Can Demons or the Devil Attack You While Asleep?

So a theory is that demons (or the Devil/evil spirits/negative entities) attack some people when they are at their weakest. Could we be seen as ‘weak’ during sleep?

I’ve had experiences with ghosts and demons my whole life but this year I’ve been getting many nightmares which is leading me to believe I’m being ‘attacked’ by demons in my sleep.

In the past few months I’ve had countless dreams where I’m faced with a negative entity, it appears as a ghost sometimes, or once it appeared as a crazy man, a few days ago I heard it speaking to me in my ear just as i fell asleep. It has a horrible voice.

Common things in the dreams is being in a dark place, having my body shaking or feeling unusual sensations in my body and witnessing/experiencing disturbing things.

I do believe that you can be ‘attacked’ in sleep, these forces will try anything to get you it seems.

What do YOU believe? Any similar experiences? Thanks.

Asked by Gemma

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  1. Hi Gemma,

    Demons will attach themselves to people when they are weak, if they can, but they will also work on those who think themselves strong, and also some of the most beautiful, spiritual, souls I know are struggling against demons who will not leave them alone. People, don’t make the mistake of thinking your physical strength will help you, your mental strength is what is being challenged when first demons ‘see’ you, and then decide to ‘play’.

    No, when you are asleep you are stronger than when you are awake. Your physical body might be vulnerable, but commonsense protects that .. don’t put yourself into a position where it might become vulnerable .. where you lose control of your reality, such as getting blind drunk constantly, or taking illegal drugs.

    You’d have to give me more details of your nightmares to say whether they are a literal attack, or simply a dream one. You do realise that you go out of your body when sleeping, and probably, like me, hunt the spiritual dimensions for astral nasties .. and sometimes they hunt you. However, from re-reading your email .. I don’t think its that. I think some nasty entity has decided to try and upset you .. so let’s take care of that ‘small’ thing first .. and discuss anything that occurs afterwards.

    Here is an invocation that I have used all around the world, with hundreds .. possibly thousands in the past 14 years… of people who have had problems with ghosts and demons. Read it through a few times, to get an understanding of the requests, and then say it out loud three times in a row. Each time it changes the structure of your energy. It’s good stuff.

    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Archangel Michael,
    Remove all attachments from me,
    All negative energy forms,
    All negative thought forms,
    All heavy energy forms.
    All small demons and large demons,
    All humans in Spirit and take them Home
    All intruders and mischief makers,
    All succubus and incubus,
    All astral forces and dominants,
    All living humans who try to steal my energy,
    And do me any other harm.
    All threads and bindings
    All cords and ties
    All chains and devices of any kind
    All curses and hexes on any level
    All karmic patterns that are self-defeating
    Return me to my perfect energy now please
    Thank you.

    Yes, I’ve posted it on this site a few times, and will continue to .. because I know it works. Also have a look at my website for houseshields and personal energy shields. We all need a good night’s sleep. Tell me how things go, either here on this site, or privately .. there are links that will send me an email there.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

    • I did it I feel good

      • That’s good. You can use the invocation anytime you start feeling uncomfortable again.

        In the meantime, who are you? You answer came through as Anonymous.

        Love & Peace

  2. Yes, humans looks so weak when they are sleep. And, for some reason, is more attractive than when they are awake. I ever experiencing it too when I was child. But, since I always make a protection before I sleep (Simply I pray to Deity with all my Faith and command the energy to make a protection for me when I am sleep ), now I never have that problem again~ Hehehehe.

  3. Hmm before you start invoking spells….incantations or whatever realise that right now whatever you think may be happening could simply be dreams. Always look for a real explanation for these things.

    Second to do anything that might anger and actual entity especially if your using faith, isnt recommended by me. I have dealt with entities, call them demons or devils whatever you like. If it cannot physically touch you or cause you any actual discomfort other than feelings or fear. You need information, most people wont actually deal with things like this because they dont know how to actually do anything to it. Even a well trained scholoared researching demonoligist would have to know exactly what dealing with to help you.

    I started a supernatural advice spot on facebook the other day. Because I hear about a lot of people getting or being given.,..oh just say a prayer, hold a cross no one even asked you if you were a christian. If your not and something is there you could just make things worse.

    I hope your just having dreams of being threatened in your sleep because your afraid subconciousely of being caught for some sort of things to which you feel guilt over as that is a common example of that particular dream.

  4. A dream is a physical thing happening within you’re brain. I suppose it isnt impossible for a demonic entity or spirit to influence that, but only as such things can’t be proved or defined in an actual way, so we can’t know what their limits are.

