Demon Attack While Pregnant

Posted on May 3, 2010

What happened to me was not the first time but it was the most frightening. As long as I can remember I always felt something when I would be at home but what was in my parents house was never bad. However, when something bad would come in I would feel shaky and my heart would start racing and for some reason I wouldn’t be able to move or say the Our Father prayer. But it would only happen once in a great while.

Fast forward 12 yrs I am married, in the Air Force, and pregnant and living in California on the base. Away from home and being in the military and pregnant was so stressful and hard.

On the night this happened my husband went next door to help our neighbors with their car. I was laying on the couch in the living room watching TV. I must have fallen asleep and the next thing I know I start feeling shaky in my dream and I open my eyes, I couldn’t breathe or move and on top of me was what looked like me with a evil grin, black eyes, long fingers with long nails reaching and clawing at my chest. I tried to pray but I couldn’t get the prayer out. I couldn’t remember it or say it right. So I started saying the guardian prayer and the demon disappeared.

I ran next door and told my husband but he thought I had a bad dream because I like to watch shows of ghost hunting. So I shrugged it off.

The next day when I got home from work my husband seemed shocked to see me. He said he thought I was already home because. 5 minutes ago, I walked passed him and waved him to the basement and he was about to go down there and that’s when I walked into the house. Once again my husband didn’t think about it. That night I was attacked again but this time in my room. I was sleeping and for some reason I opened my eyes and there it was. I couldn’t move or speak and it felt like it was trying to take my soul and daughters soul. After I said the guardian prayer it was still there but I was able to speak and I yelled “your not welcomed here. Only God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is allowed in this house!” and it was gone. I never saw it again.

Three Years has past since that and my family and I now live by my family. Things could not be better. Recently I found out my sister is pregnant and we are all excited. I was sleeping in the living and I was woken up by that awful feeling again. Couldn’t move, couldn’t speak but I could pray. And this evil demon was not in my home. It was outside my window. I could not see it but I felt it. I started to pray And I yelled “your not allowed in my house, its protected by God”. Then in an evil voice it responded “your house is but hers isn’t”. I demanded it to tell me who it was talking about. Then I heard my sisters laugh. So I quickly called my sister and told her what happened and it turns out that day she was feeling like something was following her.

My sister got her house blessed and has not had any problems since. I have no idea why this happened, I am not sure if demons are attracted to pregnancies but it was a scary encounter that I hope I never have to face again.

Sent in by Tina Gonzalez, Copyright 2010

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39 Responses to “Demon Attack While Pregnant”
  1. Carlos says:

    Wow Tina that is absolutely terrifying.To have something so scary like that happen when you were alone especially.Kind of creeped me out even more because I live literally 5 min away from Travis Air Force Base in Fairfiled,CA so I’m kind of wondering if that is where this took place.You did the right thing though.Once the name of Jesus is called out and you tell the evil spirit to leave it always does.

    • Tina G says:

      It happened at Vandenburg Air Force base. I’m not sure it was the base or not because I have had other experience in Chicago. But Airmen did believe the base was haunted.

  2. anna says:

    i know what the lords prayer is .whats the guardian prayer?i cant believe that happened.thats scary.did you have any marks when the demon scratched you?i thought that was weird about your husband wanted to go downstairs when he thought to see you.well im glad everything is better.thanks for the story.

  3. ESMERALDA says:

    Very scary story, I hope all is well within your family and that you are not having anymore troubles. I’m serious your story should be in that Discovery channel show called A Haunting. I wish you and your family well.

  4. Vzy4kat6387 says:

    By the way your explaining these ” demon attacks ” it sounds to me like your experiencing sleep paralysis. It happens to everyone, it has nothing to do with the paranormal or anything evil. It just happens.

    And sometimes you can hallucinate during sleep paralysis which makes the person believe they are being attacked & seeing ghosts etc …

    So nothing to worry about, though that’s easier said then done due to you being pregnant & all but it’s nothing harmful at all it just happens. Next time it happens just try an relax and wait it out until it’s done.

    • Tina G says:

      I can see why you would think its Sleep Paralysis although I had physical injuries. I had scratch marks all over my chest in 3 lines in each row. After what I went through there won’t be any way where I Will just wait for it to pass. Also when I have seen other ghost I have beenfully awake.

