How Can I Make Contact With My Dad?

Hi! Thank you for being there! I’m new in this EVP concept. Somebody told me about this movie White Noise, and now I’m very interested to make contact with my Dad and brother. I have an IC recorder, I have been trying a couple of times I know I need to be patience but I have one only concern. Is it possible to be in contact with an evil entity? If this is the case, what can I do to avoid this from happening and also “If” this occurs what should I do?

Another question if you don’t mind, do I need another device to clean the white noise in order to hear better the EVP recordings?

Thank you so much in advance for your help !

Asked by Lilian Shelton

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  1. Hi Lilian

    I have made contact with my brother, father, ex, and numerous others via evp. It took me a long time to make contact with my brother, but when I did, he could not stop talking. I have never made contact with an evil entity. If an entity comes through that makes me feel uncomfortable, I immediately clear my house.

    All you need to know about evp recordings, equipment etc can be found on this link

    Love and Blessings

  2. I don’twant to offend you but you cannot speak with anyone who has passed. If you call out into the air there is no telling what will answer you and in most cases people are deceived by evil spirits into thinking they are communicating with a loved one. I wish you luck but the research proves different.

    • I was taught this as a child and believed it completely until recently. I still dont discount it, I only have small doubts because I see the possibility that there are many more ‘things’ out there than just demons and angels…

      However, if my father or mother were to appear to me as phantoms they would have a difficult time in convincing me that they were who they appeared to be. My view is that ‘entities’ ‘ghosts’ ‘spirits’ demons’ etc are real, they do exist. So to me the question is not “are ghosts real?” but it is “What, or who, are they?” Because I do not doubt the existence I cannot say what they are or know their true nature. (At least not yet)

      One thing I have noticed in a lot of stories on this and other sites is that people generally believe whatever spirit they are dealing with. I mean someone talks about a voice on an EVP or a Ouija Board message and automatically take for granted that the ‘spirit’ is who it says it is and that it is telling the truth about anything. If there is in fact something communicating with you from some mysterious other world how can you know ‘it’ is telling the truth?

  3. my mom passed away when i was 12 an it was thanksgiving :( then bout 3 or 4 days later i seen her at the foot of my bed in the same outfit she had died in

  4. No offence taken JK, mainly because I can and do speak with those who have died.

    The responses I receive come directly from the ones I request to make contact with. Michael who died in a motor vehicle accident, told me where important documents relating to his estate could be found. He also asked me to let his father know he was walking again. It made no sense to me, but made a lot of sense to his father as Michael had spent a lot of time in a wheelchair due to an injury.

    My brother Gary came through not very long ago, to warn me about my sister inlaws deteriorating health.

    There are many examples, and a few are listed on this site.

    Of course I have ghosts coming through pretending to be whomever I have requested to make contact with. Usually they are not able to answer direct questions.

    I no longer hold conversations with ghost’s who just happen to be around when I am recording, as I have learned it is not healthy to do this. I had Patrick (lost soul) hanging around for months. Although lost souls can be entertaining to listen to, it is not something I would encourage.

    JK, what research are you referring to? Also, I dont mean to be disrespectful, but dont you pray to a god (speaking into the air) you have never seen, and have absolutely no evidence that s/he actually exists?

  5. Hi Caretaker,

    I never take things for granted. It’s too easy to make a mistake. And I groan over the number of people that do exactly what you said .. take whatever the entity is talking about as ‘fact’ rather than taking it with a pinch of salt.

    And JK,

    I’m another person who talks to dead people .. sometimes with their living relatives in front of me to confirm what I am hearing. Once I even answered a question asked in Polish, in Polish .. a language I cannot speak, by copying what the spirit was saying to me. I can only speak English. There are millions of us who can communicate with people who have crossed over, or died, to put it more bluntly, not a select few. Perhaps one day people will stop pretending its not happening? LOL

    I would be interested to know what research you are talking about?

    Wishing you a great day
    Love & Peace

    • I am trying to make contact with my dad and my step dad. They both died and since my step father has died I have had bizzar dreams of him being in a room with a big window but no door and I can’t hear him. I have a picture that was taken that has two objects in that are a big glow of light with what appear to be angel wings. If someone can help me please contact me

      • Hello Shannon,

        If you would like to contact your family I suggest you go and see a reputable medium who ‘might’ be able to get in contact with one or the other of them and answer questions for you. Be careful who you choose, there are liars out there, but not everyone is a cheat. Some people truly are very good mediums.

