The Beginning, Depression, Ouija Boards And Lucifer

Posted on February 17, 2009

So this may be a little jumbled, but I’m going to try the best I can to get it all out.

I don’t really remember my childhood, except being teased and left out all the time. I went to a private school up until 8th grade, so I had a lot of love for God but I had dabbled into the Ouija a few times. I remember this one time, my friends were playing the Ouija while I watched, and the Ouija kept telling them “her.. its her.. its her… get her out” and all this crazy stuff.

That was when Lucifer started to follow me. I would see him standing in corners, in windows far away.. I could feel him over my shoulder constantly. I never really put two and two together until about a year ago.

After that year in 7th grade I started falling into a very deep depression. It seemed to get worse and worse and worse. I don’t remember one time in my life of me being happy. It’s like all of my childhood memories were completely erased, filled with only facts, and replaced with the sense that I was a mistake.

I don’t remember specifically selling my soul to the devil, but I know I must have done it more than a few times. Each time not getting what I wanted. This past year was the worst for me. I would wake up in the middle of the night with demons surrounding me, choking me, pulling me around. (Some may say this is merely sleep paralysis, but I know it was something way more than that) My depression got even worse. I had multiple plans to kill myself, but someone always managed to get me out of it.

I don’t remember any of it, and my friend told me very few details. She said I was speaking in tongues, I would hop around and scratch the floor and scream in different voices at the same time. I remember one point, where she had taken me outside for some light..� and there was a bush on fire. I just kept bowing down to it.. over and over again..� speaking to the devil.� She told me I would sing ring around the rosy and all these other creepy things. She had called a local pastor to help… I suppose it must have worked, but I never felt like it was completely out of me… just like I always felt like it was always in me. He said when he asked who I was, I referred to myself as Lucifer. (who is the one that follows me)

I was playing with the thoughts of being a child of Satan.. and reaping the rewards. On August 30th I attempted to take my own life. My liver was failing, but they brought me back. I was sorry for what I did, but there’s that cold dark part of my heart that wishes it would have been a success.

I decided to play the Ouija a couple more times since then, each time being scarier than the last. One time we contacted someone from my local town, but we weren’t there.. He said� he had followed me and had hoped that I could help him. He told us that I was the chosen one and that what I would do would be a lesson for everyone. Other than that it was always Lucifer contacting me. Telling me he had something for me. The feeling of him sitting on my shoulder never went away, and sometimes it got to the point where it felt like he was crushing me.

One night I was with a bunch of friends in the middle of nowhere, at this old Native American park, trying to contact some spirits. Of course. Lucifer was the only one to show up. I could feel and hear him stalking me around the car. It sounded like there were more of them though. He told my friends I needed to get my gift. Just say it one more time and I would get my gift. They asked what he meant, as I had no idea. He just kept saying that I knew. I knew. I immediately had a sense of longing. All of my past thoughts and ideas of being ugly and such rushed back into my head and I wanted desperately to have him take it all back and make me pretty and have friends. I didn’t tell anyone about it, and I hope to God that I didn’t sell my soul for the last time that night.. but ever since than I have looked at myself in a completely new light.

On the side of all this, I have dreams of helping little children to where they belong. Dead little children. I have dreams of doors closing in on me and lights flickering out. Dreams where I cannot speak, just like the experiences I have had. I have a sensitive.. sense… for… I don’t know. I can tell when something is bad, like an aura I suppose.

I don’t know what any of this means and I just want answers.. I don’t know how to handle any of it. It feels like I’m just fantasizing about being a medium, and I guess if that’s what this all means I hope it would just.. happen already.. but I highly doubt it is. I don’t think I’m that gifted… it feels just like I’m… more than the average human.. (actually. I’ve always felt like I never really was human.. like an angel/demon.. I don’t tell many people this because they all think I’m nuts the way it is). I do know that I am not afraid of it anymore, and that I’m ready when He is. If anyone has.. any…help for me. that’d be greatly appreciated.

Sent in by Sharese, Copyright 2009 �


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315 Responses to “The Beginning, Depression, Ouija Boards And Lucifer”
  1. emily says:


    • aiedan says:

      pray to god. that will help. served god not the devil. ever since i was with God i felt happy. Ever since i was young I had a thing for ghosts. I kept thinking i was being followed. I didnt have faith in God. When i had faith in God i just forgot about Ghosts. And now when iam alone i feel a sense of happiness that God is with me. GO to the church and pray. repent your sins. I hope your ok

      • Anonymous says:

        is not just praying is BELIEVING in him that urnot alone with anything else but ur god good luck anyways dud and never do that any more then how many times u have done it pece

        • Anonymous says:

          wow I cant imagine ever going as far as to sell my soul I’M a firm beleiver in god , I also beleive in ghosts and i dont find it wrong to beleive in ghosts, I have seen so much proof . anyways bud hope u have learned not to play with these things and all i can tell u is to find a good doctor and get help no offence u really need help god bless u darling

      • briana says:

        You need to read the bible, pray for forgiveness.
        My mom always told me that if you tell the devil, a demon, or anything very evil that you forgive and love it that it’ll flee and i believe that is Wat can save you but i only tried it once and it worked but i never sold my soul to the devil. I pray for you now and i hope that you can fix this

    • Anonymous says:

      You should have to prepared your self to face him, coz whenever you scared, its energiaed, so dont energized him ok, just see what r happening, think on all best posiblities, and then go for any conclution,

    • TNT says:

      Just to let everyone know, you can’t sell your soul to the devil…..WHY? Because it dosent beloneg to you in the first place. It belongs to god. He is the keeper of our souls, and the one true king of kings. He knows whats in your heart and sometimes gives us experiences to make a choice of how we want to live our lives. God will always be with you no matter what, and sometimes the bad will try and take you from him. so you have to be carful in the choices you make.

