Strange Presence and Seeing Faces

Posted on January 24, 2012

I haven’t had any definite contact with the spirit world, or anything paranormal. I can honestly say that I don’t find that a bad thing. I’ve heard too many stories written by regular people who have had a bad time with ghosts. I am a believer, and this is an occurrence that has been happening to me in my bedroom at night.

Over the last two nights, after my parents have gone to bed, I have been feeling a presence in my room, somewhere t the foot of my bed. This has happened before, but it was never as strong a feeling as this time was, and it had only ever happened after I had watched a horror movie on ghosts or something. During the time this happened, I saw the imprints of white faces while my eyes were closed. The faces only showed the part that caught the most light, like the nose and forehead, and they looked like they were screaming in agony. They didn’t move, they were more like pictures, but I didn’t see them all at once, more like a circle of the face at a time, like a flashlight beam. I only saw one face at a time. That part has never happened to me before, but could be my imagination adding to the feeling of a presence.

During the time I could feel a presence, I kept feeling like I was in shock, like when you get that falling feeling, and randomly jolt on your bed (it is also known as being your spirit returning to your body from the presence of an evil spirit trying to posses you, or something like that…), and it kept fading, then refreshing the feeling by doing it again, and this repeated, until I turned on my bedside lamp. Once I did that, I immediately felt better, and managed to get to sleep with the light on.

On the second night, I was fine for a while, but then I got the jolt-like feeling again, and the feeling of being watched. After a minute or two, I felt pressure all over me, like the gravity had increased (like when your riding a fast roller coaster. About ten minutes later, I saw a face like the ones from the night before, only it appeared more suddenly, and I think the eyes were set on me, but they weren’t lit up enough for me to be sure. When I saw the face, put my lamp on again, and, once again, it all went away.

I get a bad feeling when I think about it when I think about it, and I don’t want to go through it again. I don’t know if its just my imagination, or if it could be a paranormal presence. If it is paranormal, I want to know how to peacefully remove it, and if it’s a good spirit, or a bad spirit, so I know weather I need to hurry and remove it.

I’ve told my mum about it, but I don’t think she believes in paranormal stuff, so she won’t be much help. I haven’t herd any abnormal noises, but then again, I have my headphones in to avoid the possibility of hearing them. I haven’t tried to communicate or anything like that, before or after this started, and I don’t think I’ve been anywhere haunted. Can somebody help me out?

Sent by hayley musgrave, Copyright 2012

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6 Responses to “Strange Presence and Seeing Faces”
  1. Bernice says:

    Hey hayley, the jolts you are feeling be their way of getting your attention and seeing if you respond to it. Try first leaving a light on (bedside lamp) and see if it still happens. When it happens ask GOD to take it away and leave you in peace. This is what I’ll do in your case. If it’s evil you will need some help. You have be strong and have faith in GOD. I believe you can’t have one without the other. Be careful. It will feed off your fear. Please let us know what is happens next. I’ll be thinking of you and watching for your next post. You are not alone in this.

  2. Buddy says:

    Before anything else, I would like to confirm if you only see faces? Next is, do the faces look pale with dark or black (sunken) areas for eyes? Do they have mouths that extend from ear to ear?
    I have read other accounts detailing similar entities such as what you have described in your story, the victims often recall quiet dark moments before going to bed and suddenly they see a pale face appearing right in front of them scaring the living daylights out of them. From all the accounts I have seen, one thing I can tell you is that this type of entity is not friendly. Some victims tried talking to it, but the haunting only got worse, I suggest that you don’t try to invoke anything concerning this entity or you may end up regretting it later. They seem to be malevolent and probably enjoy scaring people, they are also known to follow their victims where ever they go, so moving out of the house does not ensure that you are rid of it. It is possible that it also feed on their victim’s fear, though it may sound difficult, you should try not to get scared of it. All other victims that are being haunted by this entity have something in common, they all had encountered some traumatic experiences at least once in their past. I could only speculate that the traumatic (most times horrifying) experiences contribute in attracting this entity to haunt its victim. Do you by chance had any terrifying or traumatic experience in the past, if not, your reaction after watching a scary show probably triggered the haunting.

    So far, not many paranormal forums that I have seen discuss this entity, nor have I heard any folklore dealing with this. We could treat this as a type of demon, or an elemental spirit. If this is so, you could try putting salt beside your bed, in case it appears splash it with salt. It is believed that crystals ward off elemental spirits, and one of the readily available crystal we have at home is the salt, sugars are artificial crystals, so that won’t work.

