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Growing up Haunted in Sydney Australia

Posted on December 11, 2009

My family had the sudden death of my father New Year’s Day 1967 followed 6 months later by my Grandfather ‘Pop’ who had also lived with us… before I had even turned 5. This left my mum with 2 teenage daughters and myself as a single mum raising us on her own.

The first hint of anything was when my 17 year old sister had a fight with her fianc and uncharacteristically ran up the hallway and threw herself on what had been Pop’s bed in the end bedroom. My mum re-tells the tale that my sister eventually ran screaming back in to the lounge room saying “someone was in pop’s room.”

My Pop’s room was a westerly facing room and it was afternoon taking the full brunt of the setting sun and should have been the hottest room in the house! Instead we all found a chilled room which caused us to shiver with the cold. My mother stood as the chill evaporated and concluded that ‘something’ had been in the room but she wasn’t sure what it was.

My older sister claimed that as she fell on the bed crying face down she became aware of a growing presence in the room and that the room was growing colder and colder – convinced that the presence was getting closer and would soon touch her… she had ran out into the loungeroom.

A few months later my other sister who was 16 had a boyfriend stay the night in ‘pop’s room’ – in the morning when my mum asked how he was – he simply announced he thought he had seen a ghost in the night and went on to describe my grandfather exactly (whom he had never met… and there were no photos out of him in the house) sitting in the chair in the corner of the room just looking at him! The poor boy threw the blankets over his head and hid ’til dawn.

Being the youngest, these tales were naturally kept from me until my mum decided she fancied pop’s plush corner chair and moved it into the master bedroom where I still slept with my mother.

I can remember waking and knowing it was late… the cars on our busy 6 lane highway had faded to a trickle and I was really WIDE awake… a feeling I would learn to recognize when I was older. It was like every sense was awake! But as a wide awake 5 year old I wasn’t impressed by the prospect of tossing and turning ’til morning. As I looked over and recognized my pop sitting in his chair, dressed in his Sunday Church suit I concluded I was dreaming… but it felt very real for a dream. I pinched myself under the covers and panicked – this was no dream – I was awake! Trying to wake my mother became difficult as I tried to hiss at her quietly ‘pop’s sitting in the chair’ as mum would later admit ‘the prospect your 4 year old is seeing your dead father sitting in a chair – does sound like a bad dream’.

When my mother had enough and was annoyed and rolled over to admonish me… she froze… she could see him too! Later mum would admit, she could not say to me as a 4 year old frightened child that ‘yes I see him too dear’ because she was terrified herself. Instead she made a big song and dance telling me it was car headlights through the blinds and shadows playing tricks on out eyes. But she could see him just as clearly as I could! So we both sat there staring. It never moved. Though I remember distinctly deciding if it moved I was running for the door.

The detail faded over time and soon it was just a black silhouette and finally just a shadow indistinguishable from the others on the wall. I stared as long as I could until my eyelids started to droop and finally I managed to fall asleep. I woke to sunshine and my mother manhandling pop’s plush corner chair back out of her bedroom and back into pop’s old room.

But of course these events were just the start of a lifetime of haunting in that house which is otherwise just an ordinary suburban house in Liverpool, Sydney, Australia where my mother in her 80′s still lives.

Sent in by Jennifer Mills-Young, Copyright 2009

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15 Responses to “Growing up Haunted in Sydney Australia”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    yeah, what do you tell a 4 year old! maybe he was just checkin on all of you. does he still visit?
    well if you get the time please tell us more and thanks for sharing jennifer!!

  2. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    yeah – we still have the ‘ol someone walking by out of the corner of your eye trick in that house – or you think you saw another family member walk into a room down the hall – but then you see them in the loungeroom and realise the room down the hall is empty.
    Its extemely ” quiet ” these days………in comparison to how it was in the 60′s and 70′s.

  3. Autumn says:

    This story is amazing, but I am not 100percent of the photos though,

  4. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Jennifer, that was a great story, i cant wait to hear more. Im sure he was just relaxing in his favorite chair!!! My dad passed away six years ago, and he had a thing for clocks, and had many.. me, my mom, and my sis still have all of his many clocks, and they do crazy things.. We live in 3 different homes, and we compare our clock stories very often… We always know when dad is around…..

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    what photos autumn? is there photos for this story?

  6. Preti_mxcn_chk says:

    That story was neat. I’m sure that if that was your pop’s fav chair he’ll stick with it forever. Don’t sell it or give it away! Have you ever tried talking to him?

  7. LMC says:

    WOW Jennifer great story… does your mom still have the chair? I also wonder why were you two scared it was your Pop’s saying hi and he is still there watching over you girls! :)

  8. Sai Chan says:

    Jennifer Mills – Young,
    We have a saying that ‘erect the bed’ to let the dead know he is dead already and to move on.
    But I know that some Westerners have the habit of putting the deceased ashes in home. I don’t know if they realize that the dead spirit may attach to these ashes and stay on.
    Well, as long as conditions awared, and can live with it, I think it’s totally alright.

  9. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I was also wondering about photoes????

  10. Autumn says:

    I am talking about the part of the photos where they had not seen of that person in the house read 34 lines down, than maybe you will understand what i am talking about, :( !

  11. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    There were no photos of my grandfather or even my own father for that matter! My mother was not one for ‘ family photo’s ‘ and they were all kept in a number of metal biscuit tins, shut away under linen in a hall cupboard. ( this was something I came to resent for many years later when I realised I didn’t even know what my Dad looked like with any certainty because I don’t consciously remember him because I was so young…….but I do consciously remember my grandfather ) When I was an adult and moved out, I demanded………and was (finally) given a portrait of my Dad ( which I have in my loungeroom ) and a wedding photo which includes my grandfather – which I have on my mantle.

  12. Autumn says:

    see I did’t really understand what you were talking about, I needed a little more detail thats why I said I was’t sure about the photos!

  13. Jenifer Mills - Young says:

    No – we don’t still have the chair – as an adult now – I agree that keeping it would have been interesting! This also happened in the late 60′s before alot of understanding about the paranormal was made available to the general public. Now, I understand he was just checking up on us. Personally, I wasn’t afraid of HIM – I was afraid of what mechanism was at work…..my Dad had died not long before and I understood ‘ dead’ meant gone forever and yet I could see a dead person! I didn’t understand what was going on and my parent couldn’t make sense of it either which didn’t help – so I was afraid of what was going on, not HIM personally. So much effort had been extended to make me understand my Dad would never come back…..it was a contradiction to now see that my Grandfather actually had. Quite confusing to a child!

  14. Gina says:

    WOOW, although i wouldnt consider seing your dad a hauting more like a blesing in disguise xxxx

  15. Jae says:

    Awesome story dear!

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