Was it Paranormal or was I Insane?

I want to know whether my life experiences were really the paranormal or if I was just insane.

As a child my mom used to tell me that I would see things at night and jump out of bed and say that there are snakes in my bed. My first major experience that I remember was when I was quite young, maybe 3 years old, I saw a door swing around on it’s own and I asked if it was my Mom but there was no response.Basically I felt a presence. I checked, no one was there. Then I saw a huge shadow in front of my door, I was terrified and hid under my bed sheets. I got up and ran downstairs. Since that day I have had disturbing dreams, very disturbing dreams. Dreams of people dying, violent painful dreams that I would wake up to and be crying and actually see everything just spinning in my vision. I also had a certain strange dream about religious gatherings at shrines with smoke and Buddhist practices. Which I actually have never seen before in my life but I still dreamed of it when I was little, and I remember seeing dolls getting thrown into the ashes in that dream. I don’t understand it but it was strange.

This happened for a very long time and it started calming down later on. Plus I did not watch horror movies at that time when I was a child so I had no idea where I would have this influence. My mom said as a kid I would notice random things, like saying things moving, things disappearing to different places without touching it. I even remembered as a kid telling my stuff to stay put and don’t run away. Funny but true.

Another major event was when I came back from a trip to Thailand in grade 4. This is very confusing, I was sleeping but I started hearing noises in my head, couldn’t define what the voices in my head were almost like screaming or begging for help. I didn’t know what was being said but I felt pain and fear. I even prayed and said please God, let this stop I don’t know what is happening. Then I don’t know why I hesitated but I tried to walk out of my room to the room where everyone was watching TV, I couldn’t but I remember getting there and seeing what they were watching, I yelled for help no one heard. Then the last thing I remember was getting up from my bed and telling my parents I heard some crazy things just now and crying. I even asked what my parents were watching and I got it right. That was something I couldn’t have known which was quite strange. In fact my parents said I never even got to the family room and just now was the first time I exited that room.

Another time I saw a lady at church, but surprisingly she passed away that day. Which meant it was impossible for me to see her, I hope I wasn’t hallucinating…

After that event not much happened, I lived a normal life. Except I saw things move a few times without anything making it move and heard noises with no explanation on where they come from.

I still wonder, what if I was schizophrenic or still am? I hope someone on here can hopefully recognize whether I am insane or whether I really do have a feel for things that are not on this earth. There is little I understand but I only want to know the truth and nothing else.

Whoever responds to this I give a thank you in advance, your advice will be appreciated.

Asked by John

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  1. Hi John,

    You don’t sound insane to me at all. I’m not insane, and I’ve experienced some of what you have, and worse.

    You are, to start with, a medium. That means you can talk to ghosts, and hear them, and experience what they experienced when they died (dreaming of violent deaths etc), or what traps them between the planes, instead of going into heaven. I do that too. I know its not fun, its often very confusing, but its not YOU, its what they want you to know when they are asking for one of two things – your help to cross into heaven, or your energy because they are starving.

    The Buddhist dreams .. what happened in them (the doll in the ashes?) .. that might be a past life experience that is very close to the surface of your mind, unless it was temple priests who were dying, but their beliefs tend to send them straight into healing?

    The other thing you do is called astral travelling. What did you do after you tried to walk out of your room towards the tv room, yelled and no one heard you? It sounds to me that your spirit rose up out of your body (astral travelling) and went to find your parents. Of course, they could not see you and could not respond to what you were asking for, but it would have been very real to you.

    The lady who died, and came to church .. that’s normal. She was in a stage between leaving her body and going to heaven and so she went to a place where she knew where God was, and you saw her. My father came over 1000 miles to visit me just after he died. We sat in a park and talked for three hours and then I sent him into Heaven.

    A schizophrenic, for the most part, hears voices and can see hallucinations, but not normally in the way you describe them. Most often the voices demand they do negative, hurtful things, to themselves and others, they don’t usually ask for help. Some schizophrenics hear both those voices, and ghosts, which can be very confusing, but we can separate them from the ghost voices, but not the others. I treated a few schizophrenics over the years I had the healing centre.

    Do some research on mediums and astral travelling. You’ll see your experiences are not uncommon.

    What links do you have on this site, Caretaker?

    If you have more questions you can ask them here, or talk to me privately via my webpages, a link to which is at the bottom of the page under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  2. Thanks for your response, what you are doing is very helpful.

