Out of Body Experience or Just a Nightmare?

Hey guys, I’m having a hard time figuring out if I had an out of body experience a few weeks ago. Here it goes.

I was sleeping and my daughter was in the room with me, she had fallen asleep on the floor with our puppy, and I had what I thought was a dream about this shadow man and he was dragging her in the closet. I kept trying to scream but I could not. During this it was as if I was on the ceiling because I remember looking down at this the whole time.

I finally woke myself up, but could not move or speak. After a few minutes I was able to get up and I checked on her and she was not where she had fallen asleep just a couple hours ago. She was at least 10 away at the closet, and when I picked her up to bring her on the bed with me, her pajama bottoms were down to her ankles. This really scared me. Did I really witness this happening to her while I was asleep?

Oh and another thing, we have always felt a bad presence in our home and occasionally I will have horrible dreams about the man in my closet. So sorry this is really long. But would love to know what happened that night. Thanks

Asked by sk_chey

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  1. Hi sk_chey

    Questions first: how old is your daughter? You said you picked her up, so can she crawl? My son would move all over the room when he was asleep, he was like a little can of worms .. he’d jam himself into corners in his cot .. he was very restless. And he’d strip his clothes off in the process of moving forward, so unless they were carefully secured, I don’t think I’d worry about the pyjama pants.

    So .. it sounds as though you were outside your body and watching what was happening to your daughter. What I would like to know is how ‘she’ was reacting to what appeared to be happening to her as you watched her? What was the expression on her face, her actions?

    Not being able to move – once your spirit slipped back into your body, your body had to have time to wake up properly, so you really couldn’t move then, and since you were very worried, a few moments probably felt like months! What you experienced is called sleep paralysis. The mind and the body are ‘out of sinc’ with each other, and have to realign themselves.

    You’ve said there is a presence in your house, then perhaps you were seeing what it was trying to project into your mind (to make your frightened), or viewing an experience of another person from the past .. either the victim, or the villain. Ghosts will try and tell you either what happened to them, or what they did, when they are seeking your attention. What do you want to do about the ghost? If it was me, I would clear the house.

    To do that you can ask your local minister to come in and bless the site, or you could smudge it with white sage, or you could use this Invocation //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/the-michael-invocation/ read it through to get an understanding of what is being done, then say it for yourself, then change the third line to ‘remove all attachments from my home’ (not ‘house’). And that should take care of the problem.

    If you have any questions you can ask here, or contact me via links on my site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

    • hi ama, thanks for the quick response, my daughter is four yrs old, and she is actually a very good sleeper, I have never seen her get up out of dead sleep just to move all the way across the room, also I know she dosnt sleep walk. The presence in my home is very bad, I really can’t stand to even be there by myself anymore, as to my daughters expression on her face, it was definetly fear, and I felt so bad that there was nothing I could do. I felt like I had failed her when I should have been protecting her. But I will say that she has not mentioned anything about that night. I have tried to look up our house history but could not find anything that would explain the stuff going on. I will however take your advice and have the house cleansed. I will keep you posted on it. Thank you!

      • I would also like to mention somthing else, about a year ago I was sleeping and I also had this dream about a younger boy, I was staring down at him so I’m assuming I was floating or something, but he was laying under the bed and then I realized that he was dead and the next thing I know he is floating with me. I didn’t think about at the time bout he was saying something to me but when he spoke I was as if his words were backwards. I jsut remembered this when you said that maybe this thing is trying to tell me something. I really don’t know. But the boy had to be at least 12 and I have caught my daughter talking to herself and when I ask who she is talking to she tells me its her brother. She is an only child by the way. Sorry, just thought I would mention that too.

        • Hi sk_chey

          From what you wrote, I can’t see any signs of you having failed your daughter. What happens on the astral (dream state), doesn’t necessarily flow through into what we consider is the ‘real world’. Let me give you an example:

          I am a spirit rescuer .. that’s a fancy term for ghostbuster, and I”ve been doing this job for longer than the movies have been out .. among thousands of other people who do this work. :-) What happens is that lost souls (ghosts) ‘find’ me and ask for my help. Now, some of them are ‘friendly’ (for want of a better description) and some of them are downright nasty and could be considered dangerous, given the opportunity to continue to harm the living, which they were doing before they died. Whatever the case, they can speak to me, and sometimes do during my dreams, or sometimes in the middle of sunday lunch? I cannot say I enjoy all the experiences. Some of the visions I have seen during my life can only be defined as nightmares. But .. some just break your heart. Recently there was a boy, he was 8 or 9 years old, and he starved to death in the bottom of an elevator. How he got there he never told me, I just ‘woke up’ from ‘his story’ and found him standing beside my bed at about 6.30am on a bright sunny day. I don’t know how many times he’d told his story before he found the help he needed (they don’t always want it), but he would have given a whole lot of people some really nasty nightmares. The images linger – whenever I think of him .. but he’s in healing, where he needed to be.

