Ouija Board Warning

Posted on June 21, 2009

One day I came home from a book store I found in down town Orlando, they had a Ouija Board, mostly known as a spirit board. I started playing with one of my neighbors and everything was fine. We were asking questions like… where are you from? how old are you? when did you die? are you good or evil? and then we ask how many people are in the room. It told us 4. So it was, me and my neighbor that’s two, the spirit we were talking to that’s three, and then someone unknown 4. At first we thought it was one of us messing around but we let go of the board at the same time when we asked about the fourth and the glass started moving on its own saying to close the board. We did what it asked. We closed with five prayers, asking God to come in and close the board and bless the house we used it in.

Days passed. Nothing happened. So I decided to tell my mom what happened. Of course she was upset and she told me to never use it again. She said that our family has a bad history with the spirit board. I was shocked when she said “our family” and “bad history”. I never knew the story until now…

My great grandmother used the spirit board when she was in her late 20′s. She was always going to the board for advice, asking questions, trying to see past what was really there and then she started losing herself to the board. My great grandmother was starting to see things, objects moving around the house, and worse, something was always going inside her. A priest was called in and he called out the spirits and my great grand mother never played with the board again.

My mother heard this story from her mother and she never believed it until she started playing with it… She was in her late 20′s as well, her friend just brought a spirit board and my mother was up for anything. They had tons of fun with it, sometimes they would move it around themselves, until it noticed who was playing. My mom. The grand daughter of my great grand mother. It kept trying to ask my mother questions about her. Asking where is her grandmother. Why doesn’t she call the spirit out to play. My mom then remembered the story that was told to her and she closed the board game with prayers. Her friend was really upset because she never got an active spirit on the board.

The bad thing is… her friend kept playing with it. She tried to get rid of it but it kept coming back… everything you can think of she did. It was too late. So my mom tried to help her. So she played to close it. He was right. It knew who she was and it asked my mom to call it out. She said No! And then warned it to go away or she will get someone higher to do it. The spirit was upset. It wasn’t taking “crap” anymore from these two girls. It started moving objects around… moving the glass and making the room cold. My mom and her friend ran out of the house and called a priest and he cast it out. Her friend gave the spirit board to the priest and he handled it. My mother and her friend never touched one again.

After I heard the story I didn’t believe it. I thought she was trying to scare me, so I kept playing. My neighbor and me always got the same spirit. The good one who told us to close the board the first time. So we would ask how many people there was in the room it would just say 3. Also, we asked it to warn us if anyone else entered to let us know. He did. The glass was moving fast. Telling us to close! Not to open! It kept spelling evil, bad, 4 in room. So we were wondering who it could be. We didn’t listen. We asked the fourth who are you. It said “I am”. We asked if it was good or evil. It wouldn’t answer. Then we asked for the good spirit to talk and it wouldn’t. “I am” would just say “no”. We could tell the spirit was not good and he was strong because he wasn’t letting the other one talk. I started getting freaked out and then it was asking questions about me. Where my family is from and he knows me from somewhere but couldn’t remember. I jumped up in shock. I knew who he was! I ran out of the room into my mothers office crying saying I should have listened I’m sorry. She knew right away. She went to my room and then grabbed the spirit board and placed it in the middle of the living room. My neighbor was still lost and trying to fit the pieces together.

Once my mom went to get the bible I saw the glass moving and wrote “I know who you are now”. The glass started moving faster until my mom yelled “stop, I order you to stop!” I was hugging my friend scared to death and she was crying now. My mom started playing for it can get use to her and not try to get attach to me or my friend. Then my mom started saying prayers, casting it out, yelling at the board saying stuff like, “do what you want to me but not my child, not my child, your not going to touch” etc. Then she asked God to come in and clean the house and then things started going crazy in the house. Flying objects, a noise like if someone were breathing hard and worse. I was slapped in the face. My mom got even more upset and placed the bible right on top of the board and prayed harder and harder and called God again. I was scared, frightened that it wouldn’t go away. But then I started praying. I don’t know why, I just did. My voice was clam, I felt calm. I felt good. Then all three of us held hands and started praying. In one minute it was all gone. I felt like new. It felt clean, good, etc. Then the board said “close”. I knew who it was. The good spirit we always talked to. I knew he was fine. Then my mom closed it and the house smelled so good. I think it was the smell of fresh roses. I loved it. My mom took the board and I never saw it again.

My life since has been different. I am more close to God and I believe what tried to get to my grandmother is still after my family. And my family will always have its guard up.

For those who read my story. You have been warned not to play with this board.

Sent in by “Ellen from Florida”, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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107 Responses to “Ouija Board Warning”
  1. paul says:

    cool story

  2. tambelina says:

    Yes, a very good story, i will never play with spirit boards ever! thankyou

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    thank you i played with one years ago but haven’t since and your advice is the best don’t mess around with one because you just might regret it. say a great big thank you to your mom she knew what to do!!

