What Does a Red Shadow Mean?

What does it mean to see a red shadow in front of my front door?

Asked by gloria carrizales

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  1. I can’t say what that means. I don’t know. I was a witness to an event where some engineers used a white disc spinning at high speed, having alternating black and white spaces. The test is more about how our brains interpret what we are watching.

    The color red became visible at a particular speed. How do you get red from a black and white spinning disk. We know there is no color red on the disk, anywhere.

    We can watch an old black and white television and see this effect when someone is wearing something like a tie, that has closely spaced lines of black and white. As the image is scanned by a television camera, we see the illusion of movement, and the color red sometimes.

    I’ve seen this happen on a Color TV (CRT), where television cameras have scan patterns that give rise to the appearance of other colors not actually in the object being scanned. I’ve seen purple fluctuations time to time and again.

    The spinning disc I mentioned above was specifically black and white. It is our brain that creates the illusion of the color red…, it exists only in our brain.

    A red shadow? I could only guess, and most likely I’d be wrong.


  2. Hi Gloria

    There might be a logical explanation, rather than a spooky one, but in the meantime, I need more information.

    What did the shadow look like? Did it move? How long did it stay for? Was there anything in the street to create a reflection? What time of day was it?

    I think that will do to start with
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  3. If you read literture about space and astrology the red colour can actually be used to measure time of something once there like a planet or a star millions of light years ago..We also use only a fraction of our brain so who can really identify the logical and rational answers. Dont drive yourself crazy trying to find the answer!

  4. Red Shadow? Since when you see it? Just several times ago or did it stay in your front door since you lives in that house? If it stay in a place for a very long time, without causing any trouble, then it’s just a guardian spirit of that place. As long as you don’t make it angry, it is harmless. But, if you see it newly at some days ago, and troubles began to spread in your house…. Call a priest or exorcist.

  5. Hi Adhinferno,

    I know its a part of your society, but I always have to wonder at ‘guardian spirits’ who are just fine ‘unless you make them angry’ .. after that you are in trouble. Why call them guardians at all, or trust them.

    Just my opinion,
    Love & Peace

  6. I don’t what a red shadow means. But I have seen red smoke by a door when I woke up from a very distinctive dream years ago. I dreamed two old, wise female Native American Indians led me to a room where they sat on a couch, one on each end of the couch. I sat on the ground before them. They told me that someone had put a curse on me, and they drew from a pipe, blew smoke on me and said, ” This is for courage …” they said something else too, but I can’t remember what it was. When I woke up in the morning I saw red smoke by the door, and smelled a strong scent that smelled like frankincense- the scent that Church smells like for Easter Mass. I believe truly that these Native Americans are good and wanting to help. I worry not about curses. I believe in God and Angels.

  7. Red is the color for War, Victory, or the Blood of Christ (or just blood in general). A door is the pathway to another room or place. So, it might mean that there’s an area in your life that is unopen and that it will cause you great pain. You will bleed through this time in your life, but you will be victorious.
    Then again, if you do not have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, it might mean that it’s time to make Him your Lord and Savior becasue you’re fixing to go through a major war in your life and you might die (whether spiritually or physically, I don’t know).

    Either way, you’re going to need help.

  8. Hi Texture,

    The lady saw a red shadow in front of her door, she wasn’t dreaming it .. or she would have said so.

    It’s lovely that you are a true believer, but please read the question carefully before answering. We try not to frighten people around here.

    Love & Peace

  9. Ama,

    I wasn’t trying to scare her and I’m sorry that you assumed that I did not read her question in a thorough manner. I did not say or mention that it was a dream and I was simply stating what I thought it was, was THAT not one of the many questions in her stand-alone question?

  10. Hi Texture,

    It makes me wonder where you got your symbolism from, that a red ‘shadow’ in front of a door can have the meaning you ascribe to it, when we actually have no real idea of what it was she saw, or how it was created. My first instinct is to define the ‘site’ of the situation and get more information about it .. which is why I asked the questions before jumping in with any sort of answer.

    Love & Peace

  11. i see red shadows too!..they’re above me when i”m lying down in bed and sometimes i see black and white ones too. what are they?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Have you checked your room for any sources of red light, including those coming in from the window? And what do the shadows do, and do you see them when you are half asleep, or just after you open your eyes when you are drowsy? Do you hear anything unusual when you see them?

      Love & Peace

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