Need Help and Advice With Weird Experiences

Hello I have recently had a few very weird experiences and was looking for some help or advice.

I have always seen or more often felt ‘something’, although this did reduce with age, its come back with a vengeance (I’m in my mid 30′s)
I have been told that I’m seeing for a reason, just need to understand the reason!

Would be really grateful for any help. Many thanks

Asked by Rider

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  1. Hi Rider,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I see ‘things’ too. To help you I would like a lot more information please, like what it is you are actually seeing and the effect it has on you.

    You can find my webpages listed on this site (on the right) under Friends.

    Love & Peace

  2. Hi Ama
    have sent mail via your website,
    many thanks


    • Hi Rider,

      I have your email and shall answer it later. It’s morning in australia, and I have chores!!!

      Love & Peace

  3. Want some advice?
    Seeing things? See a doctor man!!!! You need help dude.


    • Even if this was a psychiatric issue (which I don’t believe it is), perhaps you could have expressed yourself a little more tactfully.

      I think you could stand to remember that even though your sitting behind a computer screen, this was written by a real person. One with feelings. Don’t be a tool just because you don’t have to face someone when you say hateful things. Words can hurt as bad as physical pain, and when someone is need of help, you don’t kick them when they’re down. Sadly, I am sure this is a testament to your character.

      Shame on you.

      • Shame on me??
        Now who is being rude? Do you have a mirror in your home? If si go take along hard look in it!! “he who is without run cast first stone”.

        • What did you mean “He who is without run …”?

          Aside from that, why bother coming on a site like this if you think everyone who experiences odd things are simply loony?? That doesn’t make sense. Why waste your time? Unless your just one of those internet trolls who get their jolly’s off by putting condescending comments on sites like these, for kicks. Glad you’re laughing, I don’t see anyone else finding your ‘humour’ in the least bit funny!


          • AJ leave it.
            Thanks for sticking up for me but the guys an idiot. I dont think i will be coming back on here, was all excited to see new comments then realise its all negative..

            Take care and thanks


          • Well, AJ, he’s definitely not with ‘sin’, so ‘run’ might do? LOL

            Love & Peace

          • CT please put this up……

            Go and troll somewhere else..
            Now please, go get a life….

          • I am not a troll. I state my opinion. Y do you sign your name with a kiss after having a go at me?

          • Hi Will,

            Have you ever actually seen a ghost? Because I would be interested to know what you base your opinions on .. and no, I am not having a go at you. Yes, some people might be inventing things, but having ‘seen’ and ‘experienced’ SO MANY things myself over my 49 years, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and ask lots of questions.

            Love & Peace

        • Yes, I believe that is what I said. Shame on you.

          Now, I would reply to this if I could understand a word you were saying. Perhaps you can restate your post with more clarity? I really have no way of responding if I can’t decode what it is your trying to say.

          • Am I not allowed to speak? I ment sin not run.
            I think half the people on here r not seeing ghosts but r seeing things as in r nutters

          • Not all stories are genuinely paranormal. In most cases there is a reasonable and rational explanation for what has happened. The DOES NOT make the person who experienced something strange a nutter. It does not make a person who wants to share what happened to them to find out what others think a nutter. If a person out there is thinking about sharing something that happened to them so they can get input and thoughts about it it does NOT make them a nutter.

          • The �funniest� part about all this is, the OP didn’t even go into detail about what he had experienced on this thread.

            For the troll to so readily declare Rider a ‘nutter’, without the slightest idea of what had actually happened, makes the troll�s �opinion� null and void.


          • Why not? It’s a Friday, I’ll bite.

            It’s a fair question, Will…..should you be allowed to talk? That’s not really up to me, but I’m willing to entertain the concept.

            From the comments, I see that Will has been a challenge to a few folks’ energy on here. So, I’ll give you a chance, Will, before I also write you off as the least successful troll I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading comments from….fair?

            What is your idea of “nutters”? Is it weirdness? Strangeness? Difference? or just “seeing things” (which is pretty vague). Please explain. Then explain why you would ever want to read the posts of “nutters” when you act as if you feel you are a bastion of normalcy? No, better yet, please also tell us your idea of normal or “not being ‘nutters’” so I have a control in which to gauge your response.

            I have many atheist friends….so you’ve ruled that out, because most atheists still believe that “quantum strangeness” can result in many unexplained phenomena. Meaning, while they don’t “believe” in the paranormal, most admit they simply chalk it up to “quantum weirdness”, as they can’t really dispute physics when the scientific method is the main precept of their belief structure.

