Is this Poltergeist Activity Caused by Me?

I am a teenager and have been experienced all of this poltergeist activity. I get these really ominous feelings sometimes. Things have moved out of sight, lights have turned on, and locked doors have been banged on and unlocked (bathroom doors in the middle of the day) not to. much but anyway this hasn’t been a problem before and I haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep.

I think it may just be a little paranoia but also think it may be being caused by me (I have had emotional and mental problems in the past) If so, how can I stop this so I get better sleep before the school year begins?


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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    How busy are you? How much exercise do you do? Do you play lots of sports? This is a good way of using the energy that your body produces in a positive way, because when we do next to nothing .. like playing violent computer games all day … the energy builds up in our system, and then has to find a way out .. and so explosive things can happen, like anger, and poltergeist phenomenon.

    How to stop it .. learn to control your energy. Understand what makes you mad and change how you react. Get lots of exercise. Eat well. It all helps with sleeping too.

    Have you spoken to your parents about this? Because they might like to arrange for someone to bless the house, or clear it’s energy, depending on their beliefs. That might help too.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  2. Hi:)
    First of all id like to say that the answer given by Ama Nazra was dead on- energy left with nothing to do can sometimes manifest itself in the way you are describing. In fact many people report similar experiences while beginning to practice energy work and psychic development, before they have learned to control and direct their own energy. I actually had a very similar experience before I even knew what any of this stuff meant and I know it can be quite scary,especially for someone like you who has experienced mental issues in the past. Dont worry sweetie,chances are that you are not going crazy and what is happening with you is not in your head. That said, your state of mind is definitely a factor in controlling your energy, and you should do what ever you can to take good care of yourself,both physically and mentally. I know for me meditation helped alot( and it may help you sleep too!), as did continually reassuring myself that I had nothing to fear. Fear is a powerful thing, and unless you can learn to control and move past it you can wind up in a viscous cycle of “this happened so Im scared and this happened again and Im more scared “and so on. I would definitely talk about it so you know you are not alone, just be prepared for some people to not believe you:)
    Another thing to consider is the possibility that for one reason or another you have awakened an ability that you were previously unaware existed- its worth looking into,google is a wonderful thing:) Blessed Be, i hope you figure this all out! Good luck!:)

  3. It seems like you have a demon that follows you around. I do not believe it is something that you energize yourself. If you follow my reponses, I left a lengthy response on how to make a demon leave you alone. Feel free to look into it. I know it works.

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