  4. Oooohyeah099 says:

    Me and my mate wanna play with one and like test it out – we r like tht lol. But if we done it like nowhere near our house would we be okay ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Honestly,it doesn’t matter where you DO anything. The issue is that if something wants you, it will attach itself to you. You can play in Australia and live in the US if it wants you, it will do its best to have you no matter what you do. Best advice I can give, remember, curiosity killed the cat, and with this, no amount of satisfaction will bring it back.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    PLEASE DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!

  6. Kae says:

    Oooohyeah099… i take it you live in the U.K. not so sure either way that’s not entirely important…have you read all the ouiji stories on this site? read them and maybe you and ur mate will change your mind…i think ur crazy for wanting to after reading this one, read other ones and look into it, i’m not telling you to do it but i’m not telling you to not either, it’s your life and it’s your choice, but don’t say no one warned you, it doesn’t matter if you don’t do it at your house, if you get possessed that won’t matter anymore, it’ll follow you, i hope you make the right choice, whatever that is. i pray for you and God Bless. Amen.

  7. bracket says:

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Ouija boards. It’s not that i don’t believe them but just like dousing rods and psychics, there can be alot of human error or out right lies that can be involved.

    I met a man a couple years ago in Florida. He could communicate with the dead through a compass. He’d set it down on a table and (usually) ask only yes or no questions. If the compass spun clockwise it was yes and counter-clockwise was no. It was interesting because he didn’t touch it while it moved.

  8. Karen M. says:

    Probably some sort of electrical appliance near it

  9. trolldoll1681 says:

    caretaker; could the board be a kind of skryin like with a crystal on a string people don’t remember wiccan methods.and i’m not talking about the tv show charmed!

  10. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I looked for that, believe me. I spent almost an hour looking at every inch of that table and room. I even looked under the table to see if he taped some sort of electrical device under there to screw with me, but there was nothing. I’d still like to believe that it was fake but everything fit, including the answers he got.

  11. Danielle H. says:

    The scent of roses after a blessing of a house is usually known as “The Scent of God”. I’ve played with an ouija board before. When you play and there is a spirit, the room gets cold, almost as if your in a freezer. When you play the game, you are not to ask “why” questions. when you ask “why” questions, anything can answer you. The same rule goes for “anyone” questions. The “anyone” questions means everyone. You don’t know if you are talking to a demon or to a spirit of God. I warn those who play this game, for you do not ever know the truth of what lies behind the good of spirits in the afterlife.

  12. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, wow, maybe he’s one of those people who have alot of electricity, therer are some people who can’t wear watches cause they break from the electricity.

  13. ellen from florida says:

    Wow! I had no idea my story would have been posted up. Thanks ghost tales for doing it. Also for the people reading this please don’t play with this game its not worth it. God bless you all and be safe. Ellen from florida

  14. Karen M. says:

    I had to leave a comment as there were 13 unlucky number! I’m glad you learned a valuable lesson on never to touch these boards again!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I played with a online ouija board and felt nothing man! But i belive in real wooden ouija board that you all had played by manik. Cool experience of yours

  16. Verbatim288 says:

    hi … im 14 and im fully into ghosts. i want to try it out but dnt know how to. i think i would rather not but, but my head says try it out for fun. i see ghosts sometimes and even look for them. i think i have a good spirit attatched to me along with my mother and aunt. i dnt know most of the time i will see either a black cat or white, on the corner of my eye and wen i turn to see it, it never is really there. so if u do get a bad spirit what prayers should u cast out to close or even just to get rid of the ghost.. ur story made me believe in god a bit more then i did. like i was never that close to god until u wrote down this story. now i can kind of… u know see that he just might be real after all. thanx Verb..

    • Tom says:

      It is my advice to have more than just yourself when you are using it. As others have said, stick to specific questions. Ie. Is there someone here who wants to speak with me? Or, “What would you like to tell me?” Never ask a spirit to materialize or effect the physical plane at all, in doing so you are inviting it into your life. Never anger them, they were there before you spoke to them and will be there when you ‘close’ the board.

      Bringing me to my next point. ‘Closing’ the board will not make an evil spirit or demon go away. As I said, they were already there before you decided you wanted to talk to them. The ouija is not some sort of portal. If you do get a demon or evil spirit ask it to leave you alone. You may also want to use this during your play. http://www.smithtrust.com/satorsite/ Having it in the room is sufficient, though you can also put it right on the board if you wanted. You can either print off that exact image or just draw it yourself.

      Above all be respectful to whomever you speak with on the board. Keep in mind that there are things out there that are not evil but will still give you a good scare. And last but not least remember to never trust what something or someone on the board tells you. I don’t care if they say they are Satan or God, they aren’t. They also are probably not your spirit guide or a dead relative. They are just a spirit that is bored or a demon that wants to trick you.

      To be honest I would not use it unless I thought there was a spirit that really wanted to relay a message to me and I had no other means of communication.

      P.S. Never call an entity on the board ‘it’. That drives them mad.

    • Believer123 says:

      I’m a little confused as to why you would believe in ghosts, demons and spirits, but not really believe in God? If you believe in the devil then you best believe in GOD!

