The Creepy Flea Market Doll

Posted on August 5, 2010

My mother has always been a doll collector and the flea market was her hot spot for buying old dolls. I always hated dolls, I guess because of the movie child’s play but anyway they scared the crap out of me. One day she came home with a new doll of coerce I was mad and reminded her she already had a lot of stupid dolls. My mom of coerce ignored my comments and placed the doll in her room with the rest of them. We lived in a small home and the only restroom was located in my mothers room. So that meant every time I had to use the restroom I would have to go through my mothers room and her collection of dolls.

I remember the first night I heard the doll singing, it was around midnight and I really had to go to the restroom. As I entered the room I heard some humming, I looked around and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I shrugged it off and did my business, as I was walking out of her room I heard it again only this time it was a little girls voice singing a tune. Whatever tune it was I didn’t recognize it, but it did scare me half to death I ran out of there and locked my bedroom door. The next morning I told my mother and she gave me a puzzled look. She said “You know the last time I was cleaning I heard it too but I figured it was one of those old dolls that sang with the batteries”. So we both went about are daily routines for the next couple of months. The doll continued to sing but at first it would only sing when we were in the room with it. As time went on though it started singing at all hours of the day even when we were outside sitting in the porch we could hear the singing from inside the house.

One day I stayed home alone, and I remember the house being super quiet. I was surprised not to be hearing the doll singing so I went into my mothers room to check up on it. Sure enough there it was sitting on the shelf, I got a chill on my spine but got the courage to walk towards it. I stared at it for a long time expecting it to sing at any moment but nothing happened. I grabbed it and started examining it, that’s when I noticed something strange, the doll was super light weight. I looked under her dress and she was made out of rag. Only her head was made out of plastic. I felt my heart picked up and I pieced things together. I frantically looked for a voice box’s within the doll but it had none. That meant it was impossible for the doll to sing. I was to scared to move, finally I snapped out of it and put the doll back in the shelf. I slowly turned around and made my way to the door. I let out a sigh of relieve when I made it to living room, but then I heard it the singing. I ran outside and waited for my mom in the porch. That night I told her everything and she examined the doll and confirmed it there was not battery pack no voice box’s in the doll.

Finally my mom had enough and she decided to burn it along with our trash. That night as the trash burned she got the doll and threw it in the fire. At first silence then the doll started screaming “mommy, mommy”. I will never forget the way the poor doll cried out for her mommy. I almost felt sad and ashamed but we didn’t know what to do. After that my mother stopped collecting dolls and we haven’t had an experience like that since

This is a true story I didn’t make it up. This actually happened to me back in 2002

Sent in by starr, Copyright 2010

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36 Responses to “The Creepy Flea Market Doll”
  1. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    I have a small collection of dolls, porcelain dolls. Very pretty too. I don’t know what it is about them but my friend never liked them too much herself either. She spent the night over my old house once and while I was in the bathroom she was laying in bed and when I came back into the room she told me that one of the dolls smiled at her. And only one of the dolls in my collection is smiling.

    But the doll she pointed out that she said smiled is one of the dolls that isn’t smiling. That just has a blank stare. She never spent the night after that haha.

    • Tracey says:

      Look like we have something in commen I have alots of dolls too. some friends of my don’t like dolls.

  2. mahicka says:

    while reading your story i put myself in your place!……it might have been a freaky experience!!

  3. Deb says:

    Ewwww that was so scary! I will never look at another doll the same way again…hahaha. I hope you don’t think I am making fun of you because I’m not. This was a very spooky story. Thanks and keep us posted on the Dolls :o )

  4. AnNa says:

    im not saying its not true but you said yourself that your mother buys alot of dolls,maybe it was a different doll that you thought it was that one that your mom burned.maybe theres more then just that one.i just find it weird that you hated that doll,all the dolls and as soon your mom burned it you felt bad.thanks for the story.

  5. trolldoll says:

    i don’t know what to say! starr you’re going to get alot of non-believers on this one. don’t take it personally. i was sitting here reading it with my jaw on the floor. but if you say it happened, i do believe it! creepy! i have a old doll from the early sixties. you pull her string and she says sweet things to you. i keep her in a plastic bin at the bottom of a stack of boxes. thankfully i have never heard her talk!! she isn’t scary at all. if i had heard what you did, i would have thought i burned a kid alive! ewwoooo!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    We are getting more and more of these creepy dolls stories… really have to wonder how spirits get trapped in dolls but they seem to! I am sorry for the pain the doll seemed to feel but it had to be done…I am glad your Mom got rid of her dolls too…thanks for sharing!

