Unlocking The Secrets Of ZOZO

Posted on April 2, 2009

Unlocking the secrets of ZOZO, OZ, and the OZ/ZO phenomena

The following is an update on my research into what started as conversations with a spirit named “ZOZO.” These findings may not be a ghost story, but is a follow up to some previous stories which I have submitted to this site. Maintain an open mind, or you may think I have gone crazy in my search for answers as to the meaning of ZOZO.

I have uncovered a lot of information about the term, and I am finding some very puzzling and interesting information regarding the different translations and definitions of the word itself.

For instance, here is what one site has said about ZOZO. ” Zozo is an ancient name,it’s origins go to the beginning of time as one of the ancient gods.” “The true name is quite secret, and it’s legend will be forever sealed.”

Zo supposedly means Spiritual Leader, with an African origin. Also of interest is it seems the letter Z was a hated letter in European history and was threatened by elimination. King Lear was quoted as making references to “The Whoreson Zed” which means Thou Unnecessary Letter.” Roland Barthes has written an account of the old Balzaks novel “Sarrasine” which mentions a book called “S/Z.” “The Z falls through a trap door… It cuts… It strikes out… It is the letter of defiance, the wound of lack.” S and Z thus are in an inverted graphic relationship. “They are the same letter, seen from the other side of the mirror.”

These old historical documents go on to read “The Z is mysterious, The Z is dangerous, the letter of the ZigZag. Source of Uncertainty, the Evil Double, Violence itself inscribed within words, an exterminating eschatological letter.”

In the book “memoirs of an exorcist” A “ZOZO” gun is used to battle poltergeists. The “ZOZO” bone gun is also used in the game “Final Fantasy” and converts sex into a deadly energy to be pointed at enemies. This would seem to have Australian Aborigine origins?

There are many many African linguistic references as well. The term appears in a lot of old manuscripts and stories of Voodoo and ceremonial magic. In Zulu, Zozo means “Ulcer” or “Natal Sore”, an intractable kind of spreading scourge forming on the feet and shins, etc. In coastal districts.

An Eastern reference is the synagogue of ZOZO in Tokyo. Seems to be some type of place of worship where large demonstrations have been held.

Zozo is also a term used in Creole French which literally means “Crow” or “Blackbird.” Ann Savoy and Linda Ronstandt recorded as a duo as “The Zozo Sisters.” Dartower Corporation is a “Zozo” based company. Whatever that means, it’s unclear tome at this time. It appears the term ZoZO also has ancient Islamic references.

In African drum beats such as “salsa” and “rumba” zozo means “ghost.” The references in Voodoo Magic are numerous. In one form of Voodoo blood magic, a woman’s menstruation can be viewed as an offering for positive applications in a type of potion with warm leaves (ZOZO) or cold leaves (ZIZI)

Perhaps the strangest reference to the combination of letters may be in ZO/OZ Synchromystic phenomena. 77 is the numerical equivalent. “Symnchromysticism” as described by Jake Kotz is “The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical and esoteric significance.” In Oliver Stones “World Trade Center” a plane heading for it’s horrific destination cast a shadow on a “Zoolander” billboard in New York City. Aleister Crowley’s “grid page” symbols converge in a Poster advertising “The Zodiac” and are found within the O in Zodiac. These and other “Synchromystical” insights with the ZO/OZ phenomena can be viewed within Katz’s blog named “Rant in Z minor.”

What interesting research can be found within a word! It seems ZOZO has more magical meanings than I ever possibly imagined. In the “Urban Dictionary” ZOZO means “A word used to awaken the wrath of Zoe.” A Greek translation is “To live Twice.” In the movie “ZOZO” the boy focused in the movie has a spiritual guide in the form of a talking duck!

Lastly in an email sent to me from Jake Kotz, he points out that the Jimmy Page symbol used on the Zeppelin 4 album should be studied as Z and S are interchangeable. He says the ZOSO symbol is an “unmistakable affirmation of the OZ/ZO reversal.” S and Z are often interchangeable, Oswald becomes OZ (just like in the TV show OZ) Australia becomes OZ…

Further tilt the Z 90 degrees and they can be Z’s. Then ZOZO is NONO or maybe NOON (12 o clock)

“In words like ZOZO the letters OZ only repeat meaning boiled down it is simply OZ (77 in Gematria or Pan).”

“I would attribute any OZ significance and research as applicable to your word ZOZO.”

