Demon Named Saalah?

I’m trying to do some research about various demons and the one I’m interested in is Saalah. I’ve seen the name numerous times but cannot seem to dig up a back story of any kind on this demon in particular.

Is there anyone out there that knows more about Saalah or know where I can find more information i.e. particular books and or websites that have firm biblio’s?

Thanks so much for your time, looking forward to some answers.

Asked by Darkcatt8

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  1. Hi Darkcatt8,

    Why are you researching demons?

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (demonologist)

    • Ah I’m embarrassed to say I’m trying to write a story and one of my characters revolves luring people into the woods which seemed to fit the limited description of Saalah. And where I like to try to keep everything purely fictional I still like a little background motivation, similarities between real things er attributes that can ground them somewhat in reality. The character is demonic but I need to understand more about different entities to discern more where my character is going where he is from and what he will eventually do. That is pretty much the reason why I’d like to know. : )

      Thank you for your time : )

      • Hi Darkcatt8

        Never be embarrassed about admitting you’re writing a book, dear fellow author – a-hem!!

        Well, if you want a specific character to draw on, why not look at other similar ‘spirits’ connected to trees from different mythologies, for example:

        Ancient Greek religion and Mythology – numphs, daemons or Pan
        Pagan – trolls
        Egyptian – Osiris (green skinned god identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead.)
        Celtic/Druid – any of their tree-spirits characterists (they have different spirits of each type of tree)

        and see if you can use one of more of them as a basis for the character Saalah, to draw on? You can still name your character Saalah. After all, who’s going to argue that you’re wrong?


        • I agree with AJ, being a fellow author .. and I wrote about fallen angels in a time when they were not popular, and could never find a publisher. Oh well. It’s on the net now.

          I’m glad you are NOT invoking demons, and agree that usually an elemental being (who are not all nice and friendly) would be very interesting. Some fo the old demi-gods were, in my opinion, fallen angels, as the demons are .. its all about perspective.

          Also if you decide to use elemental energy, you won’t be drawing a demon’s attention to you by using its name over and over, so change it slightly. Salaah could become Salash and go all lizardish?

          Love & Peace

          • I myself have a lot of material written for a story involving the fallen Angels. I have been working on it on and off for quite a few years. Perhaps I should get in gear and dig that manuscript back out.

          • Well, CT, its obviously a very popular subject these days, so do dig it out. You might make yourself a fortune.

            I was in a new bookshop the other day, and they had a whole wall covered in ‘paranormal’ books .. mostly fallen angels, vampire and demons??

            Love & Peace

  2. Hi Darkcatt8

    All I know is that Saalah is a spirit which will try to entice you into the woods! Sounds more like come kind of elemantal to me, rather than demon parse. This ‘demon’ is not considered to be part of one of the deadly sins.

    And as Ama said, why are you researching demons? Unless you just want to ‘know your enemy’?


    • Or, it could be a Judaic-Christian play on words originating from Salah (Arabic: ????? ?al?h, genitive: ?al?t; pl. ????? ?alaw?t) is the practice of formal prayer in Islam.

      After all, Christians demonised the daemon’s of Greek mythology, so why not pick on Islam too??


      • Hello A.J
        “Salah” is a common name in Arabic. Also ” salah” mean pray (Genuflection against god) in Islam . but there was a famous prophet by name ” Saleh ” which god has mentioned him and has explained about his adventure.
        About ” salawat” . its mean is equivalent ” blessing – gods hail -gods hello – requesting best gift and goodness for….”
        “Saalah” I haven’t heard such name yet

        good luck

      • Very sad, but true.

        Love & Peace

  3. Darkcat8
    Every demon has a name that usually has named by his/her parent when he/she has born but it is not overt to human. But it is an exception , some expert persons that deal with demon may be announced of some demons name also gods prophets and messengers usually knew some known and historic demons and so their name but I don�t hear a demon exist by name �Saalah � . of course may a demon has existed by this name by chance but he is not a famous and specified demon as you mentioned.
    Meanwhile it is not needed ,you research about demons to write a story if you get some common information about demons you can create their characters very well but you need to a good talent , dynamic mind and good writing ability.

  4. Thank you all for your suggestions :) I started a story about fallen angles and never finished it a while back its in a closet full of incomplete stories that I work on now and then XD The antagonists name is Virgil and he wanders around in human form stealing people and transporting them to his realm, the realm exists like a dimensional rift that’s in our world yet normal people cannot access it without some sort of paranormal help.

  5. Have you looked into Djinn? The name you mention sounds Arabic, and Djinn and Demons are, in my understanding, similar or the same? Just a thought…remember what you focus on grows…be careful.

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