The Ouija Board And The Man In our House

Posted on February 11, 2009

Recently, I purchased a Ouija board from a Toy’s R Us in Alberta, Canada. Now I know the dangers of using such a device. However, I am curious by nature, and so far my experiences have been positive. I live in a basement suite, it’s big, but not a whole house. It’s a little scary to think ghosts, and spirits can inhabit such a small area.

My hubby and I used this particular board for the first time yesterday. I had taken it from the box, and placed it under the couch. Every time we use this board, it always works. We only use this board in daylight, around 3 pm, which is when Christ died and it is said the virgin Mary ascended into Heaven.� If your using the board around 3 am, your sending an invite to the most unholy of spirits. 3 am is the witching hour. when a veil of darkness covers the earth.

So we used our Ouija yesterday, and have discovered one particular spirit, that hangs out in our house. He is a Pakistani, and he does not understand English very good. He did however, keep spelling out a name. It was a last name. We looked in the phone book, found the exact last name and first initial he was spelling. He told us he was murdered, his age, that he cannot leave our house, but he is happy.

We asked him what color our little dog is. He took a moment as if to study him, than spelled out white. We asked him what color my hair is, he spelled out many. Which is true, my hair can only be described as having many colors. We asked him if he is present in our house, and if he could see and feel us there. He said yes. I asked him to play copy cat. I knocked on my table twice, and ask him to repeat it. My hubby and I both heard a very distinct knock. Very eerie.

We tried a few hours later to use the Ouija board, the only spirit we get is the man in our house. My psychic feeling tells me this man is not a danger. However, its a little hard to get used to feeling someone in your house. Always watching you.

Written by Amber, Copyright 2009

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60 Responses to “The Ouija Board And The Man In our House”
  1. Moya says:

    I realy hope you know what you are doing. You better hope that it doesnt turn on you. as far as i know they tell you things to make you think that they are just spirits and that they are friendly , but there is a dark side to them .

  2. Mama's chick says:

    Hi Amber,

    While it’s good that you have only encountered a friendly spirit through using your ouija must be careful honey!! Other spirits..negative ones can come through too!!
    You never know who or what your going to summon.. when you open yourselves up to the spirit world.. and once they are invited in.. they are very hard to get rid of! It’s like opening your front door and inviting anyone to come in! You don’t know who will show up!
    Spirits don’t always tell the truth.. They will lie and deceive you.. Some will pretend to be your friend but that’s just to fool please be careful when you are using it!!!
    I wouldn’t want anything to invade your home or you or your husband’s life that would need a priest to come and help you!
    Oh and one more thing.. it doesn’t matter to a spirit what time you use a ouija board..whether it’s 3pm or 3am.. if a negetive spirit wants to come through.. they will!!.
    Take care hun and Be Careful!! Please let us know how you and your hubby make out with your board!
    Mama’s chick

    • courtney says:

      ur right. good spirits are the best to keep around, just make sure to not get a bad spirit who tries to harm ya. i have spirits in my house but i do not use an ouija board and never have…

  3. cassie says:

    please be careful with this board 3 of my friends comitted suicide over it and there is always a chance you could end up talkin to bad spirits no matter what time!!
    be careful please!!

  4. tracy says:

    Please stop. You do not know what you are doing!

    • josee says:

      im with tracy please stop you have no idea what you could be dealing with it could be lying or another goust could pretend to be him

  5. six says:

    tracy is right you have no idea what you have done stop while you are ahead!!!!!! please for your own well being!

  6. savannah says:

    you should be careful, tou wouldent want to get hurt. You might not know what your doing. I definatly agree with the others be careful please.

  7. Mike says:

    I suggest you stop now. I find it very hard to believe that someone that was murdered and is still present in spirit-form is happy! In addition, it seems that “it” understands the English language enough to answer your questions! Don’t be fooled! Evil can be present at any hour. I have never touched an “O” board and I never will. I have had encounters with negative spirits… is not a fun experience trust me! You better find out how to close the door you have opened and get rid of the board!

  8. jennieboo says:

    i’m sorry i just cannot belive toys r us sells those things i mean i know they do becuase ive seen them in stock before there. It’s just that it dosn’t seem like any kind of game anyone would buy for their kids.i wonder who he person was that came up with selling the Ouiji board in a toy store right next to hungry hunry hippo and all the other innocent child board games.

