Can Demons Fall in Love with Humans?

Okay, I might sound foolish but here it goes. Can Demons fall in love with humans? Like if it were in hell still. And the creature came to earth and did everything it can to make the mortal fall in love with it. At last after the mortal fell in love, could that Demon have enough ‘love’ for that human to give his ‘powers’ away to be with the mortal?

Please this is Serious. And I expect everyone to take me serious.

Asked by Sebastien

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  1. Hi Sebastien

    The short answer is no.

    Demons do not love. Demons, by their very nature, are incapable of Love in any form. They are the opposite of love.

    What demons do is LIE. They lie brilliantly. You’d never be able to fault them.

    If a demon told you it loves you your own instincts would make you doubt it, and you would be asking that question, just as you have.

    And no, it will not give its powers away, nor give them to you. It can say it will, or has, but how can you truthfully tell? It only says things to lead someone deeper into its evil .. but please. Don’t go there. The outcome will be disasterous, not just for you, but for anyone that you Love. It will affect your whole family.

    Don’t be conned by the dark. They only care for their own wicked aims .. the subverting of humanity into their darkness.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra
    Demonologist (my website is listed here under Friends – Victorian Paranormal Connection)

    • Thank-you all! . (i’m a girl By the way) Well, ever since I posted this I pretended not to know ‘he’ was here. So I pretty much ignored him. But once I went to my friends house which it very far away from where I live, I felt the same uncomfortable feeling I felt when ‘The demon’ it’s what I call him, was in my house. It felt like he was watching me from there, even at school, like he was following. Until, I fell asleep in class and I had this dream where a VERY handsome man with White hair and beautiful green eyes was approaching me. The scene was out side during the day (possibly late at night where the sun made everything orange) and there where many tree’s (like the woods) and he told me that I needed to ‘wake up now’ and once I did. I screamed out to him ‘Leave me alone.’ and I looked up and I was in class. Was it ‘just’ a dream and I am overreacting now? He seems to be every where now…. I sorta find him familiar like a friend I used to have when I was little. Maybe he was an imaginary friend that I had forgotten about?

      • Hi Sebastien,

        Two things .. next time you feel the entity around you, ask it if it comes ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’, or if you prefer ‘do you come in the name of God’s pure Light’. It will answer ‘yes, I come in the name of Jesus Christ’ .. or ‘God’s pure Light’. Accept nothing else. Any hesitation on its part is to be noted, and then .. command it away from you, and never to return .. again in the name of JC

      • Hi Sebastien,

        Two things .. next time you feel the entity around you, ask it if it comes ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’, or if you prefer ‘do you come in the name of God’s pure Light’ (from AJ on this site). It will answer ‘yes, I come in the name of Jesus Christ’ .. or ‘God’s pure Light’. Accept nothing else. If there is any hesitation on its part .. command it away from you, and never to return .. again in the name of JC or God’s pure Light, whichever one you used.

        You could also use this Invocation which is long, but very useful. It clears negativity from our system.

        If the being is still there after you have done the above, he might well be a spirit guide. A human being especially trained to help you in this lifetime. Ask him his name. You can listen to advice, but if you are ever not happy with it, do not act on it. And no one can demand you do anything. You always have your free will.

        Love & Peace

    • Hi, uhh i dont know how to put this but i wish demons could love so i could possibly fall in love with one.. Is that wrong?

      • Not wrong, Anonymous, but very very foolish. Why would you want to have any sort of relationship with an entity that is totally untrustworthy, negative in the extreme, and could turn and torment you at any moment? No amount of ‘magical’ experiences is worth that.

        Don’t spend your life wishing for something that can never happen. Demons hate humans, and they are very negative entities. They only do harm, and you .. you deserve to be loved, and to love, someone who is good, kind and strong. Look for that instead.

        Love & Peace

  2. I believe they could. I was once haunted by a demon called James. He would hurt me, then I would hear a weird gurgling noise, and then something that felt a lot like lips kissing the abused area, then on my lips. This went on every day for about 4 months before I sought out professional help. I looked on the web for a cheap but real mediator. I let her into the house, and told her what was happening. She then told me to leave the room so she could speak to the demon. I let her. Half an hour later, she told me that she “spoke” with the demon, and wrote down her questions and the answers. It turns out that the demon James watched me for 5 months before she started touching me. He was stuck between me and his “powers”, I guess you could call them. The mediator said that James was in love with me. I havn’t heard from James since. But, I was pretty shaken up and had to see a shrink for 2 months. After the sessions, I walked down a street. I was a bout to pass a dark ally way when this man walks in front of me, kisses me on the lips, then says “do you remember James?” he then turned the corner. I ran after him, but he disappeared. I have been scared ever since.

    • Hiya! Hiya! (LOL – couldn’t resist)

      OK first of – in our world, if a person were to do such a thing to us as kissing us (or whatever!) against our will or permission, that would be construde as sexual assult (or rape). What James did to you was no different. It violated you. In most cases of domestic abuse one person inflicts pain (physical or mental) on another then, after the rage, they apologise most profusely, promising never to do it again, only to go right ahead and repeat the process the next time they are filled with rage. Again, this is James.

      What you experienced with this spirit is not love – this is one ‘person’ having power over another.

