Emily and the Doll

Posted on March 6, 2010

Hi, I feel the need to share this story with someone. I have told my parents this before but they never believed me. I was 7 when this whole thing started. I was born in a small town in Illinois and my mother took me and my older sister out of state to Arizona when I was seven. My sister was 11, she trusts what I am telling is true because she is Wiccan and is in to all the supernatural stuff.

Ok so when we first moved to Arizona into this small house with my mom and her boyfriend who has two older sons who are both older than me and my sister. I am the baby in the family. My step dada Thomas had made a room in his house just for my sister and I. It was small but we each had our own beds. He filled the room with dolls and babies and stuffed animals. But one picture on the wall was right above my bed and it creeped me out. It was a picture of an old woman and what looked like a doll. The doll was so pretty and her dress was a deep color of purple. The old lady on the other hand was creepy she had eyes that seemed to look into your soul.

The first few weeks the picture kept reoccurring in my dreams. Not bad dreams but not good ones either. The dreams were always the same, the old lady would be sitting on the end of my bed holding the doll. Calling it her pretty lady. The old lady acted like I wasn’t there. At the end of the dream I would try to get off the bed and run to my sister’s bed but she would always see me and pounce on me and I would wake up.

I begged my mom to take the picture off the wall but she said I was over reacting and I should stop lying. This dream went on for at least four months and finally I got mad at the old lady and in my dream that night it started out the same but when I tried to move and she say me I yelled at her to just leave me alone and she kind of froze and looked at me. The doll in her hands. She just stared for the longest time and finally I told her I was sorry for yelling and told her that the doll was so pretty. The lady smiled and told me the dolls name was Karen. She told me Karen missed having a little girl to play with. The old lady told me if I wanted she would give me Karen if I promised to take good care of her and do what she told me. I wanted that doll so bad. So I said yes.

And then the old lady told my to dig a hole under the old oak tree in the back yard and see what I found. I woke up to my mom shaking me telling me I was screaming in my sleep. That morning I went out back with my tiny shovel and started to dig. It seemed like I was digging for hours and when I was about to give up I hit something hard under my shovel. It was a metal box with the name Emily on it. I ran inside and brought it to John my oldest step brother. He was just as excited as I was and asked me how I knew there was a box under the tree. The old lady from my dream I told him with a smile and he froze. “Open it, open it!” I yelled at him.

He got a hammer and broke the lock off of it. Inside the box was Karen and a gold locket of which I put around my neck it was heavy and Karen was dusty but still in great shape. I ran to my room with my new found treasures. “Look Emily. Look” I told the painting showing the doll to the woman in the picture. It was almost as if the old lady smiled at me and winked. I became obsessed with the doll. I took her everywhere. She talked to me sometimes telling me how good of a friend I was. We went to the park one day and played on the swings. A boy a little bit older than me came up and grabbed Karen and ran away with him. He had gotten about half way across the yard when he tripped and fell forward right into the metal tether-ball pole splitting his skull right down the middle. He was rushed off to the hospital and given 39 staples and was in a coma. Karen told me she made him run into the pole because he had pulled my hair before. When she told me this I got scared. “I don’t think that was very nice Karen” I told her setting her down on the bed. “Oh he deserved it now take me back to the park I want to swing some more it makes me feel like I am flying.” It was almost time for dinner and I wasn’t allowed out side after dark. She begged me and told me she would tell Emily I wasn’t being nice to her if I didn’t so I told her we would go after everyone else was asleep.

Later after every one was in bed and I heard Thomas snoring I knew everyone was asleep it was almost 2 o’clock in the morning when I snuck out the bathroom window and made my way to the park. I pushed her on the swings and we slid down the slide together. We did every thing she wanted to do. We stayed at the park for hours it seemed. When the sun started to come up we headed home and went to bed. This same routine went on for about a month and my mom thought I was sick because I slept all day. Every time I tried to tell my mom about Karen I got into trouble with Emily, she would visit me in my dreams and yell at me telling me that she would punish me if I told my mom again and each time Karen wouldn’t let me leave the park and risk me getting caught.

