What is Following My Fiance?

What does it mean?

Ever since my fianc (Clint) was young, and in the fourth grade. He has seen this ‘man’ as he calls it. He only started seeing it in the new house he had moved into at the time. The thing is a black entity that pierces the darkness and has red eyes. Everyone that lived in the house had seen it, and even his friends had seen it. It has never (as far as we know) done anything other then stand there, or sway back and forth. Then he and only he started seeing it outside of the house.

I started dating him when he was fifteen. I have never seen this thing. But (unknown to me) when I started coming over to hang out with him he had threatened it. Saying that it had better not hurt me. That day I came over, after being there only a few minutes I felt more afraid then I had ever felt or felt since. I felt that if I didn’t leave right then, I would die. It was only after we were out of the house that he told me he had threatened it.

After he moved out of the house he still sees it, but it is more rare now. Also, he sees a dog, red eyes, and piercingly black. They are never together and we think they might be the same thing.

He only sees the dog on the side of the road, and he says it is always trying to scare him off the road.

I believe it is evil. I believe that that is why I have never seen it. Because I constantly ask God to protect me from evil and keep it out of my sight. I don’t know why I felt threatened that day despite my prayers, and I don’t know why my prayers don’t seem to work for him, because I do pray for God to protect him.

I don’t know what it could be doing to him, because I’ve only known him since he’s lived there. However, I know that he used to be incredibly hyper and is now constantly fatigued, he has many physical problems, and is very angry person(no not violently).

If this thing is hurting him, I’d like to know how to get rid of it, and I’d like to know what it is.

Asked by Alicia

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  1. Hello Alicia,

    Without more information a person could only speculate on what is haunting your fiance. What does he want to do about it? There are ways of moving these things on, but if he doesn’t want to change the situation, it cannot be forced.

    The dog and the other entity might be too different ones. When he says its trying to force him off the road .. why is it doing that – if it is the other entity, is it trying to protect him from something? If it is trying to harm him, then its a different entity again.

    Does your fiance want his energy cleared? I have an Invocation that should help.

    I’ll away your reply, or his,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here under Friends)

    • Dear Ama,

      I guess this is how I answer to your comment?

      In answer to your comment, he used to be scared of it, but now he says he pretty much disregards it. But on the same hand, I don’t know what it is or if it’s affecting his life, and if it is he’d want it gone.

      I don’t know why it trys to scare him off the road and niether does he. It just runs in front of him, maybe it’s not it’s intent to run him off the road? Clint always make the connection to the two, that’s what makes me think they are the same.

      I don’t think either one is protective. No one that has seen it feels protected. I felt like my life was threatened when he threatened it before.

      Honestly I think it bothers Clint more then he lets on, he just trys to put it out of mind. He ignores it. He comes from a family were that is how they solve things.

      I have talked to him about it, and he’d like information on it, but has pretty much given up on that. Also if it is someting bad would like it gone.

      It’s just that I don’t know what it is and if it is harmful I’d like it gone. So would he, unfortunatly I don’t know anyone who could perhapse come and see if they can’t sense or see what it is.

      What does clearing your energy do?

      • Hello Alicia,

        In most cases a clearing changes the structure of the energy of a person, and their home, and we treat each as separate activities, and disconnects them from entities that are bothering them. It also removes the entities. Each person releases heavy, negative, energy that might well have been accumulating in their auras for a very long time. The aura is the energy field around the human body, produced by our inhabiting Spirit (our true self), and maintained by our chakas. Like our houses, we can get very ‘dusty’ if we are not taking good care of ourselves, by eating right, exercising (hmm… must go for a walk LOL ) enough, physically, mentally and emotionally, and also with good spiritual practises, such as meditation, contemplation, being loving towards others, and some sort of veneration or worship .. being Christian I would say ‘going to church’, but for Wiccans it might be going into a forest, and for others it might be honouring their God, gods or respected Prophets in a way that helps them reconnect with our Creator.

        The Michael Invocation //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ requests the assistance of God and the angels .. and works whether you believe in either of them, because ‘they’ believe in us. It’s worked just fine for athiests, who tend not to believe in anything but ‘not’ believing. :-) So please, give the link to your fiance and ask him to follow the instructions there, and then tell me how everything sorts out. If greater assistance is needed, its available.

        BTW, running across the road was probably to get your fiance’s attention. Ignoring the thing, for the most part, is a really good way of dealing with it, until you can get it gone completely. We empower negative beings through our fears, so not giving it any emotion is a way of starving it.

        Love & Peace

  2. Alica , I enjoyed from your writing ,you talk very clear and truthful and it is what attracted me to your comment . let me explain some reality about what you wish to know .First off that entity is a demon and as you described him he seem to be a wild demon ( not polite demon ) , yes some demons are like animals and in addition can change their shape to an animal especially black animals and especially black cat and dog ( because most of demons wish to be hidden and these two animal live beside human and aren’t eyes- catcher. Also these condition plus to black color hided them from peoples eye ) . Usually some demons attract to some particular persons that wish to be hyper and try connect to paranormal existence without have have any science , information and particular power and tools. Anyway that demon has attracted to your fiance and I don’t know accurately what is his purpose but I feel he seem to be dangerous. you say you pray and ask unique and all – power God protect you against unknown entities , it is very good , this is the only remedy against dangers, especially when you pray by a clear and sincere heart. God hears you voice and sees what is in your heart . Anyhow say to your fiance don’t go further more , and try hang off and recede . it is not foreseen what would happened in future.That demon is not a logical object and may become more insolent and offensive. your fiance is not like you and doesn’t think as you think ,therefore try to change his wishes , his will and also his morality. Tell him tend to people and beware of privacy.

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