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ZoZo Tried to Kill Us

Posted on November 19, 2009

My friends nicknamed me ZoZo about three years ago when I was in 6th grade. Then I thought it was a cool name. Now I think it’s horrible.

See, I didn’t do Ouija when I was 11. I did witch craft, Hoodoo, and Voodoo, but not a Ouija board. My friends told me about it last year, so I thought, why not! I loved it, I got many names. But then one came up. “What’s your name?” Z-O-Z-O. Our jaws dropped! I exclaimed how my nickname was ZoZo and I thought it was really cool.

He seemed like a cool guy at first, but then he got mean and started cussing out my friend Ema, and something got thrown at Ema’s mom and our other friend Daliah. I took over the eye and told him to stop! That we didn’t do anything to him so stop being a jerk! Then he went to Goodbye. We decided to stop for the night. All of our eyes were wide and full of fear.

That night we slept in one bed, just a tiny bed. So I slept on the floor where the Ouija board was laying. I was just poking around at the eye, when it flew off the board. I jumped up and Ema and Daliah saw it too. I decided to do it again. So we called out for ZoZo. We told him once again to stop that it’s not funny anymore. He wrote “H-A-H-A-O-K” Which is, haha ok. But later that night the blankets flew off of Ema and me (we were watching a movie). I didn’t like this one bit, I woke up Ema’s brother Randy and asked him to stay with us. He was around 16 or 17 and muscley so I felt safer with him. Once I got him in there only me and him would use the board. Ema and Daliah were scared to near death. So we sat down across from each other and started talking to ZoZo. He said he wanted to take me to Hell and kill Randy. I was terrified he would hurt Randy now so I started cussing ZoZo out and telling him to shut up, not to dare lay a finger on Randy! He cussed me back.

So I got up to go get some water, once I got back I sat the water on a table by her TV, and sat back down beside Randy. Before I could even put my hands on the eye again the water got thrown at me and the cup broke against my lip, which caused it to bleed a lot. Randy then ran over and held me close, and something tried to pull his hands away from me. I was so scared, Ema and Daliah had to make sure I was still breathing. I pushed Randy off, I didn’t want his arms to break just to hold me. I told him to leave us alone and started crying. I swear on my life I was so terrified. I felt dead, but I couldn’t just blow it off while my friends were in danger like this.

I called my friend who is a priest, and got him to bless the house. The walls shook, and things fell. We all got dizzy. Ever since that day I never went back to Ema’s house, nor spoke to her, Daliah, or Randy. I was glad it was over. For good. Or I thought.

I went over to my friend Lizzie’s house about a year later, and told her we should do the Ouija board. So we set it up, candles, everything. Me, her, and her brother Andrew was with us. I remembered at that moment ZoZo. I thought at that moment – I shouldn’t have done this. I put my hands on the eye and Lizzie stupidly called me ZoZo. I yelled at her to shut up ! But, He came. I asked him why he hurt my friends and I, he just laughed. That made me angry, and he threw the eye at Andrew, which pissed him off. “Oh, god.” was all I was thinking. I knew this was a mistake.

We got a camera out and told him we wanted to see him. So he said sure. Take a picture of the board. So we did. All that came up was mist. I left the room, the house, the yard. I felt so sick. They say nothing happened after I left, but I know he’s there. Sometimes when I walk to her house, or past it, I see mist in the window. But no one there smokes except Andrew but he smokes outside or in his room. Also sometimes when I go inside I can feel something watching me, or feel a push, someone talking, or seeing mist or fog in the windows.

I mean every word I said. I swear on my life. Don’t play with the board. And don’t mess with ZoZo. I still call myself ZoZo, but now with shame, mixed with pride. I looked up ZoZo and saw I’m not the only one. I wonder sometimes how many people he’s killed! If you don’t believe me, then okay. Try it if you dare. But I warned you.

