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Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 18 Astral Travel

Posted on January 2, 2010

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

Having grown up ‘open minded’ I came to accept the physical world we know, isn’t quite as constrained and orderly as skeptics need to believe. I had seen things that can’t be explained by traditional science – so in theory anything was possible… wasn’t it?

The first hint I could astral travel had happened spontaneously during high school when I thought I had dreamed of going to a friend’s place and seeing something specific going on with her dog. The dog seemed to be sick and my friend was crying and I seemed to watch this scene as if I was standing in it (like a dream) but I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying, like a movie with the sound turned down – but you can still work out what’s going on in the scene.

The next morning when I told my friend at school about my funny dream – she wasn’t laughing and ran away crying. It took another girlfriend to tell me the dog I described had died in the night and everything I had described had actually taken place, actions I described had happened and obscure things like her mother trying to put the kettle on and spilling water all over the kitchen floor had been actual events. What didn’t help was I had unintentionally scared her half to death with all my intimate knowledge of the events in her home at such an emotional time. Our friendship was never quite the same after that. While I was aware what had happened, and I must have seen this happen in ‘real time,’ I had no idea HOW I had managed it.

Many years later after my first marriage broke down and I was in my early 30′s, I was in a very intense long distance relationship, we were getting married and I had already bought a wedding dress! One night I decided I would see if I could experiment and visit my fianc on purpose. In my “vision” I arrived at his house and I walked up the hall. The house was in darkness and I stood at the foot of his bed and to my shock and horror I could see another woman in bed with him! I could see the top of her short blonde hair peeking out of the covers which made no sense. Maybe I was just dreaming and not astral traveling at all? I walked to his side of the bed and sat on him and just looked down at him and tickled his moustache as I was wont to do… still looking over at this strange figure on his right.

When we spoke on the phone the next day I made determined enquiries as to how he had slept. To my shock he claimed to have felt a pressing weight on his chest, so much so he couldn’t breathe and started to wake up. “I could have sworn you were tickling my moustache,” he laughed.

When I told him what I had done and my funny experience of seeing someone in bed with him, he went very quiet. It was not long later he revealed he was married! Our long distance relationship had meant he had been able to disguise this fact for almost a year. I had seen his wife sleeping beside him and I had described her perfectly! Needless to say, afterwards when we went our separate ways he did say he still lived in terror of me turning up unannounced in his bedroom!

At another point in my life, in my mid 30′s I had a very intense long distance relationship with a man in the US. While circumstances meant it was not to be, we decided to stay good friends. I have managed the same astral trip to visit him many times! He can even tell me when I “visit” without being prompted and he has always been right. He can tell me where I was and what I did, like hold his hand or be at the foot of the bed or standing in his loungeroom. As recently as six months ago, I decided to visit his new house and I entered the foyer and ran up the stairs – not being familiar with the upstairs layout I realized I didn’t know which room was his.

We have since been able to determine that at the same time US (morning) – which was evening for me – he heard a woman’s voice call his name so clearly he sat up in bed, “hey its me!” they called up the stairs. While he acknowledged he wasn’t conscious of an accent he is adamant he heard a woman call his name and say “hey its me!” He went and checked the house and there was no-one there who could have called out but he claimed to just feel very peaceful afterwards. Ironically, when I ran up the stairs and realized I wasn’t familiar with his upstairs layout and didn’t know which way to turn, I called out his name and “hey its me!”

Written by Jennifer Mills-Young, Copyright 2009

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1 ~~ Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 19

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15 Responses to “Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 18 Astral Travel”
  1. JvG says:

    Yes! What a cool story. I would love to know what it feels like when you travel or how exactly you initiate the travel. Is it pure concentration and will? So interesting, another enjoyable peak into your life.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Your friend,

  2. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    When it happened during High School it was spontaneous and happened while I was asleep one night – so I presumed it was a dream at the time.

    Having researched the matter when I was much older, and also being trained in self-hypnosis, that was when I decided to experiment and see if I could do it at will.

    Astral Travel isn’t a recent phenomena, some recognised ancient Catholic Saints appear to have managed to create a doppel ganger(copy) of themselves and ‘ astral travel ‘ to another location where they gave a sermon or interacted with others, before returning to where they were in deep prayer (meditation) and hadn’t moved!

    Its long been an accepted tenet of Buddhism that there is an ability to astral travel to other locations at certain levels of meditation.

    I know when I was about 10 or 11 my mum read some book about pressure points on the feet supposedly being able to trigger astral travel and decided to experiment on me in the loungeroom. I remember we made the decision I would ‘ sit on the roof of the house ‘ and have a look around.

    I can remember laying quietly on the floor and mum massaging my feet when I suddenly believed I was on the roof! The sensation of the roof tiles under my feet was what first made me aware but I got such a fright, I sat bolt upright and looked at mum and said ‘ hey I was just on the roof! ‘ but it only lasted mere seconds because of the fright it gave me.
    I find when I do it now, I can’t differentiate between a dream and actual astral travel.

    I always ask non leading questions of the person I ” visited ” to see if I managed to interact with them in their space at all………………..and sometimes I haven’t.

    So its not a 100% success rate.

    I merely enter an extremely relaxed state of self hypnosis and give myself the ‘ suggestion’ that I will visit a particular person or location and start to picture it literally in my mind.

    I find locations I have physically been to, are alot easier to ” visit ” than places I have never been to physically……..but I’ve still managed a few of those as well.

    I find I can’t hold the state for very long, so even when I have been successful, I have only managed to be present maybe 30 seconds to a minute before I just feel the whole scene dissolving and I know I am ‘ going back ‘.