      • jk says:

        And why would the name of Jesus make it all stop. She did not say she woke up and then ran next door, she was already awake and when she called upon Christ it caused them to have to leave. Sleep paralysis is the world’s attempt to explain what happens. I was listening to one of the higher ranking priest in Iowa giving a class on this. He said that the Church knows that they can enter and manipulate what you see and think during this twilight sleeping stage. The stuff people experience is to wierd and relative to actually be a dream. So if you think that you have sleep paralysis maybe you need to rethink it. Then you say but it has not bothered me again, and that is because the demon knows that you are sure it is just sleep paralysis and that it what it wants you to think, why keep scaring you.

        • trolldoll says:

          jk, where in iowa and who was the priest? i’m from iowa and i’m just curious to know :)

        • Carlos says:

          Why would the name of Jesus make it stop?Are You Serious?

          • jk says:

            Are you serious, it is the only thing that will make it stop other than just taking it and waiting for it to leave you. I have heard people say that they could finally wiggle a finger or something and eventually come out of it. Most of the cases that I have read just like this one, when the name of Jesus is spoken or even just thought of, the encounter stops abruptly, where have you been?

          • jk says:

            Sorry Carlos, you asked why would IT. Because His name is the name above all others and evil spirits quake at the mention of His name and have for over 2000 years, this is nothing new. When Jesus died and God raised Him to life on the 3rd day, Satan was defeated eternally. The only thing that satan and his minions can gain now until they are cast into the lake of fire are souls that they battle for one at the time. They are master manipulators and all they want to do is confuse or misinform people long enough that they pass away without a saving knowledge of Christ. When it comes to where you will spend your eternity there is only 2 choices, choose Jesus or not. If you do not actively choose Jesus you are inactively rejecting Him, there is no way to ride the fence. Evil wants you to think that you do not have to choose, that there is indeed a middle ground. Not so my friend, to not choose Jesus is to reject Him and His saving grace.

            I will get you the link. This particular Fr. has some online teaching that you can listen to, they are very informative and enlightening.

            • Carlos says:

              jk I think I misunderstood your first comment above.I thought that you were questioning my original reply when I stated that anytime someone mentions the name of Jesus during a evil encounter the entity or shadow of evil or what have you ALWAYS GO AWAY IN JESUS NAME.So yes I absolutely 100% agree with you my friend that when someone mentions the name of Jesus or prays powerfully then yes IT CAN REMOVE THE EVIL.

              • Carlos says:

                Oh and in my first reply to you JK I can see now where I wrote that the wrong way.Sorry.I thought you were questioning how Jesus name could do away with the evil,but the way I wrote it sounded like I didn’t believe.were clear now,LOL.

                • trolldoll says:

                  i’m not very religious, but i have heard in certain situations, calling his name does work.

              • anna says:

                i wastch alot of the show a haunting and they do say the lords prayer out loud or say the jesus one and they do go away and awhile later they the demon comes back.but evucally they do go.

            • evilisgood says:

              out of topic but do you believe in everything and anything that you see? because if you do and you are giving opinionated answers then it would be considered bias or not credible. And do you believe in the bible as a literary book such as “adam and eve,”
              “Noah’s Arc,”
              “Genesis First seven days of creation”?

  5. trolldoll says:

    considering it’s california, it sounds like it could be a ancient enity. i encourage you to do some research of the area around the base. that would have scared the [email protected]#$%^&* out of me too. glad your safe!

  6. jim says:

    I wonder if it is the wealth of information at the touch of a keyboard or do things like this seem to be happening more?Glad your safe!!

  7. big barney says:

    i believe that there are cases of just straight sleep paralysis…..i have had it before and no it was not paranormal…..but there are also many cases like tina’s case where it is more than sleep paralysis……just because she was sleeping and woke up and could not move, does not mean that you can discount the fact that it could have been a demon….espescially if she sees it and it goes away with her prayingg to god!