  2. Jackie says:

    I have already said a prayer for you and I know how you feel.

    I had a rather lesser episode with a demon, but it was reall and I want you to know that this is not uncommon these days.

    What you have/are going through is terrible for you. You need to pray with all your heart. This evil is giving out the impression that you can have your hearts desires and be beautiful at the same time. If you give into this, your true energy within (your soul) will become twisted and fall for this evil negativities lies. This will no longer be ‘you’ but the evil it wants to absorb within you.


    Please leave the Ouija board ALONE, these are very easy portals of access for demons.

    Pray to God every minute you get and ask for this evil energy to leave you…feel how the evil energy weakens with every prayer. But, you MUST leave these O – boards alone. If you touch them again out of curiosity, then you are on your own and to blame.

    Good luck and take the advice…been there!

    • Alice says:

      i agree, those boards are bad news. there are a lot of rumours about whoever uses them, and im not saying they’re true or anything but im sure you or anyone else doesnt want to try and find out :/

      • jamie says:

        my brother has called the devil in my room and nothing has ever happened??????????????????

        • kristy says:

          you think nothing has happend.he is there. satan is everywhere just as god is everywhere,just because he doesnt show himself to you or your brother,doesnt mean he is absent. evil dwells in the negative, and anything that puts out friction like a bad mood or an argument for no reason to figure out. remember satan is and has been charming,witty and very quiet. he works well in this world and wont stop. he could be hanging around someone that is a total wreck,emotionally or otherwise. the devil needs you and others to be afraid and feeling low.,please stay away from can only bring sadness and heartache. you dont want him in yourlife or in your familys life. if you fele depressed or suicidal, he is probably behind it,the nly weapn agains him is love for yourself and god.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You better pray and pray a lot…..why would you sell your soul? And leave the O boards alone…it is a gateway for spirits….I have never messed with one and I never will. You should see some type of holy man and seek help for your depression as well….maybe a psychologist…..Good Luck and God bless!

  4. Ryan says:

    You wont to be beautiful? Pray.You wont to help childern, seek a positive energy and immerse you’re self in it, you will feel better The more you pray the stronger you will become and the weaker the bad negetive energy will be. Unless you wont to imbrace the devil and be ugly seek the positive. You may be on the threshold of a new life and that life needs to be protected in order to become a new creature. What you are destined to be.Choices are what lifes about and this is yours, positive or negative.
    I beleave you’re being toyed with and tormented.You’re at a point you need to stop turnaround and go the other direction and no matter how tempting it is never go back and dabble in anything evil.
    Good luck

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that’s intense. You need to pray to God, and ask him for your forgiveness. then you’ll have all the answers. I sometimes feel like something evil is lurking behind me… But when I turn around, nothing is there. Well, good luck!

  6. Alpha says:

    I’m kinda lost for words…i thought it if you gave yourself over to the devil you were damned…lost and condemned to an existence of impending eternal suffering.
    I don’t think you actually did sell your soul, but probably lost some control over yourself and gave the devil some power over you.

    From what i’ve read, the devil appears in many forms, but the way the devil contacted you was creepy.

    In my opinion, just pray and pray. It’s never too late to repent and give yourself over to Christ. Try and get support from a priest or minister. Honestly, avert your ways and go forth into the light and embrace the ways of Christ and God. Seek him and he will respond, in some form or the other.

    But, if you are a higher order being, like an angel or demon, then i think your purpose is something more incomprehensible. I don’t know really…

    Go to god, and then you’ll find your answers for sure
    Take care buddy

  7. nazreen says:

    welll, if u believe in the ALMIGHTY, hes not gonna leave..hes not gonna leave his childrens.he”ll be dere wid u to guide you through the correct path..but the nly thing u hav to do is PRAY 2 HIM, EVN WEN u get a minute free, giv urself to GOD..he”ll help you out 4 sure…leave da ‘O’board nd let the spirits be in its own way..we are GOD’S children, so he wont leave us 4 sure.
    MAY GOD BLESS US, nd MAY HE HELP U OUT frm da evil spirits!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know i cant compare to what happened but i have the fear of the number 666. The number of the devil. I fear whenever i talk about the Ouija it opens the portal. My advice
      DONT USE OUIJA BOARDS ive never used one but i know it is bad news. I hear voices at night, i can feel the presence of an unearthly being, and i can only see abnormal things like Ouija demons through the corner of my eye, not directly. I felt like ive opened the portal now

  8. ico says:

    I’m not going to jump to conclusions about this so i’m going to (and hope you do to) use Occams Razor (the simplest explanation is probably the answer) so in saying that i think you might want to see a psychiatrist. I’m not saying i don’t believe your story or beliefs but you might want to think of the scientific reasoning for this first, since it has a much higher success rate, and if science can’t explain it then you’ll have an idea, and evidence, of where you can go next, as in a priest or exorcist.

    The thing is that every experience you had can be explained psychologically. Alot of it can be explained as hollucinations, chronic depression, sleep paralysis and dementia and all of that can be fixed with counciling and medecation. Also if you go to a priest, the church tells them to recemend a doctor anyway so even the church is following the scientific reasoning now, to an extent, but if you go to a doctor first and don’t get any answers then see the priest, you will have evidence for them to start an investigation (which they will do).

    Some easy things i would recemend is to be with your friends and family, it’s good psychologically and spiritually (which ever way you want to see it) and try to just have a good time with life and, if you believe in those kind of things, you can pray (which is also good psychologically and spiritually). I would also recemend to stop using the ouji board and to slow down on supernatural hobbies in general because i believe the ouji board is whats called a mcguffen which is something that serves as a motivation to the overall goal but isnt always as important as you might think. In other words it “channels” your your intentions into something stronger just because it’s there, since it’s purpose is to supposedly communicate with spirits you focus your intentions to do just that and if it wasnt there you might be thinking about your day or what you’re going to have for dinner but since it’s there you are focused on spirit communication. So just try to keep life simple and seek help if you really think you need it.