Sent in by Summer, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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80 Responses to “ZoZo Tried to Kill Us”
  1. strwrz says:

    its hard 4 me to type this cause im on the ipod but i’ll give it a go. first of all u were only 11 why would you have a friend who is a priest. ur stry does not seem believable even though it might be. a long time ago i tried using a quija board but nothing happenes but lately ive been noticing strange things happening i dnt know if its just the house squeeking and myself being paranoid or something more but i do want to find out for 100% but i also dnt wont to provoke it just in case. any advice would be much appriciated. ps i love this sight

    • Anonymous says:

      The priest may have been a family friend not a personal friend

    • Anonymous says:

      please.. there is a text in the bible says ‘if u look for something,u’ll get it!’ so dont go looking for trouble if u cant handle it!!!!!!

    • Ashley. says:

      Dude, I understand where you’re coming from, but then again you have to understand the fact that if he’s lying about having a priest friend, why would he say he was 11? If he was lying about all of this, he’d at least say an age easier to believe aswell as adding up the sums to make out he has a priest friend, dont start making judgements until you’ve thought of all the options.

  2. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Summer, i am glad that you are warning others about the board…. for God’s sake,, get rid of that name!!! there is no pride in it, only evil…….you probably need to read more stories here, about the board, and what it has done to peoples lives…… once you open that portal,, sometimes it can never be shut,, as in my case.. i live with evil every day, and i am 51 years old,,, i was about 13 when i played with the board. i have learned how to keep the evil at bay, most of the time,, but there are times where this is very difficult…

    i have many health problems now,, because i have encountered much evil in my life… God protects me as much as possible….. i have strong faith, and i pray on a daily basis…

    please get rid of that name!!! i wont even type it !!!!!!! i think that you have already figured it out that you should not have provoked that evil….

    if you meet with evil again,, stay calm… very calm..

    i will be praying for you,,, hopefully,, you are one of the lucky ones who evil wont follow…

    God bless you hun,,, ktm

    Lord, give me your wisdom. Help me to know the difference between the world’s sort of wisdom and the wisdom that comes from your Spirit… Amen

    • Strangedreams says:

      Fear, an individuals fear of the unknown, or their presence, only entertains these creatures. What I’m trying to say, is they think it is funny. They feed off fear.

      Now think, what can these things..this ZoZo thing really do to me? Rattle chain noises? Slap me? Scratch me? Hit me? Bang things around? Big deal. Is that what Zozo does?
      Firghten my dog?

      I’ve had my share of hassling by spirits, and always manage to sleep well and in a quiet house. I don’t FEAR them you see? FEAR is the key word here.

      BE wary, BE cautious, BE smart, but try not to let FEAR into this if you’ve been exposed or touched. Thye love YOUR fear and get their jollies out of it. They call their other spirit buddy baddies to join in too! SO hear me, FEAR not them! Say “YHWH” commands you only…not us, only the Son of Man and the Father, SO Go away, and let us alone. We fear only judgment, not those who walk the earth as damned.

      I would make a bad person to hassle, because their nonsense does not intimidate me whatsoever. I am not Religious but I am Spiritual.

      • anonymous says:

        that whole ‘no fear’ thing reminds me of this time me amd my friends were using the boad and this spiit kept poking me and i just got sick of it and yelled at it to back off and it did

      • M says:

        Exactly, show him no fear. i made friends with him by doing that.

      • TheresMoreThanWhatCanBeLinked says:

        If a demon/spirit is powerful enough to scratch you or move things around then it is also powerful enough to really harm you or even kill you. No matter if you fear it or not.

    • LOKI says:

      I did Weegie boards …. And at some point in my life the doc thaught iam scitspo frenic B/c it was following me. And sad the portal is opened …… So the.doc put me on meds …… And then later I was posessed demonocly ……. I use to hurt animals and stuff …. Not really beeing countious about it …. The priest(not really a priest since I don’t belive in church). NE ways he sad because of the drugst I got posessed perscribed by the doctor.(drugs he explained to me makes u an empty vessel,and an easy target to invade your body,since drugs makwe u deluded ,week and willingless/defencless… So We moved out of the house …….. But it seems its not gone I still dream of beeing torchured , draged , things move bythemselfs running shadows , animals seem to sence it they go wild in my presence …..I think I can manage to controll it !!! O

  3. CMF says:

    uhhh, dude or dudet, that is an incredibly BAD name to play around with apparently, I would stop using that name for yourself at once, and obviously you need to stop going around unleashing demons in all your “friends” houses.
    Dont fool with the board.