    It’s much more likely, and please don’t take offence, that their is some subconscious issue that is troubling you. You may not even be aware of it, some form of memory or experience you may have forgotten. Or perhaps an issue that is developing now. being personified in the form of the crazy man or dark figure in you’re dreams. It sounds more like you are seeking spiritual answers for issues that are probably more within our own realm.
    I myself have suffered with similar experiences, seeing and hearing things, depression and paranoia. They have often made themselves known in the form of dreams, and it has all stopped now that i am taking regular medication and seeing doctors.
    My advice would be to seek medical help before you start searching for spiritual help.

  5. Hi Jestergypsy

    Are you able to provide a link to your supernatural advice spot on facebook please?

    Love and Peace

  6. Hi guys,

    Yes, Gemma might simply be dreaming – and in that case nothing will change with the invocation. She can then go and get some counselling to help her understand what her mind is creating.

    The trouble with trying to find a good ‘researching’ demonologist is that they generally don’t exist. It’s like the young man at the ghost hunt a few months ago wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m a demonologist”. No he wasn’t. He was a person that knew their names, and how to invoke them, and what some of them could do to you .. but when it came down to rescue work .. he had no idea.

    The invocation changes the structure of human energy through angelic intervention. It is far better to do something that simple, than get into a discussion with the demon over why it is harassing the person. All you are doing is feeding it energy with your attention, which is one of the things it wants. And once it has its hooks into you, you might just end up as one of its victims.

    I’d be interested in seeing your facebook page, Jestergypsy .. can you send us the link?

    Love & Peace


    Hope that helps I just started it if it doesnt work just type in supernatural advice column. I hope this helps.

  8. I don’t believe they were just dreams because I’ve dealt with ghosts and demons my whole life.
    I had a black shadow figure follow me around from the ages of 12-16. I lost my faith in Christianity when I was twelve and started experiencing things after that.
    I’m 19 now and I am a christian again and will always be.

    Ama Nazra – Thanks for the help. In the past week I’ve prayed and I’ve been fine my ‘normal’ dreams are back.

    I also just want to add that I don’t believe dreams are always just dreams.
    Ama you said you leave your body in sleep, Yes I agree – every now and then i feel myself ‘fall’ back into my body, it happens if I wake up suddenly from sleep, It happened the other day and I felt myself being pulled with a strong force back into my body through my chest.
    I also believe we get messages in our dreams, I’ve always had dreams that end up happening, dreams that are warnings or answers to questions I have in my life.


    • Im only 14 and ever since I was yong I’ve had horrible nightmares and dreams. I’ll wake up to my door slamming and my bed shaking; scratches appearing on my person, or things flying across my room. I would say just do as you’re doing, with the praying. Every time I awake to such things I always cry out “Jesus (or God) save me!” and it always disappears and I feel utter peace. Then I will typically proceed to call the Blood of Jesus over me, my house, and all who inhabit it and then it (the activity) will stop for weeks to months. I just apparently have a particularlly strong entity/demon following me. Never fear it though. With God nothing can ever hurt you. Don’t fear it because that gives it power and allows it to stay longer.
      ~God bless

  9. yes demons or the devil can attack you while you are asleep. wear a cross for protection.
    maybe you are in a haunted location.

  10. Hello Gemma,

    You are welcome.

    Astral travelling – I once had a truly odd experience. I came back into my body so fast I felt like I crash-landed and broke into a million pieces. My right arm obey orders and I swept the ‘bits’ up .. and about an hour later rang a friend who does Reiki and massage. She had just had a cancellation immediately (so convenient LOL) and I went and she reikied me back together. Before the treatment I was shuddering myself to pieces (?) and after it was felt much better. It took me a few days to feel completely normal again. I still giggle about it now.

    And yes, I come back through my heart chakra too.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  11. Thank you Gemma. Please keep a copy of the Invocation, you might need it for later use, or your friends might, and I like to pass it around.

    Wishing you a great day,
    Love & Peace,

  12. I agree dreams can mean something.

    Although im not sure about travelling in our sleep. Perhaps your just more receptive than myself!

    I was’t trying to suggest that nothing is happening, i hope i didn’t upset anyone or seem as if i was trying to lessen their opinion.

    It’s just that what you described has happened to me throughout my life, and thanks to regular medication and therapy etc i am much better. I am just wary that seeking spiritual help for things that are psychological can only worsen things. And i’d hate for someone to live in such a negative state as a result of feeling as if they are haunted when infact their problems can be helped.

    Best of luck.

  13. Hi BJ,

    I don’t think you have offended anyone.

    I agree that people should look at both the psychological solution to a problem, along with the metaphysical one. I tend to do the spooky side first, because its often a quick solution .. but if the problem persists, I always recommend people see a counsellor, doctor, psychologist or priest. Quickest way to get them mad at you, at times. LOL

    We all have different experiences, and opinions, and its very good for everyone, and I mean everyone, to share what they think and believe. If nothing else, it sparks off some very interesting discussions … so don’t you stop adding your stuff everywhere. I am always interested in your opinion.