  9. felicia says:

    It does not matter what time of day you play with the Ouija board, it is real and really evil. The spirit you are contacting may seem innocent now, but give it a while……….you’ll regret it. Belive me. All spirits contracted thru Ouija are bad spirits no matter what they say.

  10. Megan says:

    i notice that you never did post on here again after this nice one when you just started using it……i wonder if it still went okay the more you got into it…..

  11. Tonja Brown says:

    Isn’t it always 3 pm and 3 am somewhere in the world at any given time ?

    If it is sunny and bright and lovely at 3 PM my time here in the USA, and at the very same time it is 3 AM in Australia (for example), how could my time zone of 3 pm be covered with a “veil of darkness ?”

    Just thought I would ask.

  12. WeLL says:

    well all i have to say is not all spirits are bad casue good and bad ppl die good ppl go to hell to and from what i have encoutered hell is the only place spirits can come back but the devil wants them to do bad but good ppl got to hell also and they dont want to scare or hurt anyone so they just go to the last place they were and stay until someone sends them back and evil will follow them too so lets just say that luck is on your side!

    • doug says:

      There isn’t a hell except the incarnation you are currently living. (if you would call it that). Seriously, hell doesn’t exist. People incarnate as “bad” people and “murderers” simply to fulfill and broaden their soul’s journey and to contribute to the “Plane of negativity” (earth).
      Everybody has had an incarnation as a “bad” or seemingly “evil” person. Don’t get me wrong though, there are indeed dark souls who continuosly turn their back on God and are truly evil entity’s… Just not everyone.

      • Big Chief says:

        Is there a heaven? How isn’t there a hell? How is there a hell on earth? No where on earth now is there a hell.. That’s nonsense..

        • doug says:

          There is a lot of channeled information on these topics. But, believe what you want to believe it doesn’t really matter, your higher self is in charge and our body’s are just means
          to justify an end that you wont understand until you graduate (die). Alas, this is getting a
          bit off topic. sorry moderators

  13. Rob says:

    Its nice to hear a good story so far about an ouija board.
    Remeber, sometimes spirits can disguise themselves as being good, and than slowly get more connected with you and become evil.
    Make sure that you don’t get too attached to this man, or the ouija board (don’t use it often). You’ll never know what can happen.
    And just a question, if the ghost sees you and knows what you are doing, would that mean he can see what you wrote about him? Make sure you don’t upset him too much.
    Take care :)

  14. Jannah says:

    Omq. I Have One. I Did It With My Aunt And Friend. It Wasnt 3am or 3pm I Think Maybe Around 10 Or 11? Well There Was A Man. A Little Boy. And A Demon. My Aunt Asked To Talk Tu Her Grandpa Morley. He Died When I Was 2-4 . Im Almost 15 Now. And He Was Talkin To Us For Sometime. Then He Left. What Came Next Was SO Scary. We Felt Like We Were In Danger (me And My Friend] And My Aunt Asked Who He Was And It Spelled Out ‘Lucifer’ And Then As Soon As We Asked It To Leave Me And My Friend Couldnt Breathe. It Felt As If Something Very Heavy Was Sat On Our Backs Cuz We Both BEnt Into Our Laps. And I Started To Feel Pain And Worried And Scared. So My Aunt Told Me I Was An Empath. So Good And Bad Things Can Come Out Of It But I Will Warn You. Stop While You Can :(

    • doug says:

      If you were truly an empath, at age 15 you would already have been crippled with severe emotions for quite a few years. Trust me, you dont want to be an empath. Consider yourself NOT and thank your stars

  15. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Stay away from the Q. board,, it only brings trouble and heartache!!! ktm

  16. lonergrllove says:

    dat waz a good 1 2 !!!
    the only thing dat got me waz dat u said physcic feelings………………………
    i is srry but i dn’t understand………..
    other than dat i lyk ur story,thanjx 4 sharin’!!!!!!!!!
    ask him y he cn’t c heaven………..
    i wld help him finnish his “unfinshed bussiness”
    anywayz,god bless and be safe!!!!!!!!!
    luvv alwayz , lonergrllove

  17. Sandy says:

    For heaven’s sake stop using that Ouija board, I can believe stores can sell such weird things. Its not something that you can take lightly… i knw of a person who shared their experince of using Ouija board, after she used it couple of times she was possesed with 7 different spirits & spoken in 7 different voices. I earnestly advice you PLEASE STOP IT RIGHT AWAY… you are inviting problems for ownself…. please its not a joke. If you can please discard O Board ASAP.