School started and Karen wanted me to take her with me but the teacher told me I had to keep Karen in my locker but Karen didn’t like my locker she wanted to see people so I went to school and took her to class with me and got detention every day. My mom was so mad at me and my sister wanted me to stop being stupid and get rid of the doll. But I just couldn’t do that she was my only friend and I was afraid of what Emily would do to me if I got rid of Karen. Finally my mom was so mad she threw Karen in our fire place and burned her to ashes right in front of me. I screamed and slept with my mom for the next three weeks but I never saw Emily or Karen in my dreams again.

Sent in by Becka, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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23 Responses to “Emily and the Doll”
  1. gorgeouskillerrr:P says:

    hi there
    i was just looking at a whole bunch of stories becuz they just facinate me
    u know, knowing they’re real and all but anywyas wat a scary experience! u r very brave to
    face this kinda stuff i mean i woulda been real scared and even burned the doll myself!
    wow its amazing how u had a dream of those exact same things u saw in the picture and finding that box and all thats so kool! well i hope everything in ur life is noormal again and i suggest u get rid of that picture just in case
    well take care!
    xxx karenn[=

  2. Neko_Chan (Not my real name) says:

    I just searching some old ghost stories and some scary stuff.You are so brave!!!Unlike me…I would cry,yelling,screaming or do something stupid like chanting.(yeah i know its kinda stupid)I do have a lot of doll but i gave all of them to my cousins,neighborhood and some friends.
    Its so amazing how u had a same dream in every night.It must be scary..Well,thats all,BYEBYE and take care

  3. anna says:

    oh my gosh that story ticked me off.in how the doll did that to the boy.do you know if the boy got out of the coma.i would of burned that doll to.i just cant believe that.i never really thought that dolls could be so evil.Im really upset that your mother didnt beileve you either.i hate when parents dont believe there own kids.im sorry if im being so mad.the good thing is your ok.i agree to with gorgeouskiller.P get ride of the picture if you havent already.thanks for the story.

  4. anna says:

    when I was little I got a doll for Easter one year .my favorite and I still have it to this day. and I us to scare my 1 sister with it.the eyes are closed and It turnes her head and sings( Its a small world after all) like I said i was little I cant believe i did that but i didnt careat the time.we still talk about how mean i was.

  5. Larendeil says:

    I believe you. I practice in Magic and very successful and love Paranormal. Its good that your Mum burnt the doll, you were getting detentions and going to park at night. You would’ve been kidnapped. I think the locket is cursed. I think so!

  6. miles=) says:

    i totally believe you i just cant believe that your mum didnt. i hate it that your own mum and dad never believe you. but something happened to me aswell 4 days ago. i kept hearing someone breathe in my bedroom next to my bed so i shouted my dad and he let me sleep in my mums bed with her. he believes m i am a daddys girl. anyway iam glad you are alright to this day and im glad your mum believed you in the end and got rid of the doll. =) =) =) =) =)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow what an amazing expirence Emily seems pretty freaky! I. Wish I had Karen

  8. Ana Karina says:

    wow that was so creepy! thanks a lot 4 the story u r so brave i wouldve screamed my lungs out.

  9. Mara Shields says:

    wow, i dont know how you could go through it, every time i see a ghost or feel a bad present i go mental n i cant breathe propaly n i have to turn all the lights on,

  10. Ellen from Florida says:

    Good thing for your mom!

  11. Bailee says:

    In the painting, didn’t you say that Emily was holding Karen? Wouldn’t your mom have found that a little creepy? I mean come on…

    • Jay-Lyn says:

      I agree! That’s what I was thinking too…
      She said the picture was of Emily – holding Karen (the doll) who was wearing a purple dress.
      So if she really dug up this doll from under the tree (like Emily told her to do in the dream), wouldn’t the ENTIRE FAMILY be freaking out about the same doll from in the picture on the wall by her bed?

      If you’re going to make up a ghost story, you need to get your details straight – before posting it on the internet. Better yet, stop lying for attention! Perhaps instead, you should become an author and try writing STORIES without pretending it actually happened to you! You do have a creative imagination – but your story makes no sense.

      • Bailee says:

        I know! I completely agree with the getting the story straight. At least make it more logical.

        • Emilyrose says:

          same here it dont makes sense to me and its wrong to waste someone time with lies if i want to read a fake ghost story ill watch a movie other wise people place dont fall for this stuff

  12. irena says:

    Hi there your story is so cool i know how it feel to have the same dream ever i have same scary dreams every day i got a clown doll i hate it but it was a present so i have to keep it and the clown doll is haunted by a ghost girl name Annalis iknow that because theres foto and name inside the doll

    • Jay-Lyn says:

      How does a photo and name inside a doll – make it HAUNTED??