  17. ellen from florida says:

    VERBATIM288:::: Don’t play with the board!!!!! You never know who you might get while you are playing! Good or evil. I learned it the hard way.
    I’m glad that this story has brought you more closer to god. Know that he is always there even in the darkest of times. ellen from florida

  18. Ryan says:

    Me and some freinds that i didnt know all that well went to our cemetary in town which was surrounded by trees and blocked all lights from the small town. All we had was one flash light and the stars. As we walked towards the far side near the woods we all stopped dead in our tracks. We felt a cold, tingly shiver that almost seemed to pass through us like a wave. It was a little strange but i didnt think much of it as it was a cold night. We used the board but i didnt get anything out of it. I would very much like to try it again.

  19. Greg says:

    Praise the Lord.

  20. Manik says:

    Don’t repeat the same comment, man. You know that people with faith in lord will always praise him and i am no exception. I too praise the lord and i always love him.

  21. Jo says:

    My parents played with one years ago and always threatened my brothers,sisters,and I not to touch one.The one they had brought something bad through and it nearly killed them.It got upset because my mom knew more about the Bible than it did.They closed it up and put it in the trunk of the car and while driving home car went nuts and hit a tree.Good thing was neither got hurt.

  22. NIGHT CAT says:


  23. hbkm674 says:

    Scary story but thanks for letting me know that spirit boards are extremely dangerous and should not be played with even if it is for fun.

  24. Ellen from Florida says:

    Night Cat: I happy to have made such a great impacted on you on not playing with this board.

  25. qheenak ! says:

    Oooohyeah099 ; i want to try a board out to !
    to like see what it does , i know that its wrong and bad things can happen but all these stories just dont scare me .

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hai Qheenak. I am Manik I am a regular reader of trueghosttales & I appreciate your bravery but your almighty strength don’t work on ghosts and demons still if you want to try the board then i will be the first person to wish you good luck. Try gettin

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey dreemsofsky – why do you always type your comments in the Name field instead of the comments field? The name field is very small while the comment field is big. When you type your comment into the name box it gets cut off as your comment above.

  27. Kimmi says:

    I believe you, but I could not understand parts of your story because your grammar and spelling was atrocious. >.< Sorry

  28. surya says:

    i don’t belive in ouija boards. just a piece of board and planchutte can’t harm u but i do like to try it

  29. zaman says:

    There is some game at indonesia called JAILANGKUNG it’s just like ouija board but more dangerous
    If u play it u will always get an EVIL SPIRIT…..

  30. Kbear1987 says:

    I played with a board a long time ago. I got some really scary spirts that came after me. My aunt told me never to do that again becaue i was diffrent form other people. I had a gift that made spirts come after me and try to use me to get through. I still to this day have a evil spirt that haunts me.

  31. Ellen from Florida says:

    Sorry for all the errors. I wrote it fast and its very very sluppy!
    Ellen from Florida.

    JAILANGKUNG is dangerous!!! Dont try that game at all.

  32. brittney says:

    I never wanna play with a ouija board again although nothing happened, i do believe everyones stories. i was just wondering if someone does play would it make a difference if the person asked if any good spirits are there instead of saying is anyone there?

  33. zaman says:

    Try JAILANGKUNG and you will know why jailangkung is dangerous

  34. zaman says:

    ellen from florida
    Who tells you about jailangkung?

  35. raven says:

    how do you play jailangkung? i have play with ouija boards before and nothing has happen. It am always innto this type of stuff because i am not easily scared.

  36. Ellen from Florida says:




  37. raven says:

    Thank you for the warning. But I still want to know how to play Jailangking, and i know how to protect myself for evil. I know of my hate me because i have a habit it of being persistent so can some one please tell me how to play.

  38. Tonja Brown says:

    Why did a certain person here on the Ouija Board forum post anything about “JAILANGKUNG”?

    There was no other reason to post it here than to let others know, now, that this exists.

    If our warnings will not keep some away from an Ouija Board, why would it stop them from other ways to contact DEMONS.

    I believe what you posted is very irresponsible.

    Please, to anyone who is curious with ‘contacting the dead.”

    You will only contact a DEMON/DEMONS and the consequences can be deadly. You are on a computer with the internet !! Google, Bing or Yahoo the words Ouija Boards and you will find plenty of articles WARNING you of the dangers.

    I can’t put it any plainer. If you will not heed our warnings, then don’t come crying to us when you conjure up evil.

  39. zaman says:

    Jailangkung is just a plaything. It’s not that dangerous, no one get hurt when playing jailangkung. I have play jailangkung many time and nothing bad happened

  40. zaman says:

    but the spirit you contact can be annoying and haunting the players…..
    Note: just believe in your own religion and you will be safe.

