I Have a Question about EVP

I was wondering if you do EVP will it make things worse in a house?

We did a EVP because our house has several different things happened at our house that we could not explain and we heard children playing and there was no children in the house when we were doing this.

I don’t want to make anything worse. We have to live in this house I don’t want to make them mad.

Asked by Karen

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Asking ghosts to speak to you through a voice recorder is giving them your energy .. and telling them you know they are there. It might well escalate the problem, if there is a nasty ghost in the house, but the kids might just be an emotional ‘memory’ embedded in the walls, and so you’ll hear them playing, but they won’t respond.

    I don’t recommend doing EVPs for anyone. I do recommend having the house cleared, either by being blessled by a minister of your local church, or having a medium come in and talk to the ghosts and cross them over, if they need it. If there are some trapped souls there, they’ll go into healing/heaven, and that is a very kind thing to do for them.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  2. do NOT get that house blessed i am warning you. yes blessing a house gets rid of ghosts, but only for a few months. then the ghosts come back amd they are MAD. do NOT get that house blessed. sometimes if you do an EVP session, it will, in some cases, make the spirits angrey. but sometimes, it does not. i suggest you do an EVP session, and if things get worse,try this. get holy water, or bless water your self. then rub the water around your windows, in every door way, (closet doors, front and back doors, ect.) and at the top and bottom of every staircase. while doing this, say ‘protect all within, get evil out. i am the head, not the tail, you do not belong here, i banish you now.’ the louder you say this, the more effective it will be. say this until you feel you have said it enough. hope this helped.

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