Kindred Spirits and Soul Mates Are they the Same Thing?

As the title of the question suggests, my question is are kindred spirits and soul mates one and the same?

Technically, I know there are a few differences between the two, such as soul mates may be centuries old and kindred spirits may not be. But saying that, does it matter? If a kindred spirit is something or someone likened to yourself, very similar in every way, then soul mates may also love the same things, no?

So, are they the same? Are they different? Are they in the “same class” so to speak? Do you have a kindred spirit?

Many thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully answer!!

Asked by Cheyenne Stephanie Clark (aka Steph)

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  1. Or AKA GirlRacer whichever LOL.

    I wanted to add: can you also have family members as soulmates or kindred spirits?

  2. Hello Steph aka GirlRacer, you had me confused there for a minute. LOL

    Let’s untangle this a moment. A soul mate is a person from your collective family – they are part of your ‘soul’ group .. or oversoul group .. or higher self group. It’s all the same thing.

    I know, people like to divide it into bits, but no. Humans are, when not in our individual bodies, a single consciousness, just like the angels. But we love to be individuals, and its a great way to learn stuff, so we divide ourselves into large groups (families of hundreds and sometimes thousands – the groups blend and shift), and then smaller pieces and have individual lives .. and then go Home again and sort it all out. And everyone learns from what we experience, good or bad. Which makes the local axe murder part of the greater whole, just like me. But that thought aside …

    There is not just ONE soul mate out there for everyone, that if you don’t meet in this lifetime you will never have love, etc (with melodramatic music), nor are there ‘twin flames’ another new age concept designed to break people’s hearts. Instead there are multitudes of them, who come into our lives at the right time for us to learn from each other, and some of them stay and some of them leave, and some of them help us, and some of them hurt us, and we are love profoundly and hate just as much .. but hopefully not, because hate is so destructive, but learning to forgive is a PROFOUND life lesson there’s a reason why we can choose to feel that way. And we might have lots in common with them (kindred spirits) or nothing at all.

    So the person you love most right now is your soul mate, and so is the person you despise … think on that. When you all get ‘Home’ you’ll find our your worst enemy was actually your best friend, and you made an agreement to learn the lessons of love and forgiveness from each other.

    And every major event happens for a reason .. which a lot of people choose not to believe .. and I can understand why when things that happen hurt us like hell .. but we can grow past the pain and become greater people because of it.

    Specifically kindred spirits are people who share the same beliefs, fears and feelings that you do – they feel like family .. and they are. They come from your family group, and are part of your larger soul group.

    Ok, lecture mode off LOL
    Love & Peace

    • LOL sorry for the confusion!

      Ama, that took my breath away. I cannot possibly have asked for a more in depth explanation. Thank you so much. It’s opened a lot of possibilities for me.

      When I meet people, I usually know right then, before I’ve even heard their voice whether or not we’ll be friends. I try not to judge and I try to be as friendly as possible to everyone. Some people I just don’t gel with. But, I can try harder to understand not why I don’t like them, but rather is there something about me that I can try to improve upon or be more patient with the person. I’m not saying change my personality to suit someone. Rather just try to understand what it is about me they don’t like, and can I learn from it.

      I feel kindred spirits here. LunaTerra is one of them. I don’t know why! I have total respect for your good self and AJ. You’ve clarified and enlightened me. So thank you.

      Peace and hugs
      Steph xxx

      • Hi GR,

        You are welcome.

        When we meet someone, even via emails, we can often tell if we will get along with them, because our auras touch and either combine, or repel each other. We ‘read’ each other .. and we all do it naturally. It’s the same with shaking hands when you meet a person .. that seems to be going out of fashion these days .. but the practise allows the palms chakras to touch and communicate with each other. And hugs .. allow heart chakras to touch .. and again .. connect us with each other. So many simple gestures to help us get to know the people around us.

        And I agree that Luna and AJ are lovely, among many others. ;-)

        Love & Peace

  3. My beliefs on such subjects are probably not as popular as some would post here but I believe it with all my heart. I will make the statement that there are only a couple of types of spirits that are acively at work around us. I believe that there are no-once human spirits out there unless it is within a very short window immediately following death. I believe that all the active spirits are all created and non human and either good or bad. God created angels most are still HIs servants but 1/3 are not. There is a possibility that the spirits of the Nephilim or chilldren of angels and humans still roam the earth if Enoch accounts are true. I believe that if you are not calling out to Jesus, od or the Holy spirit specifically, then you are most likely going to get an answer from something evil that will attempt to deceive you into believing that it is something that it is not like a relative, spirit guide asceded master, blah, blah. If you want to get connected with the right spirit world call out to Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit this way you will never be deceived.

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