    Tk Cr
    God be with you…!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    im really curious about o bored can u contact nice spirits

    • doug says:

      Of course you can, BUT, once you open that door, nice spirits or not , anyone is invited and as soon as the nasty spirits show up, the nice ones leave and guess who your left with..?
      For anybody, trying to use the O board, you had better envision pure bright white light coming from above descending until it envelopes and fills you until you and the light are pretty much one. Only then, will you be truly safe. If your not good with envisioning and imagining, you had better practice

  19. Ninad says:

    Hello guys, I’m new to Ouija board. I tried it 3 times when my parents were not at home but I have not been able to make contact with anyone. Can anyone give me a link of proper method.

    I’m not feeling scared of using the board because I’m very religious and also because I always think positive without any fear, I’m mentally very strong. I heard that ghosts only interfere with those who are mentally weak.

    Is it that I’m plain unlucky to have not found a ghost.

    Also I’m believer of ‘guardian soul’ because of how narrow escapes I have had throughout my life. Is he/she/it the one protecting me from contact with any ghosts?

    • doug says:

      are you out of you mind? STOP using it by yourself, that’s a NO NO. Another thing, I really wouldn’t use it at my house, grandma’s or anybody I truly cared about.

    • Anoynmous says:

      Dont listen to these people. If you want a serious response threaten them and call them names. They cant harm you.

    • doug says:

      Ninad, if your still listening, the Ouija is not to be taken lightly. I wouldn’t rely on your spirit guide to protect you. You can protect yourself with white light and some good envisioning but unless you are a master I wouldnt play around with the “unseen dimension”. There are entity’s in that realm that will make your life a living hell. You will find yourself praying for death. Stop playing with the board !!

  20. Anonymous says:

    nah buddy, your alright. Keep using it and let everybody in. Nothing bad will happen, guy!

  21. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, looks like you’ve contacted someone in limbo, stuck on earth in your home. Not all the time you will get a bad spirit. You get good ones some time as well. It’s dangerous though cause you have no idea who your talking to..

  22. Surya says:

    Guys I live in India. First of all, no matter how much we tried, we couldnt get a response from
    any supernatural beings. Is this applicable only to Christians. And I also read on the internet that our subconscious mind is responsible for generating these movements in the boards. And also if it is so dangerous, why is an international company like Hasbro manufacturing it.
    Sometimes i even feel Hasbro is encouraging these phenomenons for publicity.

    please reply and dont take me for a Skeptic

    • some guy says:

      hi surya. this stuff is 100 percent real. i have seen a door slam upon request twice in a row.

    • Big Chief says:

      You need to try with a different set of people and you should also go to a place where there is reported paranormal activity. That is the best way you can get the board or whatever devise you have to work..

    • doug says:

      If you don’t TRULY believe or your friend doesn’t truly believe then nothing will happen. This MIGHT be the case. If you strongly believe and it’s not working then find another partner. The entity’s are not hesitating to talk to you..

    • ayaka says:

      They keep making it because they don’t care what happens to you

  23. Trey lark says:

    i would just stop using it because i know a friend who played with one and found a friendly spirit. he used it again one day, and there were 2 spirits. one was his friend and one was some demon who kept yelling at him ( word style) to get out.

  24. koalakutey says:

    I had a encounter with a demon while using the ouija board. is it possible for evil spirits to possess a doll? i even wrote a poem about it. its called Raggedy Ann.

