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Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 17

Posted on January 1, 2010

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1

After our experiences growing up, being open minded about the paranormal meant my mother, sisters and I all researched what ever we could on the subject. We experimented with transcendental meditation, astral travel and mediumship. We find we tend to have what we call a bit of ‘gut instinct’ about things usually… which are usually found to be right.

After a serious work injury in 1980, I was taught self hypnosis as a method of pain control and ended up with a strange and unexpected side effect. I started to lucid dream and have pre-cognitive dreams. Lucid dreaming is when you are in a dream state but become conscious you are in a dream. So while in theory being fully conscious in a dream sound ludicrous – it is possible to be ‘awake’ and conscious inside a dream state. I have since researched and a very specific type of brain waves are necessary to achieve lucid dreaming and what ever I was doing to my brain under hypnosis seemed to trigger it.

I didn’t take it very seriously and mostly had fun with it – making ‘Tom Cruise’ appear at will did seem an amusing side effect! (but it was 1980). The first few pre-cognitive dreams were so insignificant I initially dismissed them as ‘deja vu’. They were usually fragmentary and didn’t make a lot of sense. So I would dream a very short fragment of standing in front of a very unique orange, plastic sculpture and when weeks later I would find myself on an outing in an unfamiliar park standing in front of the same orange plastic sculpture I had never seen before – I didn’t make the connection at first. I thought it was deja vu… until the dreams became more detailed.

The first one that really woke me up to what was going on was my dream of my then boyfriend parking his car atop a steep hill with a small white picket fence and a huge oak tree. His car would be stolen. It would be gone when we returned to this car parking space. Where I lived in Sydney was essentially flat and I didn’t recognize the area.

My boyfriend played football on weekends and this day we had to drive to North Sydney which is right next to Sydney Harbour. As he started up the steep road and started to park his car I saw the place of my dream! “you can’t park here,” I started, “your car will be stolen,” I told him. He naturally looked at me like I had two heads and parked his car anyway. The car was indeed stolen as I had seen but luckily it was recovered some days later without too much damage. My then boyfriend (later husband) looked at me a little askew after that. Though he did come to my appreciate my ability to pick up police ‘speed traps’… yes – I knew where the police were secreted in trees or where ever to try and catch speeding motorists and I would announce suddenly “slow down – there are police up over this bridge,” after about the third time I had correctly warned him he just looked at me and demanded, “how do you do that?” “I don’t know” I admitted “I just get a feeling” was all I could explain. (He was never booked for speeding – but we did drive a rather hot and worked car which pulled a 13.8 down the quarter mile but he was a very safe and careful driver as this car was an investment! and he looked after it and wasn’t silly). Unfortunately, police do make presumptions about teenagers driving THAT type of car but we never had to worry as long as my ‘spidey sense’ was tingling.

Unfortunately I couldn’t learn to discern what was a precognitive dream from a regular dream, so the information I usually got was useless until the event happened and it was all very ‘every day’ stuff – I certainly wasn’t picking up world events!

But one dream I had was so intense I told my then husband about it – which gave me a witness I had spoken to him about it before the event. I dreamt I was in a deserted white tiled corridor – there was lots of glass and I was walking along the corridor. I did wonder where all the people were. It seemed very clean and clinical with all the tiles, glass and fluorescent lightning so I presumed I was in a hospital. As I got to the end of the hall – on my left floating in mid air was a broken leg in plaster… and I woke up. Still thinking it was a ‘hospital’ I told my husband because I was worried someone was going to ‘break their leg’ and I’d have to visit them in hospital.

At the same time I had just been told I had been successful in applying for a new job working in the local office of a health Insurance company. Their head office had given me the job – but I had never been to the office location where I would be working before.

My first day at the new job, I arrived at the shopping centre before opening and walked inside and immediately froze. Stretching out before me into the distance – was the deserted white tiled corridor of my dream! I recognized it instantly. The glass had been shop fronts and yes there was fluorescent lighting. I knew as I came around the bend there would be a big potted palm in a white pot with brass fittings. I came around the corner and there was the potted palm just as I remembered. Already, I was skipping ahead ‘hang on – broken legs can’t float in mid air… how is that going to play out?’ I wondered. I saw the end of the hallway and waited. I turned to my new work place and stopped in shock.

The entire shop front was glass – but one single poster ‘floated’ in the middle of the pane of glass to which it was affixed. A big broken leg in plaster advertised the health Insurance company. I stood there laughing and acknowledged the universe. ‘OK you got me!’ I laughed – and let myself into the office to start my new job.

Unfortunately, my ability to have pre-cognitive dreams never progressed to anything more dramatic than events in my own life. But I still cant pick or interpret them properly.