        Another way you can contact them is by writing your questions on a piece of paper and putting it under your pillow and sleeping on it for three nights. Then your family can come to you in your dreams and you can have a chat. Remember to tell yourself that its ok to remember everything that happened during that talk, to help soothe your conscious mind when you wake up. It might not happen immediately, but it will happen. I know one lady who had to wait 8 months to talk to her mum, but our families cross over into a healing place when we die and we all need time to find peace, before we come to visit those we love again.

        If you are angry with either of those two you might consider writing a letter to each. Be very specific in what you want them to know. Just write down whatever is in your heart. Don’t re-read the letter. Don’t edit it. It doesn’t matter about spelling or punctuation. All that matters is your thoughts. Then fold the paper up and take it somewhere safe outside and burn it to ashes. That gets the message across, and helps you let go of your hurt feelings.

        For your stepfather – next time you dream anything bizarre ask your angels to FIND him and TAKE him into healing. If he’s a lost soul they will do exactly that. Note the words in capital letters. The next dream might be him saying thank you. Stranger things have been known to happen. And yes, we all have angels, and they love to help.

        I would love to see the picture, if you would like to share. You could email a copy to Caretaker, the owner of this site, and he might show us?

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra

  6. i totally believe that the souls of those who have passed can contact us! Jk, you speak of evidence, and I believe you were asked to identify or provide such evidence you speak of. I would be interested to see it myself. There is also evidence to prove that we, as humans possess a “psychic” chip in our brains! Making us more atuned to psychic data and phenomina. Not all of us use this part of our brain, but psychics and people who claim to see the dead have electrical activity going on in that part of their brain! If you know Sir Iisac Newton’s law, you know that energy is neither lost nor destroyed; it is merely transfered from one object to the next. You could look at souls as energy.
    You see, I believe, because I have been contacted by a deceased loved one in my past. My father contacted me two days after he died to let me know he was fine. Now I don’t have anything to support this, but I believe their is such a thing that exists as soul recognition. I believe our souls recognize people living and/or dead that we have known in this life time, but have passed on or when we enounter a stranger who “seems all too familiar” that we have known in another liftime!(Yes!! I also believe we reincarnate!) You see, our souls know alot more than we do! Our souls have existed for longer than we can phathom; our brains are not hard wired for that kind of information! Jk, I think you deffinately believe in bad spirits or demons, but why do you believe, if a demon/ bad spirit can contact you, why then,can’t a good spirit of a friend or loved one? Do you have evidence of demon sightings, but evidence that contacting spirits of the deceased loved ones is imposible? Just curious.

  7. Hi iLoVeVaMpIrEs

    My dad came to visit me three days after he died. We had a LONG talk. It was very good. I’m glad he came.

    Love & Peace

  8. I�m sorry to break the news to you, but when a person dies he cease to exist. Ecclesiastes 9:5 �the dead are conscience of nothing.� Nothing of us survives the death of our body. We do not possess an immortal soul or trapped in limbo. Neither can they speak nor haunt you accord to Ecclesiastes 9:6, 10. An example or prove we do not continue to exist was the death of Lazarus. Jesus likened Lazarus death to that of a deep sleep or rest (John 11: 11-14). When Lazarus was resurrected, there was no talk of a glorious heavenly place he went to. Or, a fiery place of torment.
    As a spoke in previous comments, demons mislead people. Blinding their eyes of the truth. One way would be through spiritism and mediums. Those that lost love ones to death; they encourage them to contact the dead. As stated before, �the dead cease to exist.� Its demons you would be contacting. Demons can easily imitate voices or give information about their dead love ones (1 Samuel 28: 3-19).
    With all this information, and references from the bible I think it best to stop any form to contact the dead. You should have faith in the bible and all its promises. God provides hope and comfort for those who lost family and friends to death. Depend on the Bible. It�s a practical book in which we should base of life on (2 Timothy 3:16).

    • Hi Social-D

      How then do you explain the spirits which appeared during the transfiguration of Jesus?
      What about the angels who have appeared before Lot, Abraham, Tobias, Moses, Jacob, Daniel, Joseph, shepperds, Peter, V Mary, Jesus etc?