  4. danielle says:

    thats not a very good game to be playing , you open doors you cant close and then you get rid of it once then stupidly do it again. I would nt play that game or allow the game in my home.

  5. Moya says:

    I think that is stupid. I dont see how a person can sit there and do witch craft and play with the board and do things like that , but when they get all scared they want to ask God for help…. you should be not use God only to protect you when you cause it to your self.

  6. KC says:

    1st off, when opening doors with OUIJA boards, you do not know if you are going to find a human soul & if you do not know how to “close the door” to the other side, you’ve left yourself (& those around you) open to attack or attachment. Playing around with witchcraft, hoodoo, voodoo & other magick at such a young age is beyond dangerous & it borders on stupid. While you are young, you’re going to be megagrossed out by my saying that girls who are close in age to having the 1st mentrual cycle are very prone to telekenesis & what has been termed as poltergeist activity. I highly suspect that you were/are still feeding into the power of this sort of thing & basically just freaked out yourself & those around you. Seriously, look up telekinesis & poltergeist activity connected to young girls. I had a whole lot of weird things happen when I was between the ages of 11 -17 which I realized were often happening when I was overly upset or overtly happy. OUIJA boards are not playthings & I wish more folks would take the time to tell their kids that they may seem “fun” & quite tempting to muddle around with, but can lead to seriously dangerous consequences. I’d attended an all girl Catholic high school for 9th grade & there was a slew of us that were muddling around with the OUIJA board & many girls suffered some very horrible & disturbing consequences. They actually had an exorcism done on the school & all of us were warned about what we were doing & after many of us had seen some ugly things happen, we learned a lesson all too well. If you insist on using a OUIJA board, wait until you are older or have someone who is knowledgable on how to close the door. Puberty is a time full of it’s own mysteries both beatiful & awful, why chance adding more stress & danger?

    • Strangedreams says:

      and finally…why the young women you might ask? the terror and revulsion…we feel as a result of what they do to them. So sad…innocence taken…destroyed by evil. They delight.

  7. Darren says:

    The stories of “Z” are becoming more and more alarming. I have noticed a surge of “contacts” since my research into this entity. Folks please, if you read this….STAY AWAY FROM “Z.” It is a very dangerous presence. It is one of the reasons I believe in God, but I had to endure a hell on earth, before experiencing true deliverance. This “Z” has been coming to alot more people than I ever imagined…..I pray my research hasn’t led to an increase in it’s ability to manifest. But I have a very bad feeling about this. My whole message was to protect people from this entity. Not bring such a heightened awareness of it’s existence. I pray to God that he intervenes with this phenomena, and his will be done. God bless.

    • Strangedreams says:

      Many of you run the risk of a perfect state of posession, ie: a symbiotic relationship with an entity or entities, If you are in this state of conciousness, then you are beyond hope, the Pope himself could not exorcise it from you.

      The board is only a tool. It is only one of many foors the entities seek to enter into lives.
      Drugs, medititation, so-called “New Age” anything, Wicca, all are just diabolical tricks to get these things into your lives. Many are successful, many are not. Some curses follow family lines of diabolical influence for generations.

      I’ve been watching this htread with interest, also the Demon who calls himself “Six” on Paranormal State…they will never admit their true name unless it suits them…

      “light, pain, priest, worry, demon” These words were allegedly uttered by a demon through the Ovilus…

      What should worry you and everyone dabbling in such practices, is there is no defense against an invisible foe who is capable of very treacherous deeds perpetuated upon you and your family. They will stop at nothing to destroy you. It is their mission upon this earth.

      Why do they hate us with almost psychotic hatred? That is easy to answer at least. We have the possibility to be saved before the end of days. They do not. They have already been judged, which is why they are here, wreaking havoc upon mankind. And they hate us for that.

      Beware! And best of luck to the ones who don’t beleive these words.

  8. yogi says:

    ok all i gots to say is y would you use the ouiji board again
    doors that r open once r hard to close
    but once someone has open a secend door almost immpossible
    you were young but at least you told ur story for others

  9. troj says:

    I’m thinking this is a false story. Everyone who comes on to these sites knws of Zozo.

