What is Karma and How Does it Work?

I often hear people refer to “bad karma” or “working on my karma” and things like that.

My question is what exactly is karma nad how does it work – or is it even a real thing?

Asked by Dana R.

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  1. Hi Dana,

    A simple explanation of karma (a hindu term) is ’cause’ and ‘effect’.

    I believe it was Newton who explained the universe works on the principle ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, in other words, a balancing effect. You do something good or evil, and receive the same in return.

    When someone is working on their bad karma, they have recognised that they have done something wrong and are trying to right the balance through better behaviour. Simple things like admitting a wrong doing and apologising, and then doing something good for the wronged person, is a way of clearing the ‘debt’. It is believed that if we do not do this before we die, we will have to work on our karma in other lifetimes. I agree with this, from experience. LOL

    I hope that helps,
    Love & Peace,

  2. Karma, is a Law of Balance. But, good karma and bad karma is not walking in the same road. I mean, good karma can’t erase the bad karma and vice-versa. They are walking on the different road. When you do something, no matter if it’s good or bad, it will return to you. And, 1 more thing, Karma is a personal matter, you can’t give it to someone else or erase it from you, it will follow you, until you paid what you have done. But, it can be suspended, of course not without the risk. If you try to suspend a karma, at first, maybe you can do it. But, later, when the karma has been piled up, they will “blow up” to you. At that rate, I doubt if there are any human who can stand with it. So, if there is anyone who said that they can erase your bad karma, don’t believe them. They can only suspend it, making you will pay it even more in the future.

  3. Question, what would be my Karma if I killed let’s say a family of 5. I never received any jail time and I died unrepentful and unremorseful. How will I receive my Karma when I die and what would my Karma detail?

  4. Karma is the concept of what goes around comes around.
    Do good things and good things will happen to you. This isnt always the case, we’ve all heard the expression nice guys finish last.

    But people who are selfless and do good generally feel better about themselves and have high satisfaction in life, because people like them and they feel good in themselves.

    However we all know that we try and help out the people we like, so when you do good things to other people they return the favor. It’s also been almost personified as a force/entity/deity or some sort of intelligence. It’s similar to Ying and Yang. It’s all about balance.
    Having bad karma is harder to explain, it could simply be that people don’t like you because of what you did. Or that you’re sabotaging yourself because you feel bad about it. Or it could actually be some kind of law of the universe that is actually punishing you. Although this doesn’t fall to fell in to organised religion, as the largest ones maintain that only God can judge you and punish you accordingly. But we’ve also heard of divine intervention which could be rewarding you for you’re efforts.

    To me Karma has always been however each individual see’s it. whether thats just human nature or luck, or a law of balance.

  5. I don’t know BC, what compensation do you think you would owe to those people, or were you being compensated for ttheir past behaviour?

    I’ve actually answered your questions in my previous reply here

    //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/do-people-who-commit-suicide-go-to-hell/ you’ll have to scroll up a fair way to find it, but its long and explains about karma.

    Here’s a thought for you: in my immediate past life I was a Polish Jewish girl of 17 when seven SS officers caught me, pack raped me, beat me half to death, and dumped me into a concentration camp (yes, Poland had them too). I was gassed, along with another lady who I recognised when I met her a few years ago. We acknowledged that over lunch a few days after we met. She recognised me too. I have told that story on this website somewhere else.

    At the time of lunching I had around me all seven of the SS officers, reincarnated either as male or female, with varying degrees of awareness of owing me something (but some were not sure what) .. and every single one of them was a Leo, which is the astrology sign with the largest ego and the most to learn about it, of all the signs we can choose to be.

    Their compensation was to help my journey, my spiritual learning in this lifetime, and my task was to forgive every single one of them for what had happened to me .. and I did. Some of the lesson was quite painful, but all of it taught me SOOOO much about myself that I will be eternally grateful to them. And its not hard to do when you learn to Love Unconditionally and Forgive them – because in other lives they could have BEEN me!

    It’s all spiritual lessons,
    Love & Peace,

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