What is the Black Figure?

To start this off in my house weird things go on such as noises occasional seeing things twice I heard screams one scream in the past was my name. So last night I went to sleep at around 12 and I had a dream my mother and I were talking in our living room in the dark she said she almost called the cops because of weird noises in the house sounding like someone broke in but it was just strange noises going on again.

Then I woke up to it feeling like someone was smacking me and screeching so I threw my blanket over my head and froze there for a while than I fell asleep. Well once I fell sleep I woke up again to my blanket getting pulled off of me but I heard my name being called. Now the thing is while getting smacked I saw me like I wasn’t in my body and it was a black figure that was smacking me. The odd thing about this figure is I’ve seen and had dreams of it more than once and it looks like me.

Also when I talked to my mom today she said our dog was acting funny he was panting and growling around her room so she thought he wanted to go out so she took him downstairs and he refused to go out. While my mom was downstairs she was hearing weird noises.

If any of you know anything please tell me.

Asked by Shane

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  1. Hi Shane,

    No one should be smacking you around, or causing any other sorts of problems in your house. It sounds to me as though it is haunted. Perhaps your mother would consider having the house blessed by a minister of your local church, or having a medium come in talk to the ghosts and help to cross them over.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends).

  2. What you are describing sounds to me like a Tulpa; a being we create with our own energy. Here is a link to better explain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa

    I could possibly be wrong, but I am not sure that ghosts or demons can possess our own likenesses, but I will be interested to hear other’s takes on it as well.

    In the mean time, please visit the site Victorian Paranormal Connection here on this site. There are white light shields and angel invocations that can help you and the founder, Ama Nazra is a regular on this site and you can also contact her directly from her website! Hope you find help and relief from what s going on!!

  3. Once when I was a little girl. I woke up to my name being called. At first I thought it was my older brother being a geek. But I could hear him snoring from across the hallway. Then I heard my name being called again, it was coming from between my bed and my night stand. It was something freaky!! Needless to say, I didn’t sleep in my room for awhile. There is a point to my story. A few months later. I changes my room around because I just couldn’t have my bed where I heard my name being called anymore. I woke up sweating one night and I sat straight up and I could breathe. I felt something else there with me. My bed started to shake and something was pulling on my blankets. I covered my head and tried to scream for my mom. No sound would come out. As my bed continued to shake, I reached for my door handle and grabbed my blankets and bolted. This thing didn’t toch me but scared the crap out of me. My mom had the house blessed and I was never bothered again.

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