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My Fathers Demon that Almost Killed Me

Posted on August 10, 2009

This story is completely true, I’m 17 now and my father recently had told me what had happen when I was the age of 7. This is what my father had explained to me, and why it was his fault he almost killed me.

My father was only a teenager, 14 years old he didn’t know any better. He was walking around with his cousin one day who was about two years older then my father. He decided to take him to his buddies house, they were good friends and Have been when they were babies until now. I call this good friend of my fathers cousin “Uncle”.

They were just hanging out and Uncle had decided to call his Sisters friend to come over, she was 15 I believe (my father had told me everything in Detailed) When she came over she had brought an Ouija Board, and they thought they would play with it.

They did, and they asked questions, this one spirit named Doe had told them on the board that he was mad from disturbing him. When that had happened my father told me he had let go out of fear, but Uncle, Cousin and the girl didn’t. They told the spirit they all believe in god and he would protect them. Doe then moved the triangle to W A T C H.

Many Years later have passed, my father now 22 was in the Air Force, my mourning the lost of his unborn child, His wife had a miscarriage the child was strange with its umbilical cord while in the mothers womb.

Cousin had lost his first born to a car accident while in its mothers womb. My Uncles, friend had lost her child due to an overdose, which she later then committed suicide due to the fact of her lost child.

My father had heard the news and remembered what Doe had said. It wasn’t in until he was 35 when he married my mother and had me 2 years later. I had nearly died, in my mother due to an infection, I was born prematurely. My father then told me he was scared out of his mind, that he would lose me like the others. So they had reasons why they kept me out of activities such as sports, and every wandering off some where alone, I wasn’t even aloud to play in the backyard with out my fathers watchful eyes.

Seven years passed, and my father started to forget, I was soon able to play on my own. I was in the front yard just poking the ground with a stick and jabbing the grass with friends from school. I was next to our new house brink wall that held a pillar. It was a very old brink wall. All I remember from that time was pretending a Hot Wheels car was a fighter jet, then all of a sudden blacking out.

My father told me the rest of the story. He said a brink had slipped loose and had nailed me with the point end right above my head which cracked my head open. I had stitches and they had put coverings over the deep gash it had made. I was in the hospital for about a week when I woke up completely from the drugs, (I woke up occasionally and went back to sleep).

My father had told me that it was a horrible accident for 10 years of my life, then he told me the story built a new respect for the dead. Years past and I’ve narrowly dodged death, or dodged an injury that would of lead me to missing limbs. This could be luck or it could be someone protecting me. But for 2 years now no major accidents have happened.

Written by Peter, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “My Fathers Demon that Almost Killed Me”
  1. Naomi=] says:

    Wow it must be like a guardian Angel or something even bigger!Wow . :O

  2. CuteSagittarius says:

    Man,u must be living in constant fear! May God keep u safe & sound! Hold on,dude… hold on!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i think these things that happened were just terrible accidents and you weren’t cursed at all!! but if your dad blames playing with the board the reasons why they happened then it could be, i’m not doubting you and i hope your dad has let go of his blaming his self. just let him know often that you love him and don’t talk about the past anymore, because it is the past!!

  4. SomeoneNotImportant says:

    It’s probably all a Coincidence, but at the same time It might not be. Good luck.

  5. DarStarr says:

    I have to say, that it could all just be coincidence, but I don’t know. My friends and I stupidly played with a board back when we were in our early 20′s. I am 44 now, and we had some scary stuff go on, and now I honestly feel as if I have a black cloud hanging over me. Ever since we touched that board one thing after another goes wrong and has for years. My friends will always ask me, “who did you piss off up there” . I try to stay positive, but it’s been hard, and the last year has just gotten worse. So, some things can be coincidence, but others you really have to wonder.
    Thanks for listening.

  6. krissy says:

    wow thats got to suck dude i feel srry for u but it was ur dads falt he used the board so but hay at least he lirned his lession and ur is stell alive so may the rest of ur life be better

  7. allan says:

    did your dads mates eventually av children if so what happened to them if anything

  8. Jan says:

    You are probably being protected by your spirit guides. Everyone has them but they do not interfere with you life unless you ask them. Call on them every day to be with you and keep you safe.. Ask for there protection and you WILL receive it.

    God Bless.

  9. Satansgirl66 says:

    Why do you automaticaly assume this spirit was a demon? Demons are slandered Pagan Gods, not spirits out to torture kids.

  10. trolldoll1681 says:

    satansgirl66, why did you choose this name? i find it quite unusual. trolldoll

  11. Satansgirl66 says:

    I choose the name because I am a Theistic Satanist and a female. The 66 is because 6 is a number related to Satan usually and 666 is already used alot.

    The point I was trying to make in my post is that people go spouting off about Demons being evil when most don’t even know what Demons are. Demon comes from the Greek word “daemon” which means spirit and has no negative connotations. When christianity took over they had to force people away from their pagan faiths by force. They bribed, blackmailed, and killed in order to force “God” on everyone.

    Every “good” faith needs a foe right? So the church took traits from many popular gods and called the resulting figure, “the devil”. The devil is no more than a tool used to scare people into church pews and make fun of Pagan Gods. Satan has been worshiped in every Pagan culture under a different name:

    The great Pagan Gods became Demons and the church was free to say whatever they wanted to about them. That is wrong. Ipos is a Demonic name right?, Ipos is the name of The God of mummifacation whose Greek name is rendered Anubis.

    All I am saying is that is was wrong of you to assume it was a Demon just because that is what society has drilled into you. In saying that Demons are evil, you are saying that every Pagan faith that ever was(and still is) are woshiping monsters. What is to stop any evil spirit from going for shock factor and saying “yeah I’m a demon”?

    • GirlRacer says:


      Thanks for your post.

      I’d like to state first that I do not practice or follow any religion. Though I believe that God exists.

      I’ve read LaVey’s works, some of it is extremely interesting. I’ve read the 9 satanic statements, sins and 11 satanic rules of the earth.

      Rule 1. Do not give your opinions or views unless you’re asked. Why is this?

      Also, presuming that your faith to you is good. So, who’s the foe? God? Well, he is the creator and Lucifer loved him. More than us. Yet, you could say that satan is the nurturer in a sense of purely humanistic properties. We want, we need, we desire.

      Christianity to me is the worship of a mortal man who preached Gods word.

      God created us equal and in his image. My relationship with God is between him and I. I try not to do harm.

      Satanism to me is the cultivating and nurturing of our human instinct and tendencies. Yet God created us in his image.

      So, is God and Satan a mixture of each other? Yes. They are in us all.

      Religion in whatever form is far too contradictory for me to follow.

      Anyhow. I’ve rattled on. Thanks for the story and thanks for reading this!

      Would really love a discussion with you on here Satansgirl66.

      Steph x

    • GirlRacer says:

      To add. I was an athiest! I’d shoot down claims of God or Satan. My profession has made me question and understand the need for faith, it’s a comfort. Pure and simple.

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