  7. Rosendo Twins says:

    Creepy. You did the right thing.
    My sister found this website where they post real ghost videos and in one of them a mom was recording her little girl playing with her new toy. The little girl hugged it and cuddled it while the mom said “Aw, is it lovable?” Right at the moment when she says “lovable” if you look behind the little girl to the left (the doll is sitting in the desk) you can see how her gothic lolita style doll raises her hand and makes this fat candle that has tipped over, roll a good 4 inches away. The mom who posted the video says that she didn’t notice it at first and that it was her son who spoted it as they were watching it.
    The doll got jelous that the little girl had a new toy and acted on it. The flea market doll could’ve done the same in time, no?

  8. Anonymous says:

    My friend has a porcelin doll collection. In fact I got her a few of her dolls myself… I am wondering now just how smart that WASN’T….hmmmm

  9. mama22bratz says:

    Wow that�s creepy, it reminds me of a funny story: Last year my daughter and I got to looking at �haunted� doll listings on Ebay (there are a ton of them). I kept teasing my daughter about getting her one for her 13th birthday. She would get sooo mad and tell me I had better not, she was scared lol! So I got an old doll and even made up a background story on her and placed the letter from the �seller� in the box and wrapped it up for her party! She opened it up in front of about 30 of her friends�you talk about some funny pictures as one of her friends read the letter out loud! My daughter almost killed me! The look on her face was priceless!

  10. Rylee says:

    You repeatedly misspelled “Course”. :3
    Good story though, I hate dolls too. They scare me alot O.e

    • Caretaker says:

      And you misspelled a lot as alot :)

      • Rylee says:

        Lol sorry, I’m a extremely fast typer and typos frequently appear with me XD.

        • Caretaker says:

          The point is that everyone makes mistakes. Me, you, everyone. And this site is not made up of professional writers. That is why comments that criticize grammar and spelling and the like are generally deleted.

  11. Chivers says:

    I had a friend who had a doll who talked when you pulled her string. Then one day she was playing with the doll and she pulled the string and the doll’s head started to spin like the Exorcist and talking. She through it in her closet and never saw it again. Ever since then she HATES dolls.

  12. Jaybee says:

    My only comment is that I’m surprised that you didn’t check all the dolls the first couple of times you heard singing. If I had specifically pegged it to be that one doll, I would have checked her right away for the batteries/voice box. Finding none, the doll would have been gone immediately.

  13. Ransrini says:

    U dint u ever check why the doll started singin all of a sudden??

  14. Athena says:

    Actually there are many stories about ghost dolls. Some of the old porcelain dolls out there were maid out of real children’s hair. Could be why your was singing and had cried out for her mother when you burned her. However I think those dolls are creepy to begin with for whatever reason they give me the creeps. I think it might be the life like of them or the fact that just like sometimes walking into the church at the old folks home where my grandmother stayed gave me the creeps. Still don’t understand why they creep people out.

  15. Jerry says:

    Have you heard of harlequin the most creepest of all dolls to date…..

  16. voodoochile says:

    Wow, I loved this story. I also collect dolls and I have a very old one but I have never experienced what you did. My daughter does not like me to buy dolls from thrift stores or flea markets, she thinks that one will be haunted. But that will not stop me from buying them.

  17. eileen says:

    Google “Australian Gypsy Haunted Doll”….it’s the creepiest doll story you will ever see…there are videos of this thing too….it’s an antique gypsy doll, with a human brain…no BS….and it is ‘alive’….similar to that Key West Robert Doll….

    yikes…I for one, always loved dolls, still have my “Chrissy”….but my kids are totally creeped out by my old baby doll… :~( and I have to say I my mom was a doll collector too….and I felt so guilty when I recently sold the ones I still had on ebay….LOL

    • Jules says:

      The doll’s name is “Letta Me Out” and there are 6 videos on You Tube and someone created a You Tube Channel for him, named… Letta Me Out. It’s pretty interesting. Personally, I believe the Key West Robert doll is just the creepiest thing ever. :)

  18. big barney says:

    dont like dolls. never will. i believe that some dolls can really have a soul somehow trapped in them. dont like dolls….never will

  19. Anonymous says:

    Awesome story! I was at my friend’s birthday and she showed me this doll that if you shake her she tells you stuff like,” Goodnight” or “Nightie night” so my other friend told me to shake her and I did ’cause I didn”t know that so I did and she told me nighie night in this creepy electronic voice and I screamed and just threw it in a pile of her clothes and she spoke again and everyone just laughed and screamed. So creepy! Anyway, cool story!!!! Seriously though, AWESOME!