    Love & Peace,

  14. It sounds as if you may have, as I do, sleep paralysis. This is not a brain disorder, or a sign of paranormal powers. It is a physical condition that occurs shortly before going into REM sleep, or while awakening from this stage.

    My symptoms are auditory hallucinations, but these hallucinations can also be tactile and/or visual. Mine are auditory. This is not a brain disorder, and there is no treatment, but realizing it for what it is certainly reduces anxiety. Now when I experience these hallucinations, I smile, turn over and go back to sleep. Google “sleep paralysis”
    to learn more.

  15. Well said anonymous.

    Sleep parakysis, waking nightmares, night terrors etc.
    A lot goes on in the brain while asleep.

    Sigmund Freud once said that a dream is essentially a psychosis.
    Are you on any medication? For example the anti depressants i was taking at first caused incredibly vivid dreams and nightmares.

  16. I have had those types of dreams from the time i was born to about the time i was 12, wich is the time i started to admidt to myself i am an athiest. In my dreams i was constantly confronted by the devil, in wich cases he would tell me to be afraid and that he was going to do bad things. I also had musle spasms during these dreams and i would wake up all of the sudden with the feeling someone was pinning me down. I also woke up with a feeling of fear so large i could not speak. You are not alone.

  17. Anonymous: It’s not sleep paralysis because I’m not paralyzed, I know what it is though because I have experienced it before but in this case it’s not that.

    bigJim13: No I am not on any medications.

  18. iv had something feel like its kissing me in my sleep hold me down and id b half asleep trying to scream but its l;ike it wont let me it happens offten anywere i go it does it my house my friends dont matter my friend says a demond is atrakted to me lol i swear feels like im gettin sexually touched sometime im twentyone now n its been happinin for maybe almost three years idk its just l;ike something has complete controll of me iv never seen anything or heard anything it aslso feels like its piking me up sometimes

  19. Hi Stacy,

    Scroll back to the beginning, I was the first person to answer this question, and in the answer is an Invocation to remove all sorts of negativity from a person’s energy. I suggest you say it for yourself, and put a stop to the night time visits. We all deserve peace and quiet ..

    Love & Peace

  20. i had a simular experience last night…i feel alseep on my couch ..i started to dream i was talking to my brother….my couch is right next to my door and window…i heard my front gate open so i half way woke up….i thought who would come over this late..but in my head i told myself i wasnt going to answer the door…then i heard my door open before i could check to see who it was ..i went paralysed…who ever came in started whispering in my ear..i heard a evil young ladie’s voice…she wanted me to kiss her..but i was scared out of my mind..i wanted to get up but i couldnt..i was able to catch a glimpse of her… it was just a shadow but the whole energy was all wrong…then out of no where i gained control my eyes opened right away but they felt opened the whole time…that was the crazy..i looked it up i think it was a succubus…look it up

    • Hi Daniel,

      It might have been a succubus, or it might have been a female ghost who is still obsessed with sex .. in either case, if it comes back .. at the top of the page is an invocation to Archangel Michael you can use to remove its connection to you.

      What you described also sounds like sleep paralysis .. which is a natural phenomena .. but can also be ‘old hag’. You can look both of them up on the internet.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

      • There are no such things as ghost. Their demons.When you die you either go to heaven or hell.Your spirit isn’t left to roam around on this earth. And if anyone is having trouble with sleep paralysis, all they have to say is Jesus.Even if you can’t speak think it in your mind and it works. michael the archangel isn’t going to anything for you. Every demon on this earth has to bow down to the name of Jesus. Believe me I’ve been dealing with this sleep paralysis for yrs, and I know how you feel, it’s scary!

  21. I have been experiencing something similar—when I am falling asleep, or trying to I feel completely paralyzed from my body. I feel myself wanting to wake up, and struggle to physically wake myself, but I can’t because something has taken full control of my body. I feel a tingling sensation in my body, that I have no control over, and feel myself get out of my actual physical body and I can’t explain it. I feel as if something is throwing me around, dragging me on the floor, and on the ceiling. I want to scream for help, but I have no voice. Its as if something is holding my voice.

    It happened to me a few days ago, and is becoming more consistent. I finally managed to scream for my mother in the middle of the night when I finally re-gained full consciousness after I had said ” I rebuke you whatever you are, in the name of Jesus. God please protect me!” My mother didn’t come to my room, or to my assistance, and though that I had been “sleep talking.” Previously, during another incident, the same thing happened, but this time my dog was in the room with me, and in the background I could hear him growling, and before I regained conciousness—I heard some deep voice say something to me, it was very very deep, and angry, and I felt a tingling sensation on my side that I can’t explain–like a vibration.

    I don’t know what is going on, does anyone have an idea?