  10. no man says:

    ih all i new to this site
    but i think it a false story to

  11. LMC says:

    I read the story I read all the comments all I can say is wow! a lot of advise good ones too. I will say DO NOT MESS WITH THE BOARD! if you do learn how to close it and control what ever it lets in and have the stregnth to send it back from where it came from!

    One question Darren who is Z? or who ever this story is about??? I am confused this is about the board right and a name? oh well it doesn’t matter I have faith in God! Have a blessed life!

  12. Gregory says:

    Summer, I’ve read about a few other accounts you’ve posted about “Z”. I am unsure about your age. Are you very young? If your stories are true, they seem to indicate one bad experience after another…, and you always warn others about “Z”, and you warn us about the danger of using a Ouija Board. I can’t understand your behavior. You do something, then you warn others not to do it, then you go out and continue to do the same thing. I’m just guessing this sort of behaviour will continue until someone gets hurt seriously. I hope you understand. WARNING, EVIL MAY NOT BE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Seems you have a friend who is a priest. You might ask him about an account in the Bible where a man was being tormented by a demon, the demon was exorcised, and then he went back to doing the same things that got him in trouble in the first place. The story ended with “the unclean spirit went out and found several other spirits like himself, and they all came back to torment this same man…, and his second condition was much worse than the first. And what about your friends?

    If you or your friends get hurt I would feel very sad for you, and I would pray that you would find a priest willing to help. Right now, I’m hoping you will simply stop. Seek God and you will find Him.

  13. troj says:

    I have, as many others, read about the name of this spirit and ouija board contact with it. That’s why I really do not believe this story. Sorry, but it sounds like amataur fiction. Still, the message is a good one…don’t mess with a ouija board and especially if you come in contact with the spirit mentioned in this story.

  14. Peace2Hope says:

    You need to close down yourself, it is silly that you have gone on to using the board and not closing down, that is very dangerous and should not be done, also at eleven years old you should not have used the board, where were your parents? This Zozo spirit isnt looking to hurt just you so dont feel victimised. He/ she will get to anyone it is obviously an annoyance spirit rather than a physical one. Otherwise you wouldnt be here to tell the story. Look in to how to shut yourself down after using the Ouija board. Thanks

  15. BAICAS says:

    Burn that Ouja Board as soon as possible, and quit inviting these demons in. When you mess with these things you are inviting them into your world, and one day it may bring a very tragic ending to someone you love.

  16. LMC says:

    Baicas I heard burning the board isn’t a good idea you have to pray excersize and bless the house and the person… I think! I don’t know… all I know is DO NOT MESS WITH THE BOARD!

    have a bless life!

  17. Summer says:

    Burning the board isn’t a good idea at all. It just opens more doors that shouldn’t be opened. As for the people saying i’m a fake, okay. I’m not asking for you to believe me. And I know for some people it’s difficult to believe. Either way, I know for a fact my stories are true.

  18. JT says:

    hi summer i not say you are a fake I like to know more

  19. L.J. Richard says:

    I not believe this story is true either, but I do believe that the board is evil and can conjour up all sorts of evil….so everyone stay away from it.
    If this is a true story then I am very concerned for you summer….stay away from evil and it will not harm you, but if you open the doors all things can happen…..How old are you?

  20. Noah says:

    im 10 and what is this oujia board my dads a christain and so am i hes a paster

    • Caretaker says:

      Noah, since you are only 10 I think you should talk to your father about it.

      • Strangedreams says:

        I agree with the Caretaker, why seek such things when there is so much good to see and feel?

    • AnNa bites back says:

      i agree and i dont think your dad would want you to play with that.since he is a pastor and everything.

  21. summer101 says:

    that is wierd i believe you summer my name is summer too stay away from the board

  22. ichigo says:

    It’s different if you’re physic bc they’re automatically attached to you, but to screw around? Never ever play with that “toy” again. You could be killed! It is a very dangerous demon and will hurt you, it’s killed people b4 and nobody deserves to die at such an early age.

  23. sirivandana says:

    hey i heard a similar story from my friends…but it didn’t haunt them later.it tried to show its power by hurting them at the time they were playing..well i am from India..

