Demonic Encounters During Sleep

Posted on December 29, 2008

Hi everyone. This is my latest experience and has been occurring to me for the past three days and with all honesty, left me scared. I have no idea what this experience means and despite how ludicrous and inane it may seem, it has occurred to me and has made a significant impact on my personality and well-being.

I first noted something suspicious when my mum, my brother, my grandmother and my grandfather (both on my dad’s side) and I visited my dad’s grave on the 19th. This is a customary tradition my family has upheld ever since the untimely death of my dad. Anyway, after we finished paying our respects to him, we placed beside his tombstone, a bouquet of flowers. Almost immediately, I felt a cold rush of wind hit my face and I stumbled back and fell down. I was carrying my brother so he fell alongside me and twisted his ankle. This was how powerful the wind was…. (the forecast for that day where I lived was fine with calm winds).

I felt a strange numbness and I began to feel a prickly tingling hotness that lasted for a while and almost immediately I felt strange thoughts creep into my mind. Thoughts of immense hatred and inexplicable rage. I felt an insatiable, voracious lust to hurt my loved ones and myself. It was horrible and so compelling, but fortunately only lasted for minutes at the most, but would inevitably return again. I heard voices in my head too; faint whispers but audible at times. This has never occurred to me. These voices almost implore me to act malevolently and to aspire to sin.

But despite these small occurrences, the worst ones have occurred at night, for the past two days. At exactly around 2:57 am (around the time, when the police officers said they found my dad’s body) I’d wake to see a leering, grotesque creature stand alongside my bed. I’d feel paralyzed. The creatures were spindly and thin and had pointed ears and oval eyes and serrated teeth with blood stains on them. They almost seemed, like something out of a movie. The bodies intermingled with the darkness,yet their outlines were clearly visible and they had red eyes. These demons would give a raucous screech, like a witch cackling. I’d feel a strange current running through me and I’d be paralyzed, unable to move.

These creatures repeatedly touched my genital areas and (forgive me for the next few vulgar descriptions) started to rub my innate part and play with it. I believe they were female because of their cackle and curved (albeit spindly) figures and they had the outlines of female mammary glands too and a loin cloth over their genitals. These creatures would constantly scratch me and I’d wake with blood on my bed, open wounds and semen on my mattress. I tried praying to god, in my head, but every time I did they’d laugh and say ‘He can’t hear you. He doesn’t want you. You are nothing to him.’

These experiences lasted for, at the most 10 minutes, but they seemed like eternity. In the end, a white figure would appear at my bed and they’d let out an ear-splitting scream and would depart. I’m not all that knowledgeable in the field of demonology but I believe they are succubus. I’ve tried everything to make them disappear, but my attempts have been redundant. I blessed my room with holy water and have slept with a bible underneath and have clutched statues and pictures of Jesus and the blessed virgin Mary, and they’ve only been occurring for two nights.

I’ve started to become more cruel and irrespective of others, particularly my best friend, whom I’ve been behaving in an ill, foul manner towards. She’s a girl and is really pretty and I said awful things to her which she didn’t expect from me, and she’s upset at me. My mum is angry at me, my brother is reluctant to talk to me. Only my grandparents suspect something supernatural, but they are reluctant to say it to me.

I got into a fight with a boy at school and I ended up breaking his nose and giving him a black eye and in return have suffered several bruises on my waist, which accumulated with the pain of the wounds, have left me unable to jump. (I can jump, but a searing hotness subsequently follows as my waist and mid-section is elevated).

I really need help with this, because I don’t want to be a bad person or do something I’d regret. I haven’t touched the computer since this experience has occurred. Even as I’m typing this I feel trepidation envelope me and feel as though I’m being penetrated by some unseen eyes.� With sincerity Alpha

Sent in by Alpha, Copyright 2008

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225 Responses to “Demonic Encounters During Sleep”
  1. 1,2,3 die says:

    wow this is really awkward um…….this is a really weird experience but try talking to them

  2. Victory says:

    These are incredible expiriences! Have you tried leaving a light on or sleeping in an alternate room, I suggest you seek advice from a professional and definatley have a word with someone! Good luck – you shall be in my prayers, man that sounded cheesey!

  3. emily says:

    Why talk to them? Seriously, they will tell you the most untrue stuff.Don’t stop praying during these attacks no matter what they say.

  4. 1,2,3 die says:

    hey im just trying 2 help him + if they do say some r***** stuff them run man run

  5. Carly says:

    i really don kno what to say and these experiences are so bad. i woulld prolly act the same way if i had been touched and played with in my pricate areas. im sorry and maybe you shoould try talkin to somebody

  6. Doll says:

    k this may sound weird but try having holy water near u wen u sleep so u can throw it at those things. u nevr no if it’ll work unless u try. good luck.

  7. Jackie says:

    God bless you, you are always giving good advice.

    I think everyone should pray for you. x

    I don’t really want to, but i’m going to take this further…i know you’re hurting.

    Let’s pray together!!

  8. Alpha says:

    Hey everyone,
    Thanks for your wonderful advice!!
    (wow, it’s almost been a week since i last visited the site, or touched my computer…)

    On the plus side, the attacks have ceased, ever since i went and prayed at my local church, but on the downside…i lost a best friend and a good mate and slashed myself across the back with a knife…

    but thanks to everyone’s support all is well once more. Thank you everyone once again!!!!

    p.s. the new format is really cool :)

    • gotti55 says:

      im glade that everything is ok but the demon will return n she will come with demons more powerful then herself ask ur pastor to come to ur home n bless ur home,demonic activity is at its strongest at 3am thats y it happens around 3:ooam demons feed of of fear u must have the word of GOD down in ur spirit they dont fear u but they fear the word of GOD began to study important scriptures so when u began to feel angry speak the word of GOD over urself…GOD BLESS U

      • Pandora says:

        Amen! This guy has it right. You have to be familiar with the Word of God and call on the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is the most powerful weapon you have against them! I’ve had demon encounters, but they couldn’t touch me, only monitor me because of the protection I have over my life. Pray fervently. Although this post is old, I hope you’re okay now.

    • Abcde1234 says:

      LdHey, I don’t know how old this is but I’m going o be praying for you too. Last night, I feel like a domonic presence was trying to harm me. I had a dream that, I was laying in my room and my vision started disorting. My door swung open and I tried closing the door. And it would open as soon as I sat on my bed. Then I would get up and close it again, and I t would try to open but I tried pusing my door closed with all the strength I had. Then I couldn’t anymore, I was out of strength. The door flung open and I felt something pull me, but I couldn’t see what. I knew it was a demonic thing, because [I have to put out there that I'm haunted from my dads side I think, but there good spirits because the've never harmed me all my life, or my parents, or anyone they have been passed down by generations] I was scared in my dream, a fear I could only have with tat sort of thing. I was terrified. I ran I’m my dream. I ran out the door and started calling my dad off my cell phone, but the screan would go black, and I couldn’t contact anyone. And when I finally found my parents in my dream, they didn’t belive me. And then for some reason, I woke up. And I checked the time on my phone. It was 3:07am. I started to feel something around my neck and it was my headphones. Wrapped around my neck, I took it off. And relized I was in a comletly diffrent position from when I went to sleep, I was facing the door. My legs were. And my pillow was set as if I purposly fell asleep that way, but I didn’t. I don’t usually move around in my sleep and if I do, its not a big move like that.

      I went back to sleep and had other diffrent dreams and finally woke up a little if not at 9am today.

      Please pray for me too, because if this is a demotic presence trying to harm me I want it to go away. And ill pray for you and all the other people going through the same things because its horrible to go through.

      My aunt told me that when ever were scared were being watched or feel something, or chills whatever it may be.

      To 1. Tel them if there good, they can stay as long as they cause no harm.

      And 2. If there bad, spit at them anf tell them, God is my father, I don’t care what you say he is superior. I have faith in him and nothing you say will scare me because if God wants this to happen he will let it happen other wise he won’t alow it.

      And jUst pray! Ill pray for you, don’t worry.

      I hope this helped and I hope you can help me.

      Btw my name is Ennifer and I’m 14, I’m very mature at heart, so please don’t say I’m to young to understand because from were I’m from, you need to be mature to suceed and I can fully understand adult things, such as these. Thank you, hope to see change!

    • delta says:

      before i say anything i would like to say that i have not had an experience with a demon that i know of but i have read alot of peoples demons encounters and i what i personaly have come up with is that you must pray. pray for forgivness due to your daily sins pray every night and attend church on sunday thats what i can peice together, but if i am wrong in any way can you point it out and correct me because as i said before i have never encountered one. im sorry about your best friend i lost a friend who i grew up with but dont harm yourself dont beat yourself up and stay strong you must NOT beleive what these demons say aswell they are gods way of testing your faith they will try to depress you they will try to make you feel alone its sort of backing you up into a coner on your own!

    • Jesus says:

      you sure your not just ill and you maybe need to speak to a doctor . really my friend help yourself before you hurt anyone . my family have a history in mental illness

  9. Senta says:

    well congratulations you were sorta raped by demons.if that aint weird
    then i dont know what is

  10. 1,2,3 die says:


  11. Andrew says:

    There is no need to fear them, and by no means do not entertain them by talking to them.

    However the statues and holy water won’t do anything as we haven’t been told that water will keep us safe, and I’ve got to say that Mary is a righteous women, however she is human and has no divinity, in fact I would say that having statues of her (and even Jesus) is Idolatry. I don’t mean to condemn you on this Brother as there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1) but I say these things in truth and love so that you may see what the bible tells us, not church or tradition.

    Jesus says that those that he sets free are free indeed (john 8.36), and the bible also says that no evil can harm us (1john 5:18.) He also says that we have been given Authority in His name over the enemy (Luke 10.19.) One thing i would highly recommend is to speak with Authority against this thing and command it to be removed and mention the blood of Jesus(Revelation 12:11) They hate it.

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable�if anything is excellent or praiseworthy�think about such things

    Philippians 4:6-8 (New International Version)

    God bless

    • Parker B says:

      Let me assure you that you have nothing to fear from them. ” I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD, IS THERE ANYTHING TO GREAT FOR ME “. MY Brother, I had a similar encounter with a foul demon. Just as you I was completely unable to move. Only my eyes could move. It held me down in my bed with a weight like you cant imagine. I tried to pray but couldnt gather my thoughts……. even inside my mind I was struggling to pray. The fear was so intense, unlike any fear this world can offer. But I am here to tell you that you must leave it in Jesus hands and do not entertain them by foolishly trying to talk with them. I begg you not too. Your Faith in HIM will set you free my Brother. I have studied sleep abnormalities and only a few speak of just not being able to move. Science doesnt want to touch the subject of demons or on anything they cant touch or prove. Most of the stories speak of seeing and knowing there was something in the room with them and sometimes on top of them. Put your faith in JESUS and the STAND FIRM. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

    • Anonymous says:

      i have had somthang almost to the same thang but to keep thangs from coming back at night or an time i lisin to music, you know music that gets you hiped up i dont know if this well help but it did for me, untell the music stops in th morning but by then i feel so in powered they dont real do anythang

      hop this helps

  12. Alpha says:

    Wow Andrew!!!! You really are a true Christian and indefinitely a wonderful person.
    Thank you for that sweet comment!!!

    Even though there is no contextual evidence proposing Mary’s divinity, I have personally felt Mary answering my calls to her in times of need or danger. Here is one such occasion:

    I got lost at night when i was really young in the woods just outside my home town, after a trip of fishing with my dad and it was getting late. Ironically, enough there was a small statue of the Virgin Mary positioned on a tree, (It was ironic to me then, but i found out later there is a catholic convent for nuns nearby, whom placed statues of jesus and various saints in trees throughout the forests) and i knelt beside it and prayed to her, asking her to protect me and provide me with safety and shelter and to get me out of the woods and as soon as i finished, i curled up underneath the tree and as i did so my dad came from a cluster of trees and found me.

    This is a personal experience and albeit isn’t proclaimed or testified in the bible, still worked for me (and an array of other people globally have also claimed to have undergone similar experiences).

    Faith doesn’t necessarily have to be something that is derived exactly from a set of codes or rules or a book, but it can alternatively be something that operates in practise personally. If someone truly believes that something is the way it is and so long as it gives them a surge of hope and satisfaction then it is faith itself. The rudimentary elements of all religions correlate to a profound extent anyway.

    Take care man and thanks once again for your comment!

    • Aaron says:

      I just wanted to say that I understand the way a lot of people feel about the Holy Mother. She has no divinity in the sense that Jesus has, she has no power on earth. The force behind the miracles and the answers to prayers that have been prayed to her have been answered by evil spirits. They have the power to do good things but those things always have a bad intent, the purpose is to keep us separated from God. Deception is the most powerful tool in evil’s arsenal. Idolatry comes in many forms and this deception is one that plagues millions. The Holy Mother was only a vessel and please remember that she has no power on earth to do anything so whatever help you’re recieving is not coming from her.

      • Jimmy says:

        Asking Mary to pray for you is as valid as asking anyone else to pray for you. Even more so because all children have a special place in their heart for their parents. In fact, as the fifth commandment says to honor your father and mother, if you look at the Hebrew, it not only means respect and reverence, but also complying with their wishes. In a sense, if you ask Mary to pray for you and help you in the name of her son (not worship her or pray to her), you are doing the same as if you asked me to help you and pray for you, but she has special favor with Christ as she was his mother, and in some ways she is our mother. As we are all part of the body of Christ (assuming you are a baptized Christian), we can, and I believe are meant to, intercede through prayer one for another. As Mary was assumed into heaven, it is safe to say that she was brought to heaven by God and dwells there now in a way that can intercede in human affairs.

        I have had many experiences with demonic activity growing up that ebbed and flowed. I never saw anything in the physical world, but I was very close to God when I was young. I had a dream when I was a child of my house and a knock at the door. I opened it and a demon was standing there waiting to come in. I told the demon I was bought by the blood of Christ and he had no power over me. I believe this is the right response; however, it does take faith and a commitment to try to live a life in Christ. It is not easy, but if you commit to Christ, He will bring you the strength to fight, although realize He sustains you and you do not have strength without Him. If this continues for a long time without abating, you may want to seek assistance from the church.

        The reason I’m on this site is that lately I’ve been having demonic dreams. I’ve had prophetic dreams most of my life and I’ve even dreamed things in my personal life that have come true, even if I didn’t understand at the time of the dream. I recently had dreams that are demonically disturbing and have been being woken up from different dreams between 3 and 4 in the morning since 11/2. Its disturbing because I haven’t had these types of bad dreams in a long, long time and the fact that I’m waking up consistently for about week now is bothering me. I’ve decided I must need to seek repentance from the Lord and so my first step is to confess my sins. Then I must seek Christ in my daily life as I once did and return to fellowship with other Christians.

        It is quite ironic. I stopped going to church about 2 years ago and started ‘living in sin’ as one might say. I started having disturbing dreams about my boyhood home during that time (similar to recurring dreams I had as a child where the home was flooded). These dreams, however, the kitchen was decaying and was being swallowed up by the earth. Its really hard to describe, but I understood what it meant. Basically, my understanding of biblical dream interpretation is this: Your house, the one you consider your home (such as your childhood home) is your soul. The water in my dreams when I was a child, not that I understood that then, is the holy spirit. The flooding was the holy spirit flooding my soul. The demon was a warning or a real attempt at breaking into my heart. The kitchen decaying was to show me that my soul was being placed in jeopardy as I was living a life of sin and separation from God. I’ve had many dreams that had very prophetic nature similar to these and the demonic dreams of late have been very disturbing; so disturbing that I’m trying to figure out why all of a sudden they started happening.

        Don’t get me wrong; I still love the Lord very much, I just have chosen to distance myself these past couple of years because I just felt that the people I knew through the church were phony and didn’t understand the deep love that Christ has for us and didn’t know how to share that love with each other as is expected of Christians; to share the love of Christ with fellow Christians and non-Christians alike.

        Anyway, I’ll pray for you and hope that you seek the Lord in some fashion, or you may continue to be tormented by this. There are great prayers of deliverance, but it requires faith in Christ and a commitment to amend your life (even if you don’t believe you are a sinner).

  13. zoe says:

    wow! to me, it sounds like an incibus. (a demon that rapes people at night) was your dad a really sinful person? if so, this might explain the time of death thing. hope i helped!

  14. Mrs. C says:

    when this happens, concentrate very hard on imagining a very bright white light surrounding you. This will protect you. You should feel confidant that this is the light of God. You may also want to say “in the name of Yeshua the Messiah, be gone from me”. Imagine the light, and repeat the above any time you need strength, protection or need to over come the bad feelings that come over you. Ask God to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to expose to you your sins so you can stop doing them. Arrogance and believing in false doctrines (in my very humble opinion) could be the cause. You need more sympathy for others in your life. Humans have authority over demons, but only in the name of Yeshuah (Jesus).

  15. Mrs. C says:

    reading further …. the reason you are being attacked is because of your prayers to Mary, Mother of Jesus. You are being fooled by demons that this works. Christ is the only Messiah, not Mary, not Moses, no one else. Worshiping the Mother of Jesus is a false doctrine. The demons will come back. Only Christ has the power to set you free. Your story from when you were a child is sweet, and I know who ever saves your life will be reverenced – but you must return all your devotion to Christ.

    • Mek says:

      Your Crazy for telling someone that they are being attacked by Demons for praying to the mother of Christ. Wake up to yourself!!

      • Corissa says:


        This is not a some strange spiritual phenom. It’s called sleep paralysis and may be associated with narcolepsy. Wiki it. None of you are being visited/attacked/talked to by angels or demons in your sleep.


        • Thomas says:

          I say this in the sincerest way possible, but that is a very arrogant attitude. Whether or not it is a result of sleep paralysis (which I suffer as well) these dreams are insanely realistic and fear inducing. The last thing this person needs is you condescending on what has transpired. People respond more kindly to honey over vinegar friend. Lastly believing that this is just the work of a disorder may just be arrogant. Stranger things have happened,

  16. Alpha says:

    Mrs C
    thank you for your wonderful comments. Your notion and perspective on religion were both educationally stimulating and enlightening and have opened my eyes further to the intricacies of doctrines and religion.
    but will all due respect, i have personally found praying to Mary and other saints to work for me. I hold Jesus christ with much reverence, homage and respect and i always pray to him but i also pray to other saints too.
    My situation isn’t the only one where i’ve prayed to saints and have received a response.
    Thousands of miracles all over the world have occurred under circumstances where people specifically appealed to saints, i.e. cancers and tumour patients have made steadfast recoveries, ailments and diseases have been overcome, times of emotional and physical stress have been overcome too and conditions believed to be life-threatening were also overcome under direct appeal to saints. (You should see the number of cases throughout Asia. They extend well into the millions)

    Unless demons have the potential or the willingness to uplift cancers and emotional burdens, i remain firm in my notion. At first i was sceptical about praying to saints but i have found it to work personally.
    Thanks once again with all due respect!!!!

    • afellowsisterinchrist says:

      Hey I have read your story right now and i havent read any further comments -and- i know perhaps you wont really accept my comment but being a daughter of God baptised in his only name Jesus i want to say because i may not know you but in the name of Jesus i love you and i want you to find the light you seek and find the liberation and not witness any more attacks. I want you to know that i’m not judging i just want you to be free and in the right rode to god. Please listen carefully. All those suppose saints that are being worshipped all over the world are all literally demons following the orders of satan. You may believe that the virgin mary saved but in truth its the devil acting behind it trying to dazzle and infect you with the spirit of idolatry. Please dont be ignorant let him brain wash you that mary has power- because she truly doesnt. Yes mary was a virgin when she conceived and gave birth to god. But if you read the bible or just ask a fellow true christian you will know that she married Joseph and they had sex. Jesus had brothers and sisters and his mother played a special role but just because does not mean they have power or are worthy to be worship. Wake up!!! Jesus died in the cross for our sins. His blood was poured to forgive us for all the evil we do. May his name be blessed for ever. If you ever encounter these attacks again you can contact me and i wil be more than blessed to help a soul dont let people who do not believe in something greater than what we see in Earth perturb your thoughts, May God have compassion of you and help you

  17. Jackie says:

    Alpha, this occurs to me time and time again…who knows for sure if what was written by ‘people’ in the Bible is the absolute truth??? Also, Christ’s teachings were told by people and we all know how stories can be tweaked to such an extent that the absolute truth of it is lost. It is how you reach God that matters and prayers to his followers are heard by God. This is my belief as like you Alpha, i have been helped by an Angel once. Where does this Angel come from? It is from God…one of God’s many helpers.

    I personally think that praying to Mary as many do (there are alot of miracles through people praying to Mary, for instance the French story of Bernadette, who became St Bernadette)is like you are praying to God, the Holy Trinity is one and the Saints are workers of the Holy Trinity. St Michael is supposed to be of help to people being attacked by demons.

    We can talk about this further in the Snug if you like and get a real debate going here.

    I’d like to know what Mrs C thinks about this.

    • Mek says:

      How do you know the Angel voice wasn’t a Demon? So you are believing in whatever you choose to believe in. So you shouldnt be Judging what another person beleives. Especially when it is to speak to the Mother of Christ. I know the bible says Do not worship anyone except the lord and still everyone prays to the son of God “Jesus Christ”. So if you want to be all holy and stick to the bible word for word then no one should be praying to anyone except the Lord “the Holy Father of Jesus Christ”. I worship Jesus Christ and also Jehovah the father of Jesus Christ and I see nothing wrong with this. God chose Mary to carry his son Jesus Christ so we do not know if he would condemn us for praying to one so pure and Holy. We only know what men have put it the bible over the years.

  18. Alpha says:

    ‘It is how you reach God that matters and prayers to his followers are heard by God’
    ‘I personally think that praying to Mary as many do (there are alot of miracles through people praying to Mary, for instance the French story of Bernadette, who became St Bernadette)is like you are praying to God, the Holy Trinity is one and the Saints are workers of the Holy Trinity.’
    ‘who knows for sure if what was written by �people� in the Bible is the absolute truth??? Also, Christ�s teachings were told by people and we all know how stories can be tweaked to such an extent that the absolute truth of it is lost’

    These are all perfect statements highlighting the incongruity of the
    sternness and strictness religions maintain. Religion should be flexible/experimental (and innate at times to for individuals) and theories and beliefs applied in practise and properly assessed to see if they do function and work for people. We shouldn’t be confined or restricted to following a monocultured stream of thoughts and ideas, because it is how it is depicted in a book or doctrine. Texts are susceptible to misinterpretation. We can’t also just disregard the topics presented in these books and doctrines too.

    We also however can not ultimately integrate new techniques of miscellaneous origin into existing religions. These techniques or beliefs should have close connection to ideas processed in existing religions and if they can be properly applied then they should be considered. Praying to saints is something people of a broad spectrum undertake and works for people. Just cause it isn’t depicted in the bible doesn’t necessarily mean it is false. Praying to saints also doesn’t mean that saints are divine or immaculate or infallible. Like Jackie stated, it could be that they are delivering our messages to god.

    Historians believe that there are several extracts and excerpts missing from the current bible, pulled out for reasons as yet unknown, i.e. some historians from russia released an article saying that there was initially an extract describing notions of reincarnation and analogies about recycling of souls that was removed because of the similarity between pagan religious beliefs.

    Thanks for your insightful comments Jackie. I appreciate it!

  19. Unknown says:


    I call BS…

    1. You can’t see into the Demon World, for your Kigan is not open…which is Demon Eye

    2. Demons cant touch your skin, only your spirit

    3. They dont have their way with you, they paralyze you to possess you, or to take your spirit out of your body and bring you to hell…

    4. A Demon can only enter your room from gateway and can only leave through an open passage, whether it be a window or a door…

    5. If you really believe its a demon…try putting a pan of water under your bed, Water represents purity, and to a demon water is sacred and can not get near it, also if your religious say a hail mary when it happens…

    6. Otherwise…don’t BS

  20. Lolman says:

    Ok,this demon thing was really odd to me,but it’s as same as my problem.You see,the other guy is right,demons cant come without a gateway,but i once left a window open and guess what?Dead people souls sleep with me now,they talk to me,and protect from demons.I do not know why they do this,but the dead souls are either good or bad.BTW i got some tips for u:
    1:keep doors n windows closed.
    2:have something holy with u
    3:Don’t look at the demons,they might get atracted. Goo Luck

  21. Alpha says:

    To Unknown,

    1. I never claimed to have been able to see into the demon world. I simply saw outlines of their figures in the dark and these could have been an emanation of spiritual energy, generated by fluctuations in the energy field surrounding us as they drained energy to attain a visible structure of some sort. Spirits all drain energy to reveal their presences. The more energy they drain, the better their presence is revealed.

    2. The demons may not necessarily have touched my skin for them to have caused physical pain and disturbance to me. They could alternatively used powers unknown to people to perform this deed. (After all, they are spiritual creatures that dwell in different dimensions, where reality and capabilities will be much different to ours)

    3. Demons are renowned for causing suffering and pain. In this situation i had, i was paralysed and they targeted me further. How can you say they only perform those functions (Paralysis and delivering our soul to hell). Much of the world’s misfortunes occur because of unearthly temptations in us, that are further accentuated by demonic forces. They drive us to do bad things and make us feel sad, because they feed of it. It gives them strength. The more evil they are, the more powerful. Demons can also cause physical harm i.e. scarring. (There are a number of cases like this)

    4. I believe that the figure that drove the demon out of my rooms was an angel of some sort. Demons can be driven out by good, more benign spirits too (i.e. St Michael) and don’t simply have to leave of their own accord.

    5. Prayers may not necessarily drive demonic forces. There have been plenty of circumstances (exorcism of Emily Rose) where prayers simply didn’t repel them. These demons are potent and truly malevolent. As for placing a pan of water under my bed, i will not be able to try this (hopefully) because they are no longer perturbing me.

    I can understand why you found this story to be inane because there are an array of perspectives concerning demons and knowledge of these creatures and the way they harm us varies from culture to culture, but a common term is applied to these creatures because of strikingly similar characteristics and also because of the frequency of the term popping up in general conversations. Therefore, perhaps the creature i speak of wasn’t a demon but something else and for this i implore your forgiveness, but as to whether you feel this story is true, is completely up to you.

    Take care

  22. Italy says:

    your story’s Not Insane
    im a 23 years old muslim girl…i been thru the exact situation being paralyzed, something exploring your private areas…many times�. once i thought i ws dreaming but i have had a thin black figure on me while i laid in my bed i cud only see an outline as i had a heater on… after i realised wht ws happening to me i started praying which made him try to go away but i dunno why a sudden wrath took over n i swear i felt like thrashing the shit out of him i wanted to harm him in some way and it shrieked… n vanished out of my hand (and yes I did feel him)then checked my cell phone it wasnt workin nor were the lights i got up n opened my bedroom door(God knws why i did that) n my cat ran out then i went back to my bed a min later i got up again tried the lights n the cell phone they both were working i received a call as i was on the phone my sister came knocking on the door n asked me to take the cat in…..and i remember clearly tht i had her in before i went to bed….
    anyhow the point is my friend keep praying… ask for forgiveness and help this experience wasnt the only one had ive bee thru alot the light you see is an answer to your prayers i usually hear the sound of an Azaan (a call for prayer frm a mosque) or an unseen identity which scares them off i suggest you get help frm the church u go too and do it fast please…
    its all abt the faith in your lord alpha keep praying n NEVER TRY TO TALK TO THEM…. thts the worst one cud do…trust me…

    please look after yourself

    p.s Abt the rage n angry In you�only u can control it� if the darkness is causing it well ur a creature of light you can always finish it

  23. Matthew says:

    Wow you experienced it too huh?Well I’ll tell you a way to weaken them and repel them.All you have to do is feel the Love and the Light and all Positive things flow through your body until you are enveloped in light.Also try thinking about the ones you love and the good times you’ve had.Also sing certain songs in reverse repel them away too.Like a song about Jesus or an Angel for instance.They tell you praying is no good because they are trying to make you lower to their level.Also try thinking about that angel you saw and ask them for help.You have to accept their light and love they send you.I hope this helped.

  24. sarah says:

    remember God will always be with you NEVER forget, that these demons will try to trick you , God loves you and will always love you. if the demons come again keep praying to God no matter what they say.

  25. Sharon says:


    I am an exorcist and one of the few who know that demons are the souls of the dead. You need an exorcism and to know how to combat them.

    Demons absolutely can cause physical harm and often people have bite marks and scratches on them after a demonic attack.

    Just type in Bread and Wine Ministries and you will find me and I will help you all I can.



    • The Caretaker says:

      Hello Sharon, I do not usually allow links in the comments but I checked out your website and I do not mind at all having your link here so for anyone who is interested in Sharon’s website — Bread and Wine Ministries

    • Dallie1975 says:

      Sharon, I am writing this under the assumption that you are familiar with dark spirits. Ive read alot of sites relating to spiritual attacks but i cant get a lock on an example that relates with mine. I was 14 years old, at a live in school. I laid down to sleep and at some point I began to have sleep paralisis and immediatley felt myself being literally sucked from my body. I managed to open my eyes and there was a dark shadow physically sitting on my chest and it was pulling my spirit or what i believe was my spirit. Somehow I was able to lash out at it with my spirit, so it then began to physically slash me all over my real body. Then it was gone and I was hovering above my bed looking down at myself wich was looking back at me, Then looked at my roomy who was sitting on his bed reading as though nothing was wrong. Then a terribly strong force began ripping me away from my body, and I knew if i didnt get back id die. I began to reach with all my ability and was able to get enough contact with my body that i was able to tell my brain to make my body thrash and roll over from my back to my side to save myself. After some sort of message was recieved my body thrashed(and im watching this mind you) and it rolled to my side Then I awoke. I had large scrapes ,bruising, and cuts everywhere. Doctor said I hallucinated and did it to myself. The school made my roomy write a statement. He was up all night reading and would have noticed if i did. Ihave nothing sharp, and theres cuts in places I cant even reach. So heres the thing, Im 36 now and completley unable to sleep on my back because when I do sometimes i can feel the tugging on my spirit when im in the place between wake and deep sleep. Can you give me any advice on what happened, why, and anything else. It sounds out there, but I assure you i am a perfectly sane individual, that jumps to no conclusions, im level headed, and I did not embelish my story not in the slightes amount. I remember it like it just happend. Every millisecond, every thought, every movement.

  26. Sharon says:

    Hey, wow�thanks!�I very much appreciate it and hopefully others will be greatly blessed in the process.

    I help all I can�many churches laugh or just tell those under attack to go �pray� and it isn�t enough and so many people have no idea how a demon manifests or how to deal with them safely.

    I�ve bookmarked your website and have been enjoying and learning from the content�..Thank you again�.

  27. Nabila says:


  28. Brooke says:

    I totally believe you ALpha. Thats awful! I do reccomend getting help, it sounds like its gotten real bad.

    I’ve had similar expiriences….the whole anger, strange pressing on my chest, being held down, a couple seizures, OBEs, seeing and hearing things, having strange talents…like telling the future and things, physical pain, seeing demon faces in the mirror instead of mine, even a “possession” as I’ve been told. It was driven out….but I feel as something is wrong inside…..
    I”ve also had weird expiriences…like my bed moving, waking up completely naked and having strange sensations in certain areas…..(If you know what i mean)
    I’ve had more and more nightmares too….its getting worse.

    If you want help, please get it before it gets worse! What your going through sounds like an possession or oppression.
    Good luck! Hope things go good for you!

  29. BREANNA says:


  30. chris says:

    for a few years now i have been having strange episodes where whilst alone at home (i have lived more than three places) i would feel this strong need to sleep…(keep in mind that sleep and tiredness were really the last things on my mind)… never the less it comes like a strong buzzing or humming sound in my head and i beging to feel numb and totally freeze up…i get paralyzed and feel a force pushing down on me physically… with that i hear the sound of chattering creature like voices and the sensation og something trying to enter my body… my only protection that i have resorted to thus far is to say the “our father” prayer in my ming although it is very hard to focus… at first i thought that it was a dream and i was really tired…. so i kinda blew it off…however there came a time whwn i was not home alone and when it was happening… i could hear eveything that was going on outside and everything that they were saying …[thus i was definitely not asleep....] this is when is what i classed as a demon skoke to me….first it was in the voice of someone that i knew but i didn’t see anyone enter the room… afterwards it attempted to possess me then when it did not succeed it tried to strangle me….when i prayed and it let up …[regaining movement in my limbs] i jumped off the bed and ran out into the yard… everyone looked at me like [what the hell is your problem???] i said nothing and walked into the sun because i deathly cold… since then more that one demon has visited me… one said something about [us... myself and others??***] who have been chosen by God for ***something [he had me lost] can’t stop them and that they are going to either have us or kill us!!! he mentioned his name and there was another name legion [like in those movies]… pretty weird…. i have since been in a car accident that the officers and paramedics on scene thought i was dead… many thoughts of suicide…a lot of what you would call bad luck… and just hell… i would like to know what is really going on

  31. Rosary says:


    I have a recommendation for you and for other people who are reading this. I think that you should start praying Rosary, it is the most powerful prayer which keeps devils away. There are 15 promises that Virgin Mary promised to those who pray the rosary daily. And it’s not only that devils won’t be able to approach you anymore, but you’ll be able protected from all your enemies. Trust me, it is a miraculous prayer, I experienced it once but then unfortunately I stoped praying(my excuse of course, was that I was too busy). I just started to pray it again and I believe that prayer and fasting will keep all evil things away from you.

  32. Brother Mark says:

    My brother,
    please note that when you come to God through true acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior, immediately you will receive the Holy Ghost. Prior to this process, you must renounce any and all participation in occults, witchcraft, sexual immorality, and other sins. If God allowed that experience to happen, you can receive it two ways:

    1st, you have unrepented sin or ongoing sin. It is fruitless to stand against demonic forces when one is continulally practicing sin. The Almighty God will allow such a tests to shake your faith nd repent.
    2nd, If the above paragraph does not apply, then God is preparing you to use you in his Kindom for his divine purpose.

    In closing, I have also experienced many visions and dreams involving Satanic forces. However, in each one, the Lord God in Jesus Christ showed himself strong and left me knowing that nothing, no one, no spirit, no demon, no devil can ever, will ever, supercede the awesome power of Yaweh, Almighty God in Jesus Christ.

    I ask you, where is your faith?

  33. Brother Mark says:

    To you who believe that Demons are the souls of the dead, I caution you. The bible is clear that Demons are fallen angels.
    To you who follow Satan, I caution you, he is already judged and God in Jesus Christ is no joke, he WILL destroy you!
    To you who think softly on the concept of Demonic influence and Poessession, I caution you, these beings are super smart and cunning, they can and will deceive you without guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    To you who seek Jesus Christ and wish to be saved, read, believe, and confess the following in truth:

    Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I repent of my sins (Tell God what they are).
    I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died on the cross, shed his blood, and was resurrected on the third day. He spoiled all principalities and powers. He was given all power in Heaven and Earth. To him, every knee shall bow and every mouth shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    I give you my life Almighty God Yaweh and ask for your mercy and forgiveness. Please receive me into you glorious family. I thank you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen

    Now believe and stand against Satan in the power of GOD Almighty in Jesus Christ.

  34. Alpha says:

    Thank you brother Mark
    I appreciate your wisdom and prayers. I will take into consideration those notions on my sins and my possible position as part of some divine plan next time i experience a demoniac encounter.

    My sentiments are akin to yours, for i too believe that if one experiences demons whilst being abject of sin (not infallibly) they are part of some divine intervention. (Take for instance, the exorcism of Emily Rose)

    Thank you once again :)

  35. melissa says:

    I had a similiar exp. a few nights ago. I heard music playing( it was distorted,satan is seeking whom he may devour). I was paralized,I could not speak or open my eyes.
    I am a spirit filled christian,so I wondered how this could happen.The enemy is being loosed in these last days to stop the move of God. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ . Call upon His mighty name if this happens again.
    You have been given authority to trample on demonic spirits and over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you(luke 10:19)

  36. sherone rose says:

    I feel really bad for you i’m goin through something similar not as terrible as your descriptions but the feeling of torment and hearing voices. Ive reached out to God and it makes me feel a little less scared i also put my tv on and leave the light on. I suggest you keep praying through it god loves you no matter what you’ve done or thought and he will help you just have faith that he will God bless you.

  37. Mark says:

    To those who have truly received Jesus Christ as Lord, I say to you be on guard! This means be aware, cognizant, and alert! To fight Satan, we must look at sin the way God does, as evil. We must live a life that is pleasing to God. Pray and pray, not just for yourself, but others!

    To those who have not accepted Jesus Christ, you must know that he loves you. However, he will not force you to choose or love him, it must be from your heart. But woe unto you, the time is now where you must choose whom you will serve God in Jesus Christ or the fallen one, satan!

    To those who are tormented by the Demonic realm vis attacks. If you are saved by the blood of the Lamb, then you have total authority over these evil spirits. Take authority by pleading the blood of Jesus Christ and submitting to God’s Holy Ghost. I have stated before, if God allows it, there are two possibilities: 1. You are practicing unrepented sin, which opens the door to satan.
    2. God is allowing this for your testsing (Ask God he will reveal these things to you).
    If you are not saved and desire to come to our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ, then say this quick prayer:
    Father God, I kneel before you in the name of your blessed son Jesus Christ. I repent of my sins (name them) and renounce any involvement with satan. I receive the gift of eternal life and ask for your blessed Holy Spirit. Save me in jesus christ name! Now Believe!

    Father, blessed is thy Eternal name Yaweh..the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. In the name of your only begotten son, Jesus Christ, I ask that you rebuke ye Satan, his plans, schemes, and agenda in the lives of those who visit this site. And may the power and blood of the Lamb destroy any strongholds in the lives of these readers. Save them Lord God Almighty before it is too late. Let them see the Glorious light that emanates from thy presence. And Father, charge your warring and minister Angels to move on this prayer, now, in the blood and power of the cross, in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

    Believe! Trust! and give God Almighty the Glory he deserves!
    Remember, satan has to be allowed (permitted by God’ s authority) to give you a simple toothache. Stop giving satan power over God. “He APPEARS as a roaring lion.” He is powerless in the hand of God in Jesus Christ! I pray that someone, at least one, seeks him as a result of this message.
    Brother Mark

  38. Bro Mark says:

    A thought:

    There are many Christians in the world who beleieve that Salvation can be lost! If so, I ask you to consider the following scripture from John 6:37 (I believe this is the correct scripture).

    “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”

    God has given to his son, Jesus Christ, based on his foreknowledge, those who will accept our Savior. So, let us not be condemed on our human imperfections (Sin), but be thankful that Jesus Christ has set us free. And if we truly love God in Jesus Christ, and hold close his new commandments, which is to love God with all of our heart and soul, and our neighbor as ourself, then sin will become annoying, uncomfortable, and ultimately a very hard thing to do (A process of change). And if we do sin, our conviction is immediate and sharp, which will usher in quick repentance, because we know that we have transgresses and disobeyed our great creator who we love and loves us.

    If salvation could be lost, then Jesus was wrong when he said, “It is finished!” If a believer backslides and forsakes God, does he/she lose their salvation? Surely not! As it is with your child/children, even in the midst of the toughest situation, will you subject them to the death penalty if it was in your power? God chastens those who he loves. If you continue in practicing sin, you will eventulally face the Father’s spanking, which could encompass going home early or some trial that will humble you. Don’t test God!

    In closing, if salvation could be lost, then we would have to work to be saved, the power of the cross would be nullified, and the Old Testament stringent rules and laws, minus grace would be in effect. Don’t let Satan deceive you! In Jesus Christ, you are no longer condemned, no longer!

    Peace be unto you in Jesus name!

  39. Snowblood says:


    I can very much relate, I have been fending off sexual advances from incubi and succubi spirits for years. Recently I worked Kabbalistic magic which was very effective against Lilith, who in Judaism is a kind of nocturnal succubi. She has a host of incubi and succubi demons. She is very ancient, dating back to Sumeria. The Book of Raziel, a Kabbalistic grimoire, gives the names of three angels to call upon to banish her, and the banishing talisman to use, which is a hexagram with some Hebrew characters on it. If you would like to try this, I can tell you more about my experience- the magic was very effective. These spirit beings are real, and the angels to combat them are real too!

  40. Michael says:

    I have a extreamly similar problem with a sucubus or incubus. I have had it for about 4 years. When I drink or do somewhat bad things in the day it gets worse at night. the spirit once appeared to me in a dream very much like you said. Quite frankly I’m very much quite sick and tired of it. I had nights where it wasn’t present. Those nights were proceeded by days where I was pure in heart and thought and deed. I regained my stregnth to carry on this long with this problem with searching for someone with a related problem. I have found the books written by the saints to relay their experience with this problem and removal of it. Only god can remove it. Don’t expect some silly pan of water to do the trick. the pain and trouble and fear removes a multitude of sins lust being the main one. But most incouraging has been a meekness in myself and an empathy for a sinner. God has called man kind to be perfect like their heavenly father is perfect. It is one way or the other. Don’t give up. Remember it is the sin that lives in you. you are not the cause of it. The incubus can put the wrong thoughts and desires in your head. Resist and the devil will one day flee. Sin is being manifest so that you will run from evil.

  41. D.Waite says:

    THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST )or state YESHUA) IS AGAINST YOU! They will flee. I once awoke paralized while lying on my stomach. I am a born again Christian. I could not get His name Jesus out of my mouth-but when I was able to say “Yeshua”- Jesus’s name in Jewish- It left and I was not paralized any further. I would also pray Psalm 91 and annoint all your windows with oil-ask your or a pastor to help you. once all windows and doors are touched with the oil while stating, “All unclean spirits are commanded to leave this home in the name of Jesus Christ or The Father Son and the Holy Ghost.” Then seal the door used most last and state this again. Also before you do this command all unclean evil spirits that are trying to possess and opress you to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Also ask the Father to command any human spirits to leave also. I know the Lord is faithful-because I had to do this myself. God bless you. Also remeber -The battle field starts in the mind-when they try to talk to you-state I give that thought to the obedience of Jesus Christ. Or state the Word! Greater is He in me then He that is in the World! Also try and live a clean life and be obedient to the Lord-Read the Bible. Also playing worship music makes them flee.

  42. D.Waite says:

    oops. In the first sentence I meant to type- Firmly state to them “The blood of Jesus Christ is against you!”

  43. Brother Mark says:

    The kingdom of satan is subject in all manner to the Kingdom of God. In order to have access to God’s power, one must confess his/her sins and believe on the Son of God, Jesus christ of Nazareth. If demons are visiting you, my brother or sister, make sure that you are aligned with the word of God and then take authority over them!! That means command the forces of darkness to leave according to the blood and power of Jesus Christ our Lord. Make sure that whatever sin you are engaged in, practicing, doing is stopped. If God removes the demon or demons and you continue in sin, it is disobedience and fruitless.

    I love you all and pray your protection in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!
    satan, the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ of Nazaraeth is against you! I ask the Father to destroy your works, agendas, schemes, and plans against the saints of God. I pray now for the unbelievers to come to Christ Jesus through repentance. I ask, Fatrher, that you give your warring Angels charge to move according to this prayer, in Jesus name. Behold, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  44. John says:

    im checking this sight out because lately ive been having some pretty messed up dreams. iVe always had some pretty weird dreams here and there. The typical 1n3s where u feel like something is on u and u cant yell or get help and u feel like your awake. i had dreams with different being’s 2. some with dark shadows. about like 5 or 6 yrs ago i had one that kind of reminds me of the little creatures/demons u had in your dream. there was serval of them crawling all around my bed. i could here them talking 2 each other, like laughing. they looked like littlle imps or summin dark greenish/black. They kept pulling on me.

    I ve also had a dream before where i was being moved all over my room, like floating on my ceiling, getting yanked. But recently, it happened twice now, just earlier 2 day when i took a nap in the day. well the first one was bout a week or 2 ago. yeah, ive been getting nagged and like practically molested (i know sounds messed up, but true) I was being touched on my groin and butt, then i would fell like numb in that area. but i couldnt c what was doing it.

    everytime i have bad dreams or dreams that invlove demons/ the devil. i just start sayin,”jesus bled on the cross for our sins.” i say it over and over till it stops, or say a prayer. it usually works fast. Im already used 2 it. the dream i had earlier the same thing started 2 happen, but what ever it was it was just toying with me. So i got mad and actually tried 2 communicate with what ever was messing wit me. cause i was repeating what i always say, “Jesus died on the cross for our sins” and it wasnt working fast enough , so i finally said if your so bad ass or summin like that, why dont you show your true form, or show yourself 2 me. then it did ,i have never seen diss being/demon before, but heard of summin like it before.. it was at the corner of my bed. it was all black looked like it was covered in fur, had the stature of a short ape/gorilla, its eyes were pitch black. it had a messed up ass grin when it was looking at me with huge fanglike teeth.

    I actually diddnt even get scared. its like im used 2 these dreams. i just kept praying then i woke up. The funny thing is. this has happened twice now recently, I have a picture of a deceased friend in my room, and a prayer card from my dads best friend’s wake that died not 2 long ago. when i woke up they were both face down. now dat shit right there freaks me out. its happend twice now. first it was the picture, now the card 2. and i tested out if the picture fell could it have knocked the prayer card 2, and theres no way it could. i think this is a sign that i really need 2 go 2 church, beacuse it has been yrs. im not an evil person, but we all have are dark sides we tend 2 hide. I thought i would just comment 2 yall bout my expereinces, cuz you aint the only one.

  45. ben says:

    mm i see you say its how you reach god that matters ,, then how come Jesus says in th ebible the only way to the father is through him ,, i usd to be catholic myself ,, soo i usd to be into the saints ,, you are correct it is a succubus ..and the reeson they told you that he does not want you is because they wanted you to stop praying ,,, next timw they come in a firm voice say in the name of jesus christ leave ands they will go ,, if they do not pray to jesus and do it again ,, they feer the name jesus ..that ahppend to me once ( sept they wernt touchin me ) i new they wanted my soul ,, and i prayed to jesus n it laughed at me and then i did it again it screeched n ran away ,,never humor it by talkin …liek jesus said to the demon SILENCE they ave nothing of importance to say ,, i hope this is helpful .. and im srry to say this for the muslim girl ,,, any relgion that says to kill cannot be the correct one,, also jesus was not a prophit he was the son of god the king of kings ,, PRAISE JESUS AND GOD BLESS

  46. Brother Mark says:

    My brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,

    I bring to you God’s peace and love. I say to you, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. That includes every demonic spirit, every unbeliever, hitler, and the father of lies himself, satan.

    I urge you who have not confessed your sins to Jesus Christ and called upon his name to consider this moment your future. It is doomed! Have you not seen the increase in murder, perversion, disregard for law, abuse of children, diseases, earthquakes in places like Italy, to name a few. God is true to his word, these things are upon us.

    It should not be taken lightly that God allows any of us to experience the satanic realm. It is no video game! God has a divine purpose for this! You must remember, satan can do nothing, I mean nothing, without God’s divine permission. When you allow this to take its place in your faith, your reverance for the Almighty will be complete.

    As always, I will end this message reminding the forces of darkness, every demonic spirit, and satan himself, that our God (Yaweh) in Jesus Christ is so, so great! He is like no other and his will we be done in heaven and on earth.

    May the authority of Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ and his blood, by way of the Holy Spirit, destroy the works, plans, agendas, demonic attacks, of every person on the website who seeks the Lord God. I know by faith that God’s warring Angels are dispatched before I even finish this prayer. By Jesus blood, all evil spirits are commanded and returned to dry places. May the peace and love of the Holy Spirit restore and rebuild the places that have been damaged by satanic trespass. I seal this prayer by faith in the Almighty God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

  47. rebecca says:

    brother mark- do you think interest in the paranormal is an abomination to God?

    • The Caretaker says:

      Religion IS paranormal – miracles, angels, demons, heaven, resurrection, etc

  48. Hugh says:

    GOD, YAHWEH, hears all the prayers of his children. But being a good, church going, communion taking person does not make you a child of YAHWEH. You must confess and believe with every ounce of your being that:

    JESUS, YESHUA, is GOD’s only begotten Son
    YESHUA died on the cross for our sins
    He died and was resurrected from the dead
    and that He will come again to judge the living and the dead

    Once you are right with GOD, simply cast the demons out. But the power doesn’t come from you, it comes from YESHUA and your faith in him. In other words, you must bind their power using JESUS’s name. It will work 100% of the time if you have faith in HIS power and humble yourself before him.

    Do not be a fool- the only gateway a demon needs is a heart that doesn’t have faith in the blood of Jesus. Believe!

  49. Brother Mark says:

    Dear Rebecca,

    Yes, God warns us not to seek these things for our own good. The devil appears as an angel of light and can deceive us all if we are not seeking guidance of the Holy Spirit.

    Im not saying that you should negate your interest in unexplained things. However, I am saying that God has defined what these unexplained things are. There is a spiritual realm and an adversary to the Almighty God. So, my sister, seek ye the God of heaven in Jesus Christ and he will satisfy all of your desires.

  50. The Lords Warrior says:

    The truth is, the only thing that will protect you from these demonic forces is the blood of Jesus. They cannot be in His presence. That is why when you called on God, He sent Jesus to you to so that these demons would flee.

  51. David says:

    Alpha and to the rest, these experiences are everywhere with many people. The thing to think on is this. If you pray to a person or entity other than God and a demonic spirit (which is to say evil spirit) is tormenting you, it will cease because it has already won. Also this will happen because it is part of deceiving you to believe in lies. This is how the TRUTH is so heavily rejected today, because it is surrounded by lies and twists that negate it just enough to lure you into a trap. I myself have had experiences with “familiar spirits” those that have been around for YEARS and knew your ancestors enough to mimic them “as well as Mary etc…” I’ve seen them whilst awake as well. To put it simply you do not need physical symbols which have no power, but the name of Yahshua (God who lived in flesh). Seek out these things and research into the past on all the pagan roots of things and God will if you seek Him sincerely weed out all the muck and mire and show you the TRUTH. Take care all of ya. I pray this reaches you where it should. I would also be fully happy to converse with anyone about these things.

  52. Brother Cysa Dime says:

    I write Christian Bible study books. The night after I sent the signed contract for my first book to the publisher I woke up with a pain in my side. The next morning I had a very large wound in my side with an unusual geometric pattern that could not have been made by any object in the room. About a year later I regained consciousness and was lying out straight in the parking area of where I live. I had several wounds on my head that were strange. It was as if I had fallen on my face and yet my nose was not damaged. This last attack happened a few hours after I had an insight into the full significance of the believers in Berea being praised for Bible study.

  53. Brother Mark says:

    A prayer:

    Father, forgive me for I have sinned! Please receive this prayer of faith and charge your warring, ministering, and comforting Angels to go forth into the world and do thy bidding.
    Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I lift up every soul upon this earth. That those who don’t believe be given the opportunity to come unto the light, the lamb of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ. That those who have received Jesus Christ will keep their faith in the midst of satanic and worldly temptations.

    Father, if any one who reads this agree with me, we ask that you REBUKE satanic activity that is not apart of your divine plan. Father, by the blood of Jesus Christ, bring down principaliltes, powers, rulers, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Destroy all connecting chords of power to the lesser demonic forces in Jesus name.

    Father, I know that you are in control of this world and everything in it. Lord, please protect our children and the elderly who are not able to defend themselves. Father, come against those who practice evil with malicious hearts, and those who have chosen to follow the fallen angel. God Almighty, who or what can oppose your awesome hand in your beloved son, Jesus Christ the Lord.

    Behold, Father, I ask that you seal this prayer by the Holy Spirit; by the blood of the Lamb; by the power of the cross; by the power of the resurrection; by the power of your Word, in Jesus name…Amen!!!

  54. Kristen says:

    Pray Daniel Pray. You are precious to God and they know this that is why they hate you. Many saints have been tormented by demons. Jesus commanded us to be lights to the world and as you get closer to God you will be more hated by Satan.

    Do not be afraid God is with you always. You have been given a gift in seeing these things. You have proof that there is a spirit realm. Get down on your knees and ask God what He wants you to do ask Him why He has allowed you to see these things. I believe these things attack all of us but only a few are allowed to see hear or experience it. Or perhaps just the mere lack of faith does not allow them to see it. We see with our hearts not our minds eyes.Faith is the truth. So you must have a lot of faith to see the truth.

    I myself have seen them and been attacked. It is God’s mercy He is showing you the truth. Eph 6:12 ” For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” For help in spiritual warfare go to with Rabbi Schneider. He has visions and has had demonic attacks. His teachings are from the Lord and he has helped me in my combat. Not to mention when I started going to his synogogue I was under brutal attack. Some similar attacks as yours. I was being zapped and hearing cursing and foul language, name calling. Horrible dreams. A high pitched screaching in my ears that hurt. I felt physically sick and weighted down…oppressed.

    When I went to Adat Adonai two women prayed over me and I felt the Holy Spirit come into me later and wash over me like fire and cleanse my body. I was saved that night. It was a life changing experience. I felt freed and liberated from bondage. I still experience things but I think that is just the path that some saints walk. All who are saved by Jesus Christ are saints. I am a sinner given salvation by the mercy of God. Praise His holy name.I do not think your experiences will entirely go away. The closer we get to God the more we anger the evil forces but God protects us. Remember even Christ himself the dragon tried to kill. The good thing is you are chosen by the Lord.

    If you were not they would not be worried and they would not be bothering you. This world is an illusion the real world comes after. Call on God He is faithful…ask Him what to do. He will answer and it may not be immediately but He will answer. Sometimes we have to wait. The Lord has His reasons nothing happens that He does not allow.Make sure you pray for a confirmation from Him when you hear an answer. Only He is able to help you. Anything asked for in Jesus name will be given to us. We have authority in Jesus name. Blessings and Shalom

  55. Tom says:

    This blog is pretty incredible.

    Let me explain what I think is going on.

    Our minds desire things to be real. That includes perception of the Divine and the Dark. In reality I personally don’t feel either exist…but our minds force them to exist…its

    If we could ever as individuals be able to grasp what our minds do…
    What I think is being experienced here (I’ve had similiar experiences tho not demonic like) is our your mind making reality what you don’t consciously know you desire.

    What Prayer does for you, is help you override on a subconscious level those desires that you believe are demonic visitations but in reality are only what your mind desires. The coincidence that these visits began with your fathers death is no coincidence, it was a trigger for your mind. There are things that you haven’t been able to tell yourself (trapped in your brain) that you feel, and what has happened during these ‘visits’ are your brains manner of expressing it.

    I’m not sure what exactly these ‘visits’ mean for you, but I’m sure there are deep rooted thoughts that you just haven’t been able to tell yourself….that’s why people do hypnosis because the practice relaxes some of the defensive mechanisms that we put on ourselves when being truthful, sometimes the truth about ourselves and what we think is negative, so the mind keeps such things hidden from consciousness, or represses them


  56. rachel says:

    i just woke up from not being able to move my entire body and when i tried to talk just now, only a little babble came out, i felt weird currents moving thru my body. i was hearing voices while half alseep right before this happened, i was online looking up what that means when i came across this. do not talk to them, you need to get an expert in there. look up numbers for demonology experts and they will know what to do, dont try and do this on ur own.

  57. Brother Mark says:

    Dear Rachel,

    My first and most important question to you is this: Have you repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If yes, then I have spiritual suggestions from the Word of God. If you ar not saved, then seeking “Demonology experts” will be fruitless. If you are not saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and desire to do so, then repeat these words with sincerity in your heart.
    Father God, I repent of my sins and turn away from my wicked ways. I believe that your son Jesus Christ, became flesh that I, (Your full name) might have eternal life. I renounce any and all activity with satan and ask that you receive me into your arms, in Jesus name. Amen! If you have confessed this with your mouth and believed, You Are Saved!

    Please understand this, satan (demons) are subject in every manner to God in Jesus Christ! If you are a child of the living God, in Jesus Christ you have been given authority over all power of the enemy.

    I urge you, talk to God and open your soul to him. He will guide you and stop all attacks from the enemy, if it is in his divine will.

    If you want to know further, write and I will respond!

  58. David says:

    I see where Mark is going with this, but I’m not a huge fan of the “pray this prayer and everything is fine” method. There has to be an understanding first. Rachel you have not stated whether you believe in Yahweh God and creation and everything so to be simple, these are spiritual attacks. You may hear about it being a part of your sleep process, but this is just not true. I have myself encountered this before ever falling asleep. Now it is true that the way to fight against attacks is through the blood of Yahshua (Jesus) but if you can’t understand it how can you believe. I have met too many people who are told “pray this” and have no idea what’s going on. There are far too many people in “church” buildings that aren’t part of the Church. It is by manner of longing to know God that it will come about. If you or anyone here does not know the Lord and wants to have help learning about Him feel free to contact me.

  59. Brother Mark says:

    Thank you David!

    Please remember that it is the Holy Spirit who teaches! And, we are to pray without ceasing. God states that we should lean not to our own understanding. So, to attempt understanding without praying and asking God is fruitless. I ask this, is there one who understands the spiritual realm more than God himself?

    Im not defending my previous message, but I asked Rachel if she has accepted Jesus Christ! This encompasses her belief or unbelief. Nevertheless, I respect your opinions. I, too, have had many experiences with demonic attacks, even to the extent that a demon manisfested before me while awake. So, I say to you once more, Rachel, seek th Lord God in prayer, even if you don’t understand. He is the greatest teacher in the universe!

  60. Xavier says:

    God? What proof do you have God exists there are some who are willing to openly accept the fact that the church says there IS a divine but others have been so unfortunate and so broken that there is almost NO way to believe for them, so if you have no proof then I say BAH what has God done for me that CAN be explained as “divine will”?

  61. Brother Mark says:

    Mr. Xavier, I am not an expert on God or anything for that matter. However, I do know this:
    God loves you so much that he allowed his own son, Jesus Christ, to be tortured and killed that we [you and I] might live. I know this maybe meaningless to you. Prior to this, were were spiritually dead in our iniquity, but God saved us if we accept his son. As God allowed satan to rebel through his own choice and desire, he will also allow you to believe that which you desire. Please understand that what is, is!

    You ask for proof that God is real. Take a moment and ask God, I promise he will reveal himself to you. The fact that you exist encompasses his divine will (You were created). God’s will is that no one should perish but have eternal life.

    If you are truly interested and seeking to know God, He Will Be Found!
    If you are not, then he will not be found.
    Before you take your last breath, it would probably serve a great purpose to know if he is real, don’t you think? How devistating it will be to die and then immediately see the Almighty God knowing that your pessimism was stronger and more fruitfull than your faith.

  62. Dave says:

    Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No man shall come to God the Father except through him (John 14:6). You may pray to whatever saint but that is not suggested in the bible; JESUS is the way, truth and life, not St.Michael or the pope or whomever. Just because praying to them may SEEM like it works to ulyou, you are not approaching this dangerous situation in the right manner. For example, committing adultery may seem like it works in satisfying one’s sexual desire but in reality it is wrong and is a sin, you must remember: all that glistens is not gold.

    No where in the bible is is states that one should pray unto anyone except God. It is not biblically correct to pray unto someone else, please seek Jesus, He is the one that died on the cross for your sins, not anybody else, why should you pray unto them? What have they done for you while on Earth? Answer to the Lord only and may God give you strength in every situation, for the battle is over and victory is yours but the question is: Do you have the faith to take it? The choice is yours…….

  63. Brother Mark says:

    I would like to share with you one of my many, many visions that Father God has allowed me to experience. Believe or not it is your choice! Nevertheless, I know what I know! Since 1993, God has been filling my nights and days with spiritual experiences. Why God chose me, I don’t know. Actually, I’m a mess! However, I know that I’m a mess and thank God daily for his grace in Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior! Amen!

    I was in a dark dungeon holding on tightly to the left leg of the most powerful and strong and handsome Angel of God. This Angel was tall and holding a large sword in his hand, which was pointed at least 12 demons kneeled before him. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit spoke through me saying, “Every knee shall bow and every mouth shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” In an instance, the demons vaporized except one! The demon that escaped fled through some type of garbage shoot. As I turned to look around, my Angel was gone. I became afraid and began to run. As I looked behind me, I saw the demon that had escaped chasing me. In a loud voice I cried for my Angel to help me. Immediately, he appeared and said, “Don’t worry, I’m here.” He placed me in his hands and we began o fly away. The demon, also flying, came along side of us. My brothers and sisters, it was a very heinous looking demon with indescribeable looks. I began to punch it and it felt like rubber. With perfect calm, my Angel said to the demon, “He Is Ours!.” After saying that, it was over and I was taken to safety by this glorious Angel of God.

    The mesage:
    God is sovereign
    God is in control
    God assigns his Angels to help and protect us
    God will never leave us
    And, God says that we belong to him!
    Wow, what more is there to say, we are children of the most loving, powerful, intelligent, and giving God in Jesus Christ!

    I have many more to share with you in the near future!

  64. snowbird says:

    I stumbled across this site while searching for something else. First of all I am surprised anything about God was found here. Mixed messages will work towards a path that leads to more confusion. I lived my own life in sin and did my own thing until age 27. But When I was really young I would climb the highest tree I could find and talk to God. I didn’t really know what sin was, I just needed to talk to someone I could trust. Needless to say I made a lot of mistakes and I know I would not be here without the mercy and Grace of God. I had an episode with a demon through an owejie (wrong spelling) board. A note here…my online speller and electronic dictionary could not spell this word…strange. It told me there was no God and I was surrounded by an eerie glow. I was a teenager but had since enough to contact a minister because I had been getting magazines from him. He told me it was a gateway for demonds and to burn the board…needless to say I took his advice. I did not get saved for many years after that but I wrote letters to God all the time. I always told him everything and somehow I believe it protected me. He knew what I would do and what was in my future. I’ve read the bible through almost 5 times and when I desperately need an answer, the Holy Spirit will bring exactly what I need from his word to my mind. I am totally convinced that evil spirits (fallen angels) are at work day and night to claim another soul for eternity. I have had many things happen to me because before I learned wisdom I opened doors to Satan. We all make mistakes and can fall into a trap. But I fear an eternity without God more then I could ever fear anything the devil could do to me. Do not be deceived. Anyone can fall from grace and lose what they had gained and worked so hard for. I have been there also, but was spared because I was given room to repent. Some die before they receive another chance. Its a frightful and extremely fearful matter not to heed God’s voice….because he is not obligated to call again. If I were going through what is happening to you, I would seek God’s face until you received a breakthrough and an assurance in your soul that all was well. Hes a friend like no other. And I am not sold on thousands of churches with different names or a lot of religious activity, but I am surely surely sold on salvation!!

  65. snowbird says:

    I am such a ninny…..If I had looked up at the top, I could have spelled the word “ouija.”…but I will not put a capital letter there!!

  66. Brother Jerome says:

    Try thus prayer. Lord your word says that no weapon that is formed against me shall prosper and you have given your heavenly angels charge over me to protect me from the attacks of demonic spirits. Please forgive me of any sins that I have not repented of and may not be aware of which may be giving the enemy a legal right to attack me.
    In Jesus name I bind the spirit of incubus from attacking me at night in my sleep and i destroy all witchcraft spells, curses of lust and inherited curses prayed against me in Jesus name. Lord I thank you for giving me the victory in Jesus name.

  67. Doug says:

    Yes, my experiences are very similar to yours and I am a Christian, the demons you describe are far more detailed than what I experienced. My first demonic attack occurred over twenty years ago but they have always been controlled through prayer until recently, I had the bright idea about 8 months ago to question the demon forces and man let me tell you that was a big mistake, it somehow empowered them and brought about more striking attacks with literal voices, somehow rebuking in the name of Jesus only made them bolder.
    Now I must pray for God’s protection his Holy Spirit to be with me and his Angles, just yesterday I called for a Pastor to come and pray over my bedroom and pray with me…(God sent two Pastors) we talked about family sins in the past and who may have lived in the home before I moved in about a year ago. Believe me I know what you are talking about I have placed a Christmas bell beside my bed that alerts me when a demonic force is near(the bell starts ringing), then I start praying and singing until the demon leaves it can be very exhaustive, but worth it. If you haven’t already I encourage you to ask Jesus to be your savior and be born again…let Jesus be your protector and fight for you, if there is sin in your life be sure to ask God to forgive you every day.demons are attracted to sin like fly’s to garbage. email me. Psalms 37:40 “The LORD helps them and delivers them;
    he delivers them from the wicked and saves them,
    because they take refuge in him.”

    • GladtoHelp says:

      Hi Doug,

      It is taking me a while to read the whole of this thread, but Ijust read your post. What do you mean by a Christmas bell and how do you use it. I don’t need one to discern demonic activity or spirit activity(e.g. lost souls) but I’d like to know about it so I can show my husband. He is sceptical but once or twice we have shared an xperience that has slightly lowered his scepticism. Maybe your bell idea would work for him


  68. Brother Mark says:

    Father, most powerful and loving God, in the name of Jesus Christ, through his death, burial, and resurrection, I thank you! I thank you that in spite of us, our wickedness, ignorance, and self pride, you continue to bless and keep us, your saved and unsaved. It is through this prayer, Eternal God, that I ask you to bind any and all principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness that is launched against any of the believers on this website. Father, if it is not fulfilling your divine plan, cancel their evil assignments to hinder and thwart blessings of healing, wisdom, prosperity, love, patience, forgiveness, understanding, righteousness, and all that represent the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, this moment, give your Angels of war, Angels of peace, Angels of love, Angels of ministering, Angels of healing, an Angels of power charge over your sons and daughters, that satan or his minions may have no right to them. Lord God, forgive our sins, cleanse us, restore us, rejuvenate us, replenish us in your powerful word. And Father, teach us how to love the way Jesus Christ loved and loves today. For love is our weapon against satan. Father, we know that no weapon formed against us shall prosper, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for those who believe and those who do not.

  69. Dave says:

    Amen brother Mark, may God continue to bless you as He obviously already has. I can feel the power of your prayer, for you are truly annointed.

  70. thomas says:

    jesus is just a man mark nothing more than my brother and as we have learned from the bible god doesn’t put one brother infront of another.. maybe its just me the thought of another brother being better then another is obsard though but i do believe in god and i do believe in most of genisis its my favroit story

  71. Brother Jerome says:

    I have to fight demons all the time. I have been called by God to do spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness. From your story it appears to me that you are being attacked by Succubus the female dream demon. I would recommend you go to the nearest Apostolic Pentecostal church and get help. They helped me and my wife 10 years ago when we were under demonic attack. We got the help we needed and to God be the Glory. God has the devil on a leash so he can’t kill you but he likes to deceive us by using fear tactics. The devil is attacking you because you are gifted and have the ability to see in the spirit realm. Not every christian can see demons and God has given you this gift. I pray that God will protect you as you seek help in Jesus name.

  72. Dave says:


    Jesus is the Word of God, and the Word was with God since the beginning. (Notice in Genesis 1:26 it reads “Let US make man in OUR image, those pronouns includes Yeshua (or Jesus)).

    You see Jesus was much more than a man, He existed long before His physical manifestation, when He was physically manifested as a human sacrifice He was God in the flesh, He was literally God covered in flesh. Jesus is our Saviour who died on the cross for our sins, He sacrificed Himself for you and I, our children, our forefathers, the entire world! No greater love is there than one who puts his life down for another, try putting your life down for the whole world! He is truly the Messiah and God Almighty, He is worthy to be praised!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! Jesus was much more than “another brother”, and last I heard God is above man just as the Heavens are above Earth.

    Your comment puzzled me, how can you pick and choose from the Bible what you want to believe and what you don’t? How do you choose to believe in Genesis but cannot believe that Jesus Christ is Lord? You have to believe in the whole truth, you cant be in between, you either believe God’s Word or you don’t. Don’t be a lukewarm believer my friend.

  73. Brother Jerome says:

    God does not call everyone to do spiritual warfare. Demons are real and if you have not had any encounter with them and have not done battle with them then it makes it very difficult to help someone who has. I have cast devils out of people for ten years so I know by experience. I have fought demons for tens years so I am ministering to souls on my experience and the word of God which is where you get your amo to fight against the devil. It takes experience to be able to help someone under demonic attack. If you can’t fight in The Spirit (Holy Ghost) then it makes it very difficult to help someone under demonic attack. God is still pouring out his Spirit just like he did on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:4). Paul mentioned many times how he had to deal with demons all through the book of acts. Many people don’t know how to fight the devil because they never received the Holy Sprit correctly like they did on the day of Pentecost. If you are not filled with the Spirit you have nothing to fight the enemy with. God will protect you but every believer has to fight the good fight of faith if they are a true believer. The bible says you will enter great tribulation to make it in to heaven. It also says the kindom of God suffers violence and the violence takes it by force. God bless in Jesus name

  74. sunday colvin says:

    I have accepted Christ as my personal saviour,almost ten yrs. ago.And almost immediately i came under attack.there is a evil spirit that follows me wherever i go.and at night this thing gets in bed with me.i believe it is a incubus.i very seldom talk about this ,as i have been told not to.i gain strength in knowing that God is with me .the veil was lifted from my eyes,and i was allowed to see my tormentor.God has promised me things,that he will bless me with,if i will allow Him to strengthen me,through this i know personally that Christians do come under attack,and God uses our messes,to make good things happen.I have not mentioned what my life was like prior to this, so i will say this,a curse without cause does not come! I will not quit this journey,because even though ,the forces of hell has been unleashed against me,I have been in the presence of God.and i know He is in Control.I get so tired ,and go without sleep,but i know when its time for me to come out of the Fire,I will be ready to do Battle on a different level.when God brings you out of a situation,you owe it to your Bros.,and Sisters,to help them who are going through what you went through! so i keep praying ,and fasting knowing that my God has His eyes on me.Remember me in your prayers.