Is Something Saving Me From Death?

I have almost died in many ways I can’t understand. But theres always a type of shadow that always appeared when I almost died. Once, I was on a motorcycle with my mom. It was a Philippines motorcycle. Which meant a he/she would have the motorcycle attached on a seat that the passengers would sit on. My mom was talking to the guy who was driving the motorcycle, I was peeking my head out side of it. The next thing, I knew I fell out of the motorcycle while it was going really fast cause my mom needed to go to an important meeting ASAP. As I fell out I saw a person grab me and gently put me onto the ground. I saw a pair of wings. I didn’t know what it was. Then, my mom ran to me and inspected me. No broken bones, no bleeding, no bruises. I was saved by something.

Another time I almost died was when I was only 3 and my mom and Aunts went to a cafe. I was left in the pool with my other cousins. My cousins were too busy talking to each other they didn’t notice me slipping off the cement into an 8 feet (I think it’s an 8 feet pool but I don’t remember) pool. I was already ready to pass out when I saw a shirt on top of me. The person grabbed me and pulled me out of the pool. When my mom saw my face purple she was really pissed at them. I asked my cousins if they pulled me out of the pool they said none of them did. Something saved me again?

I need answers please. Thank you

Asked by Marielle

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  1. Hi Marielle

    Since you don’t really remember the details of the rescue when you were three years old, it might have been a person who jumped in and saved you, or reached in and grabbed you. The second one, with the wings, might be your guardian angel .. did you tell everyone about the wings at the time, or did you only remember them afterwards?

    Yes, sometimes our guardian angels can save us, if we allow them to .. but its better not to test the theory. LOL

    How many other times have you almost died?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

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