            So what is it, Will? Is your perspective based on an assumption that if you don’t personally experience something, it isn’t real? So far, by your descriptions, if you see something that isn’t there, you are ‘nutters’. This would make Nikola Tesla very “nutters”. Without him, we would not have AC electricity or H.A.A.R.P. arrays around the globe. The man hallucinated almost every invention he ever created, to the point he could actually manipulate/interact with imagined prototypes, even though they didn’t exist. This taught him how his inventions would work…..that “nutter” fueled the progression of humanity.

            Or do you just like to be contrary? If so, then (and I won’t speak for everyone), I’m very insanely nutters. If you are not, then I consider myself lucky and I thank you for the compliment. Normal is not that interesting, Will….I sure wouldn’t be proud of it.

            I know there is some sarcasm sprinkled in here….but I have an expectation and I’m hoping you completely prove me wrong. Mostly, sarcasm is just my way…..I really am asking your opinions and specifically your usage of “nutters”.

            So, here is your chance to join the conversation as opposed to standing in the distance, chucking rocks because you are constantly “without run”.

          • Siddle, you have BIG teeth, but we love you. Hugs!

            Love & Peace

          • Thank you, CT! Everyone should feel comfortable coming on here to ask any question they feel they need to, no matter how “nutters” someone else thinks it is!!! Nutters!! The new word of the day!!! Maybe this should be called True Nutters Tales!!!! LOL!!! Just kidding, CT! But Nutters does seem to be the word of the day on here! :D

          • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SIDDLE!!!
            You really had me rolling on the floor with that one!!! Are you always this quick whitted??!!! I don’t think the “troller” will come back after that one!!! Like Ama said, “You have some big teeth there!” LMAO!!!!

  4. Thanks for that Will,
    i write on here something that makes no sense to me, that i feel a bit foolish admiting and you write that rubbish about me being mad.????


    • I say pay no attention to what Will said

    • Hey Rider,

      Guys like that deserve ignoring, which is what I did. I probably should have pounced on him, but we try to ‘live and let live’.

      Here’s a big hug from another mad person. LOL

      Love & Peace

    • They are called “Internet Trolls”. They get something out of the mass replies with people telling them they are not being helpful. I’ve found a couple on this site, myself.

      Some responses I would be tempted to squelch…..thus, making Caretaker a better person then I. So, thanks again for all you do, CT.

      Bad thing is, I went for a jog before work. So I’m currently NOT without run. So I can’t throw stones at anyone either. I guess I could be “without run” tomorrow. Then I could pelt people all day (Would that be “not-not throwing without no stones”??–I’m getting lost in my multiple negatives). Will’s advice does have some inherent plausible deniability, though…..I think. I don’t know, I’m still lost, actually.

    • Ryder,
      there are many of us on here who WILL NOT call you “loony”, “nutters” or any other name. I think it is a shame if you leave the site just for one ignorant misguided fool who clearly was not brought up with any manners or edicate. I ask you, please do not go; ignore Will; you will encounter many on this site as well as others who may try to purposely insult you or do it inadvertantly out of ignorance. Stating opinion is much different from insulting another human being, and it is only a demonstration of how small minded a person really is. You will find more of us willing to listen to you, that there are of the “Wills” on this site. Don’t let him win.

  5. Oh! That’s very helpful ………. NOT!

    • I was of course refering to Will’s comment too …. seems I pressed the wrong return key!

  6. Hi Rider

    First of all …. Don’t panic!!

    Its happening to a lot of us at the moment. A similar thing happened in the ’90′s, where by loads of people were ‘openned up’.

    Ama is very good at her job. She will be able to help you understand what is going on, to put your mind at rest.

    Be strong.


    • Good advice, AJ!

      So much is happening in the ‘energy’ at the moment. I think of it like the tide coming in .. it washes over people, they see stuff, or feel stuff, or whatever, and then it washes out again for a short while and it all calms down. I can track it through the ‘allexpert’ webpages. Some days there’s no questions, other days there’s lots! LOL

      Thank you for the compliment.

      I shall now go and garden. Spring is here and the weather is wonderful .. hopefully the weathermen are wrong (again) and the sunshine will continue for the rest of the week! Yay!

      Love & Peace

      • the closer the new age comes the more power we can control. I think I accidently set a building on fire and caused 2 tornadoes.

        • You actually think you caused two tornadoes?

          • The power of thought is limitless.

          • I disagree. I disagree firmly. NOTHING is limitless. Everything has its limits and boundaries, just a plain fact.

          • Hmm… the Buddha said “with our thoughts we create the world”.

            The karma involved in tornadoes would be horrible.

            But I have to agree with Joel, CT. The limits we perceive are there because we believe they are. We limit ourselves until we learn to expand.

            For example .. the internet .. growing and expanding and changing constantly .. as more ideas and thoughts are turned into reality – well, its an odd etheric reality, but then so are angels. LOL

            Love & Peace

          • still stand firm in my belief that everything has its limits. If a “thing’ didnt have limits it would not exist.