    As for the questions.
    What happened after I tried to walk out, well I had a lot of trouble walking out, I was so scared, I tried not to look at mirrors and was afraid if anything was in the room and then I got out but after that I don’t remember what happened.In my memory I got up twice but in fact it was only once. I might’ve “woken up” or something like that. But, I am still wondering why these voices were in my head,where might they have come from, and why did I do astral traveling in this situation?

    The buhhdist dreams. In detail. I remember seeing a pot of ashes and those stick things that were stuck in the ashes with smoke on them (please mind my lack of terminology) that buhhdists use to give their condolences to people that have passed away. and there were small dolls, red dolls with clothing, red clothes in fact. Plus I remember hearing something about wearing dead clothes before you die is a sign for revenge or something like that. So that was my dream or at least all I remember of it. I myself am christian and always grew up in church environment, so I had no idea what this was until I did my research and went to a temple for myself.

    • Hi John,

      Voices in your head … I am clairaudient (clear hearing) .. I hear voices in my head, I also ‘see’ words and visions (clairvoyant – clear vision) and ‘feel’ things about places and people (clairsentient – clear sensing). I am also empathic, which means I can share other people’s feelings when they are feeling them, and I’ve had experiences such as walking into an empty room and suddenly getting very angry .. and then you find out some people had an argument in there just before you walked in. These are all psychic gifts, and mediumship uses all three, to varying degrees.

      When you are astral travelling you can pop back into your body at any moment, or you can float back (or walk) in a leisurely fashion and just settle in. If you go back too fast you can wake up feeling like you are having an anxiety attack .. huffing and puffing and panicking .. but its just your body trying to align itself with your normal higher (faster) energy of your spirit.

      The dreams of people dying could have been events from the far past (history) or something that was happening at the time, that you ‘saw’ when you were out of your body, or as I said, it could have been ghosts. I have been part of a group of people who ‘rescued’ (ghostbusted) groups of ghosts from many of the world’s major disasters and wars.

      Our minds play games with our memories of things, adding and subtracting stuff, as we try to understand what we have experienced, so a memory from when you were three might be different now. The tall figure, from the point of view of a small child, half asleep, could be an ordinary sized person, or ghost .. and fear comes from the unknown, but also from our own bodies because our energy speeds up so that we can communicate with spirits and ghosts .. although ghosts are not that much higher energy, they are just no longer dragged down by the density of the connection to living bodies.

      No problem with the lack of terminology .. I think the sticks are called ‘joss’ sticks, someone can correct me? They are incense and help to carry our prayers to heaven (they lighten the energy of any room they are burned in). I like lavendar myself (it balances energy) but incense makes me sneeze so I very seldom use it. I don’t know much about buddhist practises, but they are always harmless and peaceful. You might have been visiting a temple while you were astral travelling. Was it around the time you went to Thailand?

      Why has this happened for you .. my understanding is that we choose all the major events, and gifts and challenges, that happens in our lives before we come into the world. You are a medium because you chose to be. If you ever have dreams or experiences like this again, you can help the people you see or sense to cross over into heaven, or you can tell them to go and find someone who can.

      I am a Spirit Rescuer. Ghosts find me when they need help, and I look for them when they are harassing people. Either way, they end up in healing/heaven. I work with the guardian angels, all of us have at least one, standing behind our right shoulder, the energy of Archangel Michael. Ask yours for help next time a ghost disturbs you, or even if you get a vague sense that one might be present. Say something like “Archangel Michael, please FIND the ghost I think I can sense (or whatever way you wish to identify it) and TAKE it into healing”. The angels know what to do. We do this a lot.

      Have I answered everything John?

      Love & Peace

  3. Hi John,

    Very disturbing past experiences, one gathers you are no longer having these experiences, I’m surprised your parents didn’t seek advice from a child Psychiatrist because you could very well have been hallucinating, children quite often do.

    • I could have and it is likely, I even asked if I should get checked out, of course my parents thought I was just a attention seeking child making things up to get the attention, but that wasn’t the case. It made me who I am today so I do not regret it

      • Personally, my father thought I was nuts, John, but I ‘knew’ I wasn’t. He’s dead now. We had a great chat ‘after’ he died. He apologised. I sent him into heaven. That was a very odd day. LOL

        I actually went to a psychiatrist and asked if he thought I was nuts. He said no. I was 35 or 36 then. I am 49 now.

        I like your attitude. My life may have been a challenge at times, but in the end, it has created a very happy person .. me. :-)

        Love & Peace

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