          What you saw, as I said, might have been sent as a projection, touching your own fears, overlaid onto the reality of waking up and finding your daughter had moved herself across the room. If something truly terrifying had been hurting her ‘specifically’, I think she would have woken you up with her physical reaction. I believe whomever was telling you what happened to them was projecting it into your mind .. and, obviously, we are very protective of our children. That she doesnt’ remember what happened, or hasn’t repeated the experience through nightmares of her own .. reinforces that belief for me. I think you would have noticed behaviour changes, if she had been remembering anything at all?

          About the timing .. a year ago .. perhaps the boy is an anniversary ghost, mostly present around the time he died? Your daughter might see him as a happy fellow. You could ask her to describe him the next time she’s chatting to him .. rather than making a point of doing so. I never wanted my kids to experience the paranormal, so I kept the house safe for them (house shields). Now my daughter, who is 25, is learning to be like me, something she swore she would never do, and I’m not training her – Spirit is .. but I am supporting her all the way, without trying to frighten her in the process.

          House shields: click on my link over on the right (Victorian Paranormal) and there’s another link through to psychic protection. On that page there is one to White Light Shields, and a whole lot of other information. I used shields for years, to keep the ghosts away from my family. (I still do it now when the place feels really creepy.) Our kids are being born so much more aware these days, and she might be attracting ghosts? The shields take a moment to create, work whether you are ‘sure they will’ and don’t take any of your energy to keep in place. It’s for a little peace and quiet, or peace of mind.

          And please do keep me up to date with things.

          Love & Peace

      • Just wanted to say check into the history of the land as well. Sometimes it’s not a matter of the house being haunted, but rather the land the house is on. Something attached to the land will come into a house if it takes the notion. But you can throw it out and shield the house to prevent it returning.
        I do have a question though. You mention your daughter fell asleep with the puppy. Did the puppy react? I ask because dogs tend to be vocal when something nasty is around. For what it’s worth, I think if something was physically dragging your little one across the floor the puppy would have probably woken everyone up. Dogs have such a strong “get your hands off my human!” instinct that I think even as a puppy your dog would have barked.

        • Thanks snowwolf, I will check into the land history, I actually have heard rumors that the land where all of the homes were built was actually an indian burial ground. I live in green valley rach, its a subborb of denver, co. But that’s just community gossip. As to our dog, she was about 2 months old when this happened. We had just gotten her a couple day before. And that’s one of the reasons why I thought that it was just a dream because I thought she would have growled or barked, but she didn’t. I know people probably say this all the time but this just felt too real to just be a dream to me. And on top of everthing else that has been going on here I’m thinking some of it possibly could have been real. I will say that the dog acts as if something is trying to attack her. I’m always walking in a room and I see her growling at the wall and she will be in attack mode. For no reason at all. And I know dogs are protective of their owners but the way she acts with my daughter makes me feel as if she knows something is here and she don’t want it getting ahold of my daughter. I’ve seen protective but this is beyond that its crazy. I wish I could record some of this and post it so you can see what I’m talking about. If there is a way to do that you should let me know.

          • I don’t know if there is way to put a recording here. I assume there most likely is but I wouldn’t know how to go about it.
            I think that what we see in dreams/O.B.E.s are a version of real events. We see what is happening, but not necessarily the way it is happening. I’ve been thinking about you finding your daughter by the closet with her pajama bottoms down, and it reminds me of one of my nephews. He has always been hot natured, and used to pull his clothes off and roll all over his bed looking for a cool spot. I’m wondering if maybe your little one was hot and trying to cool off. It could explain how she ended up so far away from where she fell asleep and with her pants down. The puppy wouldn’t have been frightened by that, but it could look pretty scary from the perspective of an O.B.E. Anyhoo, it’s a thought.
            Have you contacted a spiritual leader for a house blessing? Might help to settle the energy in the house.

  2. Sounds like it really happened. I would put a cross on her and put holy water in the house.

  3. dear ana, i would like to learn more and more about ghosts i really want to be like you! i always wanted to see a ghost but i havent seen anything yet…my dad says he saw ghostly man with a silver outline who dissapeared after he blinked plz help me learn more about ghost :D

    • Hello Saravv75,

      I think its me you are addressing. Before you decide you want to be like me, first find out who I truly am. Yes, I deal with ghosts, demons and other entities, but there’s a price to be paid for what some people think is ‘fun’, and you have to have a ‘calling’ to do what I do. It’s not something you can learn, it is something that you ARE.

      As for learning about ghosts .. the link to my webpages is on the right in a box called ‘Friends’. You can read all sorts of things about ghosts there. If you have any questions you can ask them here, or email me privately from my site.

      Love & Peace

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