Am I Hexed?

For the past year, I’ve been through total hell – lost my home, 5 jobs within the year, my pets, everything I own, and almost lost my car and sanity!

It seems that every time I start doing better, I lose it all again! My mother mentioned that maybe someone put a hex on me.

I’m scared of the thought, but just yesterday I had a dream that an unknown woman was shaking me while I was asleep saying: “demon, demon, demon, demon…” over and over again until I woke up.

I wish I could speak with someone that could help me! I find less hope every day.

Please help me.

Asked by Midnight Moon

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  1. Hi Midnight Moon

    Sorry to read about all your troubles.

    A hex is literally a curse whereby someone has used their own negative energy to latch onto your own energy, for ill intent. Sometimes their energy can take the form of a ‘demon-like’ being, but is actually man-made (a type of daemon) and can be returned to the sender.

    My question would be; why do you think someone has hexed you? What motive would they have had? Do you have an idea who it might be?

    If you are concerned you have been hexed, say this:

    Your black magic and your black sorcery
    Are powerless to injure me
    I send thy curses back to thee
    Return I say by, three times three
    Return I say, so mote it be.

    This will release you from any hex.


  2. Good answer AJ,

    Hi Midnight Moon,

    Curses and hexes only work if we know about them, or if we believe in them. What we can be doing unconsciously is ‘self-sabotaging’ .. unconsciously behaving in ways that irritate other people. I always recommend people stop and look at their attitudes and behaviours, particularly in the work situation, before looking for an outside source to blame. But in the meantime .. here’s my version of a cure. :-) This invocation removes hexes and curses, and allows you to get on with your life, if you are cursed. Give it a go, and if you have any questions you can contact me here, or from a link on the site.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  3. you can always avoid hexes or anything of the sort by making yourselves positive .just don’t let the negative energy affect you.

  4. an exfriend became very jealous and hatefule and did black sorcery on me last year on my birthday and continues to try to harm me. Wil he get it back?

    • Hi Monica,

      Sorcery only works if you think it will. If it worked better there would be a lot more ‘cursed’ people around, instead there really ‘aren’t’. Will karma ‘get’ him for offering you harm .. it has a habit of doing that. We are all totally responsible for everything we think, feel and do, so remember to try not to retaliate even though you might be very angry at him for trying to hurt you, otherwise you too will have to deal with negative karma. In his case, his own will be more than enough for him to deal with.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra

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