Pediophobia the Fear of Dolls

Posted on June 25, 2010

Traumatizing past haunting experience and new ones.

Ok, so, let me start off by saying the event I will talk about first was very traumatizing for me (I was 6 at the time) and left me with extreme pediophobia (Pee-dee-oh-PHOBE-ee-uh) which is a fear of dolls that in 7 years I still have not gotten over. I had gotten a cabbage patch kid for my birthday. Everyone thinks these thing are “sweet” and “adorable”. Well, I beg to differ. That night I slept with my back to the TV in my room. The cabbage patch kid was in my arms. Sometime during the night I rolled over, and the cabbage patch kid was behind my back.

Well, I had what I call a “night terror,” which is what I use to describe a very strong and scary nightmare. In it I was being carried by the ghost of a woman down the stairs in my hallway to the basement of my house.
I guess, that, at one point that I must have been close to being woken up, because the woman yelled (And I heard this very loud and very clear, as if it were right by my ear) and disappeared through the door to my garage. When she yelled “Help!” And it was very loud and drawn out. Also, when she yelled, I felt a very strong wind and a cold on the back of my neck. I woke up, and as startled as I was, I turned to see the cabbage patch kid behind me. I twisted its head around, and never went near the garage again. My parents have been very careful to keep dolls out of the house, and I never had a dream like that again.

The newer hauntings I’ve had when my friend, who has psychic genes running through her family, told me two ghosts that had been murdered in the 1800s in my yard had followed me inside. She said their names were John and Maybeth. She said they were our age and they had snuck out one night then been brutally murdered.

Ever since then I’ve heard shrieking like someone was being chopped up, wet washcloths rubbing against windows, and most prominently people stomping up and down the hall and people calling my name. My brothers and sisters have heard the stomping, but only I’ve heard my name, the shrieking, and washcloths.
Can someone please help? This scares me!

Sent in by Rylee Godfrey, Copyright 2010

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38 Responses to “Pediophobia the Fear of Dolls”
  1. Dionna White says:

    I’m also a medium and have experienced strange things w/ dolls (so i also have a little bit of fear for them) the only problem is my mom gave me these collectable barbie dolls about 7 of them and I’m not allowed to get rid of them they r always in my room.

    • Rylee says:

      Heh. Yea I have 2 american girl dolls my grandma got me. I couldn’t get rid of them so I locked them in a drawer and (literally) threw away the key.

      • Dionna White says:

        My mom build shelves 2 display them on and if I take them down she yells at me, also u would need a stepping stool or something to reach them… and i swear to god one of them laughed at me once.

      • Rachel says:

        Thats horrible. I am diagnosed with a severe case of pediophobia. I cant even walk into a toy store without spazzing. It all started on my birthday, october 14. I got this china doll from my grandpa. It wasn’t the new kind in the box. It was wrapped up in brown tissue paper. It was a hand-me-down. He said there was a story behind the doll. I didn’t beleive him. He said he would tell thw story to me if i kept it locked in my closet. I asked him what the point was of giving it to me if i should just lock it in my closet. BUT NOOOOO he had to tell me that he had to give it to me or else the spirits “within the doll will come to get me and the rest of my family. I must pass it down every 2 generations, so that means you must pass it on to your grandchildren.”. I thought he was being a crackpot. But, that night i put it in my closet like he said, but i couldnt….. WAIT BYPASS THE STORY i think i just saw something move…. NOT KIDDING it was a black figure… well i think i should go…. WELL THE DOLL WAS HAUNTED THE END now i got pediophobia…

        • Dionna White says:

          it sucks that you need to keep the doll till u have grand children, couldn’t u just burn it?

          • Anonymous says:

            Nice idear, but the physical body would have been burned, not the soul that possesed it, it would go elswere and haunt another doll or place.

  2. Kind Skeptic says:

    Dolls and nightmares seem to go hand-in-hand. This has been promulgated by the plethora of movies in the last few years that feature “possessed dolls”. Personally, I always thought Cabbage Patch dolls were a bit frightening — that is, they never looked very “cuddly or friendly” to me, so I always wondered about their popularity. Anyway, I’m a little confused. Are you saying that the cold air came from the Doll that was now lying behind you as opposed to “in your arms”? It is certainly possible that a spirit has attached itself to your doll as I don’t personally believe in “doll or toy possession”, and have yet to see a proven case. However, spirit attachment has been investigated and seen to be a factual event. That said, given that you experienced a pretty scary nightmare, it’s quite possible that this “cold breeze” you felt on the back of your neck was physiological and not necessarily a paranormal visit. I realize you’re in your early teens, but it might be a great project to look into the history of residents of your house and see what you might find to help support the children on which your friend commented. This is a great first step in investigating a paranormal event. I’m confident you will find the experience both interesting and an adventure!

