Does My Son See Some Thing?

For many years now I constantly have the feeling that someone/thing is in the room with me. I don’t get ‘bad’ feelings or ‘good’ feelings, I can just sense that it’s there. When I was growing up in my parents home weird things would happen, doors slamming with no draft, I’d hear breathing, my cat would randomly sit up and stare into the next room (no one would be there). And then there were the night terrors, completely horrifying and I’d rather not get into those.

And then I moved and for a few years everything was fine except for the same feeling that something’s in the room with me at all times. Also when I’m extremely busy I’ll randomly hear my name or just a brief snippet of conversation but can never catch what was said. Every once in a while I just hear nothing, literally for a few seconds it sounds like I’m underwater.

Well, I have recently became a Mommy, my son is 4 months old and sometimes when we are playing and I’m holding him up he will look past my shoulder, usually my right, stare for a couple seconds and then smile. Not going to lie it does freak me out, especially when I go in to check on him at night and I always get the sense that someone/thing has already done it.

Someone please help me, I feel like a crazy half the time. Am I just crazy? And if not is this something that would be bad or good? Do I have reason to be scared?

Asked by Anilla

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  1. No Anilla,

    You are not crazy, and I don’t think you have a reason to be scared. Our young children can see our guides and angels, they can also see ghosts and spirits. If the beings they see are friendly, they smile and chat away .. I can remember my daughter doing this for years. :-) She’s now 25, profoundly wise and a lovely, sometimes grumpy, person. :-)

    Cats .. stare at nothing. I know this because I am a cat person and have pretty much always had one, or two or three, around me. They also see entities, and thrive on negative energy, but again, staring is not seeing something harmful. They can also get pretty aggressive if something is trying to invade their ‘turf’.

    My name being called – happens usually in the supermarket .. all that background noise .. but usually not something to be worried about. What was the tone of voice like? Mine have always been friendly. I put it down to angels drawing my attention to something I’ve forgotten (often not on the shopping list), or ghosts trying to get my attention so I can send them into healing. No problem.

    I suggest you go and read my webpages on psychic protection if you are particularly worried. You’ll find me on this site under Friends on the right

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra – Victorian Paranormal Connection

    • Hi Ama

      Ahh yes … cats! I’m a cat woman too – lol!

      The very few times I have been without a cat or two around me, I have actually felt as if I were ‘blind’.

      My parents let me have my first pet cat when I was 12. Before that, I would befriend every cat in the neighbourhood. My parents got so fed up of me forever ‘encouraging’ strays into the garden and befriending them , that they decided to get me a cat of my own.

      I love nothing more than seeing my cats play with ‘thin-air’. They’ve all done it … even my lazy, fat 12 year old Molly cat (adopted last year, after losing my 18 year old boy).


  2. Thank you Ama! That really does make me feel better especially since my profession requires me not to be crazy lol (military)

    The voice usually is a very friendly tone. Only on one case it sounded frantic/upset and about 30 minutes later, I got a call saying my good friend had been in a rather nasty car accident; she made a full recovery :)

    I have always known/believed that there are other things in this world besides us humans however I have a very A type/OCD personality so the unexplained whether good or bad tends to scare me.

    I do want to share this little story though:

    When I was little (7 or 8?) the room I had in my parents’ house had a big window with a very old very large birch tree right outside. Well, when the moon was in it’s full cycle and very bright it would cast shadows all over my walls and ceilings and I remember being really scared of this especially when it was windy outside. I finally told my mom about it and she said “Oh sweetheart, that’s nothing to be scared of, it’s simply the lace on your Gaurdian Angels dress as she dances around your room watching over you sleep!”

    I know it’s not paranormal or anything but maybe she had a point to what she was saying?

  3. What a lovely description your mum gave you of the shadows on the wall. Do the angels dance? I would think so .. and so did the Christian church ‘fathers’ (they had profound questions to debate, like ‘how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?’) There is a saying ‘as above, so below’ .. we dance and so, therefore, do they, or visa versa. :-)

    Love & Peace

  4. don’t worry, he/she is not seem harmful and dangerous anyhow he/she has accustomed you from few years ago . Nonetheless be careful that he/she don’t understand you have worried about your baby these entities are like alien dog if know you have scared get more emotion . I can help you wholly but sorry I can’t offer any remedy remotely but suggest you have to control him/her behavioral and mentally don’t show you are averse or fearful and try to don’t think much about that if he/she wanted to hurt you had been damaged you same early years.