What secrets might be unlocked? Who knows, but it sure makes for interesting research into the unknown, the unforeseen, and the un-imaginable.

Maybe I’ll find me a talking duck along the way? Seems it would be less threatening than a Ouija board!

For readers interested in this phenomena, simply Google ZOZO along with just about any word. For instance in my research I have Googled “ZOZO Ancient”… “ZOZO magic”… ZOZO Voodoo” etc. Any interesting findings are encouraged to be forwarded to darrenteed @ yahoo.com for ongoing book project.

Sent in by Darren, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

I would also recommend that you read ZOZO the Ouija Demon and A Ouija Board Story – ZOSO The Demon by the same author.

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45 Responses to “Unlocking The Secrets Of ZOZO”
  1. Brackette says:

    Going into the meaning of the letter Z is a little much.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    very interesting i wasn’t aware that the letter “z” had such a strange history thanks for the info

  3. CuteSagittarius says:

    Im shocked,man! I often use Z instead of S while chatting & writing… I had no idea that Z & S had so much in common!
    Very interesting indeed!

  4. CuteSagittarius says:

    But Im a little scared as well. Shouldn’t I be?

  5. Jackie says:

    This reminds me of the film ‘the number 23′, with Jim Carey. About a man who becomes obsessed with this number, which results in his life spiralling out of control.

    I do not mean to offend here, but if you carry on in this way without getting a grip on it, you could go the same way.

    This letter/letters mean nothing unless you let it. I hope you can gradually come back to reallity. Get rid of all previous ouija board thoughts and Zozzo. This energy is sapping you, you really need to do something about this now.

  6. Sophie=D says:

    Thats not something you see everyday. ITs just a letter dude

  7. darren says:

    This research is for a book, so to some this might “just” be a letter or a word, but to some it can be fascinating. If you were going to write a book would you not research as much as necessary to inform readers? There are many circles who believe letters and numbers have mystical meanings, such as those who practice The Kabbalah, Jewish Mysticism, and Astrological beliefs. There are actually thousands of people who have changed the spelling of their names because of the numerological significance. Every Letter also has a corresponding number, and this is certainly true when one studies Hebrew and other languages.

    I respect everyones opinions, and I encourage you to read ” Rant in Z minor” by Jake Kotze. Here is the link:

    You think I’m obsessed, and my life may be spiraling out of control? Not yet, I’m having alot of fun with this research. And I have others researching the Zo/Oz phenomena. You might just be as fascinated as I am with the Synchromystical!

    I believe this spirit or demon that calls himself ZoZo is harming people through human contact. Anything I can do to warn others and help them to understand the dangers involved makes my research worth my time.

  8. jessi says:

    i think this whole zozo thing is very interesting and i can’t wait to read the book.

  9. Zero-One says:

    Is there anything you can share with me personally about your experiences with this entity? I’ve been having some interesting insights myself……..

    – Soror Oz

  10. Jonathan says:

    I have some problems here but I will name just three.
    1) King Lear is a made up character by Shakespeare.
    2) You are using final fantasy to support claims???
    3) the letter Z is relatively new. Sure Judaism puts importance on numbers but the there are many languages and many different letters. The letter that looks like Z started in Greece, called Zeta.
    It just upsets me because I am very interested in the supernatural but it’s hard to find people of like mind who aren’t extremists.

    I seriously ask why did you even write this statement?:
    Further tilt the Z 90 degrees and they can be Z’s. Then ZOZO is NONO or maybe NOON (12 o clock)
    what does this even mean? How does it prove any significance to the letter Z?

    I enjoyed your previous stories and was intrigued by them. But this posting just makes me question them.

    Wish you the best

  11. nicca says:

    do ouija board still exist?….
    when does ghost go out?
    and hoe to keep them away?

    • Informant says:

      yes they do, both real and play, unfortunately both work, just one works better than the other.

      ghosts are most prominent at three in the morning, the witching hour. satan made this time to mock the passing of christ at three p.m. it is when demons and spirits contact and control are strongest

      a bible, crucifix, holy water, a simple prayer can keep spirits and demons away. the counter to darkness is light, but just cuz it is daytime doesn’t mean you are safe. if you have a poltergeist on your hands, then its a whole different story.

  12. miley u know hannah says:

    good for the great information ill make it a z song yeah fine

  13. Anonymous says:

    Too good its just a letter,if z is so then what about the other letters explore them on please…!