      I suppose it’s much safer to go around with ones eyes wide shut!?


  9. Hi Social_D,

    I’ll tell that to the next dead person who comes and asks me for help. Or better yet, I won’t. I’ll just walk them into heaven, if they need me to. Done that before now.

    We all believe different things, it is the differences that allow us to be forgiven for our mistakes, and learn and grow. I have the same desire to make sure that everyone is safe as you do, and I sincerely applaud you for yours.

    Love & Peace

    • You say you�re a Christian, means you follow the bible. So the scriptures I referred to, how do you come to your conclusion? The bible refers to she’ol as man’s common grave with a hope of resurrection. Or Gahanna as the final death with no hope for a resurrection. Nowhere in the bible does it state that something from the body continue to exist. Demons, although can�t read minds, pay attention and study humans. Can imitate a dead love one. They work on emotions, which can affect our judgment. That�s why the bible clearly stated at Deuteronomy 18:10-12.

      • “Nowhere in the bible does it state that something from the body continue to exist”

        Umm … what about:

        1 Kings 17:17-24 – the dead come alive (Elijah prays and God raises a young boy from death)
        2 Kings 13:21 – the dead come alive (Elisha raises the son of the Shunammite woman)
        Luke 24:13-32 (Jesus re-appears after being cruxified …. or, was he??)
        Matthew 17:1-3 (Jesus talks to Moses and Elijah)

        Dead people coming back to life? Talking to dead people? Its all there in that glorious Bible of yours.


    • By the way anna , its a shame we live so far appart , i would have loved to join one of your sessions with our sprirt buddies , id command them in the blood of christ to leave and ner come back again and believe me they woud be out of there i less than a second .

      • Coudn’t agree with you more, Vince, that commanding demons in Jesus’ name will clear the building .. but what do you do with them then? Oh heck, just chuck them outside the building .. doesn’t matter where they go .. and I have been in churches that treat demons like this. The ‘good christians’ have no idea what they are doing .. or the trouble they continue to make for themselves.

        But sorry, I don’t run seances, nor spend time talking to demons .. so you’ll have to find somewhere else for your entertainment. But really, being a good Jewish Christian, inviting yourself to a seance is actually against your faith. Think about it next time, before you go ahead and do. LOL

        Love & Peace
        Ama (A M A)

      • There’s no need Vince, Ama is more than capable of ‘commanding them” as you put it and returning them to God.

        Mind you ‘commanding them’ is a bit over-kill, most only require gentle pursuation to move on. A bit of hand-holding, as Ama put it, and the gentle touch. Earthbound spirits are scared and lost after all, not evil.


        • That’s been my experience too, AJ. On one level or another. :-)

          It’s a puzzle to me that some religious groups still continue to see all ghosts as demons .. actually your comments on the spirits appearing that you wrote to Social_D on the other question site would be good here too. How are they demons, if they appear before Jesus in his glory?

          Love & Peace

  10. Hi Social_D,

    I say I am a Christian, which means I follow Christ, and Christ did not write the old Testament.

    I compare the two quotes you gave because they contradict each other. Ecclesiastes 9:5 said that spirits know nothing, but in 1 Samuel 6-8 Saul, a great king, goes off to talk to the raised spirit of Samuel, a much loved prophet. Unless you believe there were two Sauls, as one webpage I looked at said,

    1) there should have been no spirits to raise, or

    2) Samuel shouldn’t have been able to tell Saul, which he did in great detail, all the nasty things that were about to happen to him and his family.

    What we have here, from two different books of the Old Testament, written at different times, is two men’s differeing opinions about spirits.

    Sheol is the Hebrew name for hell, I don’t think I’ve read anything that said we ‘rest’ there, but it does fit with my belief system that all humans went there after they died, before the Christ energy came into the world.

    Where in which bible?? does it say Gahanna is ‘the final death with no hope of resurrection’? In biblical times, Gahanna was the name of a garbage dump outside of Jerusalem. And the Deuteronomy quote does not mention demons, but it does mention all the things that the writer of Deut thought we should not do.

    I have always felt sympathy for Saul. His ‘god’ sent an ‘evil angel’ to torment him. (1 Sam 19:9) I haven’t heard of this happening with EL.