    It started with a laugh
    It ended with a scream
    All because a doll
    Wasn�t what it pretended to be

    Red hair, black eyes
    A friend that became an intruder
    It wasn�t her fault
    An evil spirit took control of her

    A dark room filled with
    Five teenage girls
    Straight hair, dark hair
    Some hair with curls

    Phantoms, apparitions
    Spirits and ghosts
    A shadow in the mirror
    A silhouette without a host

    Opening a circle
    For spirits to come near
    A Quija board that was dangerous
    A Spirit that spoke of false peers

    Telling lies to innocent girls
    That created a dilemma

    Three girls with experience
    Two that were new
    Sitting in circle
    In a dark filled room

    Hearing a crash
    Footsteps mixed with screams
    Running from the window
    Running from the meanies

    Turning on the lights
    Blowing out the candle
    Covering the Quija board
    With the Holy Bible

    Taking the possessed doll
    Hitting it with a hammer
    Throwing it in the trash
    The mood in the room damper

    Our voices sounded out
    In accord, in agreement
    Never touching a Quija board
    If our life depended on it

    It started with a laugh
    It ended with a scream
    All because a doll
    Wasn�t what it pretended to be

  25. koalakutey says:

    i took out my friends names for safety purposes. no offense to anyone

  26. Big Chief says:

    Most of those demons who you contact through the ouija board are weak. They can’t do much of nothing but talk and try to scare you. Where is the original author of this post? Will you post again? Just wanted to know why the Pakistani in your house was stuck in your house? Did he ever tell you why??

  27. Blair Jett says:

    The reason he cannot leave the house is because when you die you can go into the light or remain earthbound. The light takes you to the higher realms of reincarnation and/or heaven. If you choose to stay earthbound that light will burn out after a while & you no longer have that option to advance. The angels do not have permission to interfere with free will, but a trained individual can call upon the archangels to escort that spirit into the higher realms.

    • doug says:

      The light goes away after 72 hours (day of funeral). Meanwhile your guide is there comforting you, coercing you to do the right thing (go to light). However, If the three days expire and you stay, that wasn’t the last chance. You can actually attend another funeral any time, day , year later and just hop into that person’s light. The light isn’t specific for you, it’s just a gateway. The other spirit shouldn’t mind lol. Also some mediums can create the light, one in specific i’m aware of..

      • ayaka says:

        Thats actually really true doug! they use the gate ways to visit the earth , but their time is very limited, My mom sees them alot and says the a here a few seconds and then are gone either to look somewhere else or to go back to where they came from

  28. digby says:

    How someone have though to have invented the ouiji board anyway? I dont understand them, are spirits always all around us?

    • doug says:

      They are but because they are in a different dimension, we cant really hear them.
      So, tools such as the Ouija and automatic writing are used.
      However, some time in the future, I feel that the whole planet will be privy to the whole spirit world thing and they will invent more substantial means of communicating..

    • Blair Jett says:

      Yes, ghosts & spirits are all around us. The spirit realm is just as real (if not more) than the physical plane we live on now. Do a Google search on the history of the Ouija & you`ll find out what you want to know. I have all that info on my website, but I do not want to be labeled as a spammer here.

  29. Neko says:

    You’re very lucky to have found a good spirit. But maybe each time ask it something only you three would know. You never know when it could be a fake of the spirit you’re talking to. So maybe have like a password of sorts.

  30. Anoynmous says:

    Keep talking to him, thats what id do. He can be like your ghost pal like in that movie Ghost Dad. Its safe, so dont listen to these worry warts. Cool Story Bro

  31. Blair Jett says:

    We are not worry warts! I am speaking from personal experience & several years of research & education. It`s people like you that end up biting off more than they can chew because of ignotance. I suggest you do research on what you`re talking about before giving bad advice.. @Anonymous

  32. Juan Ramirez says:

    leave that spirit as fast as you can, I have studied demon and spirit interactions with humans for many years now, I’ve had my own encounters with unworldly creatures and spirits, what i have used to keep them out of my life, this strategy is used by thinking of yourself being stronger than the spirit by reminding yourself that you’re alive which you are stronger. What most demons will do is try to befriend you and when they do they know they have your trust so they’ll have power over you’re body, because demons were angels that were banned from heaven and were never allowed to enjoy our world, so they’ll try to enjoy in someones else body. So try to make the spirit leave, take the word from me, a well trusted professional.

  33. Anonymous says:

    i am having fun reading all your comments :D today my door just closed by itself… there was no window opened and the air con couldn’t have done that no one is in that room which the door has closed and it was fully closed the closed where you here a click after you close it …. i used a internet oujia board but …. i ask question but most of them dont make sense and i ask where they are from and they say things like scotland europe and im in china now! i am just wondering do online oujia boards work????

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