Written by Jennifer Mills-Young, Copyright 2009

Have you read the previous parts of this story? Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 1 ~~ Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 14

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6 Responses to “Growing up Haunted in Sydney Part 17”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m adopted, so i was always facinated when my mom would have these experiences and dreams. they usually came true the next day! everybody has some kind of gut instinct, some more than others. i’m glad you didn’t break your leg and i do believe you have that 6th sense! growing up around all that paranormal. we should all be so inclined and i believe there is a whole other generation coming in that will have the same, the problem is we still have people out there that refuse to believe. i’ve met people in here that i never would have dreamed had such interesting and haunted lives. i just hope for you and all those who have had to live with the paranormal, to be happy and heathly. this is a new year, will things get worse or will we start using the intelligence that we are given thanks jennifer for a facinating look at just how big this world really is!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Since a young age, I’ve been having dreams about things that come true. The dreams are nothing big or dramtic. I can still remember the first time it happened. I was about 5 years old, and dreamt I was at the markets with my mum and I wasn’t happy because my mum wouldn’t buy me a dress for my cabbage patch doll, I was just about to have a wobbly when i came to another stall with a big colourful umbrella over it. But the funny thing is, that in my dream once I got to the umbrella I started thinking I had seen and done this before. A few weeks later mum and I really went to the markets and the same thing happened right down to the feeling of Ive seen and done this before.
    Since then it happens often, but as Im getting older it seems to be mainly conversations that Ive dreamt that comes true. Although I still get that feeling every now and then that I have been here before when there is no chance I could of been, (not in this life anyway)
    I usually pass these feelings off as just being normal. But after reading your life experiances, it has made me want to research into more.
    On the other topic of recarnation that you have a previously wrote about, when I younger (I think I would of been old enough just to be able to have a conversation) I remember saying to my Mum (something of the sought) “I wonder what I’ll come back as next time I am on earth” At that age I did not know about recarnation and remember getting frustrated when mums answer was “you don’t come back you go to heaven”. I also remember getting frustrated with my mum when i was around that same age when something came up about Elvis, and I said to her that I remember when he died, it was so sad” and mum said that I couldn’t because I wasn’t born yet. But back then and still a little today I could remember that day and feeling to sad about it. I don’t know if there is perfect explanations for those feelings but I still remember now at the age of 31, that at such a young age feeling so frustrated that what I was feeling was not true.
    Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more.

  3. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I know for many years I didn’t make the connection. I just thought I had ALOT of deja-vu!
    I just KNEW things would happen and it wasn’t until you were in the middle of it – thinking it was a deja-vu – that you realised you knew what was going to happen next and by then its already to late to make any grand statements because anyone can say after the fact ” oh I knew that was going to happen “.
    I know deja vu is a valid experience that happens to alot of people, even those with no paranormal interests.
    From my experience, I suspect ALL dejavu experiences are generated by pre-cognitive dreams. The problem is EVERYONE dreams, but not everyone REMEMBERS their dreams. So even people who say ” I never dream ” actually do – they just don’t remember them. ( the dreaming REM state is a necessary brain wave state everyone must achieve during sleep to maintain a functioning and healthy brain – its like a rest for the brain and if you don’t achieve REM sleep or are deprived of REM state – your mental health deteriorates rather quickly – depriving someone of REM sleep is a known method of torture! ) So I have concluded that alot of people achieve pre-cognitive dreams but just don’t realise or remember and dismiss the experience as a bit of deja vu when they are awake.
    Mostly it would seem people just have pre-cognitive dreams about random daily events, not world events or anything where you can credibly state ‘ hey I knew that was going to happen’ or give details before the event. I know, because I only managed to mention something to a 2nd person before the event twice in my life, so that is my only external validation by an independent witness.
    I can only imagine the distress a pre-cognitive dream about a world event would cause anyone!
    Even I still can’t interpret my dreams correctly eg thinking it was a hospital and it was a shopping centre! ( shopping mall ).
    Those errors of interpretation make all the difference!

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    there are so many people like jennifer and anonymous and ktm, i just wish those who have been shunned could find this site!!

  5. Bridget says:

    Hi, um i would just like to say i have heaps of deja- vu and i have no idea why. Like you, they are completly normal, like im at school and i get it randomly in a class. I went on a holiday and i had massive deja-vu (it went on for about 5 mins) and i’d never been there before. I have no idea why it happens to me, but it does, and it does very often.
    Can you please tell me some possibilites please, and give me closure? thanks

  6. Amanda says:

    I’m like that too. My Deja Vus are always happening when thing occur. It never tells me when it’s going to happen, so I could be prepare. My mom’s deja vu always accurate instantly. Sometime I freaked out that she may see me or know me what I’m doing. LOL.

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