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Can People be Connected by a Dream?

Posted on June 21, 2010

I have read and heard many different stories in which someone was made aware of an event, which they could not have known about otherwise, in a dream or a vision.

We hear about distant friends and relatives as well as those closer to us who somehow send us messages through our dreams. Is it really possible for us to communicate with each other on some metaphysical level which we pick up in our dreams?

Here is an experience that was posted by “CHILD LIKE” and asked specifically of “Kind Skeptic”. I thought it was a very thought provoking experience that a lot of readers would be interested in so I present it here:


Two weeks ago I had a dream of my ex-boss Henry. He was at the hospital and I walked in his room. He was laying on the bed (of course) with his leg up and I knew one of his toes was cut off because he has diabetes. He talked about new gossip at work since I left and he looked happy and his voice sounded glad to see me and talk.

My alarm woke me to go to work that morning. I kept thinking about the dream and got worried for Henry. We had a good boss/employee relationship. So I looked him up and called. His wife Laura and she confirmed my dream. I wished him well and we talked for a while and asked me how I knew he was in the hospital. I told just a feeling. He confessed that when he was in the hospital he thought he was going to die and was thinking about all of his friends and his life.

Why do you think I dreamed of what was happening? How did that happen?

Sent in by, “CHILD LIKE”, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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20 Responses to “Can People be Connected by a Dream?”
  1. Pat says:

    Maybe you were just such good friends that you were on the same emotiona;l wavelength; but the toe part was really much more than a coincidence! Thanks for sharing!

    • erica says:

      yes it is more than a coincidence my father and i have had dreams.His were of people dieing and he would see them in the casket but couldn’t tell who they were b/c he couldn’t see their face then he’d talk to that person who is in the casket during the dream.later that person would die.he didn’t have one for my grandpa but i did the exact same way as he normally does.we have both had dreams of him after he died. i got a game from my friend to borrow in my dream i was playing it and did bad but i turned and saw my grandpa who was always a joker and jolly guy and loved video games he said to me you play that game pretty good if you want anymore stories please email me my father and i have some. i normally just have dreams of what is going to happen tomorrow if i dream at all or just nightmares :)

  2. shadow says:

    maybe you are one of those hypersensitive people who can sence other peoples emotions that you may eventually have a dream about the day because of your mind trying to question or figure the events that partake that day.

    • Enzo says:

      If i am dreaming about a person who i have no verbal or electronic communication with, are they also dreaming about me? These dreams are almost real, when i wake up i feel over tired and compelled to contact the person. I cant explain it very well and my initial realization of the dream is that i am crazy. for analytical purposes im dreaming of my first love and i never told her i loved her. I am very connected with poeple, for instance when my mom is sad i am feeling the same way, she can probably sense that i am distressed and emotionally confused by this dream and i have never spoken of it to her. So i guess what i am asking is, Is this an expression of personal feelings and memories or some type of emotional signal telling me to talk to her? Either way im in the boat of women messing with my head .

  3. AnNa says:

    i think its maybe reading his mind.friends do that sometimes.but that is creepy knowing that you had a dream like that,and being true.have you had dreams like that before?thanks for the story.

  4. Nana says:

    A lot of times, our emotions are much more connected than what most people think. In fact, there are many, many stories out there, just like this one. Occurrences where one person can tell the feelings of another close friend are incredibly common between people. It is very likely that what you just experienced was your friend’s emotions traveling to you through your subconsciousness.

    When we are dreaming, our consciousness (Which, when is active shuts out anything that doesn’t make sense to us) is asleep, leaving our sensitive subconsciousness to stay awake. This is how we dream. The fact that your boss was thinking of you must have meant that his emotions appeared to your sensitive subconscious, meaning that your subconsciousness registered them and played them out to you – in this case, as a dream.

    Sorry for the long comment, I was just trying to explain! Good luck, and I hope this helps. :)

  5. Camila says:

    Hi I would like to share a story I saw on beyond belief that’s somewhat related to the story.
    There was this woman who kept having a dream almost every night about the house of her dreams, and every time she would wake up and tell her husband she dreamed with that house again and how she would love to buy a house like it.
    One day her and her husband were driving and saw an open house , so the woman tells her husband to stop but the husband tells her the house looks way too expensive for them. They get off anyway and as soon as she steps in the house she realizes that is the house from her persistent dreams, everything is the same. She talks to the realtor, and the man says the owner is desperate to sell it and is willing to accept a reasonable offer, because she insists the house is haunted with the ghost of a woman roaming around. The couple decide to make an offer on the house and the realtor takes them to meet the owner and as soon as the owner sees the couple, she looks atthe woman and tells her ” this is her. You’re the ghost that has been haunting my house at night” and the couple is in shock.
    At the end of the stories, the host states this story as fact statin that it actually happened to a woman .

  6. Caretaker says:

    I once had a dream that warned me of death. I thought it was warning me about my own death and acted according to that but it turned out that the death wasnt about me, it was about my best friend. He was killed and was found exactly as it had happened in my dream. There were too much detail in all this for it to be a sheer coincidence.

    • AnNa says:

      im sorry to here that.but what i heared to is sometimes if you have dreams about death it turns out that someone is born.i forget were i heared that from.but again sorry.

      • Camila says:

        Hey I’ve heard that too and I also know that if you dream of a wedding or with both grandparents, someone will die.

  7. Kanin says:

    Well people say when you dream about someone and you think it is a vision or something, whoever was in your dream was thinking or dreaming about you.

  8. trolldoll says:

    anything is possible!!

  9. jesse says:

    i live in Cairns QLD Australia. i am only 12 and i have had dream about i girl who is in this cane field and i followed her into the cane as another girl walked out from the cane the dark gothic looking girl who i sawfirst started scrating this athor girl then assulted her as the girl who was being attcked took out a nife i killed herself i was horrified and i never ever think like that so could that be something that has happend?

    • Kind Skeptic says:

      Quite often dreams do not necessarily interpret exactly as you would envision. That is to say, your dream may mean something completely benign when it is deciphered. With as much violence as we see on a daily basis, on TV, on video games, X- Box, online, etc., it is not unusual to see these same acts in our dreams. Certainly your dream sounds disturbing — but that’s why they call them nightmares. I wouldn’t take it to heart. It was a nightmare — nothing more. Take care….

  10. Brianna says:

    This happens to me all the time .
    What I mean is like, I will have dreams, not technically about death, but about anything,
    even saying a certain thing, or meeting a certain person, or something that happens in everday life.
    Anyways, the dreams end up coming true .
    It normally only takes a couple days, but sometimes it takes weeks .
    Although this happens a lot, not all my dreams come true .
    It may just be a way to warn you about whats going to happen . ?.?
    Anways, I loved your story. So interesting .
    I wish you the best of luck, and sorry for the long comment ! :)

  11. mike says:

    wait,IF it is possible to connect to someone in a dream, could it possible to connect to someone through thought?

  12. Jessie says:

    HEY! i had a dream about my boyfriends deceased grandfather. it was so vivid and i remember every single detail; this happened in the past 2 weeks, i have only had one dream like this when i was little about my grandmother who passed away.

    idk if you want to read about my dream but if your interested ill share both stories. (i need to vent about it)

    1)Boyfriends grandfather: i knew he had passed away but i had no idea where or when, i just never asked about it you know. well in my dream i walked into a large bright sunlit tan marble bathroom, nothing in it but a long counter in the same marble, a sink & a long mirror connected to the marble. i began to wash my hands and all of a sudden i felt a very overwhelming presence behind me towering over me, shoulders extremely hunched over and staring straight into the top of my head. i remember saying to myself in the dream, “DONT LOOK IN THE MIRROR DONT LOOK IN THE MIRROR” and i turned to walk out of the bathroom. i stole a glance at the sink and didnt see anyone but i heard the squeaking of the right faucet handle turn and the water rushed on. I ran into my boyfriends bed into the dream (exactly like reality) and layed on my stomach. i felt him suddenly standing through the lower part of my back and through the bed, hunched and staring at me again. i cried and screamed and tried to push rob (my boyfriend) awake but he became like a rag-doll and just kept on sleeping but moving as i pushed him. then i woke up. and i still felt that presence standing through me so i woke rob up and its blurry after that i just remember being worried as hell about it. so it turns out that his grandfather was 6foot 6inches, and due to old age hunched over excessively. he basically died in the house, brain ability wise but his body gave out in the hospital weeks later. creepy and cool ik.

    2) My scary ass dead grandmother: well my grandmother was not a nice woman, she threw me across my bedroom when i was young for not wanting her to read a bedtime story to me. anyway she passed away and then i had this dream. vivid and clear just like the one i had recently above. so i was in my bed and i woke up and felt someone sit on the right hand corner of my bed at the end. i looked and i saw my grandmother. her eyes were huge, white and staring intently at me, almost evil. she was milky white and bluish outlining. she stared at me and i guess i just stared back. SUDDENLY, she flew an inch from my face with her huge white evil eyes piercing through me then sped so fast out of my room and down my stairs. my stairs are wooden and they creek whenever you walk on them; i heard the creeking they make but when she “flew” out of my room she didnt really have feet.

    so yeah. i would always tell ppl about my grandma in my dream and i didnt know if it was real or not till i had the dream about my boyfriends grandpa. i always had a sixth sence about ghosts, i can feel them around me but i never remember seeing them. i have had alot of experiences and im proud in a way haha.

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