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Past lives in England and France?

From a very young age I have always known there was something different about me. I insisted on wearing “party” dresses I called my “marry” dresses and “party” shoes and ruffled socks. I live in a very cold part of America where snow pants and boots are essential but to no avail I would still insist on my dresses.

I have always been prim and proper with fine etiquette. I feel like 1400′s – 1500′s dress is how I should dress to this day and I am able to talk in that manner as well. I read books on kings and queens and can relate and say “well yeah that’s how things went”.

I know and feel certain things when I see pictures of places in England and France almost like a longing. I find myself now talking in an accent very easily and people think it’s funny but it feels so normal to me. Sometimes I find myself crying because it all feels so normal but so far away and that I will forever be unable to capture that happiness. Weird I know.

What do you guys think? Thank you.

Asked by Lindsey

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Are There Young Souls?

Hello I have been reading just about everything since finding this site, I find all comments very interesting and enjoy reading them all.

My question is this, “Are there young souls?” I mean the ones that have not been around for a long time, I feel like a young soul and not an old one.. sorry if I sound silly, but I kinda remember only two instances of maybe past lives, one was about bear/bears and the other falling from a very high place, not like a dream about falling but the actual happening of falling from a very high place.

I get lots of comments about my eyes, Im soon to be 45 years old but people comment about the innocence they see in them… just wondering if I’m a young soul and how are new lives conceived besides the one way we all know of.

I hope I worded this so it doesn’t sound crazy. Thanks much.

Asked by Fawnna

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Question About Reincarnation and Family

I’m curious as to how family members are still around to comfort someone in death. I am Catholic, so reincarnation isn’t really my thing, but this does confuse me.

If a person is “recycled” after death, how can they still be there to comfort family from their former life in death?

Asked by Teresa_H

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Hanged in Europe in Previous Life?

Ok, ever since I was a little child I felt like I had an old spirit.

When I asked one of my friends, who is also a Wiccan, she asked me questions about my “old spirit” and I told her that I remember an emerald green dress, I lived during the Renaissance I had really long dark brown hair. But I can’t shake this feeling of how I died.

Asked by CaptainAFKira

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Past Lives is it Possible?

Is it possible that some people have lived more than once in a different lifetime?

As a child I used to have these very vivid dreams of Egypt, at least I think it was Egypt. There were always pyramids and laborers everywhere. From what I can remember, I lived very well.

My grandmother told me that she would have these dreams also of living life in Egypt.

I’d like to know if this may be what I was experiencing. It hasn’t happened in a while, as I don’t sleep very well since having children and lots other factors in my life. Is there a way to finish these dreams when I have them again?

Asked by Shy

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How Can I Get to Know About Past Lives?

Ive heard about past lives, although I dont know much about them but I would really love to know:

How to get to know my past lives (may sound silly but when I was talking to my angel about past lives he told me I had one in Sweden which is awesome because I want to live in Sweden soo much).

Mostly I’m curious about this past life (you know like what was going on and so) So please, any advices how to get to know this past life?

Asked by Victoria

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Can a Human Come Back as a Cat?

I have two cats and I had just put a huge pot of cold water near my bed for the cats as they like to snuggle up to me but then all of a sudden my face got real hot! One of my cats went to the pot of water and started to put her paws into it and jumped on the bed to cool my face I was out and I do not remember how many times that cat cooled my face


Do cats really get reincarnated from some human and they came back to look after me? The door was left unlocked and my other cat was a watch dog never let anyone in no matter who cause I had left my rent money on my night stand.

Asked by Lorraine Douse

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