    I find I am ” in ” the scene I am visiting – so if I am in a house, I can feel the carpet on my feet.

    The sensations aren’t that dissimilar to a lucid dream and I do wonder if they are related.

    The only thing that permits me to make the statement I must be astral travelling, is the information that the person I am ” visiting ” gives me (not everyone is aware of my presence)…….or I give them about what they were up to at the time when I observed them. I try to look for really small details while I am present, because making the grand statement ‘ you were washing your car’ has a statistical property of being eventually correct and could be put down to mere chance. But saying to someone on the other side of the planet, you were washing the car on a white stony driveway with a green towel and you were wearing red shorts and your dog was inside the car……tends to make people sit up and take notice!

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i have heard of this happening, but it’s so very rare! thanks!

  4. Amanda says:

    I wish I could do that. Especially men that are cheating.

  5. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    Its a funny thing, that there really is such a thing as karma.
    Even the biblical tenet ‘ revenge is mine sayeth the Lord ‘ essentially means the same thing.
    Which is ‘ don’t worry about it’ because they’ll get whats coming to them’.
    Even Wicca warns not to do things with an evil intent or it will come back upon you 7 fold.
    So there is a general understanding across most beliefs systems if you do nasty things to people, ‘ you’ll get yours ‘.
    The hardest thing is personally letting go of the idea of wanting revenge.
    When you are angry and hurt this is very difficult to do, but if you don’t ‘let it go’ it will start to dominate your being as most negative ideas tend to do. Negativity can be a foothold for evil. ( it is an opportunist! )
    It may not be today, tomorrow or next year – it might be in 10 years…….but it WILL happen.
    It took 11 years in this case……but he got what was coming to him and it was nothing to do with me but just the order of the universe coming full circle.
    Trust the system!
    ………….And even then, I had room to have compassion for him.
    Because to delight in his misfortune would have been nasty on my part.

  6. trolldoll1681 says:

    that’s it jen, it’s karma or fate or destiny. we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, but all actions get a reaction. now i wish i had gone to college!

  7. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    hey you still can – as a mature age student!
    I’m thinking of going back to University as a Mature Age Student and getting a doctorate in Archeaology ……or may be doing Anthroplogy instead.
    ………..or writing a book.
    Not sure yet.
    So much to do………so little time……………this time around. LOL

  8. trolldoll1681 says:

    this is true because we have a community college here in town. i should look into computer classes. i could get a grant. i want to enhance my computer skills. there are very few jobs available in this town and i haven’t worked for three years. i should get off my rear and just do. a few years ago i checked and they said there wasn’t alot of need for people with computer skills. i think things have changed. i don’t want my own internet buisness, but i’m sure there’s got to be something i could get into. i would feel funny being 48 and being around a bunch of youngins!!!

  9. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    i love that! hats just so cool. i wish i could do that… or is it scary?

  10. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    No it isn’t scary – if anything its kinds of relaxing at the start – but sometimes when you are with someone you try to stay a bit longer with, it can be extremely draining!
    As the experience only lasts mere seconds – enough to look around and see whats happening – it is ‘ hard work ‘ to try and stay longer…and that’s only for a few more seconds anyway. The ‘ trying to stay ‘ is exhausting and leaves me needing a nap!

  11. Believer says:

    Hey Jennifer! How do you Astral Travel? and are you Pychic? If so could you please tell me something that Is going to happen to me In the Future. Thank you so much!

  12. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I don’t know if I’m psychic – I think what happens with me is irregular. I can’t turn it off and on like a tap. So I can’t tell when I’m having a nice dream……or a pre-cognitive dream until the event unfolds and by then its already too late.
    I read tarot cards and with some people I am so 100% spot on I frighten them and then I get it totally wrong with someone else………….so if you play the statistics thats not necessarily being psychic, its just a statistical probability you will eventually get someone’s reading 100% spot on.
    I have one girlfriend who after a 100% correct reading in her teens will never let me read for her again.
    So I don’t know if I’m psychic.
    In Astral travel, I enter a deep meditative state ( very relaxed! ) and then picture myself in the location where I want to be and start looking around.
    Recently I astral visited a friend in the US and I went to his basement den where I believed I kept seeing brown/ tan coloured walls everywhere. I recently saw a photo of this room for the first time and it has tan woodgrain panelling all the way around!
    You have to remember these ” trips ” only last seconds so I have to try and ” see ” as much as I can and sometimes I find if I’m stressed I won’t go anywhere.

  13. cookies says:

    I love your stories! This is interesting and reminds me of something I’ve been wondering. What if sometimes when people see ghosts, it’s actual someone that has astral traveled to their place?

  14. Kind Skeptic says:

    What wonderful experiences. I belong to a meditation group and we gather weekly at different homes for a group meditation, followed by wine and snacks (gotta have some fun, eh!). One of the things we focus on from time to time is astral projection. One has to be able to fully enjoin themselves w/in their meditative state, and then it seems like just a normal happening. Frankly, my sense is that if more people learned to meditate and practiced it daily, their lives would be happier, healthier and more stress free. Thnx for sharing…..

  15. Anonymous says:

    hey that idea of a ghost not necessarily being a dead person per se isnt new – alive people have been recorded as having been seen in other locations and sometimes have even entertained a conversation! Only to dissappear! These are called dopplegangers……I know while some people I vist FEEL or KNOW I am there – they don’t actually see me. I recently started ” visiting ” a friend who lives a 3 hour drive away and he told me quite correctly where I stood in his bedroom. Sometimes I have ‘ arrived ‘ and he wasn’t home, he was away at work and he has commented he has come home and quite correctly just FELT I have been there…….and I’m very much alive! LOL.

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