  14. betsy says:

    while i have definitely heard references to led zepplin IV as zoso, i had never heard of any other references to the name. however, for years i worked the ouija board alone and was always told i contacted “mama zaza.” don’t know if this is a manifestation of zozo or not but i never felt it was a good spirit and eventually quit using the board.

    • Informant says:

      remember a lot of the times you are contacting a demon, spirits from miles away don’t come to your house for a local chat. only time you get a spirit is if there is one in the vicinity already, otherwise you are speaking to a demon.

      most importantly, demons lie. one day its zozo, the next it could be jimmy joe bob. it doesn’t matter what they call themselves, if the feeling you get is bad, what you are speaking with is bad, plain and simple.

  15. Summer says:

    My friends nicknamed me ZoZo 3 years ago, then they did a Ouija Board and got ZoZo. It freaked me out ! Then I saw your post, it made me think. Now i’m obsessed with finding out if I should talk to him, or stay away from him.

  16. Satansgirl66 says:

    Due to my postive experiences with Demons, I think I will try and contact Zozo.

  17. Satansgirl66 says:

    “People go spouting off about Demons being evil when most don’t even know what Demons are. Demon comes from the Greek word “daemon" which means spirit and has no negative connotations. When christianity took over they had to force people away from their pagan faiths by force. They bribed, blackmailed, and killed in order to force “God" on everyone.

    Every “good" faith needs a foe right? So the church took traits from many popular gods and called the resulting figure, “the devil". The devil is no more than a tool used to scare people into church pews and make fun of Pagan Gods. Satan has been worshiped in every Pagan culture under a different name:

    The great Pagan Gods became Demons and the church was free to say whatever they wanted to about them. That is wrong. Ipos is a Demonic name right?, Ipos is the name of The God of mummifacation whose Greek name is rendered Anubis.

    In saying that Demons are evil, you are saying that every Pagan faith that ever was(and still is) are woshiping monsters. What is to stop any evil spirit from going for shock factor and saying “yeah I’m a demon"?”

    This is the point I am always trying to make. I have spoke to Pazuzu(Zozo) many times and have never felt scared. I have a website on wetpaint called thegoldeneagle88 and I will be making a page for Him in His honor. Here is my experience with Zozo:

    “He is bird-like or bat-like and skinny. He is very smart and funny(albeit He can have a dark sense of humor). He is really into sex magick but has never made me feel uncomfortable, He is long hair and claws. When I channel Him in my mind I see blue light like orbs moving across my field of vision.”

    My idea about Zozo is that He is a very ancient and powerful God whom I revere greatly. He is not all rosy though(most ancient Gods are not) and has very bitter feelings towards christians of all types.

    • poy says:

      Hmmm..Im no sherlock but by the looks of your username i can tell that u r a satanist. I dont listen to a follower of the devil.

      • Caretaker says:

        Strangely enough “Satanists” do not follow or even believe in Satan.

        • sharayah says:

          well if your not following God your following satan. weather you know it or not. :)

          • Caretaker says:

            According to you but not according to a Satanist for they do not believe in God :)

            • sharayah says:

              lol :o not according to me it’s according to the bible.lol i knew you was going to say something lol :)

              • Caretaker says:

                Actually I think the whole argument about Satanists not believing in God or Satan just doesnt make sense. Why call yourself after something you claim you dont believe in? But that is what they say all the same.

                • sharayah says:

                  it’s a joke.like people saying they love god and turn around and break all his laws.people let there mind get what i like to call washed with the stupitness of what others tell them or what they think to be right in there own head. you are so right how are you going to call your self a satanists but don’t believe in him?? look at me going on. but hear you. ;)

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Is That Kind Of Like The Bird Demon, That I May Have Seen, As A Child, In My Home State Of Iowa, (Iowa City Iowa) Called Hymember Or Hymbmember? (It Was Either Hymbmember Or Hymember, I Guess….) I Have A Twin Sister Also, (She’s Ok, As Twin Sisters Go, And I Hope She’s Doing Well In Her Life Right Now, Over In Europe, Although We Were Both Born In Illinois, My Mom Said!) I Think She Said That She Also Saw Some Kind Of A (Demon?!) Something As Well, Spooky, Just Spooky! from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas ps: Also, Are There Supposed Evil Indian Hauntings, In Iowa?! I Think That Iowa May Have Evil Indian Hauntings….(I Don’t Know How I Know This, But I Think That There May Have Been A Real Indian princess, With The Name Of Umba, Or Something Like That. I Think The Indian princesses Name May Have Been Umba Or Something….)