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Sleep paralysis happens when the body remains asleep after your mind has woken up. In most events a person has a sense of something negative in the room with them, and cannot move. The sensation does not last long. However, they don’t get pulled around.

      The reason your mum didn’t hear you is, although you were ‘yelling’ loudly in your head, you were not doing so in the world. A good example is watching a dog or cat sleep .. my dog ‘barks his head off’ chasing rabbits? in his dreams .. but he’s really only going ‘wiff wiff wiff’ in the real world.

      You did right calling out for Jesus. You will have to wait and see if the entity comes back, in the meantime you might consider using this prayer/invocation, to clear any negative energy from being connected to you. That should put a stop to the whole thing. read the whole page. I think the explanation is clear enough.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • i was sleeping in my room then i started talking in my head i was planing what i was going to do for the day i said (ok in a little bit im going to wake up get something to eat then im going to hang out with my friends) I felt as i was laying down not sleep but with my eyes close as soon as i finish talking in my head i seen 2 ugly hands grabbing me by my chest and pulling me down as soon as i felt the i was actually going down i look back and i seen my body sleeping then my head turn to see what it was the was pulling me and i seen an ugly demon just staring at me as he was drag in me i couldn’t move my mouth or my head i try to move my eyes to the side to not look at the demon and all i seen was fire but for some weird reason my eyes would come back to the demon i started saying please (god don’t do this to me please don’t send me to hell im sorry please for give me please god don’t leave me here) but the demon just kept on drag in me he would not let go of me for a wile so i though in my mind (dam i guess im going to have to stay here in hell) so as i kept looking at the demon i lost fear and i said ok then what ever i guess i deserve hell take me were ever you want demon all this i could only say it with my mind because i could not move my mouth as soon as i finish saying the everything disappear the fires and the demon then i look up and my eyes open and i was in my room again but awake for some reason i wasn’t scare just a bit triped out sometimes i think it could be a message the if i don’t change my ways i will end up in hell and other times i think i was already in hell but god loves me so much the he decided to give me another chance this only happen one time like 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t happen again it was the very first time the i could actually see my body sleeping

      • Hello Alejandro,

        That’s a good intrepretation of your dream/vision. We all need to remember there’s a right way to act, and when we break the rules we will eventually get punished. I am not a believer of hell as a place where humans go when they die ‘in sin’, but I do believe that what we do determines the good or evil that we receive in return.

        I am glad you were not frightened of the entity you saw. It was not a real demon. You would have continued to be frightened if it had been.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  22. i used to have horrible dreams like you describe.. i was in a terrible place myself (emotionally, mentally) i was in an abusive relationship etc.. i used to have evil figures ‘visit’, they would speak to me, they never had faces, were always dark and they would terrify me. One time i could here my bedroom door open and see it and a distorted figure came in the room and jumped on me, i could feel it holding my arms and legs and breathing on me… i once woke and one was layed next me, it had no face as such and it shouted at me, telling me not to move.. weirdly though, since i have not been in that relationship.. i have never had this happen and i had a very calm white peaceful figure wake me one night, this only happened once and since then.. touch wood, i have had nothing. x

    • I am very pleased to here that Lou. Thank you for sharing your story.

      Love & Peace

  23. Reading all of these stories my experience feels almost surreal.
    I am a 23 year old female. I am caught between if what I experience on occasion is sleep paralysis or something unpleasant from a dark dimension putting me through trauma.

    As a child- around the age of 5, I remember vividly falling asleep and feeling as if my entire body was paralyzed & sinking I’d fight the sensation to force myself awake. I was never terrified until now. For the past few years I’ve moved from a house where I have spent 11 years to a brand new house to experience something absolutely odd and terrifying.

    Incident 1: previous home, in basement
    I was working out in my basement- doing sit ups when I could feel something- a female entity on top of my wanting to choke me… It didn’t choke me for I got up instantly & went upstairs.

    Incident 2: previous home, while in bed
    I was on the phone with my bf around 2am when I could hear someone walk up & down my kitchen rather loudly, walk upstairs to only turn back downstairs. Everyone was fast asleep– I thought perhaps there was a burgular in the house- which would be odd despite my security alarm. While investigating I heard nothing, came back upstairs & told my bf & went to sleep

    Incident 3: previous home, mornings in bed
    Id wake up with the oddest cuts & bruises on body which I could not have given myself while sleeping even once a HUGE bite park on inner thigh leaving a bruised mark of fang like teeth

    Incident 4: previous home, while falling asleep in bed
    As I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I experience something- a force hover over me to push me into complete paralysis for a few seconds where I start praying constantly and the feeling stops & my body returns to “normal”..

    Incident 4: previous home, kitchen
    After my grandfather passed away in Nov 2010, before his funeral. I felt a calm being watch me to turn to see my grandfathers spirit looking in my direction to where I prayed for him to rest in peace & not wander earth.