  24. troj says:

    anybody delving into this stuff is subject to the end result. These things are not safe and only those wishing for bad mojo will play with them. You will get what you want…if you know what I mean. I myself stay away from all this. Just as I stay away from people who would cause me trouble. Too bad many on this site are too dumb to do the same.

  25. SomeRandomGirl says:

    i totaly believe u!!! maybe it wasnt her friend maybe it was her parents friend…. This has happend to me and it is extremly scary… urs was soooo much worse though…

  26. david684 says:

    Do yourselves a favor. Demonic entities are nothing to play around with. There’s no such thing as discorporate entities of deceased loved ones…there is only the Heierarchy of the Prince of Lies. The Devil himself, the Princes, formerly the Watchers, and the Legions of fallen angels…as “numerous as stars in the sky.”

    These beings are intellegent, devious, and liars. They will know things about many dead individuals, and why not? There are thousands if not millions of spirits of darkness…all awaiting their own fates. They are insane with hatred for us, for mankind. Why? We have not yet been judged. They have. Simple as that. Their fates are sealed. Ours have not yet been.

    Their sole aim in to cause death and chaos, and the ruination of our souls. This is why they mention “soul” so much. To turn us away from the Light, this is their goal. If you are playing with the Spirit Board you are nearly there.

    Focus instead on the good in life…love one another as you would yourself, and the goodness will repel these creatures…by all means Pray..there are other Spirits too…that watch over us…and will help in our moments of soul wrenching crisis..remember, these things can “hear” your thoughts…

    …it is truly a battle between Jehovah/Jesus/ devil/demons /human…it’s been that way for thousands of years…

  27. popscile says:

    I know this zozo ya speak of he is BAD news!
    me and family members have spoke with him and bad things have happened in our home the past few years.
    {we haven’t played it for a long time now}

  28. Anonymous says:

    Heyy that was really weird i dont come on to sites like this. But i was reading your story and as soon as i read the spirits name ZoZo my lights started flickering and my body started shivering and i was getting cold even though im sweating…!
    You can get rid of this guy and other spirits just ask them to leave and send them off with “love”. Dont forget the love part its very importent, you can try surrounding yourself in white light just imagine yourself sorounded by it and ask your guides for protection.. This stuff really does help it has helped me and my mums friends greatly. (My mum is a really gifted psychic-medium)…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sweetheart,you were eleven years old..you weren’t “doing” vodoun. Really.

  30. Egg says:

    At first I thought this was pure BS, but now I’m thinking it’s a case of heavy ornamentation on what might have been a lesser supernatural experience. I think there may be something to this whole “Z” thing. I believe in ghosts and try to be realistic about things (not every blown candle is a spook you know), but as a non-Christian I am extremely skeptical about the notion of demons. That being said, I used to fuss about this character I either encountered or created called ‘Zola’, which used to give me night terrors throughout my childhood. I think it’s interesting to see the amount of ‘Z’ names that come up in a similar fashion; Zozo is very similar to Zola (though the latter is at least a surname).

  31. Nana says:

    I’m sorry to say this, but this story sounds very fishy to me… Doesn’t look real at all, only an attempt at a scary story. I agree with what someone said before, maybe some parts are true but the rest was made up.
    Anyway, why would you play again if something so bad happened the first time? I know you are young, but still.
    Who is this “z”? Are there that many stories with that entity?

  32. FaerchFan says:

    BAICAS-burning the board will only make it angrier. haven’t you ever watched A Haunting? destroying and ouija board will stir up the spirit. summer, dont listen to BAICAS!

    • Bssoccerpeeps says:

      To dispose of the board safley, you have to tear it into little pieces and spread holy water over it. Then, you must burry it, i dont remember exactly, but its either one of the two: you burry it in a river bank, or spread it down a river so that way, it can wash away all of the spirits.

  33. Summer says:


    I’m not. And I don’t want to destroy the board. It’s leaving us in peace. I mean, no one has been hurt. Just frightened by what they see. So i’m leaving it at that.

