The Voice in My Head?

Ok so this is just a quick story to see if anyone has any thoughts on what just happened.

Since I was around 13 I’ve always seen or felt spirits but up until about an hour ago I’ve only heard them the once which was when I was around 14 and in bed and I heard a little girls voice in my ear shouting daddy but it sounded like a whisper in my head does that make sense? It doesn’t to me.

Anyway it never happened again until this morning. I got my iron out planning to iron tonight’s party dress when my 10 month old son went down for his nap. I put it up on the fire place out of his reach and left the baby in his little ball pit while I went to do the dishes (I have a window with little doors between the kitchen and living room/diner so I could keep an eye on him I’m not a bad mummy) anyway I’m doing the dishes when I hear this voice in my head saying “move the iron” I answer in my head “no its fine out of reach” the voice then said “the cord will fall he’s going to pull it on his head” at that point I ran to the iron and removed it until the baby went to sleep.

It sounds crazy doesn’t it? but it was a voice and it wasn’t mine I don’t I really understand, anyone have this happen? Or know anything about a strange voice in your head? I cant explain if its male or female but id say more male if anything I’m not scared of course just slightly confused.

Feedback would be great help.

Asked by missy

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  1. Thank you, angels, we love you. :-)

    Hi Missy,

    Everyone has a guardian angel standing behind their right shoulder, the energy of Archangel Michael. Mine often act as an early warning system. If there is going to be trouble, preventable and not in our life plan, they’ll quietly step in and say ‘change something’.

    We also have human guides, especially trained for the task, and not members of our family, who do the same.

    I always say good morning, and thank them for helping me during the day … because they will if we let them.

    Love & Peace

  2. Always give your thanks first to your creator. I cant say what it is, but if it is helping you out, give thanks to the one who put it there.

  3. I agree, Moya.

    Love & Peace,

  4. @Ama:”Mine often act as an early warning system.” Yeah, in my case too. They are very helpful. ^0^

  5. It is not a guardian angels. “familiars” do this, it is how they get in to stay. Whatever is there has been watching and waiting for anopportunity to make you think that it has saved yo from aweful pain and hardship. The iron was never going to fall but if it suggested to you to move then it is trying to make you think that it saved your son from severe trauma. It like to engratiate itself to you, in other words make you owe it something or make you beholding to it so that when it turns not so good it can say, “wait a minute, did I not save your son, or save your life” on and on. It is a low level entity that does not have the power to full on attack and oppress you, you must give it the power, the legal right to be there. Don’t talk to it and don’t acknowledge it speaking. When you start to hear it say Jesus rebuke you and it will leave you and your son alone. Your worst enemy is time, do not continue to let it in your head. The longer it hangs around the more it can get a grip on you. If it turns out not to be this, so what there should be no spirits in your home or around your child. Ask Jesus to get rid of it for you. You do not need it or anything like it.

  6. Angels from God don’t have to speak, if it was an angel from God it would have just prevented the iron from falling not talk to you in your head. Evil spirit try to enter people through hearing voices, not the MO of God’s angelic host. Test the spirit is all you can do, when yo hear it say Jesus rebuke you if it immediately shuts up then you know it is a foul spirit trying to deceive you. If it continues to talk after that I would see a therapist.

  7. It could be a gardian angel..Or like me you could have a disorder where you hear voices in my head.I’m not saying you do it’s just a possibialty.About 2 out of my 5 friends hear voice’s in thier head like me….But you are lucky someone told you to move the iron…

  8. Hi JK,

    The angel did prevent the iron from falling. It advised Missy to move it before her son got the cord.

    It’s really all in the interpretation. I believe the angels will look after us, and particularly the innocent, and you believe that something nasty is out there waiting to get us all .. actually .. in many ways I agree with you .. that’s why we have angels, who are a Gift from God.

    I agree that the angels don’t have to speak – and they don’t unless its something really important .. like who the boy will become when he grows us, now that the iron has not fallen on him. I also agree about testing spirits. “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ,” is something I always ask any new guides and angels around me. They have to answer truthfully when you invoke His name.

    Love & Peace

  9. why does everyone say god is so powerful i mean how do we know gods not the evil one?

  10. Depends on which god you are talking about Ciara.

    According to many people, and written in the Christian Bible, there are many gods. Some are good, and some are not.