    In another perspective, since this entity is often tied to people with traumatic pasts, it may as well be psychological. It may be a form of paranoia, It’s also possible that the suppressed trauma in the subconsciousness is surfacing affecting the consciousness and perception of a person. If this is the case, it is not a bad idea to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist every once in a while. It’s just a speculation tho…

  3. Kathy says:

    This could also be incidents of sleep paralysis. It is when your spirit is trying to return to your body after you have astral projected. The occurance of the spirit returning to the body is often times mistaken for a bad entity. It is often a scary experience for some people. The feel like they are being held down too. It is perfectly harmless.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello Hayley, :)

    I really don’t talk about some of the things I have experienced one way or the other, I only spoke once and not in detail, but I will share this, after the birth of my son I awoke in the middle of the night and up above me on the ceiling were these HUGH spiders, and I mean big hairy ugly things, I could make out every detail on these things. I got very scared and the first thing that popped in my head was one of them was crawling towards the crib, and I jumped up and when I did they disappeared. I was shaking and sweating all over, but I realized it must have been a dream I was still experiencing, but it did happen more than once, but I took hold of myself and said you are not real and I could see them fade away., so maybe if you just look around and say you do not exist and you are not real to me, they may fade over time.. good luck and hope things get better for you

    • Buddy says:

      If the problem is psychological, telling yourself that stuff don’t will eventually make you believe that they don’t. But what if they really do, what then?

      Let me tell you about an incident that happened in my hometown just a few months before my Grandfather died. This is a REAL story and there are many people who can attest to the credibility of this event. It all started in early 2004, the event took place one late evening, a man was walking past a dimly lit lamp post and just beyond the dim light of the lamp he saw a small child crouching in a dark corner in between two old houses. He thought that the kid was just playing hide and seek, but what baffled him was, it was nearly midnight and there are nobody around except this kid. He thought the kid ran away from home or something, but as he came closer he noticed the kid was looking at him with a rather frightening look, the man almost pooped his pants after he realized the kid he was about to approach had glowing red eyes. By the next few days the incident became the talk of the town, but many people just dismissed it thinking the man who saw it was just drunk and was exaggerating what he saw. A few weeks went by without incident, but after what seemed to be a brief period of calm many people suddenly came out claiming to see this dark child crouching in dark corners in the middle of the night with fiery red eyes. And it turns out that each sighting of this dark child leads ever closer to my grandfather’s house. The creepy details doesn�t end there, is so happens that there is an old abandoned house standing in front of my grandfather’s house which intensified the creepy factor 10 fold! My grandfather caught wind of the now famous �goblin child� and after he heard of it he got scared, because he happened to it lurking inside the old house and as he looked at it, it was also looking back at him. When this dark child was not spreading fear to the locals, it was actually lurking near my grandfather�s home. My two aunts and grandmother just laughed at the revelation of the scared old man saying that, he’s just being senile and all, but my grandfather won’t be put off with it. He knows what he saw and he believes the goblin child was after him. My grandfather was not the type to be easily scared with this sort of stuff, because he himself has came across a lot of weird stuff that will scare you senseless. But the story of the goblin child was a bit different for you can see the fear in him whenever the goblin child subject was mentioned in his presence. Many sightings have been reported from January to February and each time the goblin child is getting ever closer to my grandfather�s house and when it was too close, the sightings seem to have stopped again. By this time my grandfather had lost much of his senses and he suddenly fell ill, and just a few days short of his birthday, he passed away.
      After that nobody has ever reported any more sightings of the goblin child and the news died out and the land owners of the old abandoned house decided to demolish it and it�s now a parking spot in the middle of town. Is it coincidence? Or could it be just mass hysteria? Did my grandfather really saw the Goblin child? Hard to tell, but that is now part of our town�s local legends.

      Now you tell me, do they really exist?

      • Lisa says:

        Hi Buddy,
        Sorry if I gave the impression of not taking the story seriously, I do believe there are things out there we just sometimes can’t explain, like I said, I have experienced alot of paranormal, but I’m just not comfortable atm to speak of them..

        Your story is very creepy, I don’t know what it could have been that caused the goblin child to gravitate toward your grand-father. I would’nt call it mass hysteria at all, maybe a warning or something… not sure, I’m sorry for the loss of your grand-father…and thank you for sharing your story…. take care.

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