  8. k2m says:

    Tina, i also had some very scary things happen to me when i was pregnant. I remember many times seeing what looked like blood dripping down our closet door in the bedroom, actually it was more like pouring blood, this happened many times. I also used to hear the pots and pans ratteling under the sink in the kitchen. I could hear the doors open and slam shut, that sort of thing, even hear the fridge door opening and closing. The only thing that actually got moved where the pots and pans, they would be all toppled inside the cabinet.

    This was in 1976, i had married young. We lived in a 10 by 50 mobile home, with no animals. Many things happened after my daughter was born also, but i have tired to put most of that time out of my mind, it was a bad time.

  9. Sarah says:

    I just read a story on this website called haunted pregnancy. I never thought that demons were attracted to pregnancies but after reading these two stories it could be a possibility.

  10. Adina Ismail says:

    Wow! I mean see a demon is one thing talking to it is totally something. I would freak out.

  11. eddie says:

    dang i have demon attacks to and there attracted no anyone especially fear. i hate it when you start feeling all shaky and wavey feeling cuz thats when you know your getting attacked. but i never had them talk to me and i never want to see how they look like

  12. evilisgood says:

    umm are you sure that because if the pregnancies and emotional effects that rather than a demonic encounter it was just a sleep paralysis nightmare because not being able to move after you wake up, cant speak, feels like something is on your chest or on you like a heavy weight, and a hallucination because sleep paralysis is a state between awake and asleep so in other words you could have been awake but you were dreaming hence the demonic figure you saw during your paralytic state. if you don’t believe me then research about sleep paralysis.

  13. wicket fairy says:

    Evilisgood, if you read all the comments that was posted you would have noticed that Tina did mention that she had scratches after the incidents. Please explain to me how having a normal sleep paralysis nightmare or even halucinations will cause these scratches? No one said that sleep paralysis does not exist, just that this does not seem to be a normal case of plain sleep paralysis.
    To all the rest of you, I love this site. I can’t wait to see the new stories that was posted since the last time I was here.

    • my soul is within pain says:

      the scratches could have been caused due to stretch marks mistaken as scratches because of the pregnancies, and the fact that after the sleep paralysis is over that due to the shock she or they may have accidentally did something to cause the scratches like hitting your self on something by accident or yourself scratching without you noticing… duh!!! (this is the new evilisgood)

      and plus when she said �fully awake� she never said if she could move or not because sleep paralysis you are awake and you can notice your surroundings but you cant move and you hallucinate

      • dan says:

        I think its pretty easy to tell the difference between stretchmarks and sctratches, which actually break the skin, and she said the scratches were on her chest.. I’m sure you’d notice if you accidently hit it on something.

        • The Undertaker says:

          hey the new “evilisgood”…your saying that it can be sleep paralysis but yet the husband saw a spirit that resembled her and almost followed it to the basement. If the husband saw something that appeared like his wife then it obviously not a paralysis…please read more carefully when making comments…

  14. Mhelai says:

    That thing happened to me too but not exactly as yours that you were seeing a demon like features. It also happen to me when I was pregnant way back February 2009, my husband was about to went home before 12 o�clock in the evening but unexpectedly he arrived past 5am in the morning. That night was very frightening in my pregnancy stage. A bad dream came up when I fall asleep alone in our room as i’m listening to a radio through my celphone (waiting for my husband). Suddenly i felt someone was on my top and I just can�t breath, I can�t shout and I can�t even rise so I can go down stairs. I�m trying to shout for help but no word is coming out from my mouth. I�m seeing my celphone and I�m hearing the radio I am listening a while ago. My cp is just beside me but I can�t reach it. I push myself to rise and I did. And when I�m at the door trying get out someone is behind the door. Someone is stopping me to get myself out from that room. I was crying and begging for help but no one hears me. As I wake up I took a deep a breath and I felt really cold and sweating. I cried a lot. After that night my father doesn�t want me to go upstairs unless my husband is with me already. Luckily it never happened again and my lil son is 10 months old now. Thanks that you and your child are safe too.

  15. Pauline Mae says:

    In our country pregnancy means that demons is out to get not you but your baby.Sometimes it shape shift into a a cat or dog but much bigger and much scarier.My Aunt and My teacher said to me once that a garlic into a window will help so IT could not reach to you and your baby.They say spirits like that can smell your baby fetus even a mile away.So its advisable not to go alone at night or they might attack you.
    hope my advice help.
    even though I’m fifteen this advice will help.