    P.S.- The doll also has these huge eyes that make you feel unconfortable!

  20. LittleKitKat says:

    creepy! my mother collects old dolls some quite a few weird vibes around them (even friends and guest notice around certain ones!) but never something like that. As guilty as you feel maybe it was the right thing to do, there are alot of stories with ghost/enties attached to objects and i realy belive dolls pick up spirits/enties easier because of the human form.

  21. GirlRacer says:

    Three things in this lifetime that scare the living crap out of me.

    Spiders, I have arachnophobia (the very word makes me feel sick), The electric chair (I have no idea why) and Dolls. I HATE dolls, I can’t stand them, they make my skin crawl, they make me shake uncontrollably, I cannot comprehend them – this by far has been the most terrifying story I’ve read.

    Ooh I feel sick now.

  22. willowwitch says:

    this is a story i can relate to. i use to have a doll collection, and i had bad feelings about it, but i always ignored it, until i had a really horrific dream about dolls, and then i told my mom to throw them out. not wanting to, my mom put them in her office, and until i got my new room recently with my own bathroom, i had to cross my moms office, to go to the bathroom. i would get a chill, and of course she always left her door open. argh! well, i had dreams about the dolls still. there was actually a ghost girl named Emily Briggs possessing one of those dolls. she kept coming into my dreams, and she wanted me to be friends forever with her, which means i had to “cross over to the other side”. that was the first dream. when i refused, the second dream was a lot more violent. but in the first dream she told me she died in 1908 and that her name was Emily. well i was wondering who this girl was, so i try searching her on i didn’t know her last name, but then a whisper in my ear told me the name “Briggs.” so i search that up, and i thought she was 12 or 13. i looked her up, she died at age 14, in england, 1908. it scared me. i was 13 at the time, and now i am 14. i still get bad dreams, and im afraid to sleep in my house on Halloween, when the veil between their world and this world is the thinest O_O

  23. Neko says:

    My mom has this very creepy jack in the box, a gift. Sometimes I’ll be home alone and come upstairs and it’s popped up. Or I’ll be upstairs and it will be all boxed up, no jack, and I’ll walk past without hearing the music and it’s popped up. It’s a very creepy thing I really hate it. When my parents go away for long periods I put it in the shed.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I believe that dolls are haunted and i don’t like them eather. I have never recieved a doll and i never want to, even if it is from my mom. I hate dolls!

  25. JustinBieberRocks4ever says:

    I have a story I can relate to too! I have a doll that I love, she’s a Maplelea Girl (I’m sure you guys heard of those) and her name is Taryn Isabel Brady. Anyway I used to sleep with her being at the end of my bed on a wooden book chest in her own little bed. I noticed I kept waking up in the middle of the night for no reason, also, I kept having very unsettling dreams of a strange girl with seemingly no face and a pretty big knife (or hatchet) in her hand at night. About 2 weeks ago, ,my Mum put her in her special box and stowed her away in the basement. It was then I noticed I didn’t wake up anymore and the creepy girl dreams stopped.
    Great story though!!!! Someone please write on my comment, PLEASE!

  26. Lyn says:

    Awesome story. God. I HATE dolls. Any of them, seriously. Porcelian, rag, whatever. I hate them. When I was little I use to have some porcelean dolls sitting on top of a shelf. there were like 5, I think. My mom’s friend got them for me as a gift. I slept on a bottom bunk in my room, and the dolls would just STARE at me, and everytime I turned away from them, I could still feel them. Once I had a friend spend the night, and telling her about the dolls and how creepy they were, we crept up to my room and peeked in. I swear to freakin’ God, one of their heads turned towards me. Weeks later, my brother and I got them down and put them in a toy chest and gave them away ^w^. Never had another doll in my room since then! and Im 16! XD

  27. elmo says:

    wow i’m 13 and i have some dolls and stuffed animals that i got as gifts and my mom won’t let me throw them away or give them to charity.and all night they stare at me with their lifeless eyes.And i don’t know why but i recently got this doll about 5 months ago(well not to recent).And like three days later i started to get thoughts of cutting myself and stuff.And i do remember i did cut my self for a couple of weeks until my mom found me and she got help.I told her about the dolls and how i thought about hurting myself and dieing.we moved and i convinced my mom to give away the doll i think the tag said vietnam girl.And i still go to therapy to help with the cutting and i’m just glad it’s over.:) p s:sorry for the miss spelling i type fast and i get typos a lot.p.s.s plz comment back ;)

  28. Moya says:

    That is creepy, I dont hate dolls but i dont like them that much either, but if something like this was to happen to me , i would think about not ever having them around me.

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