  41. Keri Smith says:

    Amen to Tonja Brown. What she saying is absolutely true. Demons are real and they can and will possess you so do not invite their presence. If you choose to ingnore these many warnings, the consequences and reprecussions for your actions will be far worse. Tonja said it best “DON’T COME CRYING AFTER YOU CONJURE UP EVIL!!!!”…..and u will. Don’t do it

  42. Alaetra says:

    Wow random creepy stalker dude from the afterlife wanting your family……I never played with a board but my grandmother and her grandmother did and lets just say they saw a few things that they didn’t like and my grandmother claims that the thing that they saw caused the death of my father and she forbids me to even touch one. Before my greatgrandmother passed she told me I played with one she would personally come from the afterlife and kick my arse no matter what age I am. (T_T) But both of them a sensitive to the paranomal…I am a little bit just on the line of sensing things out of the ordinary haven’t seen anything and really don’t want to good or bad.

  43. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m not trying to pass judgement but how old were you when you talked to your great grandma? sorry the generations don’t make sense! what do you think caretaker?

  44. Alaetra says:

    I was around 11 then this was my grandmother’s grandma she died at 101 :( sorry if I confused you with generations….

  45. lynn says:

    hi everyone i have always wanted to play the spirit board ,and a friend of mine had one but i dont think it was the real thing cause she got it from walmart and nothing happened but i would really like to try again and also i am looking for haunted places anyone know of any

  46. Tonja Brown says:

    Lynn, after reading our warnings here you still want to use an Ouija board ????

    Why ?

    As for haunted places, you did post a comment on a website that should have the answer to your question.

  47. Cool says:

    cool story bro

  48. Kaspar says:

    Hi all, just thought I would tell you that myself and two of my friends dabbled with a homemade Ouija board about 30 years ago, in the middle of the afternoon and in broad daylight. It was the single most frightening thing in my life to date, believe me. Interestingly though, that was the last paranormal event I experienced in the family home. Prior to it there had been lots over the years, witnessed by my sister and myself, and for me it just stopped after that day.

    Don’t play with it. It does work and it’s not a toy !

    Best Regards to you all.

  49. SmexiiSteve says:

    yeah. i’ve read a TON of stories on ouija boards and even though they are very dangerous and creepy and foolish to go after, despite all what i have read and heard, i still want to, and am, going to play with one someday in my life. i’ve been researching and learning about the procautions of one and made sure what to do every time so the least possible harm can come between me and my partners. but if your one of those people, like me who will use an ouija board anyway, go research safety procautions anyway. but we all advise not to use one. even though im going to anyway. Be smart. Be safe.

  50. Tonja Brown says:

    SmexiiSteve, you also have been warned, I am very sure, about not playing in traffic and I am sure you know what the consequences for doing so would be.

    So does this mean you play in traffic ?

    Of course you don’t. So why would you do something just as equally foolish, messing around with ouija boards ?

  51. Kuva says:

    Wow harsh. I think I played with one when I was a kid but nothing ever happened. I’m a Mormon now and will never use one, ESPECIALLY after reading these horrifying stories! XD God bless, happy trails! Kuva \|/

  52. matty says:

    if i played with a spirit board and something told me it knows who i am and where my mother was id scared to death i heard you had to burn those things after you use them anyway i hope your doing well

  53. zara says:

    wow this is so cool, i have a board and after reading to this i will not use it again, cool story thnx

  54. Bri says:

    I read so many stories of this ” spirit board ” and all of the stories ar so terrible and horrifying . Im never sure of whether or not the stories are true or not…. myabe Ill nvr know

  55. unknown says:

    Wow that is scary..i will never play the ouija board. i think my brother has but i never will thank you for warning people it will help :]

  56. nemormaah says:

    Nice story. I’m going to try to contact the spitits with the Ouija Board.

  57. chelli the greatest says:

    to all, im not sure if i belive in contacting the dead.. but i deff. belive something is out there! if you dont belive in contacting the dead i dont think that you will get a spirit. people that get possesed are people that are really intrested into the spirit stuff. if you dont belive and are close to god im sure youd be safe. i played the spirit board when i was young and nothing happened. but im sure if i belived some creepy things could have happened.. DONT TOUCH THE BOARD. if you do please be careful.

  58. Ellen From Florida says:

    Hey Everyone,
    Its been a while since I came on this site but thanks for all the reback and I want to give some people some light in my story and they’re questions…

    2. I didn’t talk to my grandmother. My mother told me her story.
    3. The evil spirit thats after us no one knows who he/she is.
    4. I believe the god spirit was my grandmother. I feel like she is around us.
    5. Jailangking is EVIL!!! You have to open it in a special way to get things going which I am not going to say how. PLEASE DON’T PLAY WITH IT!
    6. Tonja Brown- Yes, Jailangking is full of DEMONS/DEMONS. They act like they are good spirits and drain you with out you knowing. Everyone, read Tonja warning!
    7. I learned Jailangking from someone who is very in tone with god and I told him my story and he explained to me other boards….etc.
    8. Yes, my grammer is VERY bad in the post! I was kinda nervous while posting it and I just wanted to go by it fast.

    Well, thats all I want to answer for now and Please people don’t play with the board. Stay safe & god bless.