    It soothes people to think there is an all-powerful loving one .. and having met him/her myself, I believe in that one .. the rest are just a challenge.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  11. Deity is not a good or evil creature. He is Neutral. Absolute Neutral.

  12. There is no neutral, I hate to disagree with you but there is absolutely no netral. That is one of the biggest deception in history and in our times. I am sure if you do not believe in God you can say anything you want to and maybe there is some sort of neutral entity out there. I personal believe that no one can sit on the fence, you either choose God or you choose evil. If you try to be neutral and sit on the fence you are still rejecting Almighty God in turn choosing evil since they are the only 2 choices. The way I see it, there is no place in eternity just for neutral people, they go where the rest of those who rejected God go.

  13. Hi Adhinferno,

    God is both good and evil, that makes it neutral .. or the balance. It allows people to choose either good or evil, otherwise the war in heaven would have manifest far more strongly on the planet than it already does.


    I sit on the fence between organised religion and the new age industry, with toes in both and work in both when it comes to helping people find spiritual solutions to really trying questions – and I sent Christians into the new age stuff, and new age folks into the Bible for help. And I’m not alone in my work. There are lots of us out here. If God controls everything I do, say or think, how come I do this? Do you think he hates me and wants me to go to hell?

    Heck no. I know I am profoundly loved. My soul dances in the joy of that music.

    Love & Peace

  14. JK

    You have a very negative viewpoint on spirituality and the supernatural realm, don’t you JK. Why is that?

    To me, a loving, caring God would want to make sure all his children were alright ,by sending his angels to watch over us and alert us of dangers – both spiritual and physical. That is what any caring ‘parent’ would do, surely? They would want to make sure their children were safe.

    And why is your ‘testing the spirit’ such a negative affair too? To test spirit, ask it if it represents Gods light. If it replies IN FULL (“Yes! I represent Gods Light”) then it is a Holy Spirit sent by God. Jesus was quite specific about how to test spirit and so I follow his example, as he was a wise man, connected to God.

    Hi Ama

    I found out the hard way that Satan can, and will, reply in full to the question “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ,” which fooled me for a while, TO MY COST. This is because Jesus is not God. Rather, Jesus is a creation of God the same as Satan is, and they are of similar ‘ranking’ in the Heavenly order (albeit Satan was a naughty boy). This is why I now always ask if spirit represents Gods Light instead. It saves a lot of trouble.

    Curiouly though, out of Gods creation’s only Satan Himself can reply in full to the question concerning representing Jesus’ Light. Neither Satan’s Archangels nor the fallen angels can reply to the question in full. I think that is because Satan’s Archangels and angels are lower ranking.
    To my knowledge, no other deity, or creation of another deity, can claim to be of Gods Light either. They just say a straight “No! I am not of God” (daemon’s will reply like this, for example). At least they’re being honest about their origins.

  15. Hi AJ,

    Nifty comments .. here’s my take …

    Depends on what you believe about the Christ energy actually. I agree, Jesus is definitely not God. He was a man whom the Christ energy made greater, but he was still a man.

    Satan was also a man-made creation. The first great evil does not go by that name. Lucifer is the same, but they are both now ‘devils’ simply because humanity believes them to be. There are some disadvantages to being ‘creators’. LOL

    There are four Archangels in hell (for want of a better name), and the fallen angels follow them .. usually specific to their category in heaven .. like Michael are still soldiers, but they fight for evil now etc.

    My question to ‘God’s Light’ would be ‘which God’? As you know, we are taught things that work within our belief systems, so if we will not acknowledge the Christ Light, God’s will work just fine.

    Nippy this morning .. must go out now, but I will answer the other question later.

    Love & Peace

  16. The light of God to which I refer is from the same God that created Heaven, Hell, the angels, Jesus and us. When we go to Heaven, we get consumed by God’s Light. We become at one with God. We are of God’s Light.

    As you know, God said that we must not call him by his real name. So we refer to Him simply as God. But our hearts know to whom we are refering.

    You don’t have to take heed of my advise if you don’t want to, but I strongly suggest that you do, for your own safety.