  5. I don’t think you are one bit crazy…I have had similar experiences.

    My dad died a few years before my youngest son was born. My son and I would be sitting in the living room playing and he would stare into the corner of our living room where I had a chair that had belonged to my father when he was alive. He would toddle over to the chair and hold out his arms…you know, like babies do when they want to be picked up by someone. Only no one was there. Not anyone I could see that is. He would stand in front of that chair and just giggle and giggle. Eventually, as he learned to talk he would point at the chair and say “Papa”, which was what my oldest son called my father. It never scared me but, more than anything, it gave me a peaceful feeling, like my father was still looking out for me.

    I don’t think you should be scared. You described checking on your son and feeling as if someone had already done it. Try to take some comfort in that. Easier said than done, I know but, I don’t think whatever it is means any harm. You said it makes your son smile…I think babies can be very good at judging character…they’re not jaded yet, like most adults :) They run off instincts and the vibe that people give off.

  6. Our family has had similar things happen like you are describing, my brother passed away from an aneurysm, very suddenly, he adored his grandson who was at the time a few months old, several months passed and we would hear him “talking” saying “Papa” and laughing when he was laid down for a nap or bedtime. I truly believe he was seeing my brother!

  7. Thank you all for the responses, I have been feeling a lot better the past week. I think whatever is there with us knows my attitude towards it has changed from scared to accepting/understanding as I’ve been much more relaxed lately.
    Happy Monday!

  8. Hi Anilla, Our second son was 9 years old when he passed away from Leukemia. One year before he died ( in 1989 ) we visited the local animal shelter and he picked out the sweetest little brown dog. ( mixed breed ) I told him that he had always wanted a large dog and was surprised that his choice was entirely different. This little dog which he named ” Cindle ” from a character in the ” Ewok Adventure ” ( from Star Wars ), was very attached to him and our other two son’s.

    When our son passed away almost a year later, Cindle grieved and refused to eat. One day about two weeks later we had to decorate the Christmas Tree to keep some normalcy in the family. All of a sudden Cindle began to wag her tail back and forth and was whining. We stopped and watched her trying to figure out what she was doing. Cindle was sitting up on her hind legs like she would do when begging for a treat. But, this time there were no treats and she was staring at a corner in the living room where there was nothing. My oldest son said, ” Mom, I think she see’s Jonathan’s spirit or an angel. ”

    We had the biggest sense of peace fall over us all as our grief had been inconsolable. I was crying the entire time the family was hanging lights and ornaments and I believe that our son’s spirit was visiting telling us he was fine and to carry on. For the next six years that we lived there, ( a job transfer for my husband ) Cindle would go to that corner of the room ( Jonathan would sit there and play lego’s or read ) and wag her tail furiously and even whine or bark at the air. Sometimes she would tilt her head as if being petted or talked to.

    She died right before we had to move and I was again inconsolable, as this precious dog was picked out by our late son. Now, they were both gone. Right before we left the house on the last night I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. My husband had already left to start his new job in another town. Crying, I found myself almost too tired and exhausted to sleep. All of a sudden, there was a thud on the bed and I could feel the mattress as it sunk down. I thought one of my son’s had come in to talk, but when I looked around no-one was there. Then I could feel the mattress shake and move so slightly. Cindle would sleep on the bed and fluff the comforter by scratching up a small mound of material then fall asleep in her little ” nest “as we all named it.

    This was the same type of movement I was feeling and I really was wide awake. I believe Cindle was giving me some peace and comfort and somehow was trying to make me aware that she was with our son and would always be there when I needed them both. You never know, but I have heard other similar stories and they always make me feel better.

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am very sorry about your son and Cindle. And it does help when they come back to visit! :-)

      Love & Peace

    • Wow, Vikki!
      That was a beautiful story!!! I do believe that our loved one’s return to visit us, even the pets!!! Your son and your precious pup loved you very much and did not want you to be grieving horribly, so they returned to give you comfort!! Take heart in knowing that they are okay and actually coming back to take care of you! Thank you so much for that story! My father did the same thing, two days after his passing, only he appeared to me in a dream, and told me that he was alright and not to worry about him.

  9. personally i dont think your crazy it might not be them same thing but 2 years ago my mother past away and my sister gave birth a few months later..she had the same feelings my niece and i would be playing like she loves playing with a little ball and i would sit in d middle off the floor rolling it to each other and she would normally stop look to her left or right different occasions and would smile and roll the ball to me kind off freaks me out at bit but i do mind her alot because off my sisters job and it feels like im being watched and my niece would cry and id get up to run upto her and before i get into the room she’d stop then when i poke my head in to see if shes okay shes standing up with a smile on her face then sits down and falls back to sleep its not the same as your experience but maybe it puts your mind to ease that someone is only looking over you to protect you. im 17 years off age and iv been through a tough time since i was a child but iv always got through weird senario’s but i dont think you should worry or feel crazy

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