  59. Kayhotchick222 says:

    Even though u are warning people people like me still are going to do it

  60. eyepriestess says:


    well don’t say you weren’t warned! You may end up unable to ask for help after been warned and then you still go ahead and play around with the ouija anyway. Hope you don’t by the way!

  61. Kayhotchick222 says:

    I guess everyones right about the dangers, but don’t you think it would be fun to play with a ouija board?

  62. eyepriestess says:

    To Kayhotchick,

    listen to what Tonja put way up there, here it is: “I can’t put it any plainer. If you will not heed our warnings, then don’t come crying to us when you conjure up evil”

    I never believed that something like a board could conjure anything up until i played with a ouija and trust me, they do work and they DO conjure up evil.

    I’d just like to add too, that the ouija should not be treated as or sold as a game, I even run a petition on my site to get rid of ouija boards in toy stores. I wouldn’t be so passionate about this if i hadn’t known first hand what these ‘games’ are capable of. I really wouldn’t waste my time like this.

    There was a saying which i used after i heard it, as it sums up what you can attract. This is what i heard and completely agree with: The ouija acts like a beacon of light, leading an easy portal/path of access into our existance. The players are sitting targets for non human entities such as demons to cause real problems, not just for you, but more importantly for the people who you love, like your children who will also be affected by your curiosity. Please think hard about this before you play with a ouija.

  63. delight007 says:

    i tried to use a ouija board once and well I was 18 and went and bought one from the store. And well foolishly I had my sister with me who at the time was only 5 she didn’t touch the board but was present when I opened it. And well the planchette move by it’s self note I had only placed on the board and hadn’t yet asked a question or anything yet. At that moment fearing for my sister I packed the board up and have never touched one again. My brother and his friends took that same board to the grave yard and used it well that is another storey for another time. and they never touched it after that one either but bad things happened to them. You shouldn’t play with if you do not understand what your dealing with.

  64. eyepriestess says:

    I remembered an article i once read from the Catholic church which you guys who still want to play with the ouija should read. Here it is:

    Reports of exorcisms rising was highlighted on CBS news on 26th February 2008 and it’s still on the increase.

    “What’s behind the apparent rise in exorcisms?

    Father Thomas Williams, Dean of Theology at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical University in Rome and a CBS News religion consultant, told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez on The Early Show Tuesday, “There may be two reasons. One is that there’s increased interest in the occult, even in Satanism. Where I live in Italy, Satanic worship is actually on the rise. And this is true in a lot of places in Europe. And the second reason I think is because people are less careful. Honestly, they maybe pray less. They play around with things they shouldn’t play with, and then they get into trouble. … Anyone can be possessed, but I think you really have to open yourself up to it. You have to be un-careful. And I think the spiritual demons, or bad angels, do exist, and I think it’s an extreme thing, but it happens sometimes”.

    This is another news report from Australia’s Courier Mail:

    “Brisbane, Australia, Feb 19, 2008 / 01:26 am (CNA).- Increased interest in Satanism and the occult has led to a rise in exorcisms in the Australian state of Queensland, the Courier Mail reports.

    One priest who asked not to be identified said he presently carried out exorcisms at least once every two weeks".

    Sorry to hog this thread today with my comments, but i did alot of research last night as i’d heard about passages in the Bible saying that it isn’t possible to contact the dead. What people apparently contact when they conduct seances or ouija boards is non-human entities, such as demons. If we read the passages from the Bible below, it states that once we die we remain dead until the second coming of Christ when we are risen. But, we are decieved into believing we can contact the dead by the devil/demons who transforms into the angel of light:

    “As the cloud is consumed and vanisheth away, so he that goes down to the grave shall come up no more. He shall return no more to his house, neither shall his place know him anymore."
    —Job 7:9

    “For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything. Neither have they any more a reward, for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love and their hatred and their envy is now perished. Neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun."
    —Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

    “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the grave, whither thou goest."
    —Ecclesiastes 9:10-11

    “And when they say to you, seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter, should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living?"
    —Isaiah 8:19

    “And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."
    —2 Corinthians 11:14 "

    The one above in Corinthians saying that satan transforms into the angel of light to decieve is, is one of the most famous of scriptures. I know some do not believe what the Bible says, but it does make you think and i was shocked when i found the passages. All i know is that what i contacted in my one and only ouija experience had us believe it was a dead relative at the very beginning, but it turned out to be false and was evil.