    Incident 5: brand new home, bedroom
    I am again on phone with bf-/awake not sleepy nor tired when I am literally pushed down and left paralyzed.. I can feel this evil over top of my body, it came from the left side of my body to paralyze me. I begin to pray & pray in my mind for I cannot move nor utter a single word. Finally after a few minutes I utter “OMG” to my bf and he asks what happened. I explain. My bedroom door was completely closed when I went to bed to only find it open a 1/4 drove me to tears for the first time. My bf immediately leaves his home to stay the night, hes sleeping next to me & I feel okay.
    While kissing him & making love to him last night I could feel the presence watching and I looked in it’s direction- I don’t see it but I feel it to only tell it, it cannot control nor make me fearful of it. I am the wrong person it is messing with. I do not know if it’s the same entity or someone else.
    It most often occurs as I sleep on my back or try to sleep in that position.

    Lord have mercy on my soul.

    • Hi AM,

      My name is Ama and I work as a problem solver where ghosts and demons are involved with people. Might I suggest you go and read my webpage - this page has a prayer/invocation on it that removes negative energy from a person. Read it through, and if you think it appropriate, say it outload. That should help with your problem.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (found here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

  24. Continue to be strong in times like those and pray that God protect you from the evil you are experiencing. I have experiences from when I want to scream, but I can’t.

    Reading your stories are relevantly similar in context..

  25. Yes , when demon attack (show up) to a asleep person what he feels is similar to a state between sleeping and waking up. when you are asleep your soul travel to various location and places . May you ask : well, if soul go out from body it mean death and when a person deaths his organs (among his brain and heart) would became inactive, so why it is not so , heart and brain of an asleep person work proper ? …..A godly and holy leader has said : sleeping is brother of die. its mean, sleeping is not die but is relative to it or sleeping is a kind die but not completely. sleeping is thus : soul go out of body but not entirely. As it goes to another location it attends to body as well , it is like a way that soul can come back into body again . As soul is flying in another place it pay attentions to all body organs than not broke down ( notice : soul is a mysterious thing ,it is not from material and what we know about it is too much less than what we don’t know) sleeping and correlation between soul and body is like a earthen pitcher which its water is vacated recently , there is not any water in it but it has a trace of water( wetness ) in its body. When we sleep , are like that earthen pitcher that has some trace of water in its body . our soul has gone from our body but a bit of its remnant is remained in our body . other example is this : when we sleep, body is like earth and soul is like sun , sun is far away from earth but its light reaches to earth . soul and body during sleeping is thus too. Anyway , I don’t know accurately how demons can encounter to a human when he has slept but may demon come toward his body and soul understands and come backs near body or demon catch (encounter) his soul in another place or a state between this two condition. I also offer three theory about sleep paralysis :

    1- The first opinion is so : soul travels to a place and involves with a thing in that place and that thing prevents it come back to body.
    2- The second opinion can be thus : soul journeys to a place while sleeping . its connection with body become disturbed and when it want come back to body it can’t find the way.
    3- The tertiary theory has a physical reason and is so : some persons bodies essentially are weak ( especially brain and nerves system) , soul travel to a place during sleeping , body become more weak , soul come backs toward body but it is not able to control some body organs and restoration those into a normal function
    I think , sometime a sleep paralysis may occur because of encountering with some demons .He hold up soul come back to body easily .

  26. Ok, its been about 6 months since originally posting this question.

    I’m still getting these ‘attack’ dreams.

    I’m wondering if it really is dreams or going into the spirit world or even an out of body experience.

    Yesterday, before waking up I had a message from God in a symbolic dream about how the devil can influence us without us knowing, and I felt the spirit of God come over me and cleared me from any negativity.
    I woke up feeling very loved and peaceful. Then about an hour later I went back to bed.. and this is the dream I had that it seemed very real:

    I got up out of bed and walked into the next room, blood dripped onto my face from nowhere and I wiped it off really confused.
    I then started hearing in my mind what sounded like a radio trying to tune in, and I heard two male voices talking to each other.
    I started feeling like there was a spirit around me, just assuming it was a ghost I tried asking it what it wanted.
    I had no response so I sat down on my bed and kind of frustrated because of its presence, I then said “show yourself to me” and immediately I had a force push me down and pin me to the bed, I knew then it was evil.
    I had all these noises in my head, and pressure in my ears. I thought I was going mad.
    I was overwhelmed by the attack, I couldn’t get up or move, I tried calling out to Archangel Michael and God.
    I was still aware of what was going on around me, I couldn’t see the presence but I could hear out the window my neighbour a few houses away sawing something with an electric saw. My attention to the noise seemed to give the entity an idea and suddenly i felt my leg being sawed into, It was going to cut my leg off. I frantically started to call out to God and then I began waking up.
    This is where its weird because as I was waking up, I kept falling back asleep and as i did I felt the pain of my leg being cut, and as I opened my eyes it stopped, it was like I was
    being pulled back into sleep so I could suffer so I tried desperately not to fall back asleep.