    Love & Peace

    • Good morning, Sorry for the late response. I just seen the comment today. Unfortunately I comment during my down time at work, cause i dont have web access at home :(
      So I cant answer things as quickly as i want. If you dont mind, let me do alil research and get back to you.
      well see ya in the blogs

  11. hello anna , i am vince and i am a nazarene a jewish christian . First of all i am certain that yu are a nice and good hearted person who is sincere in what she is doing. However i should warn you anna that you are be!ng decieved by demon spirits , i know of persob who came out of high level occult societies , the elite not your average wicca groups lol and one of them taled about your branche anyway he went to seances for a while and saxw and heard amazig things loved ones hearing messages from their deceased , to even apparations of spirits manifesting , it looked great awesome emotion went high , ,etc. Nox the the medium was a woman who conducted all the sceances she did teh same work as you . One night after the scenance the husband of the medium called the gentle man iappart and initeted him to a nice meal . They started talking about about the seances and spirtuality , the^medium husband happend to be very succesful bandmember very very succesful made a lot of money. So the concversation progressed and the guy started talking about how his wife realy loved the sceances and realy needed because it made her feel good , he then sayd bluntly as for me if i want power i go directly to the source and the gy sayd what do you mean ? how do you think i became so succesful ? i dont know you must have had a lot of luck , he sayd there is no such thing as good luck not in my branche of work either you ahve some power working for you or you do not get ahead . he then asked the gentleman so how long have you been oinvolved in sorcery what do you mean sorcery ? well the supposed spirits of the dead youve been hearing are not dead people at all they are demon spirits , they are fallenangels imporisinating te dead ? I am part of a groupof spirit worshippers we worship lucifer and his fallen host etc the story goes and the mean reveales to teh guy tthat he is part of an elite occult group demon worshippers who hav epledges their allienace to lucfer and in for their loyalty they have been given sprit guides or demons who gave tghem fame and riches etc among the group were doctors , lawyers and the most rich and powerful of the world . Anywat the guy joins the group tates tehe power but after a while decides to leave the group wich is not to the liking of the sprits wich tried to kill him , fortuantly he aks god for help and gets into contact with christian friends at work andin the end god helps him trough and he becomes a christian. This is a real story and one of many ive heard from testymoies not including my own wich i will witheld for private reasons. All iwant to tell you miss is that you are terrebly decieved , you are dealing with beings that have existed for over thousands of years have watched and observed us and who control this world . You actualy believ because they sound swee�t and so humane that they are actualy what you think they are ? the reason why some spirits cannot answers your questios is because echt demon is assigned a certain area and group of people he observs and can then completly imitate however if you name a person who was out of his jurustriction he cannot answer and another demon needs to come who has the avaiable knowledge to imiate the person you aer trying to contact , thats why sometimes you have confusion but you can be sure then when you fianly contact teh right sprit who fits the profile ad answers al your questions its another demon . theer are trhree kinds of demons opressores being the most evil , then you have warroirs and then you have friendly demons these are the so called familiar s, sprits and they are the ones who love human contact the most , they are the most refined of all demon sprits and have masterd the art of decieving people , they actualu enjoy this and unlike the oter clssed i just mentioned they dont hate god and His human beings that much and enjoy decieving them instead of hurthing the like the others. This is teh class of demons you are dealing with miss anna. I suggest that you do not mock the holy bible miss since the god who sent saul that evil angel happpens to be the one true god as i can assure u i know of many poeple in the faith that had contact with the biblical god so and i have been privileged to see a prsonal miracle of Him . So unfortuanltly miss there is but one creator and it happens to the bibliclal one so youl ahev to deal with that . Weither you believe ths or not is entiely your concern iall i can do is warn you. It is also the god who loves you and send His son for you to die for your sins . God gaves us deutronomy laws because He knows satan and his demons try to contact people , and you will find that the bible is the onnly book that prohebits all forms of occultism compared to teh otehr religions who endorse them . Miss anna you are not helping anyone when people die , they die , man is a living soul , we do not have a soul , we are a soul. the reason why those spirits contact you is because they want to keep you in the occult so taht you will disqalify yourself from teh kingdom of heavenand will inhrit gods judgement instead. They also want you use you to lure otehr people into necromancy wich is what you are doing to promote the idea that is it is good an there is nothing wrong with it. You are being decievd period , as to the statement mad eby that otehr girl about pschics having a speical chip in their brain , i would say thhat evey human being has that and whenever we belef or pray or get into contact with the sprirtual we use brain parts we normaly dont its how god created our brain , however its not because something happens in the brain that the spirtual experience you are undergoing is therefore good . The fact that people in the occult use a special part of their brain is not suprising its even a a believer in any religion uses a special part of theirbrain wen thy belief and pray . That has nothing to do with nature of the spritual activity its merely how our brain given by god to be in contact with Him functions and it can also be used to contact demon spirts unfortuantly . The reason we have special braain functions is because we were created in the image of teh living god , that is is a spirtual sence and our brain is able to contatc the spritual world this can be use for holy or unholy purposes. And to ake one ting clear , only demons contact humans , it is imposible for a desceaced person to contact a human cause human beings do not possees a What cnan happen is when people die the electrical imprint they leave can tapped ito by demons and even this is just a theory of mine. What is owever certain that human beings so not have an immortal soul neither are they concious after death , the bible the word of the god i know to be real and caring says so . Peace and love piece of advice test the sprits to see if theyy are from god the biblical way , you just ask them do you confess that yahushua the messiah of nazareth the son of god has come in the flesh diied for our sins and that by His blood a man is saved and that the torah of mozes is gods standard of holyness for all mankind. Just aks tem these two questions and lets see how they respond.

