks!


      • Bless you Luna. Thats such a sweet thing to say and glad you enjoyed the read.

        Its just a shame Paul doesn’t comment on here more often …. now, there’s a person with ‘connections’.


    • Why, thank you Keith (AJ now blushing)


  3. Yes, AJ

    Kill thine enemy with burning coals of love upon their head. Something like that…


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