  16. akita says:

    Well. Sure saying a prayer might work, but that’s only for lower demons. If you come encounter with a high level one, a simple prayer won’t work at all.

  17. Tess says:

    well admittedly you can see helicopters landing on the lawn when you’re pregnant. But it mirrored you and was there to feed on fears of yourself being evil, it targets pregnancies to make them afraid of themselves for the baby they’re carrying. um… make sense?

  18. Anna-marie says:

    I’m so sorry that has happened to you, but i’m glad you and your baby are safe, i think i had a experience with demons myself when i was pregnant, i had this realistic dream, that i was in bed, when i heard this horrible laugh, i looked up and this, i think was demon there, it was tall, and had this horrible feeling to it, it had horrible greasy black hair, and these blackish scales covering his body, with these bright yellow and red eyes, he smiled evily at me reaviling ugly jagged teeth with blood staining them, and beating my stomach, while laughing, and clawing at it to. I was screaming and struggling, till i just woke. I was covered in blood, and my husband was crying and freacking out over me, because he just returned from work, that’s when 911 showed up because he called them. When we got there, they told me my baby died, that i apparently had a miscarriage. I’m still traumatized, i never really got over it. but what i still want to know is, was it all just a dream, or something more?
    But that was 2 years ago, i have had the same dream again, and when i did i lost my other child, that was going to be a daughter. They apparntly said my body wasn’t able to have kids, but i think i know the real truth.

    • rainbowskies says:

      Anna you need to pray to God, go to church, and wear a cross that has been blessed with holy water. Pray each night in front of a lit candle with a cross on it. Have a priest bless you and your home with holy water. You can also make your own holy wayer or buy holy water from ebay

  19. rainbowskies says:

    Anna I had a miscarriage after playing an ouija board after contacting a Seth.

    • FaerchFan says:

      I remember watching a show called A Haunting, and a demon in this family’s house was named Seth. It might just be a coincidence but a creepy one.

  20. FaerchFan says:

    Creepy! Glad your family is safe :)

  21. loveisapartoflife says:

    FaerchFan-I watched the Show A Haunting even before I even saw you mentioned it, but it was after my son was born-I actually played an ouija board when I was pregnant with my Son, and contacted a demon Seth who did the figure 8 pattern on the ouija board, I had a dream of Seth appearing as a red headed man tryign to take my Son from my stomach, I awoke to a loud smash, of my light fixture ripped from the wall, and a trail of smashed light bulb glass going all the way from the light in the hall in a trail up to my bed as I lay sleeping 20 weeks pregnant with my Son who I had already found out by ultrasound was a boy. My Dad warned me he would have the cord wrapped around his neck twice and he was born with the cord wrapped around his neck twice but was healthy at birth, he did have a blocked tear duct at birth that did not alway respond to eye infections caused by the blocked tear duct, that has now gone away. He now has Amblyopia-vison loss/turn in the eye with the blocked tear duct we are hoping to fix with patching and glasses-hopefully not for life. The board said I would miscarry in 2007, I did find out I was pregnant on feb 12th 2007 and miscarried feb 13th 2007. The board had also gone to boy then girl when I had played the ouija board when pregnant with my son, and it went to girl and said she would be born July 22nd 2007. But I have birth to a very healthy big baby girl on July 22nd 2008 born on the cusp of midheaven. I still live in the same house I had played the ouija board in, when I was pregnant with my son, and had a miscarriage at home. I also fell over when I was 12 with weeks pregnant with my 2nd daughter and fell over again at 23 weeks pregnant towards the glass shower door, pregnancy made me clumsy. I had fallen over at 26 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby, I had severe maternal anemia with my 1st baby and she ended up being born sick but recovered within a 24 hour period.

  22. rebecca smith says:

    scary story,
    hi i was searching for some think has i was taking an shower and has i finished my arms started to sting and u can see all da strach marks on my arms and one says a its really freaky has am trying to figure out how did it happen but its un explainable.

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