  3. ChronicMidori says:

    So let me get this straight… Your cabbage patch doll caused a dream of a ghost pulling you down into your basement? Disappointing, I thought you saw it move or something.. Lot’s of things can cause dreams, including what you eat.. Are you sure it was the doll?

  4. AnNa says:

    it doesnt sound to bad about the just tring to picture it and it doesnt seem bad.but then again ive never had one.i wanted one but instead my sister and i got a premume.i dont know how to spell it sorry.but the rest of the story would be scary and finding out about the murder of the people.thanks for the story.and i wish you luck.

  5. bigbarney says:

    what did this whole story have to do with the doll? so you had a scary dream, and probably during the night the doll got moved around. i think this story had nothing to do with the paranormal, it is nothing more than a nightmare and a doll that got bumped around during the night. i mean you really think that when you sleep you dont move?

    • Rylee says:

      I have had a few accounts where I’ve seen it move, and there have been alot of murders on the plot of land where I live.
      Ontop of that, dolls r the most possessed thing. It’s fine if you don’t believe me, but I know these things happened.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ok so pretty scary eh, but um spirits feed of fear if u think they could hurt u scream i’m not afraid of you

    • Amber says:

      yeah but, they feed off of heat, cold, batterary (if turned on) or anything electricail.

  7. Krystal says:

    Whenever I was little I had these Dolls on like a shelf in my room.They always scared me and I would always have nightmares of them like everynight And I still remember a few nightmares even thought I had them like 8 years ago.And when I was little I would tell my mom the dolls were evil.But I finally got rid of them like a year ago.But my mom still had like 20 dolls in the Dining Room.

    • Amber says:

      What’s with what’s with all the “like”? what are you? and amercain chav or somthing cos you sure do talk like one.

      • Caretaker says:

        Amber your own writing is atrocious and you cannot spell so don’t come here trying to insult others!

  8. LittleKitKat says:

    Those dolls are ugly! =S My Mum owns one but she also has a vast antquie Doll collection the only one that scares visits if one that’s wooden and has hardly any face left – that has given me a nightmare before and guests.
    It seems alittle odd that the doll brought on that dream and you notcing all the things around the house after that incident – could you remember anything before that?

  9. Pete says:

    dolls are toys, they don’t haunt people or cause nightmares and bad dreams, I must admit some do look creepy but I don’t believe for one second they can be “Possesed”
    in any way. I think to be honest it’s all in your mind. my daughter had a cabbage patch
    kid for years and not once did it move or cause any scary dreams, as far as I know she
    still has it, she’s 35 now.

    • Rylee says:

      No offense, but my home is filled with spirits, I have tons of evidence of them. And just because your daughters doll wasn’t possesed, and just because you don’t believe in possesion, how can you prove that a doll can’t be possesed. Honestly this happened to me.

  10. Alex says:

    Say the following when you feel uncomfortable:

    Father God, Mother Earth…

    I ask you now to completely envelope and surround me in a protective white light. Only loving and positive energy can penetrate this white light of protection. No evil ,negative, or malevolant energy can penetrate this light. I ask this of you in the name of all that is holy.
    Thank you for this protection.

    You can also include your home and family and friends in this prayer.

  11. Cain Amador says:

    Me being Mexican, my famaly seem to have weird superstitions with dolls and other childs play things.
    At christmas, one of my cousins had recived a doll that talked and one of my uncles who had gave it to her had said that it was the only doll in the store.
    When my little cousins pushed the button, (she spoke spanish) she would say things like, “Can you help me find my head? Great! You found it!” and “Where are you? You cant hide from me!” and also, “You cant get rid of me cuz you’re my bestest friend!”
    That doll was really creepy, it scared the little kids, the adults, so they threw it away cuz that doll kept talking!

  12. Rylee says:

    Thank you so much for all of your comments, whether you believe me or not is your choice, but I’d just like to say it DID happen to me, so I know it’s true. As for you guys who don’t believe this story, I am 13, so I’m kinda hard to believe, and ontop of that I’m Schizophrenic. But I have seen the doll move before I threw it out and burned it, and Pediophobia is very horried. I have alot of phobias (Most self-induced I must say) but pediophobia is one that was not self-induced. I once again thank you all for reading my story.