    • Hello again Vince,

      Thank you for the that long message which I will guess is written for me .. my name is A M A, not Anna, but then you must not have had your glasses on when you wrote to me twice. I’m assuming that, just as you are assuming that you have any knowledge of who I am or what I do, or who I work for .. but that’s ok, plenty of other ‘non-judgmental (judge and you will be judged) Christians do the same. They are the type of people who slipped up the back stairs of my healing centres when they were desperate for help, and it was to your God and mine, that I returned them. You see, regardless of your opinion of me, I worship the same God you do. He’s the one who came to me in a vision, when I was 17 and told me how my interesting life would pan out. He didn’t mention the condemnation of ‘good’ Christians, I knew that already .. because the spiritual gifts I have, one of them you know as prophetic, the other is discerning spirits, manifested themselves when I was very, very young.

      I must admit it frustrates me when people assume I working with the devil because I can free living people from demons. Sorry, that’s not how it works. In my experience, the only way is through God and Jesus Christ. Sadly, I not a Jesuit priest, to be trained in this by the Catholic Church, they don’t train females, and I never wanted to be a nun. But that doesn’t mean my work isn’t effective, and that people’s don’t change profoundly, because they do. And saying that demons talk sweetly and humanely .. you’ve heard them? Why were you listening? That would be the last thing I would do. One should never listen to a demon, they constantly lie.

      Now, I appreciate that you are worried about me, and that your beliefs do not allow that someone like me is working with God, but .. that’s just your beliets. Sadly, we tend to reinforce our beliefs through our interpretation of the events around us, and from stories other people tell us. Since you not are prepared, and I understand your desire for privacy, to share your stories with us .. I can’t base anything you’ve told me on ‘fact’ .. the story about the other man is called ‘hearsay’ under normal Law .. and has no value, but its fairly typical of the stupidity people get up to in their desire to have money or fame, that they haven’t actually earned.

      Some of your message I agree with, demons don’t know everything, regardless of what they will try to convince you of .. and no, one hasn’t worked on me .. I am very well protected in the work I do.

      BTW, I don’t invoke spirits, nor ask them questions. I don’t need to. The answer to this reality is all around us or through God. Some people might choose to do this, but I always warn them off. But yes, I do hunt ghosts when they are lost souls and haunting a family, any family .. their own sometimes … and I make sure they cross over and find God, and peace, in whichever forms gives them healing. You don’t believe, no problem, quite truthfully, I don’t care. God gave me this job, God created me as I am, I was not cursed with these gifts, skills and knowledge, most of which I have known since before I could talk, they are a blessing. You want to believe otherwise, no problem, pray for me .. but do get my name right. The Holy Spirit named me Ama Nazra.

      Love & Peace

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