What Are These Strange Lights?

I had an experience about a month ago. It was early dawn. I was in the Master bathroom. Shades still down in bath and bed room.

I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror brushing my hair when out of nowhere I saw a large flash of light (rectangular in shape) zoom by the bathroom doorway which was opened to the bedroom which was dark. I’ve never seen it since.

Also, some of my lights flicker from time to time. It’s not the lamps and it’s not the outlets or wall switches (all have been replaced). The electrician could not explain it.

I don’t know if any of this is paranormal or not, but hoped you might have some ideas.

Asked by Cathy

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  1. Probably one of those illusive “Ball Lightning.” These type of lightning occurs very rarely and it’s still a mystery how these things actually form. These sort of things are known to go through things, there are even reports of ball lightnings going through airplanes and it would travel along the isles leaving flabbergasted passengers thinking what just happened. This is the most logical explanation to your predicament, it may happen again. It would be nice if you can capture on video, but I suggest you don’t touch it, because even though it travels a bit slower than the regular lightning bolt it can still kill a person.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    Our lights flicker from time to time too, but we know its electrical surges and just ignore them.

    The rectangular light you saw could be something spooky, perhaps a ghost or elemental energy, or it could have been a momentary reflection of light from outside, although you do state the blinds were drawn? Has anything happened since then to make you think something ghostly is happening in your home?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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