    • Seth says:

      Okay I was wondering what the doll not being in your arms had to do with the spirits or dreams, but now that you said you saw it move I understand a little bit better. I believe you and hope that things get better for you…

  13. Miss Black Heart says:

    whenever i went to my aunty and uncles house
    i used to sleep in my oldest cousins old room and
    she had this life size doll i was always afraid of for no reason a all
    it just creeped me out she faced the door i swear i woke up
    one night in a cold sweat and turned the lamp on the doll was looking at me
    its body had turned to face my bed.

  14. Silent Listener says:

    Maybe you should hold a seance and try to invite the spirits calling your name and try to make peace with them. I have had many experiences with evil spirits (if your spirits are evil) and have tried to make peace with them. It has worked many times before, but sometimes it just makes them calm down a bit and think about it. Just try it. It may just work.

  15. Tracey says:

    I don’t know people scare of dolls I have Thousand and thousand dolls in my room on shelf and other place like dresser it’s never bother me plus it’s may not have like possion or whatever inside the doll but some people like voodoo or whatever cause to magic things to a doll to scare someone as enemy. So One things I can’t stand is clown I don’t like clown it just get on my nervus. Old dolls Nah it don’t scare me even my grandma got me some for my birthday 20′s somethings birthday even christmas. I don’t mind dolls. I do Collect dolls guess just being lonley and such when have no real friend like animals get pet as cats or dog cause lonley for no real friends that what I doing. even stuffed animals. So Yes I did watch movie about dolls like bride of chucky and Child play and Dolly but worst is chucky he is very Ugly and I am in my 37 and still have my dolls.

    • Rylee says:

      Well yes but your 37, I’m 13.
      Clowns scare me too, but I am terrified of dolls. Just try to understand tht.

      • xannex says:

        i belive you rylee and im 26, i have in the past has dolls but im not fond of them they are a little scary thankfully iv not ever has a doll like yours,

  16. AnNa bites back says:

    i have never been afraid of dolls.i think its if you let them scare you then ofcourse you will be scared.thats just me.and on offence to anyone about that.

  17. brandy flores says:

    I believe you, I had a doll like 6 years ago, I was like 11 and I heard something so I went upstairs and my doll was sitting there in the corner and I swear to you it said “what?!” In a high pitched voice!so I came running to my twin sister balling! And we went to my neighbors till my mom got home! I remember it like it was yesterday! Never again am I owning a doll of any kind.

  18. GirlRacer says:


    Im almost 34 and completely terrified out of my wits of dolls. Even the name makes me feel sick, so I completely believe you.

  19. greasy graceful puffy says:

    PUBBYNECK reply:

    First of all you are an inconsiderate, rude person…I to had the fright of a lifetime and have never been the same since….

    When i was about 12 years old, i used to have this porcelain clown doll which sat on a swing and hanged on my ceiling…one night i had just got into bed and started falling asleep when i heard the jingling of bells…i quickly woke up and flicked on my lamp…the clown was sitting up right, facing me on the end..i immediately ran out of the room straight to my parents bedroom to tell them what had happened, my parents couldnt believe it, how this clown had managed to come off the nails which were attaching it to the ceiling and managed to get to my bed whihc was on the other end of the room…they could clearly see that i was frightened out of my witts and i think they felt the same way…
    my dad threw it out of the room and smashed its face against the wall…he then threw it in the garbage and that was the end of that….well, atleast i thought!

    About three years later i was hanging out with some friends in my garage we were looking through old photos and things…we came across a big old box whihc had a bunch of old toys inside it, i kid you not the clown was inside the box, its face still intact and unsmashed…i could not believe my eyes…my friends didnt understand what was wrong with me they said i looked like i had seen a ghost…i ran inside and called my mother who was working at the time…she didnt understand what was going on i just couldnt speak straight, i told her to get home “right now!”

    She could not believe her eyes, dshe said that doll had haunted her ever since that night and to see it lying there in the garage as perfect as the day it was made, was just the most horrifying experience of our lives!

    When my father returned from work that night, we told him about the doll, he thought it was some sort of sick joke…he could not understand how it could be in the garage…

    when we took him down to show him the doll was gone…we tore the whole garage apart that night, we never found that doll…my mother, myself and my three friends (who no longer speak to me) all saw the doll that day..

    i dont know what happened to that doll, i live in fear everyday thinking about it and wondering if it will ever return, i have now been diagnosed with severe depression, insomnia and take pills for my anxiety…

    i dont care if anyone believes me or not….this is my living nightmare which i have to face everyday! and it scares the living daylight out of me.

    thanks for reading, goodluck to all i truly understand the fear that some of you have to live with everyday.

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