            I suppose its a matter of defining the word “limitless” Can thought change a cow into a horse? Can thought transform a human being into a dragon? There are limits to anything and everything.

          • The power of thought only works with those of VERY strong will or with what a person most desires. besides thought can be interpreted many ways like if you wanted to be a dragon for years you mighy be a fire artist or skydiver or something along those lines. though on the astal plane you would be a dragon

          • Nope, I still aint gonna buy into it. You are free to think what you will and this is only my own personal opinion but that is just about as valid as playing Dungeons and Dragon or some other role playing imagination game. When I say that you cannot transform yourself into a dragon with the power of thought I am speaking literally not astral plane or imagination or ‘interpretation’.

          • Hi CT,

            I notice the emails we get of the answers usually only give us the first paragraph (which Ididn’t check), so I didn’t see this answer until now.

            I agree about defining what a word means .. when I think of ‘limitless’ I think of the human potential to create wonderful things (and dangerous), beginning from their imaginations .. like the stories of Jules Verne, long before we had submarines .. now we have nuclear ones that can stay underwater for long lengths of time (but not limitless ones :-) ), and other ‘magical’ things that people create these days. And yes, our thoughts can change our world .. emotionally, just to start with .. changing your thoughts can change how you cope in the world (forgiveness instead of anger). That can be a ‘limitless’ experience for someone. And now we have Startrek and its like, inspiring us to create ways to explore the galaxy? The future may well turn out to be fascinating!

            As for changing a cow into a dragon? Who knows what will happen when the magic really comes back into the world, as I believe it is doing. Just look at how many people are now starting to see elementals of all sorts, the more spiritually attuned children that are being born, and the number of people now ‘waking up’ to their spiritual gifts and seeking an understanding of them? We are being asked by our guides and angels to learn to be more ‘responsible for what we create’. We are being Nagged! about it. There has to be a reason. Since we were created to be creators, perhaps in the future we, or our children, will be able to transform things from one state to another. I hope I’m alive to see the good bits .. because I do not think humanity is mature enough right now to let us do anything like that .. and uncontrolled ‘transformative’ powers would be a nightmare when someone is angry.

            A light thought for my morning,
            Love & Peace

          • But I still dont think that is limitless. Limitless means no limits or anything goes. With no limits Jules Vernes ship would have also been able to fly and go into space and travel safely through the sun and so on… I tend to be literal and so when I see “Limitless” I understand it in terms of that definition. Sorry so short reply gotta hurry :)

          • I agree .. but .. only if Jules (or Nemo in that case) had created it to be that way. :-)

            I am also very literal. Gets me in trouble sometimes. LOL

            Love & Peace

        • If you set a building on fire by accident you should b more careful. If you think you started 2 tornados then you have proved my point that you are all nutters. Read what you have written, started tornados? Mad

          • So if one person thinks they started a tornado then we are all nutters? :)

            Well I have already stated my opinion on this. NO Joel neither the tornado nor the fires were started by you. (Unless of course you did a bit of arson)

    • AJ & Ama

      Thank you both so much for all your help both on here and privately.. You have both taken a big weight off my shoulders.. Its nice to meet decent, un selfish people who like to help others :-)

      Take Care

      Rider x

      ps Will, if your a man say it to my face, if not grow up and go do your homework boy:-)

  7. Rider, the first thing that you need to do is be very careful to validate, second opinions, and other prudent proccesses before putting into practice some of the advice that you get from an internet website. Many people have seen wierd things and some beliefs and explanations can and will lead you in the wrong direction some can be extremely helpful. When you ask for advice it is your responsibility to check it out to the fullest of your ability before you implement any sort of action. That being said, my take on your questions is this, you may have a spiritual gift and if so that gift is from God (Yaweh God). If so a great start would be to pray to God and ask His will for your use of the gift He has given you. Get a Bible if you don’t have one and do some reading. If you truly seek Him you will find Him and He will make it clear as to why you are seeing what you are seeing. If you choose to take a different road on this be very careful. The world is full of all sorts of deception these days, be careful.

    • Great advice, JK.


      • Right AJ. I should have written that yesterday when I first read it.

        Very good advice JK.

        Love & Peace

  8. Seem to be some negative comments being left on here..
    Im beginning to regret asking for advice
    :-( (

    • Hi Rider,

      We get all sorts of negative comments on many of the question pages. I am guilty of creating a few snappy ones of my own. I admire CareTaker’s tolerance, but he is good when things get really fraught.

      Please don’t vanish. We are a fun bunch to discuss things with, most of the time.

      Love & Peace

      • I try not to censor just for the fun of it :) As long as the rules are followed (and sometimes it is a hard call / borderline) I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt.