  65. courtney says:

    my friend lindsay who is emo/gothic told me if i wanted to get these spirits (think there are about 6 in my house) that i needed to get an Oija Board and yet i didnt. my mother told me the dangers and that her and her friends used to mess with one back then and told me never to trust anyone when they bring one out if i ever go near any friend that says they have one and want to show me. im still scared cause ive been haunted for a long time, right now im 15 and yet i dont know how to get rid of them, my sister is even scared and we try to stay calm and to not make it worse than it already is. i wish there was a way to get rid of them but its confusing, ive been restless everynight cause im worried of what i might see or feel or hear, i need help cause if i dont get them out of my house im running, not even joking im running i cant take being in this house anymore, my mother and somewhat like a father dont believe us and we cant do it, we are scared…i want my normal life back, i hate being haunted by these spirits, i dont know if they are good or bad…

    • Addy says:

      whatever u do…dont use an oujia board, this will just invite the spirits into the house and things will get very bad..my friend has a spirit in her house..i sensed it was bad so i told her not to talk to it..she did anyway and things have gotten worse..have faith that God will protect u

  66. Zach says:

    A lot of you are saying Ouija Boards are terrible thiings to use, but thousands of people use them for a living! You just have to take proper safety precautions which can be found here, which also includes many stories about this group of friends who have had lots of fun with ouija boards, and read other stories about others who did not, all because they weren’t safe.
    Using a board can be a life-changing experience, but in an awesome way if proper safety precautions are put in action. This is also a great story, I feel very bad for you, and thank-you for posting this, many more of us will be more aware of the dangers of using these things. (Without safety ^_^)

    • Addy says:

      agreed.. there not always bad..if u use them right. never ask the spirit to move anything in the house, or show that its rlly there.

  67. shakira4ever says:

    sounds like satan and god to me. satan is the meanest, most ugly ouija spirit ever. god will protect you throughout your experiences. good thing satan was cast out. but sometimes if you “play” with satan, you will start seeng black figures and you will have frequent anxiety attacks. he is trying to tempt you! just say “no way, dude” to satan. even if he offers you better things, say nuh-uh.

  68. Anonymous says:

    thanx alot for this website it has helped me alot and i will never use an ouja board again .

  69. Shelby Sue says:

    This Is a wonderful story and very disturbing i like the vilonce but sorry it happend

  70. Addy says:

    my friend was at a sleep over when she was about 12, and they decided to play with an oujia boar..there was this one girl there who was crying and screaming and saying no, that she didnt want to play. they all dared her to play by herself..she did..not much happned just answered normal questions like “how old are you?” “whats your name?”etc. but 2 days later they got a call from her parents saying that she had died in her sleep..she was a healthy girl..she had no illnessnes and she wasnt sick, her heart just stopped. i was going to “play” with an oujia board at my haloween party..my friend told me about a dream she had..the girl who died came to her in her sleep and told hernot to let me “play” with an oujia board or bad things would happen to me..i never did use one and i never will

  71. Ana says:

    If people are curious about the board,They are going to try it anyway even if you tell them not too or not.Let em find out for themselves. :-) That’s what i’ve learned about people. I’d personally never have and never will.

  72. Fizzywozziah says:

    i want to try an ouija board. i know it sounds stupid, but i LIKE ghosts. most people dont believe in them, but i do. i want to know what being haunted by a ghost feels like. ive never had an experoience i think, apart from one where when i was about 5 years old, in my bedroom, at night, i used to see an old fat man standing at the foot of my bed, but back then, i wasnt frightened at all. the man was very shady and he looked like a tramp. he had a long beard and long hair, and i could see him very clearly. he would just stand at the foot of my bed and stare at me. it would happen regularily, but we soon moved out of that house (thank God). he never said anything much, but one thing i can recall him saying is ‘peace’. i didnt understand. he looked friendly, but nothing bad ever happened in that house. and it was never cold either.

  73. Aly says:

    @!y waz here. you know when they tell u not to use it some people get even more curious.

  74. unknown says:

    i believe in all the supernatural stuff and all. i’ve heard all kind of stories and im super fasinated. i’ve thought about trying using the ouijia board but you can never be sure. i’ve only had a couple mild expirences. for example my old house was a very old house. it used to be a two family house but we bought the whole house. before my parents bought it some time ago there had been a fire upstairs so we had never remodeled it since the downstairs had 3 bedrooms enought for my family of four. we rented out the upstairs to close family friends who needed a place to stay and helped them fix it up. it wasn’t totally remodled but good enough to live in. after they moved out i had my birthday party up there and then me and all my friends started hanging out up there and i started sleeping up there occasionally. one night my best friend and i were getting ready to go to bed and we decided to lock the door and lock it because the hallway looked creepy. so we locked it turned out the light but left the light in the hallway on anyway and layed down about 5 minutes later the door just opened. me and my friend we so scared we called my dad up to turn on the light so we could go downstairs. all the time when i was up there id hear footsteps coming up the stairs and walk throught the hallway but noone was ever there. one day i upstairs watching a movie on the portable dvd player facing on the wall and i heard footsteps but i had heard it so much i assumed it was just the floor boards creeking because the house was so old. but then i saw a shadow on the wall that looked like my mom standing in the doorway and i turned around and looked but noone was there. but anyway i love the supernatural even though it gives me the creeps. i wish i could have a good experience with the supernatural. like seeing my mothers mother because she died when my mom was 14 and my grandparents that are alive arent the greatest. and my mom always says she wishes her parents were still alive and i knew them and i just think it would be amazing to see her and talk to her or something.

    but anyway. from all these stories i have deffinatly learned not to use the ouijia board. because of all the dangers.