  34. Kelsy says:

    That is so scary. I’ve never used a board, but I enjoy the topic. Have you used a board since your went to Lizzie’s house??? I’m sorry that happened. Be careful. xoxo Kelsy

  35. Anonymous says:

    oh dear… i have read about this. when demons drag people deeper an deeper into the game eventually posseing them? some thing like that..

    ive never used a ouija board before. how ever i have once seen a dark (almost black) ghostly figure in my m8s mums house. she is a card reader an has all sorts off weriod spooky posseions all through the lounge, including tress an plants. now once i woke up mysteriously at about 3am on the coach in the louange, with a shadow looking right at me about 20cm away from me. i stared at it for about 2mins. i closed my eyes freaking out it would still be there. but wen i did 5mins later, it was gone. this 2 me means it cant be shadow

    (to big for any animal).
    (it dissaperead cant be a soild object)
    (an i know none of his familly would stare at me for 3mins an walk away with no noise to be heard)

    beleveme or not i dont care just wanted to share my story. one off my other mates hasent seen anything but gets really bad vibs wen hes in there. both my m8 an his mum reakons they have seen it in the kittchen coner b4 as well. i found this amazing, but when his mum explanined what it looked like i was really like wtf this is pretty freakyit was exaually how i decribed it to my m8. this is the main reson i won’t do one. also because i feel like something in me wants me 2!! hopefuly its just my curiousity.
    (i cant spell)

  36. NoName says:

    oh, wow. i get chills running down my back reading this. is it possible to be possessed just by reading a story

    • tinkybex says:

      I don’t think so, I believe your just experiencing what I call the Hollywood Effect.
      Reading books or watching scary films are supposed to scare you right? So I don’t think you’re possessed, just spooked by the story whether it be fact or fiction.

      • Strangedreams says:

        On the other hand, how do we know if an invisible entity is’nt watching what we do?
        The usual physical manifestations are present, fear, anxiety, depression, gloom,
        sadness, nausea, heaches, severe aches and/or pain somehwere, welts and scratches upon the body…outside the human, cold spots, family pets freaking out, lights dimming, or exploding in my case, doors and cabinet slamming but none is seen to move, growling, scratching behind walls…touching hair, breezes, cold or warm…insect infestations..

  37. anna says:

    WHY would you play with the board again,the first time something happened and u stopped talking to ur friends and the second time that happened WHY.i figured if you do it once thats enough of pain but the second time whatever i dont know if i feel sorry.do u feel bad?not in a mean way.

  38. Kagami says:

    Argh, these stories are so scary! D:
    It must’ve been frightening. I’m glad he didn’t do anything worse to you and your friends.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Is Z only in the boards? My friend and I had an expierience with something that called itself Z but we laked a board

  40. TruthBehindyuuh says:

    I know everyone says that ZOZO is a bad spirit and Ouija Boards are evil, but despite this information I used one at school with one of my friends we spoke to several spirits but then ZOZO spoke to us. Everyone says hes evil and scary and hurts people but he comforts me. Hes there when im alone and helps me. Hes like a friend to me. And bad things only happen when you say something they don’t like. A novice should never use one if they don’t understand it. If you think bad things will happen then they will. I wasn’t afraid neither was my friend. In fact we talk to ZOZO everyday now. And at school too. I know that’s really bad. But unlike most people I am immune to evil. And I don’t know why. So if someone could help me on that then great im all ears. I just want to understand why evil doesn’t mind me

  41. Kind Skeptic says:

    Summer — Sorry. I appreciate your efforts to share, but naaaahhhhh, can’t buy into it. ZoZo is everywhere on the Internet. It has become as ubiquitous as any urban legend! You are obviously very young and, pls forgive this statement, a bit silly. Spend your time studying and learning, expanding your horizons, instead of making-up ridiculous stories that aren’t even scary because they are so ludicrous. Hate to be so frank, but your tale just doesn’t track.

  42. Ouija says:

    This story sounds VERY unreal.
    And the title is wrong. ZoZo did not try to kill you. He just messed with you.

  43. Lover says:

    Dear Summer,

    Though you claim that the board is not affecting you at the moment, I sill suggest you give to some willing to take in in for you, for example; a local church/priest .
    I say this in avoidance of future temptation you may have, to “play” with it again.

    I hope all is well,
    God Bless you and your Loved ones .

  44. drew says:

    Zozo cannot kill anyone. Your fear will open the gate to your own misfortunes. Zozo is probably a lessor demon.