      Cabbage Patch Kids come with names and birth certificates… should we assume they’re haunted??? That would suck for me, since I have 33 of them upstairs in a room! Come on…

  13. SinsAngel says:

    Dolls can be haunted and can do strange things as for the story not being true cause it dose not make since to u let me you it can happen and in voodoo and witchcraft it dose happen so I would not be so fast to judge because you where not there with her and going throught what she did. It is a good story and I agree about the locket and the spirit of Emily could be in anything but the doll was her way of controling you good job mum for getting ride of the doll

    • Emilyrose says:

      you know it doesnt make sense come own read it and look at every clue to the bone if you was a real paranormal lover you would know from a mile a way that this is fake!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Heres a short freaky story- When i was 9 (Im 14 now) I moved to a new house EXACTLY on my birth day. The house came with furniture and everything. Well when we walked in i looked on the couch and there was a BEAUTIFUL doll. Long Black hair, A light purple dress with black frills in the middle. A note written in blood and old paper said”She’s yours now”
    I pointed at the doll and my mom picked it up and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was my present. I was curious that there was a note but when my mom picked it up it turned into a frilly birthday card. I said Did anyone see that? My two brothers (12 & 8 yrs) and my 9 year old sister looked at me. I said never mind and smiled running to the neighborhood park. My doll talked to me and said “Can we go to the ice cream shop?” I said confused, Sure. So there we are at the ice cream shop and my dolly who i named molly was telling me to get strawberry i told her i don’t like strawberry but she said trust me and her stitched mouth smiled. I ordered strawberry and no one else had gotten straw berry today. I said y did i get strawberry molly? She said nothing and smiled. A large boy with a skull t-shirt took the ice cream from me and pushed me down. Molly was not happy and she now had an upset look on her face. He licked it and he fell. I walked up to him and i said r u ok? He lay there… Dead. I backed away and ran home. I was terrified molly looked at me and said I love you Kiara… Ur the only freind i have and i will always look after you. I had a small smile on my face but i was kind of disapointed. That night molly came to my bedside… I was not scared because it was molly, My gaurdian angel. She came up to me and whispered Kiara… U have to kill ur mom. I remember looking at her and she did not look like molly the sweet little dolly… But a nightmare. I said NO shes my mommy. She told me she was going to kill you. I was concerned and i said NO SHE’S MY MOMMY! Molly knew something that i didn’t i was sure of it. I quitley said, Ok… I cried myself to sleep. The next morning molly was gone i looked around and then i went to the spot were the bully got me and i looked at him. His eyes opened and so did his mouth I screamed for molly but she didn’t come. I was alone and then i ran but i got back in time. I saw my mom carrying molly towards the fire place. I screamed at mom NO!!! NO!!! IT’S MY MOLLY. I ran at my mom with a knife and as soon as she dropped molly she screamed Ill always remember u. I awoke at the hospital and my mom told me i was running at her and then i passed out. ( I remember this because i was digging in my back yard looking for a time capsule i barried when i was 10. I dug it up 2 weeks ago and found- A picture of me and molly at the ice cream shop, Me and my friend when we were Baby’s and then Molly. I started crying and hugging molly she was covered with dirt and mold but i didn’t care. I ran inside and placed her next to me. She told me i love you and i fell asleep. Now she’s with me forever and ever and ever. Molly told me this all and i love her and she loves me…

  15. Emilyrose says:

    Bailee and Jay-Lyn im glade both of you really looked and read this story i agree with everything both you said

  16. Jonas Fan says:

    I agree with Jay-Lyn, I have a Maplelea doll and she has a name and all but she’s DEFINITLY not haunted! Good story by the way!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I usually do not beilieve these kind of things but im 13 and i am truly terrafied of dolls bc when i was a baby my dad let me watch all the chucky movies and shows,so when i was about 3 i threw all my dolls in my parents closet.But for some strange reason i beilieve this story.If i were you i would have told that old lady that she needed to lay the rules down for karren if she wanted to keep being youre friend.seriously a verry creepy story!

  18. James says:

    Scary Story! Never go back to your room or Emily may come back and also get rid of the picture

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