    • katie says:

      I’ve been to a pychiatrist when I was twelve and I am a CNA so telling someone they are crazy is NOT the best way to approach something. There ARE evil things,I’ve seen pictures and sometimes you don’t need an ouja board to know something bad has happened.
      I’ve walked into plenty of houses where you can almost cut the atmosphere with a knife,
      even my dad who’s head of ER felt it’s evil presence. Yes, it’s true most people do pot nowadays,makes everything “trippy” but I assure you,no drugs-meds-alcohol NOTHING but yourself. Crazy? Try living a funeral home for a year or merely saying the evil’s name out loud ……… might not happen right then and there, but it will come to you TRUST ME,
      if you’re not careful. ALWAYS respect the dead and NEVER with demons.

  9. Archangel says:

    What made you stray away from God in the first place? Go back to the what you was doing in the beginning, in worshipping god. Just some advice, go church, read the bible once in awhile, and strengtheh your will power. I was told that only evil attacks a weak will or weak soul. Let God back into your life

  10. Angela says:

    You shuld really start worshipping god again. something of this type happened to me as well. i had 1 man following me. everytime i tried to ask him who he was he dissappeared completely leaving only a smell of roses( an intoxicating smell). later i started heavy penance for god and he stopped coming to me.

  11. angel34 says:

    Yes…pray. I believe in the power of prayer….Always say ” In Jesus Name” cause your rebuking him…Have faith and believe when your praying. Power of prayer. My prayers are with you.

  12. moya says:

    Now the next time you pray and go home i want you to say ‘ Jehovah come to my house and help me’But you need to say it out loud. And remind lucifer that when Jehovah comes he Is going to put him away forever and that he is a liar . And remind him that there is no hell for us just for him.We will just be put to rest, Dont let him mislead you, Honey Jehovah is our father and when you say his name it is very powerful so remember he loves you no matter what. Only he knows how you feel and he is the only one that can make you feel better, Smile you’ll be ok

  13. Seree says:

    I think you should go back to God.
    I mean im not one of those people who worship him & praise him but if you keep going with the devil beleive me hunny you WILL die.

    no joke.
    the devil isnt a nice person & he defeeintly shouldnt be your friend!
    ive been through the same but i manged to live with it.
    but go back to God.

  14. claire says:

    what do you mean that sometimes you dont feel like huma??? Well absolutely this is just among the deceits of satan. Your obviously in his spell. you know sharese…God never created man for Satan. He created us in his own likeness and the purpose why we exist is to glorify him in all his creations. The devil has no power on you once you have Jesus Christ in your life. Its a decision you must make, that is to receive him as your personal saviour and establish a relationship with him by reading the Word of God. The reason why you feel that way is because you allow the evil things in your life to rule over you. Remember Sharese… Life is short and everything dies but the soul that has Christ in it lives forever in Heaven. Beleive its a beautiful place more than anything you can imagine. God Loves you inspite of what you are going through and he wants to call you back. you have been so away from him but Nothing is impossible in God. No evil can win…he might reign for a moment but in God’s time Lucifer will die and you dont wanna go with him in eternal suffering. do you? So please pray without ceasing and read the Bible and be in the fellowship of those people who are spirtually strong. God is most powerful than any existence not even Lucifer can come between you and God if you only open your heart to God. I will leave you a verse in the bible 1 cor. 10:13 No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. and God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.

    loving you,

  15. Anonymous says:

    Pray, Pray PRAY!!! And DO NOT use the Ouija – DON’T. Whenever you get to confront Lucifer, tell flat that you don’t want him around. Ask him to get lost with a stern tone. Tell him that you believe in god and tell him that you feel beautiful! Beauty is at the inside, not outside. You make friends not because of your looks, but because of your good qualities. Tell him that. Pray to god. He will help you. Evil fears the good. Be strong – don’t give in to his lovely offers. Tell him flat – I WON’T SELL MY SOUL TO YOU DO ANYTHING. Be patient and determined. Pray hard. It will work.
    All the best. Take care. God bless!


  16. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i have been in your shoes to an extent, its very confusing, and you are very brave for talking about it and reaching out for help!!! you are being honest, thats a huge, great beginning.

    stay away from as much negativity as possible….. people, places ect: know that you are protected!!! you, are protected.

    im not sure of your age, but i will tell you this, if you dabble in the negativity, it could stay with you for a lifetime, unless you control it now,,,,, i think you are ready for change…

    if i could go back to my younger years i would change a lot of things, one being, staying away from the negatives!!!!! i found it fun and exciting, and i could do so many things…it has taken me many years to turn things around, and i still have problems at times…

    you are a lot stronger than you even realize, take care

  17. Eloise van rooyen says:

    You know what the devil goes for the people that have a weak point some where, a place where he can get into your mind, and you would actually sell your soul for a beter life, please find that weak point and work on it, because when you are in his arm there is no turning back, then believe me you will feel much more depressed as what you are at the moment, the devil is an expert in what he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me that is a wrong way to go!!!!!!!!!

  18. yOBEBEMAMA says:

    I have read many comments, but no one mentioned the name of Jesus Christ!!! There is power in his name. You need to listen carefully to what I am saying. Go to a Christ centered church, Assemblies of God, or Pentecostal church. Tell them your situation and tell them you want to be free. But you have to be sure and honest with yourself because you are playing a very dangerous game my friend. You cannot fight the devil nor command him to leave on your own strength. He will not acknowledge you, but what he does acknowledge are those who recognize their authority, given to them by confessing and repenting of their sins and giving their life to Christ. Do not go back, demons will always wait for a chance to get back into your life, they are waiting for you to slip up. Praise God that they are no match for the Power of the Holy Spirit. They are subject to Jesus Christ and they know that ! How many spirits have been cast out in the name of BUddah? None! Trust me I KNOW what I am talking about. Pray within your mind to the Lord and ask him in Jesus name to deliver you from these evil spirits and to guide you as to what you need to do. He will not let you down.

    • Anonymous says:

      At the Name of Jesus, every knee shall bow……Just confess that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour and believe in your heart that He rose from the grave…..Jesus is the Lord of Lords, Kings of Kings…..demons shout in The Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Halleiuah! Dont just pray, but when u pray have faith in your prayer. He’s always on time.

      • Anonymous says:

        OUIJA BOARDS ARE BAD NEWS………..just give yourself up to God, burst out in tears if you have to

  19. Anonymous says:

    i think its a load of crap. obviously god isnt protecting you so do what makes you happy

  20. Jennie says:

    you seriously need professional help…no offense..there is nothing wrong with that…but this story is way out there…i mean come on…you need some meds not prayer…good luck

    • izumi says:

      Meds can’t help you with ghosts. She’s not a mental nutcase you know. Meds don’t help stuff in real life

    • Gemma says:

      The funny thing about skeptics are of how absolutly IGNORANT they are. HAHA.
      Look up Parapsychology – its under the heading of Maths, science and fact, and its all to do with the spirit world and psychic activity.

      Please dont express oppinions with no knlowlage of a subject.


      I must also add that Medication, drugs, alcohol etc, Causes wounds to sensitive�s soul force creating access ways for psychic activity.

      This is very harmful.

      • Caretaker says:

        Gemma – Please dont express opinions with no knowledge? You just called skeptics ignorant! Do you know what a skeptic is?

        • Gemma says:

          Definitions of sceptic on the Web:

          �someone who habitually doubts accepted beliefs.

          * * *
          Yes love, I know what a sceptic is. And I said exactly what i meant – There is too much proof backing paranormal activity. Everyone has full right to be sceptical to a medium promising all sorts of things for a wad of cash. But when it comes to basics, like paranormal activity – Look up parapsychology, under the heading of science, maths and fact.

          Sceptics are ignorant to the fact of all the scientific proof.
          - Sorry if i overly offended you, I was just trying to shed some of my knowledge to a person who i believed to have been mislead.

          - If you were commenting on my spelling, i must point out that that was WAY out of context; as i had a very valid point backed up with strong proof.
          And i am sure that if you pulled the spelling out – it was only out of embarrassment and infuriation to your error.

          Kind regards.

          • Gemma says:

            Another definition which you will find very valid to my point is:

            � Contemporary skepticism (or scepticism) is loosely used to denote any questioning attitude, or some degree of doubt regarding claims that are elsewhere taken for granted.

          • Caretaker says:

            Gemma –

            You didnt offend me in the least :) Just because I may disagree in no way means that I am offended or upset.

            Spelling? I never said a word about that. To be honest I dont really care about spelling. I only repsonded to your blanket statement “The funny thing about skeptics are of how absolutly IGNORANT they are”. When one tries to make a sweeping statement about everyone in any certain group being the same it cant be a true statement. There are many skeptics who are very knowledgeable and intelligent.

            Definition from Merriam Websters:
            # (a) an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular object;
            # (b) the doctrine that true knowledge or certainty in a particular area is impossible; or
            # (c) the method of suspended judgment, systematic doubt, or criticism that is characteristic of skeptics

            Personally I have no doubt that the paranormal world is real and it exists. I have had a few encounters in my life that have proven it to me beyond any doubt at all. However I am still a skeptic in that I do not automatically believe every ghost story or every UFO sighting, el chupacabra, etc is true. There are many different possibilities that can explain most of them.

            My philosophy – Yes, the paranormal world is very real but not everything supposed or thought to be is paranormal.

            • Gemma says:

              (If there are any questions regarding proof to my next statements, ask me and ill explain)

              I’m sorry I don’t 100% think we are on the same page here; If the type of skeptic in relevance to what we are talking about here [completely doubting, under the heading of paranormal] was not ignorant they would have recognised the signs of psychic disturbance around the subject of the story. Also the condition of demonic possession, mediumship and all other scientific psychic energy in this story can be proven and clearly recognised.
              How could you give an answer saying anything about it being anything other than what it is, if you were not ignorant to the proof?

              I feel i must point out that we ARE under the heading of paranormal here – therefore that’s what my reply was referenced to when i said the word “skeptic” [ in other words referring to a person with doubts towards the paranormal].
              I understand that skeptic is another word for someone who doubts. I knew that from the beginning. And i know that doubt is everywhere in the world, but i dont see doubt under this heading ( the story), under this topic (paranormal).

              I also agree that not everything is paranormal – because it could be proven so or not.

              I am very glad you were not offended, and if i have misunderstood anything you meant to say please don’t hesitate to inform me.


  21. hancock says:

    i’m glad to say i’ve never had an expirience quite like that or else i would be curled in the fedal position :s but yea you should research this stuff and see if you can get rid of it, incase you havn’t already :s

  22. Carri says:

    Me and my daughter Christina are going through the same thing as you. you can google our story “I,m Battling Evil In My Trailor.” its on the internet. Christina says the devil follows her daily. she is able to see spirtual activity. We are Catholic and we are still having this problem. I have had a Catholic priest at my trailor. We have had an exorcism. It helped a little. We do not do any oujii board or nothing so I do not know why Christina says the devil follows her. The devil also taunts my daughter just like you tell. He communicates with my daughter. Its pretty scarey. He laughs at her or becomes real angry when I say I rebute you satan in the name of Jesus Christ. Christina is never left alone. otherwise the devil comes to her. She tries to survive in this world with this problem and its hard. We pray daily and read the bible but she can still see him. I have finally concluded she is psychic. Christina can also see other dead ghosts. But we have turned to god.

    • Aquila says:

      Carri and Sharese,

      You need to call the specialist…Archangel Michael! He’s the one who defeats demons. He’s the one who’ll protect you. If at any time you feel threaten in person, mentally, in dreams…call on him, he will help you. Tell him your troubles and ask for help.

      Also, you can buy medals with his image on it. It would be good to wear it around your neck…specially your daughter’s.

      Best of luck!

  23. KNOWTOMUCH says:







  24. angelblueeyes says:

    ok, I do know that ouija boards open doors to evil, and that you should NEVER toy with them, ever, and me being a christian, and a big believer in god, i would never experiement with one anyways. I aslo know, that once a door is opened, and a demon attaches itself, bad things happen, but your story was ridiculous and way out there, i felt like i was reading the script to the movie “excorcism of emily rose” you described that movie (her story) to a ” T ” even down to the experience. If you do research, her case is the only known severe case of demon posession, and known posession of one of them being Lucifer himself. These kinds of stories are not the type of stories that should be lied about and taken as a joke, because posession and being “haunted” by a demon is very serious and scary. Not only should you pray, but you also need to seek attention. this story is wrong on so many levels.

    • New Liz says:

      Hello AngelBlueEyes,
      My sentiments exactly. As I read the story I was thinking this doesn’t seem to jive and it reminds me of the Emily Rose case, like it was a derivative of that saga. I am surprised that you were the first one to recognize that and the comments prior did not make the connection. The story wasn’t cohesive either. It just didn’t gel. It had a lot of gaps and leaps. I KNOW that the spirit world is real, but unfortunately some of the stories I have read are either exaggerated or others seems to be founded in complete fallacies.

  25. Carri says:

    In regards to I’m battling evil in my trailor

    Our battle with evil is true there is no movie script. a man across the street killed himself and another man was shot in the head 1 month ago. This I believe is channeling the enemy. He is after my daughter. She see a doctor every week. This battle of evil is real. we do not mess with lucifer. but he has come to my daugher because she is small and weak. He attacks the weak ones.


  26. angelblueeyes says:

    I understand what you are saying, yes, they attach themselves to the weak, but what proof do you have that it is Lucifer himself? he could have sent one of his soldiers. What i was saying as for the movie script, is that everything this guy experienced, was off of the emily rose movie, and she was the only known case to be possesed by 7 demons, one being Lucifer, no other cases to her extent have been reported, nor have cases of LUCIFER posseing have been recorded.

  27. ico says:


    I’ve actually heard of many stories of people being possessed by multiple demons.

  28. Carri says:

    Heres a quote from Albert Einstein,

    “Great spririts have come under violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

  29. Qwerty says:

    While I don’t really believe in god, and yes I am curious about demons and stuff (never tried anything though), I will ask the spirits to protect you, but I do wonder something. If you don’t remember selling your soul specifically, then have you really sold your soul at all? Maybe he is trying to bait you into it or something, but I’m not really too sure on this, I don’t know much bout christian/demon/angel stuff. May all great spirits protect you.

  30. Alex says:

    Wow. That’s actually a powerful story. I don’t know why but I feel compelled to reply to this, even though I’m only on here to do a research paper. Most people here will tell you to pray, and I believe that is true, but in answer to your questions, I do in fact believe you are a natural medium.

    That feeling, of seeing and feeling things that most cannot see is undeniable. I wouldn’t call it a gift, either, with all the horror it can be.

    My advice is to try to control it. Learn to decide what you want and what you will allow yourself to feel. Simply having the feeling to deny something from acessing your senses tends to be all it takes. Do not sell your soul to the devil, as it is a huge mistake. If you have, already, I would try to escape it, no matter how futile that may sound.

    I really hope you are able to have a happy and better life. Looks aren’t everything. If you were in my area and I had met you, I sure wouldn’t pass up the opertunity to get to know someone that has a story like yours.

    Just comment back on here if you’d like to discuss it a bit more if you have any questions. I’ll be sure to bookmark this.

    Best of luck.

  31. . says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know what to say but pray God WILL save you if you need it I feel like im pushing myself away from god but i struggle against the evil impulses if anybody has any advice pleas send me some

  32. carri says:

    To Says: I feel sorry for you and your brother. My daughter also see the devil. I have tried many times to rid him of our trailor. we have so many problems with the haunted trailor. I can feel myself becoming more angry having to deal with my daughter seeing him. I just wish he would leave my daughter alone. I am also able to predict future events, read people minds but we do not play the devils game. put a cross or a catholic cross on your brother. pray daily for him and fast. read the bible. maybe get some holy water from the catholic church put it where your brother resides. talk to a catholic priest. the catholic priest was the only pastor who would help us. just keep on praying, for your brothers soul. may god help you.

  33. A person says:

    Wow. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry if I can’t give better advice, but all I can say is PRAY. ALOT. Go to God and he will save you.

  34. Shadow eyes says:

    You feel like an Angel/Demon hybrid too huh? I think I know what you mean. Sometimes I actually feel an impulse to do terrible things. But then I will think about the good in people and it helps calm these impulses.

    • Natasha3195 says:

      Dude! you and me need to talk (not in a bad way)…. you see i have a freind that has angel/fallen angel blood in her. shes really confused and i think you can help me and her. me im a psycic witch.(yes sounds bad but im good i can purify deamons)
      and about the rapist thing….
      its nice to know that people care (i was sexually abused)

  35. prutty egal says:

    Hi I am 12 and also a midan my life is with god but I am afraid becous the same hapens to me the doctor told my mom I was fine email me pleass

  36. Shadow eyes says:

    My impulses are strong especially when I hear about someone being raped. The one thing I absolutely detest are rapists. If I ever see a rapist , they better piss pants and pray to god because I will not show any mercy.

    Sorry for going of topic but I feel I should give a warning to those who would even think to commit this type of crime. I had a sudden impulse just now. Hmm… maybe I should let my impulses run their course while I am typing. Praise Kami (Japanese for god) I have finally found a way to quell the evil in my soul.

  37. Karen M. says:

    Lucifer, will give practicually all that you desire, he will permit all around for you to obtain any of your chosen desires,however if you are successful in comleting a pact with a grand entity, don’t expect to live longer than 20 years……………THAT’S THE PRICE!!

  38. megan says:

    well i would say you need to pray, pray hard, if it doesnt work see a priest and ask him to help you

    GOOD LUCK!!!


  39. Anonymous says:

    I have read many comments, but no one mentioned the name of Jesus Christ!!! There is power in his name. You need to listen carefully to what I am saying. Go to a Christ centered church, Assemblies of God, or Pentecostal church. Tell them your situation and tell them you want to be free. But you have to be sure and honest with yourself because you are playing a very dangerous game my friend. You cannot fight the devil nor command him to leave on your own strength. He will not acknowledge you, but what he does acknowledge are those who recognize their authority, given to them by confessing and repenting of their sins and giving their life to Christ. Do not go back, demons will always wait for a chance to get back into your life, they are waiting for you to slip up. Praise God that they are no match for the Power of the Holy Spirit. They are subject to Jesus Christ and they know that ! How many spirits have been cast out in the name of BUddah? None! Trust me I KNOW what I am talking about. Pray within your mind to the Lord and ask him in Jesus name to deliver you from these evil spirits and to guide you as to what you need to do. He will not let you down.

    • FB says:

      I just wanted to say I approve this comment. I am not sure if this story is true or not. If it is I know I want the person to be happy and heathly. I do believe that Jesus Christ can help you. He wants to, because he loves you. Yes, you have to believe he can help you. I do not believe in ghost myself. I believe in demons and the devil of course. I also want to put that it might not be ‘devil’ at all. It could be only mind thing. Which, I not saying its only in your head. You are in your own shoes. I never been in them. You know whats going on. I just think it sounds sort like mind disorder (If thats what they are called) like schizophrenia. The people with that hear voices and they voices tell them to do things. Or just plan outrages things. Well, whatever it is if is is demonic or just hurting mind. I hope the poster of the story and the people who commented with problems like this, get peace and love.
      God Bless!

  40. JGraham says:

    You can not sell something that does not belong to you in the first place. God gave his son Jesus to die for us, His blood and by His blood only are we saved. God owns us, we are his children, we can not sell what belongs to God.

  41. Passtime says:

    To understand the spiritual world you need to know that spirits are always around us. Both good and Bad. There isnt just one devil there are many. The Demons main Tool is deception and can lure u in with promises of virtue in this worldy life. Some of us have our spiritual eyes open through differnt means which allows us to tap into the spirital side. Its not something you should get into especially if your not a strong person. Negitive attracts Negitive and others may try to communicate with you telepatheticly. Try to ignore the evil and stay away from OUIJA and other forms of satanic worship. He will try to invite you into his realm you have to reject it and turn to FAITH.

    Spirts manifest hallucinations and can cause you to see hear things that others dont see or hear. Although the manifestation is real it goes beyone the physical realm. No Man or Idol can help you from the manifestations of saytan at this time. Only GOD the one and only can save you. But it may take some hard work and sacrafice before you notice real change. The hallucinations should go away but you have to give up the negitive things that brought them there in the first place. Over time you can gain strength through the rememberance of GOD and PRAYER to GOD ALONE.

    Its said that there is a spirit within each human being it has the potential of being GOOD or EVIL. The GOOD spirit is the one that you have control over and the EVIL is the one who has control over you. This is how hallucinations manifest and are usually brought on by the negitve surroundings you may place yourself in. You will have depression hear whispers hallucinate and have paralasis in your dreams. Thats beacause when you sleep your entering a world beyond the physical realm of exsistance and your dreams are a sign of wether you have strong faith and will power.

    Trust In GOD

    Good Luck

  42. KayKay says:

    I think you should try and “exercise” your medium-like-power. Because, if you have more potential than just contacting the stronger spirits, then you can contact the less stronger ones that aren’t evil. You should give it a try. But NOT with the board. Make a pentagram with candles and put yourself in the middle, but read a prayer before doing anything. If anything comes through you, they’ll be stuck in the pentagram.

    And be careful of 3:00 AM. Demonic presence is stronger at that time. Never be awake at that time either, ’cause they tease.

    • whitneeee=] says:

      Ooooh! I agree 100%. She should definitely try and strengthen your ability because it’s there for a reason and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. I don’t think that God is the only one out there to help you though. Find the religion that is right for you and pray to that deity. Prayer is strong no matter who you believe in. And I also advise you to watch out for 3:00 AM. Blessed be!

  43. Dominic says:

    Wow… All I can say is wow… Guy you need to see a shrink not a priest. Are you one of those people that hangs out at the mall food court and thinks your a vampire?
    Not to take away from the story but most Ouija Boards are made by Parker Brothers… If a game company has somehow been mass producing doorways to hell for 30+ years I think somebody would have stopped them by now. Relax get medicated call your mom and ask her why she didn’t hug you enough. You’ll feel better… Your not possessed your Emo.

    • whitneeee=] says:

      Wow, dude. Yes, Ouija boards are produced by the Parkers Brothers, but Ouija boards have been around long before they started making and selling them. I don’t believe that she had her hands on a game board. The spirit board that she was using was probably an authentic one. I respect your skepticism

  44. Taylor says:

    You need to go see a priest,pope, or Bishop ASAP!

  45. wat i have become says:

    i dont know if this helps but i have the gift to purify demons i was attacked at a very early age i somehow released a white light and the demon screamed in agony all i can remember is i said i release you tortured soul but it wasnt my voice but if you pray to god he will hear you no matter how far you fall

  46. wat i have become says:

    says i want you to follow what i tell you to do i do have spiritual powers most dont but follow what i say while your brothers asleep i want you to put your hand on his forehead and say i rebuke all evil from this body and i ask god to put a barrier over him in jesus christs name i pray amen

  47. nishant says:

    looks like you have way too much time on ur hands….remember the old saying an idle mind is…..

  48. Ash says:

    sleep with a circle of salt and burn lots of sage….
    go to a church and ask for help
    catholic should help
    mabye even wica

  49. Anonymous says:

    Precious child, you are indeed very special. The word of God says he made us a little lower than the Angels, God made us in his image, and when Jesus died on that cross and rose with all power in his hand, he made you a joint heir with him. Your soul doesn’t belong to you to sell in the first place, so no, you did not sell your soul. What you did how ever, is open yourself up to demon oppression which can be very overwhelming. The Lucifer doesn’t want you to know the power you have been given over him. He doesnt’ want you to know that God gave you all the power you need. I don’t care what it looks like, you are not bound by these spirits….you are powerful and special THROUGH Jesus Christ. Talk this over with God and in Jesus name ask him to free you from this mental bondage. You must trust and believe that God is all powerful and all knowing and he wants nothing more than to have a relationship with you. To help you grow to your full potential as a beautiful, powerful, smart woman of God and that, that feeling of superiority is ok because you can use that energy to focus on helping other people in your situation or helping people however the Lord wants you to. I love you sweet heart, but most importantly God loves you more! Pray, pray, and pray some more. PUSH, PUSH, PUSH…….Pray…Until…Something…Happens….PUSH!!!!! Love you, praying for you!
    Kiono R. Ingram

  50. Zachariah says:

    I’m afraid I have no answers for you. And I won’t just tell you to pray like everyone else. What I will say is that I’m astonished to read how you would never tell anyone how you have always felt like you were more than human. And how you seem to have some kind of connection to the darkness. This strikes me because I’m the same way. I never bought into the ouija boards though, in fact I’ve always been terrified of them. Psychics too. I’m always afraid that something big and evil might be lurking under the surface and it should be left alone. Anyway, I believe that you are something more than human. Something tells me that much. I don’t believe you can sell your soul though. I think those powers and connections may be all you. At least that’s how I have recently come to see myself and mabey that’s not such a bad thing…. Embrace your Dark Side, evil is sometimes the means by which good achieves.

  51. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    dominic, i dont think you are getting the point !!! its not that the board is so dangerous, its the intent on using the board. basically, what is in your head and thoughts…… you can make anything move or change shape if thats your intent. the more people you have feeling negative energy at the same time, the stronger the negative energy. for instance, if you want it bad enough and consentrate on a shadow on the wall, it will move. the more people with you, the stronger influence. we all have the power to make things change, its just that many people dont know how, or they are afraid.

    yes, the board is made of cardboard, just like a candle is made of wax, but, if you want that candle flame to move bad enough, it will….. the problem is, many times we have no clue what we are doing. its very easy to conjour up bad demons, for anyone. at the same time, we can also conjour up good spirits and angels. it just depends on what we are looking for………

    we all have strong powers inside of us.. it is up to us what we do with it. but once you open the door to the dark side, its hard to shut it back. many of us have done it for the fun of it, not realizing the bad results, we think that we can just play around and then its over. thats not the way it works.

    i wish that someone had given me this advice when i was a teenager, maybe then, my life would have turned out differently,,,, better, i mean!!!!! oh,,, i played with the board, and had the seances, ect::: and it was fun,, but, i have payed a high price. so, for all of you young people that want to play around with the negative, my advice is, DONT !!!!!

    once you open a portal, its almost impossible to close it back, and it follows you the rest of your life… believe me, you never get used to it, and it is very scary at times. i have to work hard to keep the negativity down in my life. stay positive and concentrate more on school and and your future.. hang around positive friends….

    take care all……………………………………………….

  52. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    zack, i woudnt encourage anyone to go with the darkside. im not sure of your age, but you may need to rethink your ideas!!! no good can come from evil,,, ever!!!!!

  53. ROFL says:

    Dudes i dont pray……at all believe in nothing and never had i hat anything remotlylike this happen to me all is in your perspective i say lmao <3 <3
    Believe what ever you want wont make a diff ^^

    • Jk says:

      Hey Rolf, since you do not believe or pray have you ever thought that maybe you are already given over to the wrong side. You are stating here before everyone what side you are on so why would evil spend time and effort tormenting you, you are already saying that you don’t believe in God, that is what evil is working towards with others. There are only 2 choices good and evil. To choose God is to be on the good side. If you do not choose God then you are automatically choosing the other side. It is a decision that we will all have to make-reject God or choose God, the only choices, like it or not.

      • izumi says:

        Not believing in god doesn’t make you evil. Its peoples choices and you have no right to judge them bc of who they believe in.

  54. Anonymous says:

    GOD is real and he protects all his children :D
    i wish u the best of luck with the demond:D and pray!

  55. Shona says:


    I think you should pray and sleep with a bible or a cross near you. That should help.

    You can even keep a small pocket bible with you @ all times. Believe it or not but praying really helps.

    Keep faith your in GOD.

    GOD BLESS and take care.

  56. Necromancer says:

    First of all Spirit or Pendulum Boards are not Satanic. It is not a portal either. Angels and Demons (not Satan as he does not exist) are all around us. When using a ritual item such as the board, one should know what they are doing and sometimes if you play with fire, you might get burned. I made my own and contact the dead often. Do I have demons in my home, yes. Do I have spirits, yes. Did the board bring them in? No. I do not recommend anyone to use the board if they do not know what they are doing. You must be protected and shielded (just in case) for negative energies. I am not saying I dont believe that the board spelled out something but if there is a Lucifer, don’t you think he would have more important things to do than to follow so many people around…at the same time? Many Blessings to you, but your soul is just fine and you own it not God. Blessed Be

  57. Jamie says:

    Just out of curiosity, what did he look like?