  17. Sorry, forgot to add …

    The Archangel of Despair, whom Satan declared to me was his highest ranking Archangel (not sure if I believe that!!), was not able to say “I come in the name of Jesus Christ,”. Only Beelzebub Himself can deceive to this extent.

    It was the Archangel of Despair that was attacking me during my ordeal at my house, all those years ago. A horrible scar-faced, ugly dude it is too. And yes, I too have been dragged into Hell so that Satan could try and bargain with me to join him. I much preferred Heaven, myself. Much calmer …. and cleaner.

    I don’t believe Satan is a man-made creation either, rather Satan (or what ever you want to call it) is the name given for Lucifer’s ego. It was the ego (Satan) that was cast from Heaven, not Lucifer. An interesting concept … took a while to get my head around that one – haha!

  18. Hi AJ,

    I remember Despair. That was the one that jumped out of the envelope, (God bless all chain letters and their senders, it didn’t come with a return address), and had me running for my favourite Anglican minister – because I truly wanted to kill myself and both my kids in the space of a second, and that was not how I had felt a moment before.

    I walked OVER the minister’s wife. I would have walked through her if there had not been a gap in the doorway between her and her older daughter. I begged John to pray over me, while his wife and daughter went and got my kids from the car. That was in Roxby Downs, a small mining town in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Something like that is not a forgettable experience. I came to love that man for the fact that he just did what I asked, and then we talked it through afterwards, on many occasions. It was a truly nasty experience, when I didn’t think I knew much on the subject.

    Check your history on Lucifer. He was a Bishop who annoyed another Bishop well over a millenia ago .. when the latter was redacting the Bible, so the devil got a whole new name. But .. because people then believed the devil was called Lucifer, a being of that name and nature was created by that belief … that’s what happens when many people focus on one subject. That’s how the scientists got in contact with Phillip through the ouija board .. trouble was they had invented ‘Phillip’ .. and yet he appeared. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

    A couple of questions .. is hell hot or cold? And ‘ego’ was cast from heaven? More information please ..

    Love & Peace

  19. Hi Ama


    You will need to ask if you are ready for audinance with Faithful & True for the full answer to that question. I’m only a third of the way through the Book of Truth.


    Sorry – but you’ve studied the wrong text. Again, take audinance with F&T.


    I know we can invent our own … daemon’s can also be man-made, that is why they are considered to be of the earth.

    As for the Archangel of Despair, it didn’t (or couldn’t? not sure which!) affect my actions. What it did was work in the shadows, manipulating other spirits to attack me. That said, it did curse me at one point and, when all else failed, it did try to possess me in a final and desperate attempt to destroy. Thankfully it didn’t succeed and we cast it back to hell where it belongs. That really pee’d it off.

  20. Hi AJ,

    Different beliefs are fascinating. :-) What is Faithful & True? And the book of Truth?

    Lucifer .. its in the history books.

    And casting a demon into hell doesn’t make it mad. It’s home to them. Want to make it mad .. cast it into heaven. LOL

    Love & Peace

  21. Ama! Thanks for the link on tulpas!!! When you spoke of humans creating certain entities, such as damons, it was driving me crazy what the name for them was! Tulpas!!! I had learned about them before and find it fascinating what we are capable of creating!!! Going further to show that humans are capable of so much more that we ever realise!!!! (not that I want to go ahead and creat a tulpa!! lol!)

    To go back to the origional question: I believe that guardian angels can and DO speak to you when necessary. My father told me a story once about how a voice in his head told him to get out of his car because something was wrong. Once he was out, he noticed a fire starting(that ended up being due to something electrical) Had he not gotten out the car could have exploaded and he could have died. He believed it was his guardian angel, and why not??!! Does it say anywhere in the Bible that Angels are not allowed to speak? I believe Guardian Angels are allowed to anything that is necessary to keep us safe and on our life path. In this case, Missy’s guardian angel was protecting her son, because his life journey had yet to be fullfilled and it wasn’t his time to go. The Angel saved his life so that he could go on to fullfill his destiny. Thank God, and the Angels for that Gift!

  22. I have something that has been following me for the past 20 years, I am 28. It does not matter what I do, who I go to, INCLUDING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH… what the hell is going on? Is this a demon? I CAN say, that by now I SHOULD be dead. Maybe it was protecting me this whole time, unbeknownst to me, even though it has thrown things at me.

  23. Hi Mary,

    I would have to know far more about your story to be able to say what is following you. Would you care to give me more details .. here or via an email from my website .. you’ll find me under Victorian Paranormal Connection .. on the right on this page under Friends.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

  24. When you mention hearing a voice, or multiple voices, only in your head, doctors make entries in your record, and not usually a good one. Never mind them for the moment.

    It was about Dec. 1983 or Feb. 1984 that I had a very brief message impressed upon me. I had just finished a double shift, and I was anxious to get home because I’d planned a big day for my family. Something told me to turn right at the first intersection I came to, and suggested I stop at McDonalds for a quiet cup of coffee. I said, “No. I want to get home to my family.”

    This particular intersection was a very bad one in the entire state. The view of approaching traffic is only visible above or below the guard rail. It was nearly dawn, and all I could see were headlights. In just a moment I was struck by a very big Caddilac. I was driving a Pinto. The first thing I looked for after that car ripped the entire front end off of my car was the lights on the other car. None of the lights on that car were turned on.

    The car door and my bare head collided. In a short time, I developed chronic left side migraines. I have had daily headaches since 1984. Why didn’t I listen? I was focused on a loving, exciting day with my family. I had two sons and a wife. I was elated at the idea of spending the day with them. What I received has been multiple decades of pain.

    The consequences of the wreck far outweigh the “voice.” I think I was sensing danger, but chose to ignore it.

    Incidentally, that old intersection has been totally re-engineered, because it was such a danger. I’m guessing the state paid at least a million dollars to fix the problem. They created a small mountain upon which has been constructed a very elaborate intersection. It is much safer now. Maybe next time I’ll slow down to consider what is around me.

  25. First of all, NOBODY KNOWS THE REAL ANSWER!!! Everyone speaks so matter-of-factly like they have all the answers. The truth is, nobody knows the answers to things related to the paranormal. If they did, it wouldn’t be paranormal now would it?

    I am an ATHIEST when it comes to organized religion, so I’ll spare you all the god stuff…

    My belief (and again, it’s only a theory), is that we all have a spirit guide. A spirit guide is someone from the “other side”, (or whatever you may want to call it), assigned to guide you through life. This is someone other than a passed relative, or an “angel”. The thought is that we have one, and some people can actively communicate with theirs on a daily basis. Most people cannot, or do not try, or are not even aware they have one.

    What you may have heard is your spirit guide, and you are one of the fortunate. I suggest trying to establish a relationship with your guide, possibly through meditation, or some other means.

    Again, please do not take what I say to be any true and definitive advice. However, formulating a belief is a helpful way of coping with the unknown.

    Best of luck to you…

  26. @Sammyfish:
    Just one question: How can you believe in a spirit guide and be Atheist? I am just a bit perplexed. Where do you think your spirit guide comes from? Atheism means that you do not have a belief in God, am I wrong? Many Atheists believe that we all cease to exist when we die and that we do not continue on in another realm or lifetime. Maybe you are not really and Atheist, but a Mystic. Some people here are speaking from experience, others are opinion. People who ask questions on a paranormal site know that the answers they get could be argued from every perspective of belief. I don’t claim to have all the answers; I am still searching. I tink that the day we die, is the day we know the truth.

  27. Hi Jeff, you gave yourself a profound lesson in listening to our ‘inner’ voice, or outer guides. I am so sorry.

    Sammyfish – yes, people have guides, and they are especially trained for the role. I have been taught that there are 12 of them, and that they interact with us at different stages of our lives. And you are right – they are not relatives, on any level.

    That being said, I believe a lot of people know the ‘real answer’, but that the answer is broader, and encompasses so much more than the little bits we might think we know. And we have to learn to trust ourselves, and our teachers. The more we seek, the more we will find, and it should become simpler, not more complicated.

    My ‘measure’ that I use for the knowledge I obtain is ‘does it make me feel right (not correct, but comfortable and safe) .. does it make the world better .. for me or other people .. does it come from Love, mostly importantly? If I have one moment’s doubt about any small part of the knowledge, I toss it aside, until something, or someone, confirms it in a way that I can have no doubts about it at all. Given that I work, sometimes, in truly nasty energy (demonology) I apply this principle quite a lot.

    Always on a learning curve,
    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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