    • Ryder, my dear,

      I think you are mistaken; there really aren’t as many negative comments on here as you might think, and there are actually people who want LISTEN to you and hear what you have to say without judgement or harsh criticism. I posted on here( on another question where the person asked us not to think her crazy) that if she was crazy, she just entered the “loony assylum!” lol!! You are going to find many like minded people on here, and again, as I said, to leave the site because of one misguided fool is just a shame and I for one would hate to see you go. :( Please do reconsider.

      • I agree with that. There are many more positive and helpful comments than the opposite. Anytime you get a lot of people together you are always gonna have some negativity somewhere.

  9. Rider,

    I sincerely hope that you have a change of heart and come back. Aside from the occasional errant troll, you couldn’t find a group of more helpful and caring people. Though at times we may disagree with each other, we generally are able to accomplish it in a civil and adult manner. Unfortunately, just like any other site, we have trolls who like to attempt to wreak havoc by being rude and insulting. However you will find that most of the time, they leave pretty quickly. Usually I wouldn’t have responded to someone like Will, but I really felt as if he was hitting below the belt and my empathic nature took over…and I was a bit harder on him than I would have normally been simply because I really felt for you and I could tell that you really were looking for answers.

    I do apologize if I have offended anyone as that was not my intention. Well, except for Will that is. Clearly I meant what I said to him and I refuse to apologize for that.


    • Oh bless, u always hold his hand?

      • Will, that was a troll comment. Either play nice or go away. (sigh)

        Love & Peace

        • I agree Ama.
          You should be embarrassed and ashamed. If you really believe us to be “nutters” as you say, you lack tact and diplomacy of telling us in a kindly and respectful manner. If you are indeed NOT a troll(which I highly doubt) you must not have listened to your mother when she corrected you about how to talk to the mentally handycapped and advise them of what medical attention they may need. You can call me crazy; I don’t care. I feel strong enough in my own beliefs that what you say will not affect me. However, I would kindly as you, for the sake of others on this site, that you further back up your comments with some tact, diplomacy and research as to why in fact, you believe us ALL nutters, come on here with some lucid and intelligent comments or if you just can’t “play nice in the sand box” you need to leave the playground.

      • You know, my first reaction to this was angry. Admittedly, more than a few four letter words crossed my mind. However, I’ve had a little while to think about it and I discovered something. I feel bad for you, I really do. You seem to lack empathy and I find that truly sad. I can’t fathom what its like to see someone hurting and to feel indifference, or apathy if you will. I tend to feel the emotions of others, and while it is sometimes a bit disturbing, I would never wish it away. It’s what makes me feel connected to the world. It’s what lets me know that this world is made of love and kindness, even when it seems to be anything but.

        You seem to forget that behind this question, lies a real human being. One whose feelings were obviously hurt by your attempt at trolling. I refuse to engage you any longer, as I now see this is what you want. You want to incite anger in the people here, and I refuse to give you the satisfaction. I do however hope that at some point you find a bit of humanity within yourself, and maybe then you can learn to grow as a person. Until then, you won’t be hearing from me.

    • Well said Diana!!
      See, Ryder, there ARE more people on here, than you think, who want to listen to what you have to say!!! ;)

      • Also, I hope i am not offending you with my strong comments, Ryder; people like Will seem to enjoy scaring honest people like you off of these sites who are genuinely looking for some answers to questions they would otherwise be ridiculed for. I am not only standing up for you, but also for any other person, who feels they need to ask an unusual question and comes on here in hopes that they won’t be told they are “crazy.” I do apologize and hope that you do reconsider coming back for the people who actually want to listen to your questions and provide the best answers they can for you without judgement or ridicule. I wish you the best of luck, sinserely, with what you are dealing with and if you decide to come back, there are many here, including me, who will listen!

  10. Hi Dianna

    “I sincerely hope that you have a change of heart and come back. ”

    I second that as I too believe the majority of peeps on here are extremely helpful and have their hearts in the right places.

    As the old saying goes ….. its good to talk! (or, type anyway – LOL!)


    • AJ, I’ll ‘third’ it, when I finish giggling. LOL

      Love & Peace

  11. Wow
    what a lot of replies from my question.. Even if some are from, and about prats leaving stupid messages. Sorry havent been on here to comment back to each of you, family stuff has recently got in the way!! Would just like to say thanks to all for taking the time to help me… feel much happier about the whole thing now, and am beginning to understand it all a bit more..
    Looking forward to spending more time on here..

    Thanks again

    Rider x

  12. Ah, but the prats make it interesting. Rider .. and help us develop our (lack of) tolerance.

    Gotta love ‘em, .. that’s what Jesus said .. love them anyway. LOL

    Love & Peace

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