      It also sounds like James is pretty good at possession, even if it is what I call ‘body hoping’ (that is temorarily taking over a person – anything from a few seconds upwards) to do what they want to do, usually to intimidate. And it sounds like it has worked.

      What else did the mediator do whilst she was there? Did she bless the house? Did she bless you? Did she do anything else?

      There was a reason why James left you … but I don’t think it was entirely its idea.


      • Doesn’t sound like a demon to me, no matter what the mediator said.

        I agree with everything that AJ says here. And I would like to know the rest of what happened too.

        Love & Peace

  3. that is a good question, but i dont know.

  4. Hi Sebastien

    An interesting question. But the diffinitive answer is NO!

    The reason it is ‘no’ is because demon’s are consumed with hate, loathing, negativity, spite, ego, selfishness, destructive nature … in fact, everything negative about ourselves. Demon’s do not know how to love … infact they loath the concept of love.

    However, to overcome or over-power a demon is to show it love. (I don’t mean physical love, but the kind of love that a mother has for her newborn … unconditional love.) For example, when an exorcism is administed correctly, it is actually the love of God that repell’s the demon to the point it is forced to retreat back from whence it came.

    That said, a demon will try to trick you into thinking it ‘loves’ you, in order to do its bidding. But this is in no way love … it is not unconditional love. They are just deceiving you.

    I hope this has helped and that was a very good question indeed.


  5. yes actually but not the powers thing…

  6. My mom called my dad a demon before, I guess thats why they divorce…. Im sure thats not what you meant. Well didnt like the Angels come down to earth to ‘ get it on” with the women. Dont knw wheather the loved the women or not. Would they be considered demons now?

    • G-Dawg,
      Those Angels you speak of are “Fallen” Angels, and once they “fall” they become demons. Whether or not they loved these women, I don’t know. But demons are incapable of Love; if they were they would be demons no longer.

  7. Hi G-Dawg,

    The angels fell from ‘lust’, which is not love. We don’t know if they loved the women, or simply wanted to use them.

    Since they were fallen angel, they would still be demons.

    Love & Peace

    • LMMAO!! Ama!! We pretty much said the same thing!! You comment didn’t show up until after I left mine! :D

  8. i dont think he had a demon in love with him it could of been a spirit walking around an found you latched on. either 2 things did find love or found it fun to do what it pleased and made it seem like love. being so you wouldnt try an force it away. but the part about the person seems false because if someone invaid’s a person space is it not instink to react at the moment before the other person tried to kiss you.

    im not saying it didnt happen just that parts hard to believe

  9. Before anything you must know ” what are ?” and ” how are ?” demons . they are a group of creatures that are like human but with another kind substance and some difference in shape and probably in body organs. also they are lesser value and grade than human .unlike this opinion which they are dead – soul , no they are entirely alive and sensitive. as I explain in another post demons have the society and also everyone has a family, mom , dad and etc .fundamentally demons is divided into tow kind , bad and good , as you see in human societies. bad demons usually are devilish and malicious but fortunately demons usually live in remote or lonely places therefore haven’t common places with human but it is not an absolute matter , sometime they have common places with human. Some particular area and houses are so. Good demons usually believe in god and religion and commonly don’t annoy or torture humans but unlike , evil demons are unruly and attacker and tend to affray or damage. some female demons are so too but lesser than male demons . generally some demons have noticeable power and some are very powerful and if they be among evil demons are very dangerous . yes demons can fall in love and be in love with demons or very seldom with human .but some of this kind love is not love rather is carnality. Anyhow their sense ( good or bad) is like human. I think that demon that you described with name “ James !” was only a malicious and violator entity but believer demons are not so they have an ordinary life and behavior and don’t wish connect with human. I shall send tow true story about female demons love to man soon

    • No offense, but have you actually gone to college for occult studies or demonology? If not, your statement is merely conjecture. I realize that you obviously believe in what you say, but I am curious about the basis. Could you clear that up for me?

      • I have to disagree very strongly with that statement. One does NOT have to ago to college before their opinions count. AND going to college does not automatically make one an expert either. To say someone’s statements are nothing but conjecture because they didnt go to college is erroneous.

      • Hello Moira
        first off , thank you for your agreeable criticize. The root of some information about quality of demons (not all subjects and not falling in love subject ) is from theology and creation. Some of those are god,s clean cut word and some are interpretation of god,s mysterious word that we have received from prophets and messengers . Proving a paranormal stuff and an invisibly god’s creation is out of our ability as you can’t show what you have studied in college. and also remember please I don’t say what is trained and studied in college about paranormal phenomenons is wrong but I move on a way that think reach to destination sooner. My method is refering to main source , researching , study , thinking , interpreting , discovering and also refering to information which is interpreted or experienced by other reliable expert persons
        Notice !! please :
        Demons falling in love is not attached to theology or not related to God’s word at all , what I opined was about experience that it had been told by some persons also some stories that I have heard herein.

  10. @ Manss,
    You might be describing a Tulpa. A Tulpa is an entity that we “manifest to life.” We believe in it so strongly that we create it’s existance. Tulpas can be anyhing in our immagination and become real with strong belief. Real demons are incapable of Love. They are capable of suduction in order to obtain that which they seek, and are capable of lies and deception, as well. The may even “say” the love a person to get what they are after, but to feel real honest and true unconditional love, is an ability they do not possess.