  18. Mallie Fox says:

    Hi Darren!

    It was great having you on Darkness Radio a couple of weeks ago….very interesting, I must admit. As a matter of fact, we had John Zaffis, a demonologist, on this past week to talk about Zozo.

    I was amazed and a little freaked out that there have been so many reported cases of this deity. John is working on 3 cases of Zozo and the ouija board as we speak!

    Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

    Take care.
    Mallie Fox, co-host Darkness Radio

  19. trolldoll1681 says:

    i saw something on tv that zozo was a priest or something in very early ancient egypt? and he had something to do with the first pyramid? correct me if i’m wrong!

  20. Darren says:

    Thanks so much Mallie, the shows on Zozo have been fascinating to say the least. I emailed Zaffis last year about the phenomena, and I’m happy he is researching the matter. Please keep me up to date with any new findings! You guys rock!

  21. Pariah says:


    Considering how oriented you are towards the glorification of…A certain demon (not to mention the one in your SN), there was more than likely no reason for it to be hostile around you in the first place.

    Assuming it was talking to someone else who’s closer to the Church and only dabbling in divination for the hell of it, it would have more incentive to go after that person–as opposed to someone as jaded as yourself.

  22. Informant says:

    to answer your question, zozo is a messenger. the actual thing that harms you is a different entity. zozo has not been seen in ages. to see zozo would means terrible things for a lot of people. she has powerful relatives. she leads people into traps. consider yourself lucky to be alive, zozo may have not committed murder simply because the dead can’t tell you their story.

  23. kathchuraDOLL says:

    @satangirl..omg..how did you contact that zozo? How did you know that he’s bat-like .. I’m scared..

  24. OpenMinded says:

    I have read a lot of Ouija stories that reference an entity named ZOZO or OZ. To find out that this term has been used since ancient times, it is interesting to say the least. Also, it is strange to hear that multiple people talk about the same name without ever talking to each other. So it can’t be some conspiracy. This makes me even more interested in Ouija boards.

  25. sharayah says:

    wow i hope your not still thinking about that word zozo :o

  26. BoomtownRat says:

    I think this spirit must be heavily into Led Zepplin!

  27. Matt says:

    ZoZo is not a demon to be messed with.
    If you use a Ouija board do NOT call on ZoZo.
    He will make you regret touching the board.
    Or he makes you scared.
    I almost had an encounter with ZoZo.

  28. Anonymous says:

    In Monarch Mind control, it is said they use the Disney film The Wizard of OZ to program triggers.
    Also, the letter Z itself looks kinda like a lightning bolt, which may refer to Lucifer’s descent from heaven.

  29. Ladingo says:

    Ok so my story starts about two months ago. My neace and i decided to make a ouija board. Before i made it i did some research of my own, everything i cane find out about ouija boards, protection prays, candles and even incense as well and that’s when i came across ur ZOZO storys. So a few weeks past and everything was going good. We would light the incense while saying a prey and the same with the candles. we did a sayonce every couple of days. It was the last month that everything changed, we would notes that every time we would go on to the board. we would start out talking to someone or thing nice, as soon as the candle or incense would go out or burn away. then all of a sudden the glass would go to good bye and then the mood would change. so we would ask for ther name and it spelled out the name ZOZO. we would always end it with good bye and then we would say a protection pray, and ask the spirits to go in peace. A few times we would try again to see if ther was someone else. And some time it would work for a little while, then ZOZO would be back trying again to talk to us. So one day it happened again. Only this time we decided to talk. We started by asking was he going to kill us or hurt us. In went to no for both. And then i said to it. “In all the storys that i have read about, u have haunted and hurt people is this true?” It say yes. “But u don’t what to do that to us,” the glass went to no. So i said “do u have something to say to us? A question?” the glass moving to yes. So then i said “go to the one that the question is for” it moved between the both of us. “so spell out ur question” it start to move the glass when it had finish He had spelt out ‘I WHAT A PET’ i said “why don’t u get a pet dog or cat.” he replied, a human pet. Sitting ther very (queries) i asked and how would this happen? His answer was ” i will make a portal and suck u in” ok a bit scared i asked os how many pets do u have? 10 he said. So we will be in hell with u? and it said ‘no’ so here then ‘now where And what do we get out of it? ‘love’ and what do u get out of it? Your sole for ever. And that was it we were scared. So we said we would think about it. We said good bye said our parys and then went home.

  30. Jeff says:

    Look at the symbols on the album Led Zeppelin 4.

    The first Symbol is . . . . . . . . ZOSO ! ! ! !

  31. Chris H. says:

    Maybe this is merely a coincidence, but every time we used the ouija board we came into contact with AZAZ, and every time we did the board was most active, our hands would be flying from one letter to the other. When we would ask him/it to leave so we could talk to another, the board would be almost dead, or move really slow. AZAZ was always there for years, no matter who was using it, even if all the people using the board had never been told about AZAZ he was there. So i decided to try something, I took the board over to a friends house where there was only 3 of us. I didnt tell them anything about AZAZ and they didnt even know I had a ouija board until I came over. To begin I let the two of them use the board without me and sure enough about 5 seconds after they laid hands on it, it began zooming back and forth from A to Z over and over non stop. I knew then that no matter where I used it or who with, this AZAZ was always there. I havent used it in years, but i still own the board. We stopped using it after “things” began happening around the house. These strange things have never stopped happening over the years even though we dont use it anymore. Matter of fact I experienced “Sleep Paralysis” last Night for the first time in years, I was on my back with my arms crossed in a recliner and everytime I fought and got my arms about 6 inches from my chest, they would be sucked back to my chest like a magnet to a refrigerator. Any OPINION’s on this AZAZ character? Would love to hear a Reply from the Author of the Story, or anyone who might know? P.S. after I broke free from my Paralysis, I ran down stairs with tears in my eyes. I’m a 28 year old man, and im running scared for my life like im 5! This isnt normal for me so any opinions would be great.

  32. Elise Gingerich says:

    pssst: Forget About That Supposedly Evil Board, Everybody, And Everyone, Or Everyone And Everybody! What About Using Mechanical Technology, To Open Up Those Things Called Portals? Wouldn’t Mechanical Technology, Maybe Be A Better Choice? (A Better Choice?! yikes!) That Evil Being Would Not Even Know What The Heck Was Going On (It Probably Would!) From The Human Side Of Life, That Is! Maybe It’s Our Time And Place Or Place And Time, To Start Opening Up Supposed Portals, Through Electronic Means? Maybe We Should All Be Using Electronic Means, To Play Around With The Universe And Reality, Or Reality And The Universe….maybe?! anyhow, you all have a good day! from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas

  33. Jeff says:

    I have an opinion on this AZAZ character.
    There are as many spiritual (demonic or otherwise . . you make the definition) creatures out there as there are animals on earth. Some are intelligent and some are just following instinct. It’s just a different form of life in dimensions we can’t perceive. Can you imagine a world with an up-down, left-right, to and fro, and time PLUS a something else! Probably even a whole bunch of something elses. You senses only let you see what you THINK is reality. Humankind has NO IDEA how much more is out there but for our own five senses.

    Don’t worry about AZAZ. There are millions with millions of other names. I don’t even care what they call them selves anymore. That stuff about knowing their true name is a bunch of malarkey! Heck, I even once believed that. The truth is that a PUMA or a LION WILL TEAR you to pieces on their own turf. Is that big CAT EVIL? NO it’s just doing what it does. Are those cats incapable of stalking or thinking ahead? Do they think?

    Hell yes they think and YES they think about what they are doing when they decide to hunt something down and kill it. OK, Now what about when they play with a small animal and torture it to death? Is that NOT a natural behavior of a wild CAT? Are All animals like this? Are some Humans like this?

    The point is that when dealing with this “demonic – ghost – spiritual” realm we’re actually dealing with another extension of the REAL WORLD. It’s just outside of our capacity to sense. Maybe not entirely, maybe, we evolved away from sensing that particular color or range of perception but is RIGHT on the edge of our ancestral senses. When they get excited enough we can see or sense their presence. Sounds weird but I’ve sen weirder in my own line of work which is simply science.

    Try explaining how 180 atoms of rubidium can occupy the same space at the same time when cooled to absolute zero quantum states?

    Don’t believe me. Look up the Bose – Einstein Condensate! REALLY! There are breakthroughs in physics that will BLOW YOUR MINDS ! ! !

    Why can’t there be other “fields” that other forms of LIFE could have evolved?

    We were once so arrogant that we thought the Earth was flat, then we thought we were the center of the UNIVERSE, then we thought we were the highest developed life in the universe and realized after ALL we’ve been wrong . . . . . . . . .

    Maybe these DEMONS are just another LIFE FORM ! ! ! ! Some good for us some bad. Some dogs bite and some like to be petted ! ! !

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