    • Bssoccerpeeps says:

      You are completly right, if you have read my comment below, it is true. He is a lesser demon, but i still dont try to mess with him, though my friends have and nothing has happened to them.

  45. jackie says:

    Hi all, I am enjoying reading all of your accounts, and warnings. I believe God will be my judge. I am also a major scardey-cat, so I will not even type you know whos name. But Drew, I hve a question. If the demon mentioned here is a lesser demon, what. pray-tell would a major demon be capable of. Take extra care all,ask God for His protection, He is the Supberb Being of all time. love and peace, Jackie

  46. M says:

    Ive met Zozo, he is real, and it is possible to make friends with him i am living proof. be nice to Zozo and dont piss him off. Please.

  47. M says:

    i am a young physic. believe these stories, they are true, do not mess around with the bored. i am warning you. they can unleash an ultimate evil. i repeat do not mess around with them. stay safe. peace.

  48. Bssoccerpeeps says:

    I talked to Zozo all the time, and he still to this day continues to come up whenever we try to play. I have found out that he is not all that powerful. He just wants you to think he is. He recently has become the Em Cee of the board, which is like the “Big Man On Campus”, so to speak, but my friends and I are more powerful than him. That means that once we die, and when we go into the ouija board, we are going to take over him. Im not really sure why he is so powerful to you, because he is not capable of killing or even hurting us, but that just might be because we have had many expirences with the ouija board, and know almost everything there is to know about it.

    But God bless you, I hope nothing ever happens to you again like that. Just thought i should share my thoughts on him.

  49. blackros says:

    um hei everyone..i had always been interested in the paranormal world and i had always wanted to try the Ouija board , i just would like to know if it really works but i do really do not know how to use one nor have seen one in real and i doubt any place where i live in would have one cox im from Maldives…im just very curious about it

    but i guess things do not always come well out of the Ouija board after reading the stories and all of your comments but i have to say it would be a cool experience !

  50. jordan says:

    hi every1 i have always been intrested in the parenormal world i am intrested in ouija board but after reading tese warnings and whating shows like celeberty ghost stories , ghost adventures (which i hily recomend for ghost lovers) im not so sure what do u think ???? i love all of your posts i agree with both of u ghosts are real but this story has real and false im soooooo sorry for you summer i hilly advise u NEVER touch scratch that never look or touch , do ,or even think about about a ouija board again andthat goes for all. YOU WERE WARNED! PS if you are scare easy ,screamish or dont belive in ghosts do not attemed 2 watch the shows i listed above or use a ouija borad or connducted a saonse god bless u
    ~ Jordan

  51. Danny says:

    Never you a ouija board. They are evil and dangerous! DO NOT PLAY WITH OUIJA BOARDS!

    Summer: WOW!!!!! Scary story. May god bless and protect you and friends. Hope you are doing well.

    Take this story as a an example not to play with ouija boards. I say again, DO NOT PLAY WITH OUIJA BOARDS THE ARE EVIL!
    You have been warned!

  52. Hambino says:

    I just wanna point out to all you non believers to watch a Video of a girl bein possessed by “Z” straight on Youtube.com now it might not seem real because of where its comin from, but just watch it. It looks pretty real to me. This is a person sharing the story to warn you so you don’t get any foolish ideas. She’s not just tellin everyone this to mess with you. But remember, you’ve been warned. So if there’s any skeptics out there, go ahead and use the board and call forth the evil and see what happens. Not tryin to sound like a jerk, just wanna get the point across. Becareful, stay safe…….STAY AWAY FROM THE BOARD

  53. jacibo says:

    when i was a 6 year old i had nightmares in my house involving a z entittie or somthing like that i am only ten and when i had those nightmares that were so realistic my brother said he heared screams and odd noises. on of my preivious nightmares was very realistic and it felt like i was in real pain. All i can say is that this zozo character from my experiance is evil and has no mercy

  54. vince contento says:

    hi, i have never used a board before but really want to at least once… i just wanted feed back on two things. one, is making your own board bad and two, would anybody here recommend using the board at least once

    summer- i agree with every one who said the obvious…get rid of the board, but in a smart way

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