Old Homemade Rag Doll and Nightmares

Posted on March 14, 2010

When I was four years old, one of my great aunts gave me an old homemade rag doll for my birthday. It had been hers when she was a little girl, made especially for her by her grandmother who, of course, was long dead. I loved the doll, for the only one I had was an old baby doll I’d had since the age of one. Why my great aunt had chosen to give me the doll was a puzzle, for she’d never really paid me any attention. In fact, as children often can, I sensed that she disliked me distinctly. Anyway, I felt very special to have been the recipient of such a treasured gift. I slept with the doll every night and, during the day, it had center stage on my bed.

Soon I began having very frightening dreams about the doll and the woman who’d made it which was, as I stated earlier, my great aunts grandmother. In the dreams the doll would be laying on some sort of platform, the grandmother standing over it saying things I couldn’t understand. In her hand she held some sort of sharp object which she used to pierce one of her fingers, causing it to bleed. She’d then hold the pierced finger over the rag doll allowing several drops of blood to fall on it. Always, as the last drop of blood fell toward the doll I would awaken, frightened and crying, and run into my parents’ bedroom, leaving the doll behind.

After several nights of the same dream, I became very frightened of the doll and threw it as far back in my closet as I could. I had the same dream again that night so the next morning I took the doll out to the shed and hid it under some ragged old quilts where no one would find it. The dreams stopped and I was happy. One day Mom, noticing the doll was gone, asked me what’d happened to it. I just shrugged my shoulders, saying I didn’t know. She looked under my bed and around my room but I knew she wouldn’t find it and I was glad. She opened my closet door, rummaging through it, then bent down and picked something up. When she turned towards me, the doll was in her hand. I had no idea how it’d gotten back into my room. Frightened, I looked at Mom and, wringing my hands, I said “I don’t like it! I don’t want it!” Mom told me I should be ashamed then lay the doll back on my bed.

The dream came again that night. The next morning I got up and took the doll back out to the shed, but this time I hid it in an old empty suitcase and latched it, hoping that would keep the doll from coming back inside. A couple of weeks went by with no dreams, and no doll. Then one day Dad went into the shed looking for a tire tool, me following close behind. He searched around inside the shed then picked up the suitcase which lay in a corner, intent on looking behind it. Somehow, the suitcase fell open and out spilled the rag doll along with the tire tool which hadn’t been there when I’d hidden the doll. I gasped as Dad picked up the doll and gently shoved it at me saying “How in the world did this get in here?” I shrugged my shoulders and took the doll from his hand, feeling as if the doll were laughing at me. Not knowing what else to do, I took it back inside to my room and threw it in a corner on the floor then quickly left the room.

I went to the closed in back porch where Mom was washing clothes. The soap powders were sitting on the floor beside the washing machine. Somehow I managed to knock them over. Mom scolded me and sent me back to my room where I screamed upon entering, for the rag doll, which had been on the floor in a corner of the room, was on my bed propped against the pillow in a sitting position and facing the door as if watching for someone to enter. Mom came running, “What’s wrong?!” she shouted. Hysterical, I grabbed the hellish doll and flung it to the floor. “I don’t want it!” I shouted, tears streaming down my face, “Give it back! Give it back! I don’t want it anymore! I hate it! I hate it!” Telling me to just calm down, Mom hugged me and, promising to give the doll back to my great aunt, she said, “Okay honey, we’ll take the doll back right now if you want. But what are you so afraid of?” she asked. Getting no answer, she told me to put my sweater on and we would take the rag doll back.

My great aunt accepted the doll back with a secretive grin, as if she’d known exactly why we’d brought it back. While we were there, she went to the living room closet and took out a dusty leather case with a lock on it. She placed the doll inside, locked it, and put it back in the closet. We said our goodbyes and Mom and I left. We never heard from my great aunt again.