    So, I was awake now, nothing was there in my room but I could hear my neighbor sawing away like I heard while asleep.
    The weird thing is the dream was just like my life but I was either in spirit or in another reality. I can’t explain what went on here, maybe someone else can.

    I’ve had plenty of other ‘demon’ dreams but none that took place in my own current home.

    • Yes Gemma , I know what you have experienced your soul has been nearby your body but it hasn’t been able get in his home and as all know this called sleep paralysis. Some time soul can never get back to body and that sleeping is the last sleeping. Anyhow if you have sleep paralysis alternately let me explain some other thing which is relevant to physical body :

      In our culture we believe in some foods attribute but those are not find in medicine themes . some foods are cold ( no thermally but essentially ) and some foods are hot (no thermally) some are cool and some are warm . Also some persons have clammy (cold) essence and some have warm essence .
      My hint is to cold foods and persons with clammy essence and this is one of the sleep paralysis reason. the symptom of such persons is that their spittle is more than natural amount , their color is tend to white and they have not enough energy like others ( it is different with Anemia ) and most of world people have cold essence. This person are very apt to sleep paralysis especially if eat cold food then drop off to sleep . Cold food make them more weak and pull down their body energy and their brain activity ( this is like Favism that become critical when it is eaten broad bean ) therefore these persons have to eat hot food which has more energy and dry essence so get rid of sleep paralysis and apoplexy. warm foods are like these :
      Honey – saffron – date fruit – grape syrup – rock candy – banana – coconut – eggplant – pepper- walnut- hazelnut – caraway ……..
      some meats are cold and some are warm. warm meats are :
      duck – camel – ostrich – pigeon – rooster.

  27. Hi Gemma,

    Have you used the Michael Invocation (listed on this page) .. if not, do so, if you have, do it again. Some of us will spend our lives being constantly haunted, for various good reasons I don’t like discussing here. Keep a copy handy. Use it each time you feel uncomfortable. It does make a difference.

    Love & Peace

  28. Recite, ayutul kursi three times each day. especially before sleep. It doesn’t matter if you’re not islamic, it should still work.

  29. Also try saying A’uzu billahi minashaitanir rajim Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim ( I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
    God bless you and stay safe

  30. Hi,
    So, since I was little ive always had a fear of something. Never knowing exactly what it was but I knew it was not going away. For years I find it hard sleeping alone and even at the age of 22 I find it terrifying to sleep alone at night. I feel like ive had bad luck since I could remember. Things always turn or bad and never in my favor unless I have absolute control over it. But I am starting to go off track. Ive been trying to find answers and have always been afraid too. I feel like I am personally being attacked by something. I always fear that I am going to provoke it if I go looking for help! But when I was 19 or 20 in college I woke up to something telling me to wake up. My housemates boyfriend would sometimes come into my room and ask to use my computer at night so I thought it was just him asking to use it. So I actually sat up and looked around and he was not in my room. So, I layed back down thinking it was just a dream and as I layed back and looked up I seen a dark mass or shadow in the top corner of my ceiling at the foot of my bed. I was not sure what it was but before I could get up to turn a light on I felt as if something came over me and was pushing me down. I could not move and I could not scream or talk. I felt like i could only talk in my head. I started to cry like had actual tears run down my face. I was looking at my wall to the left of me and I felt like I could see shadows of something with large claws and a large tree. You know when cars drive by at night and there lights pass along the wall through the blinds? I felt like there were a hundred cars outside my window driving really fast…It felt like forever. I couldnt do anything so I began to pray I honestly feel like it was more than a minute. I remember it smelling like smoke and I could hardly breath. As I was praying I felt like the pressure was getting heavier and heavier on my chest. Then all of a sudden I felt soo much anger and what felt like a punch to my stomach. You know when you wake up startled from a dream and you pause and then get up. As soon as I felt the punch the pressure was gone and I jumped straight out of my bed. I was soo frightened that I called my pastor at 3:40 in the morning. Im getting frustrated because I feel like every time I go to someone looking for help they tell me I should talk to a doctor when I dont feel like this is any type of mental disorder. My experiences went away for awhile until my uncle died. His death as been very hard on me and I have felt alone since his passing. Ever since the same thing keeps happening where i feel like im paralyzed and something is holding me. I also have terrible nightmares that Im with my uncle in his accident and that then I am him dying feeling the air being sucked out of my body. Even when I wake up from the dream I cant move and still feel like my air is being sucked out of me. I need help and I dont know where to turn.

    • Hello Brandy,

      My name is Ama Nazra and I am someone who might be able to help you. You can find out about me here on this site .. by clicking the link Victorian Paranormal Connection, which is up on the right of the page under Friends. That will tell you who I am and what I do. If you want to you can write to me privately, from links on that site, and tell me the rest of your story.

      In the meantime, here are some links to energy work that really does work. The first is to some shields, for your home or wherever you are living now, and the other is a personal shield to wrap around you to help you feel safer. They are found here these are my webpages, so if you have questions .. you can ask from a link on that site, or in here .. either is good. The other is the Michael Invocation, which the regulars on here must know by now LOL // that prayer detaches all sorts of nasties from your energy, and should allow you to learn to sleep at night without fear.

      If you need other help, I am generally around .. only I live in Australia, so mostly I am awake when America is sleeping. LOL

      Wishing you some peace and quiet,
      Love & Peace

  31. Demonic spirits do not care whether you are awake or asleep when they attack you. They do not care whether you are a Christian or non-christian. If an opportunity presents itself, they would wreck havoc in the spiritual and physical realms.

    Many of my spiritual battles occur while I am sleeping so God has taught me in Jesus name NEVER to go to bed without praying.

  32. I had a very strange and somewhat frightening experience one night. Firstly, I would like to say that it takes me between 1 and 2 hours to fall asleep every night and this happened about 10 minutes after getting in bed. So I really don’t think it was sleep paralysis. I was lying there and all of a sudden I felt like someone very strong was squeezing me around my upper body. It was like getting a very hard bear hug. It would last for a few seconds then stop. That happened about 4 or 5 times in a row. After I used my arms to push outward against it and it stopped the last time, I was so scared that I climbed in bed with my Mother and refused to go back in my room all night. I told her what had happened and she said, that the whole time we had lived here, she had always gotten a weird feeling when she was in my room but never in her room. The next night I made myself go back in my room to sleep, but I slept with my Rosary Beads around my neck and moved my Jesus picture as close to my bed as I could. Everything has been fine since then.

  33. ive suffered similar but a lot worse
    everyone told me it was sleep paralysis,but couldnt explain why my mum was getting attacked as well or why the sleep paralysis took the form of a humanish shape and wouldnt leave the room till i shouted at it

    • No, Roger, sometimes its ghosts. As long as it hasn’t happened since .. it makes a great story to scare people with.

      Love & Peace

      • hi ama i guess you read my earlier response
        it does sound a bit like a movie script i know,and even now when i think about it im amazed it bothered me so little at the time,i even forgot about it for many years
        maybe because ive seen so many things through my life up to that point that i sort of ignored what was happening
        istill sea dead people on the rare occasion
        when my father in law passed,a week later he waved as he walked past me and dissapeared
        and when the previous owner of the house we now live passed
        he walked passed me whilst i was sitting in my living room one afternoon
        i never think twice about these occurences and as soon as i take another look they have always dissapeared,and always leaving me thinking …nooo i didnt just see that did i!
        and its always later that i think yeah but that was in the afternoon its not like i was dreaming
        i found your reading about michael and i read it twice,the second time altering it to suit my family
        ive always wondered since the bad thing tried to kill me was there any residue of this thing left around me
        and from reading about your micheal prayer i guess that can happen
        and i must say that apart from the bad happenings ive had some pretty amazing luck throughout my life mainly just strange coincidences,but always a bit to strange to not remember

        • Hi Roger,

          One of the weirder aspects of my life is this strange ‘memory’ of mine. I forget the odd things that happen to me quite frequently, and so have developed the habit of writing stuff down, as soon as I can after I experience it. I even email myself things. LOL Then, when I go through my ‘documents’ file on the computer, out pop all these ‘stories’ (events) I have written .. to give my memory a tweak. LOL

          Yes, sometimes life can feel like a movie script, more comedy than horror, I am hoping. :-) What is ‘unreal’ to some people has developed into ‘unusual but not really surprising anymore’ to me. LOL

          I’m glad you did the Michael Invocation. That will remove anything that is in your energy that is not there for your greater good. I recommend that to everyone. We can all use a little angelic TLC.

          In a few weeks I am off with a group of paranormal curiosity seekers to stay for a couple of nights in an old haunted house, and visit the local asylum and ex-prision. Should be fun. Hopefully we’ll have some stories to tell from there. :-)

          Love & Peace

          • yes i also started writing events down
            my short term memory is non existent
            but i can never find where i wrote them,stupid i know
            also,last night just as i was thinking about the michael invocation
            there was a loud crashing noise
            now at the side of my house is a covered walkway and i have a 3 metre ladder hanging on brackets
            i use it as a sort of shelf,its not wobbly and is protected from the wind
            however, this morning everything that was sitting on top of the ladder is now on the floor,including an old radio that was wedged between the ladder and the roof
            hhhhmmmm i thought,no surely theres no connection
            i also feel slightly more energetic/cleaner,but maybe thats wishfull thinking

          • Ah yes, Roger, the lost notes syndrome :-) .. now I write stuff in a book .. hardcovered .. or type it on the computer and put it into a specific file on my harddrive.

            Thinking won’t make a negative being react, unless you are allowing it to read your thoughts. You have to give it permission, but I wouldn’t.

            Do the Invocation again. Do it anytime you are feeling uncomfortable. It requires no special preparation, apart from finding the piece of paper its written on :-) until you learn it by heart, like me. And up on the right hand side of this webpage is a link to White Light Shields. Learn them and use them too, to keep the entities you don’t want out of the house.

            Love & Peace

  34. AMA i love your invocation i do belive you know what your talking about, ive been a medatator for 30 sometime i pick up on things like someone being in my home when they shuoldnt be , ive sent a few lost souls back to the light to be with god , but i dont play with deamens ,iam not scared of them becuse my faith in god is stronger then them, but i will memorize the invocation just to make me feel better and i just like what it says, thank you so much

    • Thank you Jose, I am glad we could help.

      It is a good Invocation, and has an excellent track record over many years.

      Love & Peace

  35. I don’t know if anyone will read this as this post is a year old but I just have to tell you my story is very similar to yoursim 20 years old and for the past 5 years I have had demons attack me in my dreams. I .noticed it started happening around the time I started realtime following God and getting more intune to my spiritual side. I keep dreaming that I’m possesed and I know its real because I can feel it. I start talking in tongues and I can feel myself getting throw around the room but when I’m dreaming this I know its not real so I start to rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ and I wake up. But when I wake up o can still feel an evil presence

  36. Hello, I just wanted to share what’s been going on with me. Well I’m 20 years old and for the past 5 years iv been bothered by demons . I have dreams that I’m being attacked and the demon is trying to possess me and I’m speaking in a different language or tongues. I can feel the demon or sometimes I can see it but in my dreams I know iam dreaming so I call to Christ for help and I wake up but when I wake up I can still feel the presence. Last night I was dreaming of a demon that was in form of a snake and it attked me and I woke up from the dream but I was paralized and then I felt a shocking sensation then I finally woke up. I believe I have a demon after me. I can feel it. But my soul belongs to my lord Jesus Christ.

  37. Yes demons can come at you in your sleep. Especially if you believe in Jesus. At 3am is a dangerous time that is when paranormal activity is higher than normal. It is to insult Christ when he died at 3pm. Also full moons. I guess wear a cross it burns the enemy or his army of demons when they touch you.

  38. Yes you can be hurt by demons in your sleep. wear a cross.

  39. Well I ran across this conversation while researching if anyone had experienced the same thing as me. Here is my story I have been hunted since age 14 or so, I am now 37. I am christian but was not at the time i opend a door I should not. So these demons come to me only when i am sleeping. I wake up with fear but not fully awake. I try opening my eyes but cannot (sleep paralysis i guess)anyhow I feel pinned down, sometimes i feel a strong force pushing my stomach in, as if its trying to invade my body. and at some point I feel tingles in my brain and a unnatural force pushing itself inside my head (pressure)I also hear a siren loud and sometimes it feels like a train engine (weird) then i hear voices multiple voices cursing at me and this feeling of utter fear! so has anyone heard voices cursing?

    • Hi Victory,

      See if this helps, it should. It has helped so many people before you, and all around the world.

      Up on the right, over the heading ‘Newest Questions’ you will find a link to the Michael Invocation. Read through the information a few times, just to get an understanding of what you are requesting, and then say it out loud and mean it. If you have questions you can ask them here, or from an email link on the site.

      And yes, I’ve heard voices saying all sorts of things, including my name .. and not politely. :-)

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed below under Friends)

  40. Hi,
    Ever since an incident happened where my heart was broken by a girl I loved I had nightmares for a straight month every night or a creature that was completely black but had red eyes and they would change to yellow in some dreams. The body was a n outline that of a cintaur lower half and a human upper but it had longish horns. I was alone in these dreams and it would be chasing after me. The first two nights it couldn’t get to me but every night after that it would attack me in some way. I have crosses on my walls and a tattoed cross on my back. The first sign of attack was a three line scratch directly across my tattoo. I decided to wear a cross in my sleep and also have the bible next to my pillow for safety. The first night I found my bible on the complete opposite end of my room (my room is rather large) the next night my cross I was wearing ended up on the ground and the cross possitioned upside down against the wall, mind you, the chain for my cross can not be pulled over my head. The worst I have had was waking up with my chain being pulled back for a few moments choking me then went loose. My dreams went away 2 weeks ago for some odd reason of which I do not know. But the last two nights I had actually woken up and seen it standing in my closet and also in my bathroom. I don’t know what it wants from me and I really do not know what to do. I am Catholic but am very hesitant on bringing a priest because of how it may anger it. PLEASE HELP!

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