  75. Carla Clark says:

    i don’t need anymore spirits in my life i have my fill of shadow people in my room and everywhere i go . . . maybe ten years from now i might try it but i doubt it . . .

  76. the little strange one says:

    I know a couple of guys who did play for fun, they where with 4 dudes and one girl. they played it but couldn’t close it. they thought the first spirit was a good one but it wasn’t. they asked the spirit some questions like, who said to that and that person I hate her and stuff till they wanted more danger. one of the guy’s asked who of them whould be the first person that died. the glass spelled L-A-Ï-A. laïla shocked and asked how. the glass spelled D-R-O-W-N-I-N-G-I-N-T-H-E-P-O-O-L. laila looked at trent who was her boyfriend and then to the board again. then it just spelled I-N-A-F-E-W-W-E-E-K-S and they didn’t even asked a question. they tried to close the board but it kept going on. after a while they decided to just put it away. the next day laïla came to me and told me all what happend. I told het before it was dangerous but she woeldn’t listen back then. we went to a church and asked the priest what to do. he said we where to late for that and told us to just keep an eye on each other. after 2 weeks laïla her parants went to germany because her mother’s best friend had a baby. after 2 day’s of seeing things and having stuff trowing at our heads I told her to go to my place and wait there with my parents till her’s where back. she said she would come the next day with all her stuff she’d need. she would be at my place around 1.00 pm. I’d waited that day for three hours but she didn’t came. I called trent so we can go together to her house and find out where she was. he had the keys to her house so we can get in. we looked through the whole place till I heard a yell. I run down stairs and saw trent in the back yard looking at the pool. I went out side and saw her lieing in the pool with her face down. her cellphone was on the table next to the pool. we called the police who came directly and they told us she was drowned. trent couldn’t stop crying anymore and told me a few weeks later he heard voices talking to him. a couple of day’s after that he suicide because he missed laïla to much and was scared of the voices. the other three guys went to a church and let the priest clean them. they are fine but I still blame them for what happend to laïla and trent.

  77. trolldoll says:

    the strange little one, do you think laila took her own life? it sounds like she didn’t want to believe what she heard from the board. it’s so sad that trent couldn’t handle his grief. a boy of 15 here in my town took his own life because he and some friends were building jumping and one of his friends accidently grabbed a power line. trevor saw it and couldn’t handle it. TO ALL TEENAGERS! Please if you have something your having problems with, DON’T TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE! IT’S NOT WORTH IT. you hurt so many more people than you do yourself! find someone to talk to PLEASE! . WE CARE!!

  78. Dylan says:

    I want to play with a spirit board, but reading this and another one with psychic vampires. I am scared to death of trying it. I have had one experience, i was at my grandma’s and my cousin came to visit. this was in the country and out of the window i saw a shadow walking. my aunt said it was might be my other uncle denny but he wasnt there. we checked all around and the scary thing is my little cousin saw the same thing. I want to try a spirit board which it probly will happen with my friend even though i see the warnings, im drawn to it

  79. Anonymous says:

    This cannot be a real account because the planchette will not move without someone’s hand gently over it. Sorry, they don’t moveon their own and if the planchette does move, it’s very slow in motion.

  80. Anonymous says:

    To all those who want to try Ouija boards to communicate with spirits… If a spirit wants to contact you, they can do so without the aid of a board if they wish. Using an instrument or method such as an Ouija board is highly dangerous because it allows you to invite just anyone or anything into your life without knowing it; anyone or anything which might not otherwise have done so on its own. A good spirit isn’t just good because he/she/it isn’t evil or wants to do good; a good spirit often recognizes the fact that he/she/it is not a part of your world and doesn’t want to interfere with your life as much as possible. So no news is generally good news. That said, I have had the good fortune to communicate with several “good” entities (not with a Ouija board) and all of them have pretty much adhered to a some degree of passive role… to sum it up it’s like: “I’m here if you need me, but we cannot be close, I don’t belong here.” When they interact with you, they typically make it clear at some point, that it is time to end the conversation. AND THEY WILL STOP IF YOU ASK!!! The negative or bad entities on the other hand, always seek to inject themselves by any means neccessary. Beware of anything that doesn’t want you to leave or doesn’t want to leave you alone! And the best advice I can give is to not do ANYTHING which gives them the opportunity to reach you! Also, if you anger even a good spirit, they may decide to teach you a lesson so in the end, it is probably better to accept that all spirits are best left alone.

  81. kelsey says:

    this is a good story, thank youu for warning us all.

  82. olga says:

    Wow! Good story….Thanx 4 Da warning altho there are a lot of people out there who wud still be curious 2 C if dey experience sumthn, but not me.Lol

    • naurtoxhinata says:

      Dude respect all warnings of any kind of borad plz dnt mock its warnings or wrost will come to u

  83. whitneeee=] says:

    Spirit boards are really good tools, you just have to know how to use them. “Playing” with them for “fun” is not something you should do at all. It is not a toy, therefore should not be messed with unless you have the right protection, have said the right prayers, have the right tools, and you know what to do if an evil spirit stays with you after you close.