    • Carri says:

      To Jamie. Here is what I have seen of the devil. I know I am not Zach. but I have seen him.
      He sits sometimes on a throne in Hell. There is fire burning all around him. He is red sometimes. He has at times feet like a pig. He wears a crown. His face has a goatie. it is black, His eyes are black. he wears a loin cloth. he is actually like the pictures that are drawn. He always has his army of demons with him. Other times he is different, he changes his form frequently. His teeth are wicked looking and he has long finger nails.

  58. brittany says:

    yeah i have played with one twice and i will never do it again because they are evil. thats what they do is sell demons to your body.

  59. brittany says:

    i will never mess with one again.

  60. Necromanceer says:

    Brittany, you energy is very sweet but I am sorry to tell you that there no way anything can sell your body. A demon and or a negative entitiy will use scare tactics to scare you, if you let them. There is no selling of anything. Can one make a pact with the devil? NO. Absolutely impossible. Also, I do not advise anyone to mess around with the paranormal and/or the occult if you are none well read about it. Lastly, whether someone practices witchcraft (black white or grey), performs spells or rituals and even the child’s Parker Brother’s game, our souls are ours. Now if one was to go the the Crossroads, that even I wouldn’t mess with but the Goddess Hecate is supposed to watch over it. I am not saying that the you can sell your soul to the devil there as I do not believe in the devil, but demons I do believe in and for good reason. But I believe in Angels and Spirit guildes too, again, for good reason. Blesssings. VK

  61. Necromanceer says:

    Oh, I use my board on a regular basis, but I know how to use it. If I didn’t I wouldnt, but, mine is hand made, not a silly fake wood board and plastic triangle mover. Real wood, real etchings, concecrated board and concecrated pendulum and always in a sacred circle with all 4 Watchtowers called. Blessings, VK.

  62. Necromancer says:

    Jamie, was that question directed to me? If so, I have a lot of stills (pics) of the demons that are here. They are posted online actually. My house is also built on a unique area. I am in walking distance of the famous haunted Kings Park Psychiatric Center (google it) and also on the Nissequague River where the Nissequague(there are many different spellings of the word if you google it) Native Americans lived. Am I on sacred ground? I have no idea but I am right by the water so who knows. And for the last time (I got an email) the pendulum/spirit board is not evil. It is what it is. If you know what you are doing it is great, if now, well don’t touch it. Blessings, VK.

  63. Dawn says:

    hi my name is dawn i have dabble with the ouija board and bad thing only happened I have depression and i had a very scary dream I dreamed the devil was telling me that i wouldnt get my job back when thw devil came to me in this dream he was not strong he was being held up by two other demons and was telling me all this disapointing news i told him in the dream that you cant hurt me god loves me and at the time i wrote to a preacher from tv and got a letter saying that she was praying for me and that things would get better for me but when i awoke from the dream my lips were burned like as if i ate somthing hot it had a sore on them i cant to this day explain it but i know that the devil and god do exist and the devil and demons pray apond people who have depession and mental illness because you are weak my life did get better but than worst again iam not with my husband anymore and my kids got taken away iam not able to work becaues my mental illness but if someone reads this please pray for me some thing got better again but my life has been full of ups and downs I believe all this accurred do to using the ouija board because I have never had as much problems and never had any problems with deppression till i used this ouija board before anyone thinks about using the ouija board you should think about what can happen to you or your loved ones for many years my life was full of darkness an disapointments

  64. Dawn says:

    wow you tryed to kill yourself a day after my son was born the state has him now sad to say but i had tryed to take my life i would say 3 times by pills after that i would have dreams of the devil choking me it felt so real sometimes i would jump out of bed and talk and dont remenber anything i coulnt tell my dreams from reality it is very scary but i dont get those dreams that much onece in awhile I had a dream that i stopped a little boy from jumping out of a window he wanted to kill himslef because his parents didnt pay attendtion to him and it played in my dream over and over i saw him jumping then i ran upstairs and grabbed his arm and saved him i awoke crying the dream felt so real also i was pergent with my son he is born aug 31 i dont know but theses dreams were ver real to me

  65. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Dawn, if it makes you feel any better, mental illness is not always a death sentence. Actually, you are probably more intelligent than most, and you are more sensetive. ( people) have given a bad name to mental illness!!!! In fact, it can be a gift…. You have been through some very rough times, and probably made some bad decisions, but, you can change all of that around. I never said it would be easy.

    Even the words, Mental Illness, where made by man. Really,,, how does anyone know if you are trully mentally ill??? i bet i know how,, a doctor told you, am i right??? Sometimes, when we are a little different from others, a name gets pegged on us. All of our brains, just like, all of our Souls, are different.

    I have also been through a lot of Hell in my life, including, my daughter being murdered. Its taken me a long time to realize why i am still alive, i have spent much of my life, just wanting to die. the pain has been to much . i think about all of the stupid mistakes i have made in my life, and how my self esteem has been nothing…..

    Many days it seems like an uphill battle, and some how i just keep on fighting, i wont give up. I know there is purpose for me on this earth. Dawn, you have a very kind heart, use it, and dont let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Tommorow is a new day, think of it that way. I can feel your pashion for life!!!!! There are many in this world that dont feel anything, no love, no empathy, no joy, they are empty and always will be. We pay a price for feeling so deeply.

    This is a journey that you must take alone, and i know you can do it, just a little at a time. When i say alone, i mean, inside your own head and soul. Try to stay around positive things and people. Stay out of bad situations. Read as much as possible about positive things, anything positive. I know this all seems very vague, and im sorry….. We all have our paths we take, but, we can always change course.

    Take care of yourself, and be blessed

  66. jeffb1 says: