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Can Demons or the Devil Attack You While Asleep?

So a theory is that demons (or the Devil/evil spirits/negative entities) attack some people when they are at their weakest. Could we be seen as ‘weak’ during sleep?

I’ve had experiences with ghosts and demons my whole life but this year I’ve been getting many nightmares which is leading me to believe I’m being ‘attacked’ by demons in my sleep.

In the past few months I’ve had countless dreams where I’m faced with a negative entity, it appears as a ghost sometimes, or once it appeared as a crazy man, a few days ago I heard it speaking to me in my ear just as i fell asleep. It has a horrible voice.

Common things in the dreams is being in a dark place, having my body shaking or feeling unusual sensations in my body and witnessing/experiencing disturbing things.

I do believe that you can be ‘attacked’ in sleep, these forces will try anything to get you it seems.

What do YOU believe? Any similar experiences? Thanks.

Asked by Gemma

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