  84. john says:

    ok so me and my friends always play with the board…we have had bad xperiences but they have never hurt us….we say bye and it leaves us alone..i feel that if you use it right u will be fine

  85. Brad says:

    what that is, is a demon sent upon ur family to curse u for generation after generation! also known as a blood curse! that’s u ur mom was offering her selef 2 the demon in exchange for its mercy upon u! but since ur mom was holding the bible the demon could not touch her! so it went 2 the next best thing u! but its a low level demon! it can only talk the board! and the room getting cold was the result of the demon sucking up all the energy out of the room so he could move objects, slap u etc. hope ive helped ^_^

  86. Matt says:

    I was thinking of buying a ouija board, but i dont know with all these stories, how do we know if the entity/spirit is harmful? or friendly, or messing with us? if anyone could answer my question soon that would be great.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      see you anwsered your own question.you never now whats in store if you play with one.i have said it so many times but the first time could be good nothing bad but it could always turn just like that.i have never played so if you dont want to take my opoion thats fine.but like you said there are alot of stories here and just think do you want something like that to happen to you or a loved one by playing the ouija board.well good luck on your choose and please do let us know what you came up with.

      • Matt says:

        Well thanks for replying to my comment and i did use it once, my room got extremely cold, and for the first time in 6 years i shivered, i have a high tolerance to cold, but it was very very cold in my room, i didnt see a mist or anything or any figure, i can create my own dreams too, forgot what thats called, but anyways i asked if there was any spirit that would like to communicate, and the pointer went to yes, i asked what is its name, and it didnt respond, but i got cold at that second, yet my arms started to burn like hell, so what could that mean? PS i did close the board correctly.

        • AnNa bites back says:

          i would not know what that ment.thats crazy about your arms being hot but everything else is cold.has anythingelse happened since then?

          • Matt says:

            yes, i have nightmares constantly, and im always cold now, im not sick, i rarely get sick, and i always feel watched, no matter what i feel..awkward as if something of me is missing, as bad as that sounds its just a weird odd feeling i have now, i hear growling at night, i have dogs, but they’re usually past out by 3am, so i have no clue whats going on, i cant sleep anymore since i last replied.

            • AnNa bites back says:

              i wish i knew what you should do.have you talked to someone about it?have you thought about video taping your place and see what you come up with?when you used the ouija board did you close it right?i hjeared there is a right way of closing it.maybe you brought someone from the other side.have you thought of taking speeling pills,maybe that will work.i dont know.

              • Matt says:

                well i tried, its not working i still get the same nightmare, which is im always falling down to a darker place, i think i closed it right, and my house shows a temp of 80 degrees yet my skin is cold to the touch.

  87. sam-tha-man says:

    nice i loved the story !!!

  88. Paul says:

    wow just wow im just sad that people are so dumb enough to get themselves mixed up in all this nasty business…even though i have not and will never use anything evil i almost know how it would be like if you did…it would like, the easiest way to say it is
    “it consumes you” well im just glad i love god(jesus christ)…
    and for all you idiots who want to ask questions ask goD! now you can believe me if you want to or not-

    but my mom just literally talks with god through the bible, and not huge matters only like once she was very depressed and was crying on the sofa and she opened the bible and it said “all you know to do is sit and moan” he even jokes with her and all, but theres too many examples that im not able to remember.. anyway hope people here get some sense driven into them and not a demon!

    lol well peace to you who reads these words…

  89. Kyolover says:

    is there any way to have a board that summons good spirits? I know you get some good spirits with a ouija board and all but what is for some weird reason someone wants to communicate with a good-nice spirit?

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Well – this is the conundrum. The main reason people have so much trouble with negative spirit after using an ouija board is simply because the user don’t know what they are doing, or how to protect themselves. The simple truth is, most people use it out of curiousity to see if there is any such thing as ghosts. Ignorance can be bliss, but it can also get you into a whole lot of trouble!

      In experienced hands, and ouija board can be used safely. Trouble is, I don’t know any experienced psychic (myself included) who would actually want, or need, to use one.

      Personally, I think anyone curious about the after-life should first learn how to protect themselves from the bad stuff, by seeking advice and guidance from a professional medium, clairvoyant or psychic.

  90. Laura says:

    Thank you for telling me this!! Me and my friends made one out of card and tried it at school but nothing happened. And now I’m glad that nothing did! I see spirits and I sometimes talk to them. I scares me sometimes but I enjoy the conversations.

  91. Multi_packcan13 says:

    Does no one think it’s weird that “God” wont save millions of people from things like earth quakes, or being shot and murdered or raped or whatever.
    But has all the time in the world to get rid of spirits from peoples houses and clear up messes made by curious kids.

    That’s why i find it hard to put any faith in God.

    Cool story though, seems to have worked for you so fair play.

  92. Lizzet says:

    so wait who was the bad spirit you never said who he was?

  93. lilly says: