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Is it Possible That I Could be a Modern Vampire?

I’ve been wondering about it after I read all the stories of vampires and for a long time as well.

I hate to swim, 5 minutes in the water and I get irritated and get out. I hate being in the sun, I’m always in the shade coz the sun burns me really badly and I get a terrible headache if I don’t ware my sunglasses when the sun is out. I hate being hot I would rather have winter all year long. I hate crowded places, ft feels like I cant breath.

I like putting myself in pain for some reason. I never liked it at all. A few years ago just the thought of hurting myself made me want to faint but now I want it.

I don’t know maybe its a phase I’m going through with the pain thing. Like getting myself tattooed and pierced. But the rest of it all has been like that for like forever.

Please leave your comments on this. I would love to read what you think about this.

Greetings Bekkie

Asked by BekkieLassy

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