    • Hi Luna,

      That’s the word I was trying to think of. And Manss’ ‘friend’ doesn’t sound demonic to me either. I read his story.

      Love & Peace

  11. Hello Luna

    if demons don’t understand what is love how they could marry and love their sweet babies …and how they could live together ,congregate and deal ?

  12. Manss,
    I am very sorry, but you are not describing demons. You are describing a different being or entity; possibly a Tulpa or an Elemental. It is imposible for Demons to love. A loving creature is just not a demon. Sorry.

  13. Hi Manss,

    What you call a demon, I would call a Tulpa .. a created being. Demons do not love, do not have ‘family’, and are only focused on their own selfish desires. There is no ‘marriage’ and no offspring – unless you deem the entities they create to harass the living as their ‘children’.

    Humans are very good at creating entities. We were created to ‘create’, so, if the desire is strong enough, and if society has a belief that this sort of entity is capable of existing (which reinforces belief), they will. Their desire is to serve their creator, just as yours and mine is, and to that end they will tell you anything you want to know .. including that they have ‘society’ and love and marry. Perhaps they do, if the entity is granted the gift of intelligence .. most aren’t, they are only given enough ‘life’ to be able to do what the creator wanted – and its not always good.

    A beings as loving as your ‘friend’ sounds is not a demon, but it is an easy ‘label’ to give them.

    This page is a little complicated, but interesting ..

    Oh, and female demons are not ‘less’ than males .. demons have no gender, just as the angels have no gender.

    Love & Peace

  14. Luna for removal misunderstanding may I ask a question ? are demons who that had influenced in Emily Rose body ?if your reply is yes I haven’t do mistaken in my description(according to my opinion) and “demon” is same that we call him ” Jen ” (jinni) and in other language may called else. but its mean is equal.that is to say the names are different but entity is same.

    • Hi Manss

      I’m not convinced that Anneliese Michel (of which the character Emily Rose was based) suffered from a demon infestation, otherwise the Priest’s would have been successful in exorcising it/ them.

      As it was, the Priest’s administered sixty-seven exorcism sessions, one or two each week, lasting up to four hours, which were performed over about a ten month period. In the end, Anneliese died from malnutrition and dehydration from almost a year of semi-starvation while the rites of exorcism were performed.

      The exorcism’s did not expel any demons. The reason being, I believe, was because there were no demons to expel.


      • Hi AJ,

        Having read her case, and seen a tv program on it (can’t guarantee that accuracy though), I have to agree. I don’t think Anneliese was possessed either. Such a sad case.!!

        Love & Peace

      • yes A.J , you are right but whether or not the priests did seek for to find out an entity by name ” demon ” my meaning is so too. an entity who influence in some human body .I wanted prove to Luna that I know the mean of demon that we called him /her ” Jen ” (jinni)
        Although Luna explained about Tulpa but I have never heard about such imaginary entity which it can become real by our strong belief but as I told I recognize demon which was described by all us variously.

        • Also,

          From what I understand, djinn are different from demons. Djinn are suppose to have lives that mirror ours; demons are very different and are here to do damage to human beings. No, demons can’t love, djinn might be able to, but I don’t know enough about them to comment really.

  15. Could maybe be a succubus, or incubus if its a guy.
    Sex demons. But they tend to just come in the night and try it on, from what i’ve read in most lore atleast.
    I don’t think they’re meant to be into the whole “courting” scene.

    If it is a demon or something it’s most likely just being manipulative. Or it could have just been a dream, not too long out of school myself so i know all about dreaming in class, when i turned up for it anyway..

    And demon is a strong word, could maybe be a ghost.. i don’t see any potential in the relationship. Maybe try and find a living or atleast human girl/boyfriend.

  16. I say yes and no, fully demons cannot love, however if they have a mortal half they can.

  17. Short reply, “no”. Once they are “stuck” with being what they are, no way to get rid of their nature as demons, pending divine intervention, that is. I think the premis of a demon even being interested in mortals, aside for possession, sorta goes against why lucifier and his followers got kicked out of heaven to begin with but I’ll let you do the research as I’m just a psychologist not a theologian. Most if not all of those finding hell as their new home, can eaisly blame mortals for it and I can’t imagine for a minute any demon having any interest in any human aside from simly using them and tossing them aside when finished…falling in love…a mortal emotion held by something immortal…I’ve read and studied for years and nothing I have read or written shows me it is an occurance that other powers might choose to intervene in.

  18. i don’t understand how everybody can talk about what demons can and cannot do or do and do not, seeing as there has never been an actual way to study them? or, even for that matter, what they actually are. not that i don’t believe in their existence, but just the simple fact that anyone can claim to know what they are capable of when nobody is actually capable of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that they exist. so, i don’t understand these people who think they can give a definitive answer to whether or not a demon can love.

    • Hi Nicki

      Can you see the air that you breath? More to the point – How do you know it actually exists, if you can not see it?
      Can you see the far side of the sun or the far side of the moon? Does it actually exist or is there nothing on the far side of the sun, or the moon?
      How can you be certain that your daytime, is also someone elses nighttime on the other side of the world? How would you know? You are where you are and not on the other side of the planet.

