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The Creepy Flea Market Doll

My mother has always been a doll collector and the flea market was her hot spot for buying old dolls. I always hated dolls, I guess because of the movie child’s play but anyway they scared the crap out of me. One day she came home with a new doll of coerce I was mad and reminded her she already had a lot of stupid dolls. My mom of coerce ignored my comments and placed the doll in her room with the rest of them. We lived in a small home and the only restroom was located in my mothers room. So that meant every time I had to use the restroom I would have to go through my mothers room and her collection of dolls.

I remember the first night I heard the doll singing, it was around midnight and I really had to go to the restroom. As I entered the room I heard some humming, I looked …

August 5th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Pediophobia the Fear of Dolls

Traumatizing past haunting experience and new ones.

Ok, so, let me start off by saying the event I will talk about first was very traumatizing for me (I was 6 at the time) and left me with extreme pediophobia (Pee-dee-oh-PHOBE-ee-uh) which is a fear of dolls that in 7 years I still have not gotten over. I had gotten a cabbage patch kid for my birthday. Everyone thinks these thing are “sweet” and “adorable”. Well, I beg to differ. That night I slept with my back to the TV in my room. The cabbage patch kid was in my arms. Sometime during the night I rolled over, and the cabbage patch kid was behind my back.

Well, I had what I call a “night terror,” which is what I use to describe a very strong and scary nightmare. In it I was being carried by the ghost of a woman down the stairs in my hallway to the basement of …

June 25th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Daughters Scary Friend and an Evil Doll

One day my daughter Sarah started crying. So I walked over to her and she was pointing at our counter top. I looked up but saw nothing. She whined and said, “Mom he’s scaring me!”

A couple day later Sarah started moaning in her sleep and would run into my room screaming. I would gently shake her trying to wake her up but most of the time she would point behind me and cry. I started to get worried and I would ask her what she sees. She would say “He’s small and round with queer black eyes.” I would immediately picture a rat or a shrew that I wasn’t seeing but she would complain “No he’s Kyle.”

The next few weeks odd things would happen. Sarah would start to mumble stuff like “No Sarah I just want you to come with me.” or “Sarah but it’s a fun place. You would enjoy it here where no one can hurt …

April 3rd, 2010 by Caretaker 

Old Homemade Rag Doll and Nightmares

When I was four years old, one of my great aunts gave me an old homemade rag doll for my birthday. It had been hers when she was a little girl, made especially for her by her grandmother who, of course, was long dead. I loved the doll, for the only one I had was an old baby doll I’d had since the age of one. Why my great aunt had chosen to give me the doll was a puzzle, for she’d never really paid me any attention. In fact, as children often can, I sensed that she disliked me distinctly. Anyway, I felt very special to have been the recipient of such a treasured gift. I slept with the doll every night and, during the day, it had center stage on my bed.

Soon I began having very frightening dreams about the doll and the woman who’d made it which was, as I stated earlier, my great aunts grandmother. …

March 14th, 2010 by Caretaker 

Emily and the Doll

Hi, I feel the need to share this story with someone. I have told my parents this before but they never believed me. I was 7 when this whole thing started. I was born in a small town in Illinois and my mother took me and my older sister out of state to Arizona when I was seven. My sister was 11, she trusts what I am telling is true because she is Wiccan and is in to all the supernatural stuff.

Ok so when we first moved to Arizona into this small house with my mom and her boyfriend who has two older sons who are both older than me and my sister. I am the baby in the family. My step dada Thomas had made a room in his house just for my sister and I. It was small but we each had our own beds. He filled the room with dolls and babies and stuffed animals. But …

March 6th, 2010 by Caretaker 

My Haunted Purple Doll

Well it all started when my step-dads aunt had mailed me a gift. I opened the box and it was a porcelain doll. It was a purple fairy doll and I was already scared of it.

As soon as I got it I put it on top of my shelf. It was scary. I swear it kept looking at me. Every night I would stare at my picture wall and in the corner of my eye I swear I saw it looking at me. When I looked at it it would look away, it was weird. I would also get nightmares when it was in my room.

These dreams would scare me like half to death. In my dream, me and my cousin were on my bed playing a board game and then I asked her if she wanted to play another game. She glared and me and shook her head and I asked her why  and she pointed to …

February 18th, 2009 by The Caretaker 

Haunted Barbie Doll

When I was young I had a doll, and unlike the other Haunted Doll stories this one wasn’t porcelain or cloth. It was an old Barbie doll. She was about two years old when we got her, I was six and was determined to have her. Considering the fine silky clothes she wore and carefully plaited hair we got her for a good price.

When we brought her home my older sister started having nightmares and waking up screaming “Stop it Fay, Stop it!” Then she would just sit there, her eyes fixed on the Barbie doll shaking. She was about 13 and we had to share a room, even though I was half her age. The adults started questioning her ability to cope with school, and her friends and just life, but I was the only one who believed it was the Barbie doll that was haunting her. Even I had noticed the times when the doll had moved …

February 16th, 2009 by The Caretaker 

That Doll Scares Me

My great aunt had a large collection of dolls and just before she died she told my mother that my sister should be allowed to choose any dolls she wanted. So I had the uneasy job of guiding my five year old sister to the large room where she kept them.

While she took her time, looking at every glass case in particular, I started reading a magazine I had brought with me. She suddenly tugged on my hand and said that she’d like the doll in the lilac dress. It was creepy because it had it’s head on at an angle and one eye looked in the opposite direction to the other and the fingers had little sharp glass nails.

“That doll scares me.” I told her. “Are you sure you want that one?”

February 15th, 2009 by The Caretaker