She died four years later. When her things were cleaned out of her house, there was no sign of the leather case or the rag doll. To this day no one knows what happened to it. For some reason though, I believe my great aunt buried them somewhere on her property. Even so, I don’t care to know for sure. As long as I never have to lay eyes on it again, I’ll be happy…

Written by Cheryl, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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26 Responses to “Old Homemade Rag Doll and Nightmares”
  1. Bonnie says:

    Hi Cheryl,

    Great story! Thank you for sharing your experience. I would have been terrified of that doll as well. I’m glad that your mom let you bring it back to your great aunt.

  2. anna says:

    wow.i think i would of buried my self but some how someone probably would find it.im glad you gave it back.see i dont understand if your aunt know what kind of doll that was why on earth would she of givingn it to you?why because she didnt like you so she did that.well thats that and im glad you dont have to deal with it again.thansk for the story.

  3. Believer says:

    It seems like the doll had been cursed, some kinda voodoo stuff going on here. Good story by the way!

    • Cass says:

      Dude that was scarey & your aunt must be some kind of witch or something why would she do that to you? You must of did something to deserve that by your aunt.

      • Jules says:

        What could a four-year-old possibly do to an old woman that deserves that? Wow, I try to be more professional about things. :)

  4. Myra says:

    I’ll never understand how an adult can do something nasty to a child, and that was obviously your great aunt’s, AND her grandmother’s, intention! So glad you gave the doll back to her!

  5. Sims says:

    How sad. I am with Myra. What kind of person would intentionally make a little girl to go through that? I wonder why you never heard from the aunt again. Was she close to the family prior to that?

  6. scarygirl67 says:

    Reading that experience really gave me chills. I don’t know what happened there…but I sure don’t blame you for giving the doll back!

    Have you talked to anyone who lives in her house now? To see if they’ve had any strange experiences?

  7. LMC says:

    great story! Creepy doll… About your Great Aunt I don’t know… that was mean and cruel… I don’t blame you not wanting that doll anymore!

  8. john john says:

    i liked that movie the first time I saw it, when it was called …

  9. Edward Black says:

    Its a Voodoo Doll. But would would your Great Aunt do such a thing?? i think she hates your mother or father and wants revenge to you or something.

  10. big barney says:

    that was a good story….my mother had a raggedy ann doll and some weird stuff happened with it too,…..but that was a good story, and the fact that your great aunt put it back in a suitcase and then locked it was kinda weird….as if she knew that it would wander around her house as it did to you…..

  11. sakura12haruno says:

    was your aunt really like that?nice story i really spooked m e literrally.

  12. Pat says:

    Man this was one of the most realistic and scary stories I have ever read! I am so glad that your parents finally believed you! Your Great Aunt was obviously a malicious vengeful evil woman! I hate to talk ill about the dead but that doll could have harmed you! What kind of a monster gives a child an evil doll????? SCARY!

  13. callmeishmael says:

    i’m terrified of dolls always have been, but that sent shivers down my spine and now my fears dont seem so unjustified.

  14. Anonymous says:

    that was great

  15. Cori says:

    my friend had a haunted doll too she tried to throw it away a few times but it would always come back. She finnally had a take it to a priest who burned it!

    • elmo says:

      that’s bad i still don’t like dolls since that vietnam doll was given to me but any way why do some people like them so much there creepy

  16. Alice says:

    She probally did voodoo on the doll people can do that and of course u said she hated u so she probally grinned cuz she knew it was evil

  17. Lindsay Walker says:

    Oh my how scary! I have always been scared of dolls my whole life. I’m 23 and as far back as I can remember I’ve only had one doll and it was my only doll I ever had. I still have the doll its in storage. I have a little boy he’s 5, I want a little girl so bad but I fear that I will have problems being scared of her dolls… Hopefully by then maybe my fear will go away.

  18. Anonymous says:

    this story is wierd and scary i hope nothing like tat happens to me…..

  19. Moya says:

    That is scary. oh no, I would of burned it on the first day especially if one of my aunts that didnt like me gave it to me,

    • LMC says:

      some things shouldn’t be burned you might make it worse… Better to find out what’s going on with it & find away to properly get rid of the evil… For good so it wouldn’t follow you for the rest of your life. Thank God giving the doll back worked.

  20. sleppy says:

    i always thought that rag dolls were creepy especialy raggedy anne & andy dolls

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