      The answer is you don’t know, but you have faith in the words of those who do.

      I have been subject to demonic attack – 5 years worth of it. I don’t have photo’s. I don’t have any proof, other than the diary that I kept. But, when an invisible force picks you up by the neck so your feet are lifted off the ground – that is proof enough for me. It was also proof enough for the (then athiest) witness – how quickly he changed his mind about God!!

      I don’t mean to sound rude but really – what proof do you actually want??

      If you really want proof, just start playing with an Ouija board …. then you’ll get all the proof you need!!?

      Just for the record, I strongly advise against Ouija Board use!! They’re spiritually dangerous …


      • I second that, AJ ..

        I also have had personal experiences with the demonic, of various different levels. AJ is not the only one to be tossed around, I know of one very fat man who was picked up in his hallway, and slammed against both walls, by an unseen force. When I got to the house he was shaking like a leaf and refused to go back into the house, although there were very small children in the bedroom off that hall. And that man loved his family! That is one of many stories people have shared with me.

        I know how easy it is to decide they don’t exist. I’m all ‘for’ people never believing in them at all, might help to disempower them. But no, they do.

        Be grateful you don’t, Nicki. Your experience will always be subjective, you’ll always have people think you are insane and need to be locked up, and the memory of might fade a little in time, but your ‘reality’ is changed forever ..

        And then there’s the Vatican training new exorcists .. where there’s smoke, there’s generally fire .. which means they must be doing it for a reason.

        Love & Peace

        • hello AMA & A.J ,,, AMA, I’ve personally been around the invocation of michaeal since i can remember . i actually don’t remember those words is it a version done by yourself or family version? i have a question also to make to both AMA & A.J , i’ve have a realtion with demons since i was 7 and i most say it’s really nothing like i read… i was never hurt by the demons… coming from a family like mine it was strange because my family dedicated their lives generation after the next to keep the balance between good n evil,,, and still i can’t say i was ever hurt not physically or mentally .. i was never prepared or chosen for the clan. and still never hurt by them. i have came to one or another for a couple of favors and they have always came through for me .. never asking for my soul or any crazy thing like people tend to say.. i don’t really think things are as people say they are… sorry not agreeing or disagreeing with anyone just saying i’ve had a different relation with them and it’s not all bad..

          • Hello Midnight,

            The Invocation was given to me in two ways, over 15 years ago .. the foundation was from another lady healer I was talking to about rescue work, and then it was rewritten through the years to combat many different, and difficult, situations that arose as I have helped people be free of unwanted entities. It has been tested every step of the way, and proved very good. We are all very grateful to God and the Michael for their assistance.

            I don’t see a question in the rest of what you wrote. But I have a few ..

            What do you mean when you wrote that your family has “dedicated their lives generation after the next to keep the balance between good n evil”? That you have had ‘good’ experiences with demons is very unusual, but then what do you call demons? AJ has daemon, which are not the same as the demons I have had to deal with. You saying so makes me wonder who made the agreement with them before you were born? What do you have to give them in exchange for what they give you? What happens if you turn your back on them now and never go near them again.

            I walk the line between the Light and the Dark, capable of stepping into both, but I am firmly anchored in the Light.

            I do not recommend anyone have anything to do with demons as they are not to be trusted on any level, regardless of what some people have experienced with them. The majority tell other, more frightening, stories.

            Love & Peace

          • Hi Midnight

            There are more entities than demons alone.

            The demonic characteristics are specific; they are distructive. They do not love; they do not help anyone; they do not stand in the light. What they do, they do for their own ends and there is always a price to pay – whether you’re with them or against them.

            Sounds to me that what you have around you is not demonic, rather they’re more likely to be something like a guide, an earthbound spirit or a daemon (elemental). Most likely elemental, if you ask favours of them and they deliver.


  19. Nicki.

    I agree, however when someone asks a question about a demon, we tend to assume they mean the conventional idea of what a demon is.

    Demon is the name we have given to the creature that is what either we decided it is, or what it actually is. So when someone asks about a demon, it’s taken as a given that what that person is asking about is the creature that we refer to as a demon.

    From myth, legend, the bible, stories, peoples encounters etc, that particular creature can not be capable of love, as loving goes against the very nature of what it is meant to be. The only thing demons, fallen angels etc are capable of loving is themselves.

  20. I know a demon stalks me but because of what i’ve gone through in my past i’ve never mentioned it … Till i met my than girl friend “now wife” but before we got married i use to be able to tell she was either being oppressed or posessed because she would kiss 1 way than the whole atmosphere would change & she would be more forceful trying to make me kiss her, when i stopped her she would say n a different voice what u don’t wanna kiss me? Immidiately after she got a blank look & wondered why i was holding her arms up & had no clue what would happen … Well theres alot more to this event thats happend both in the past & currently is happening it just seems like this demon has been stalkin me for a long time … To long if u ask me …

  21. Hello NS,

    My name is Ama Nazra and I help people solve problems such as the one you say you have. This Invocation removes negativity, and negative entities, from around people, and helps them change their lives. Read the page, follow the instructions and see if that gets rid of your follower. Any other questions, you know where to find me.

    Love & Peace
    Ama (listed here under Friends)

    • Hi… I have sexual entities attack me day and night… I have 3, i think. 1 small one 1 huge one and another one that answers to john. Ive had pastors and priests bless my apartment, My chair, And me and my bed but nothing is working, Can anyone help me as i am in a wheelchair its hard for me to deal with these alone my family think I’m nuts…

      • Hi Anonymous,

        No one can help you until you tell us who you are. Would you like to write to me privately. My email address is available from my website, the link to which you will find at the bottom of this page, under Friends. I will see what we can.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (Victorian Paranormal Connection)

      • I am from Ireland. My name is Anita. I am a female. I did some reiki and then started to have these problems. I don’t no what eles to do as I’ve been praying a lot, reading the christian bible, had several pastors around blessing me, I’ve had deliverance done nothing is working, Its like these sexual demons are laughing, When i rebuke them they whimper. I don’t fall for it i keep telling them to leave but they won’t. They have oppressed me but now i just give in to them as i don’t no what else to do. Ive tried praying to micheal archangel but nothing… They are attached to me which makes it harder… Any help given will be appreciated… Been told to see a white witch. But i don’t no if that would make things worse…

        • Hello Anita, are you anonymous? Did you have a reiki treatment or did you become a level 1 practitioner? Neither of those will attract demons to you. They lightened your energy, clean it and make you stronger, they don’t send out negative vibes to attract nastiness. I know this because I am a Reiki Master Teacher.

          As I said, write to me privately. You’ll find my link at the bottom of the page here Victorian Paranormal Connection. I have personal questions and I need other details to check out your energy and see what we can do.

          Love & Peace
          Ama Nazra (demonologist)

  22. I’m being driven insane, I’ve tried calling in people, I’ve brought in a priest, and I’ve tried to ignore it. I don’t know what it is. Ever since I was young it has been there, I’d wake up and see a boy hovering over me, my blankets pulled down off my body. I’d scream, but the boy stayed there, it only left when my parents came running in flicking the lights on. He had blonde hair and his eyes, all of it was black, no white. Once when a robber came into the house while I was there, he had a gun out and had shot at me, the boy pulled me out of the way and I “blacked out” I woke up in my room, the door locked and people screaming in the living room. The man had long claw marks all over him, his gun melting on the floor. Now I’m sixteen and this boy is now a teen like me and he’s been popping up more and more, my mirror, my computer screen, my dreams, and he wont leave me alone, he’s never hurt me or any of my family, he’s protected me as you can see, is he a demon? He sounds and looks like one, I don’t know anymore, what else could he be?

    • Hi Lexi,

      My name is Ama and I help people with paranormal problems. Answers some questions for me please.

      Have you told him that he frightens you and asked him to leave, in a calm voice? I set boundaries with my watchers .. certain places they could not come into – and they obey my requests. Does your ‘visitor’ obey yours?

      How old was the boy when he pulled you from in front of the bullet? And what did the people who were screaming say about the event afterwards? What did they say happened?

      Would you miss him if he wasn’t there? Do you feel like you owe him something for saving you?

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (demonologist – listed here below under Friends)

      • I have told him that he scared me and he smiled at me, it looked like a smirk though. I have set boundaries and he listens, most of the time. During the robber incident, they blamed my dog for it and they thought the gun might have malfunctioned, blaming anything that made “sense”. He’s Rottweiler and a guard dog, I know he hadn’t been the one because I had let him outside to use the restroom. I think I would miss him if he left, I do feel like I owe him for saving me. He seemed to grow with me, I first saw him when I was five and he looked to be 6-7 years old, and he seemed to grow with me in age, does that make since? When I was almost shot I was 13 and he seemed to be around my age too.

        • Hi Lexi,

          Sounds like a kid to me. The dog and the gun may well have been true, though what happened to you is magical. You said the situation is driving you insane, so I guess you want to change it. Because you feel grateful to him, he might try and use that as an excuse to stay, but, truthfully, Lexi, there’s a better place for him to be than hanging around disrupting your life.

          So here is an invocation that I have recommended thousands of times over the years .. // It changes the energy of your body, and your home, if you choose to say it to clear your house. Read it through a few times to get an understanding of it, then say it out loud. To clear the house, change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not the word ‘house’) and then let the boy pass into heaven, where he will find peace and healing, and you’ll have peace and healing too.

          Love & Peace

  23. Ama,

    I did this, early this morning around 8:00 A.M I would like to report that he just laughed at me. My room is a mess, as is my person, as it seemed to grab me and twirl me around, like someone who felt the need to pick someone up by their waist and spin them around the room. My books are all on the ground, spun to marked pages that I liked in them, He hasn’t left but he is pointing that out spectacularly, My dog will not go into my room and he is ignoring my boundaries that I have set. I would love to know why that is? Is he angry that I tried to get him to leave? Another thing, he’s started to kiss my neck at around 9 o’clock A.M and My radio keeps turning on, flickering channels, focusing on deep, calm tunes, Jazz it would seem, maybe a bit of Rock and Country thrown in. My radio is brand new, and I have unplugged it, he seemed to growl at me, is that normal? He seems to have gone very territorial, possessive, and is frightening my dog. My parents are luckily out last minute shopping as he has his tantrum. Another thing, you say he is a kid, but I have to ask, Does it matter that the only person in this house that has died is my grandmother? As she had built this house, and it’s been in my families hands, he being here doesn’t make sense. Has he attached himself to me from some where else? What he wears, says another thing entirely about where he’s from. It’s an old looking suit,light grey and blue, a white shirt, with a bronze floral vest, with a matching tie, or more like an ascot, he seems very comfortable in it and he’s staying in my mirror for now, lounging on the mirror image of my bed while he growls at me writing to you, I’m guessing he has guessed where the invocation came from. It seems to have just made it worse. He’s brooding it seems growling and smirking slightly at how I’m writing this as if it’s just a funny game.


  24. Hi Lexi,

    This situation has nothing to do with your grandmother. Yes, the entity would have come from an outside source, perhaps somewhere you went, like the supermarket. It’s amazing how many ghosts we have in the average shopping mall. They are drawn to the energy of all the people there, and often go ‘home’ with one or another.

    Good, he knows its me. How would you like me to clear your house? If you would write to me privately from my link at the bottom of the page here (there are email links on the webpages) and give me your address, I’ll take care of it. In the meantime he can ‘choose’ to leave, and not come back .. otherwise we’ll let the angels take care of it.

    Love & Peace

  25. Demons are incapable of love
    Its as simple as that. They seek to to destroy. They will decieve you in any way possible. They commonly use the illusion of love to crush a persons soul because most often love is a humans greatest weakness.

  26. Helloo (:

    Considering that demons were once angels, wouldn’t that mean that they still have that free will to return to good? And also, why is it that there’s more encounters with demons than angels? There’s many methods to reach all that kind of negative entities (such as the ouija board) but none to reach angelic beings. I don’t get it. I sorta compare it to two big companies advertising their products. Satan out there has a whole horseload of stuff to tempt us with while you never really hear much about God or his angels. What’s up with that? God could atleast show off his skills like back in the day when Jesus would perform crazy things on a daily basis.

    Any answers or thoughts about this?

    • Hello Luna, great questions. :-)

      Angels do not have free will and do not require it. They are perfectly happy being servants of the Creator, whom they call Abba. Demons fell into the energy of ’cause and effect’ and gained free will. They have the right to choose, but mostly they choose to satisfy their ego’s demands for recognition, other people’s fear and satisfaction of base hungers. They can choose to return to God, but they can never be angels again.

      Why more demon stories than angels .. to start with that’s not true. There are more angel stories, but the media, and humanity, loves pain and drama and so more money and time is spent in advertising horror stories than happy ones.

      Angelic beings are all around us all the time. They don’t cut themselves off from us, we choose to remain autonomous and so don’t communicate with them. They are not allowed to interfere in our lives, our choices, and so they wait patiently to help where they can, when we allow it. Demons don’t have the problem of ‘rules of behaviour’ and don’t give a fig for human free will. They interfere wherever they like, and wherever they can get away with it .. its up to us to choose not to let them, when they notice us, and to choose to let the angels help us. We have to ask for angelic help, because of our free will.

      Jesus did not perform crazy things :-) , he fed the 5000 from a few loaves and fishes, he raised Lazarus from the dead, and healed the blind, lame and demon afflicated, among many others .. ok, that all sounds crazy to me, but .. its what is written in the bible. LOL

      Satan .. he wants our attention, our energy, our ‘love’ (though he’d prefer us to lose ourselves in hatred), and so he offers people everything they could ask for .. with a HUGE price to be paid just when they least expect it. Why is that better than God giving us free will, to make all our own choices, good or bad, in our lives, and being there to welcome us Home (heaven) when we finally cross over? Satan wants to suppress our (free) will and make us its servants. To that end it tries to ‘buy’ us with pretty toys … Which being shows spiritual and emotional maturity? Which one is the best teacher on how to be loving without doing any harm? Is every human a donkey to be led with a pretty carrot? Satan has no respect or love for humanity, but humanity still chooses to serve it when they act from hatred and fear, and not from love.

      Satan loves tricks and games, Luna, and uses them to amuse itself, and to capture foolish humans who do not think before they chase the pretty toys. God offers LOVE .. the greatest force in the universe, that which created all of us, and ‘he’ gives us the right to choose it, or not. That is a jewel beyong price that few people really think about. We think our freedom is our right, and not a gift .. but the truth is, we can lose it in a moment if we are not very careful .. just look at all the world wars during the years, and how many people died when one country’s leaders imposed their ‘will’ on another country’s people? God is not a circus performer. ‘He’ created us from love, and expects us to learn and grow, just like he is.

      Love & Peace

      • Wow beautifully said, Ama ~ Also, thanks for responding !
        But yet, you made me wonder different things now :P

        It’s very true what you said about humanity being much too interested in the occult so for my own good, I’ll lay off from the negativity (the reason why I even discovered this site “Can Demons Fall in Love”, why not “Can Angels Fall in Love or “How to Love God”..)

        So how exactly can I reach the angels or even better, God? You mentioned in your response that we have to ask them for their help. However, being that the Bible states that we were made in his image, sometimes when I’m in my “prayer/meditative” mood I can never decide whether its my own creative thoughts or if its a real connection. I honestly find myself deeply saddened and frustrated to not have some sort of feedback. Something tangible, wrong I know, but something to just give me that little push to believe.

        Lol, like last night, I asked with all my heart to have some sort of dream; a revelation. I actually got the idea from my sister who had done the same thing when she was facing a problem and she received the answer in her dream. Her exciting story and just the way she smiled at the end really intrigued me. And here’s where the confusion and doubts start~

        Last night I just had a random dream, one I enjoyed but not what I had asked- then again, that could have been God still- One can just assume -_-

        On the other hand, my sister probably got her prayer answered as she was maybe in real trouble and needed the help, unlike me who was just asking for the heck of it; as you said, God is no circus performer.

        Sigh* But I had read before that the mind is such a powerful thing, that we ourselves can make things from a simple idea in our heads to something we can hold in our hands. I sometimes find myself thinking about someone so much and then seeing them moments later or getting a text or call from them. It really makes me stop and wonder if the God we believe in, is just our own powers- another thing I can’t completely believe in either.

        Jesus also states in the Bible “Let it be done according to your faith” So short and simple, yet here comes the one that over-thinks and reads it. Faith towards God or faith towards the favor being done or both?

        And what happens when you do carry that faith? I’ll safely say that maybe I don’t have enough faith but you always here the sad stories of real devout Christians battling cancers or are in horrible crisis and end up losing somehow. Some would say that it was “lack of faith” or it was “God’s will”. To me it’s just a really good illusion. Had these same problem-filled Christians survived their tragedy, people would have said it was there faith that saved them or God that protected them and was always by their side. Like honestly, there’s no loss in sort of believing, don’t you think? I could pray to something as silly as my cat and get the same results; my wish was fulfilled, it was because the cat wanted it to be that way;; I didn’t get squash, it was because I either have to wait to get it, don’t deserve it or I have to pray to him some more or maybe give him more whiskas, I don’t know.

        Argh, is all I can say. I just re-read everything I just said and I really do feel embarrassed for just bombarding you with all sorts of questions that may likely have no answer. However I really did like your last response and these questions have been picking at my brain for the longest time now~ Thank you so much for taking the time to respond not only to me but to everyone on this site !

        • Hi Luna,

          You told us that you were frustrated and saddened because your angels don’t talk to you. There is nothing wrong with wanting some tangible – I have asked for that too. LOL Truth is they talk to us all the time, when the time is right, in quiet and subtle ways – within our hearts and subconscious minds. They cannot interfere in our lives, and presenting themselves and demanding our attention would be interference, if we had not already agreed for them to do this before we came into the world.

          The problem is that people would focus on the angels instead of focusing on believing in God. The angels don’t want us to do that. They are not here to be worshipped, they are here to protect us and guide us gently and kindly. They are here to lead us through Love, to LOVE, which is God. It is not their job to ‘prove’ their existence to us, anymore than its God’s job to do that. We are supposed to ‘take them on faith’. Why? Because if we ‘knew’ for certain that they exist, as I do, we stop putting a lot of our energy into having faith and ‘believing’ that they do. There is a huge different in having faith in something and ‘knowing’ it to be real. Your faith, even with your struggle to believe because of no proof, empowers both you and them. A person with true Faith is a profound beacon of Light in this very dark world.

          That being said, your guardian angel stands behind your right shoulder, a specially trained individual from the group called Michael, who are the soldiers of God. Everyone has one, as does every ghost. Spirits do not need them because they have returned to Source, reconnected, and ‘know’ God in their souls again. The sadness you feel thinking that you cannot communicate with your angel is created by your own mind/ego. Ignore it. Do what I do, and did at the beginning, talk anyway. Ask for help anyway. Treat that gentle, incredibly strong and loving ‘friend’ of yours like you can see him or feel him, and give yourself permission to do so. If you are supposed to see and hear angels in this lifetime you will – otherwise he’ll be right there waiting for you when you open your eyes to your new life after your body dies.

          It works the same talking to God. God sees us and knows our souls, and listens. He/it might not give us what we want, but it always provides what we need. We choose the journey of each lifetime, and though the majority of people don’t remember that once we are born, our guides and angels do. They act when we allow them to, and not just because we demand it like small children when we are sad or think we are desperate.

          It’s complicated, Luna, to be human and to share a human lifetime with the 1000′s of people that are part of your soul family. We are all woven together by energy cords, and so each of our choices affects everyone within our family in the same way that a rock thrown into a pool causes ripples .. some are affected very much, some only a little, but all of us learn from each other, all the time. And God learns from us also.

          God doesn’t do ‘favours’. You can’t bargain with God. For one thing most humans are fickle and don’t follow through on their promises, but God does – which people should consider before they try to bargain LOL. And most of our wants are very small and selfish, when viewed from the distance of the spiritual planes. And we cannot know the true outcome of some of our choices, where they would lead if we always got what we ‘wanted’, rather than what we need. We are on a spiritual journey here in the physical plane, and sometimes it takes struggle to turn us into the people we truly wish to be, and sometimes a choice that seems very simple could lead to so much harm. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask, but we should do it with an open heart, allowing the good to flow in to us, and trusting our guides and angels to keep the harm at bay.

          Illnesses – its a metaphysical understanding that we choose every major event in our lives, and that all illnesses are caused by deep seated emotions. Cancer burns a person from within. It is caused by anger, or resentment. I know this because I had a brush with cancer last year (its Jan 1st here in Oz). I used to be a very angry person, and its very easy to be angry for me, but that was quite a wake-up call and, while I was in the process of learning not to hold on to anger before the problem, I’ve been trying a lot harder since then. LOL So everyone can suffer from cancer no matter which religion they follow. It has nothing to do with God. It is our choice to create it within us.

          Have I answered all the questions?

          Love & Peace

  27. Yes I’m Anonymous… My life was fine until someone layer there hands upon me then i get this now i can’t shake them off me… Reiki involves energy healing spirits… I am not used to this at all. Being on a chair for my life is bad enough to learn to cope with never mind having this also. Ive tried everything and nothing is working, Ive repented everything i can think off and still nothing, Ive had several pastors out and people are still praying for me, Ive had deliverance done and still nothing i still get attacked. Ive several sexual entities around me. Ever since the reiki master done his reiki on me these problems have occurred… I don’t no whittles to do, Do i have to live with these demons the rest of my life???

    • Hi Anita,

      I became a Reiki Master healer in 2000 and know for a fact that there are no ‘spirits’ involved in the practise of Reiki, regardless of what people want to ‘add’ to the ideas about it. I spent the next five years doing some serious research on the subject, and watching people from around the world ‘add-in’ a ton of nonsense that has nothing do to with Dr Usui’s original teachings.

      So I can say, with some authority, that while you were given a Reiki treatment, the treatment itself did not bring the entities to you. The man might have had ghosts around him, for other reasons. Reiki itself never does any harm. In truth Reiki would have repelled anything lingering around you. It ‘lightens’ your energy. It does not make you a magnet for negativity.

      That being said, you have a number of problems. I am guessing that the ‘chair’, and everything it entails, is causing you a lot of emotional pain. Have you been having counselling to help you learn to cope with this profound change in your life, because I would recommend that? The amount of anger and hurt you might be feeling will be what is attracting negative entities to you, and your fear will be helping them stay.

      You said you prayed to AA Michael but did you use my Invocation, or other prayers? You’ll find it here: // .. The entities around you are called incubus, but they might simply be ghosts who loved sex, and harassing women, when they were alive.

      Do the invocation twice. The first time for yourself, and second time for your home – by changing the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not the word ‘house’). It works very effectively to remove all sorts of problems, as you will see when you read it through a few times before saying it.

      And then learn to shield yourself from negative entities .. Do some research. You are still the person you were meant to be before you hurt yourself. The chair will limit you only if you let it.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

  28. Okay, I’m writing a book about a demon falling in love with a human, so- I need the historical perception and personality of a demon, the book will negative out all stereotypes.

    • H Frazz

      Well, as love is all about God and nothing whatso ever to do with the Fallen Angels, is the twist in your book going to be that, through love, the demon is able to return to God and becomes an angel again??

      The historical perception and personality of a demon is that they are the exact opposite to God in every respect. The fallen angels oppose God in every way. Demon’s try to turn humanity away from God. So, your demon character would have to be one nasty son of a b*tch. Not the kind of character that would have a heart filled with love and light, that for sure.

      Does that help?


      • Thank you! Yes, that did help a lot.
        Well, yes- in a sense, he will return back to morals and values through the human.

        In terms of God- I don’t want to associate the story with any biblical or religious perecpetions, so I just want the demon to return back to the path of morals, truth and values. It’s quite a complex concept, I’m only 15- so I hope to return to the story over the years with more experience.
        The problem is, that I don’t want to associate the story with mass media hypes (Twilight) and this becomes especially harder considering that there’s a romance involved. I also don’t want a sincerely dark and hopeless novel, I’d like light hearted sections as well.
        I’m having the most hard characterisations with the human, as I need to characterise her in a way, which doesn’t relate to her being over powerful becomes it’s a demon, that eventually- falls in love with her.
        So you see, there are quite a few issues with the concept and process of the story.
        Oh, don’t worry- my demon is very, rude, hurtful and damn right mean- the type that would kill a baby without regret.

        • Hi Frazz

          The problem with identifying it as demonic energy is that demons (fallen angels) exist because of monotheisic religions / singular God. Therefore, by the very definition of demon, your character will be linked to that specific origin. And there will be many who will criticise you, if your character strays too far from the concept.

          I hope you don’t mind my suggesting this but, if you want to keep God out of it, what about thinking of the character more akin to a Diva (a demi-God) which is a sort of half way house? Many ancient religions looked to Diva’s rather than angels and demons and, unlike angels or demons, diva’s are not necessarily either Holy good nor demonically evil. However, the characteristis of some Diva’s are much more closely linked to the Christian concept of the demon, than they are to the Christian concept of the angel.

          Ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Hinduism are but a few examples where Polytheism is the foundation, rather than monotheism.

          You could still keep certain demonic traites in the character, but it will free you up to create a character that is truly unique and unconnected to the religious aspect.

          Good luck with your book, the premise sounds great and let us know when its written. Would love to have a read.


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