Who Can Help Us?

Posted on December 31, 2008

This is not so much a story, as it is a question. Who can help us? We need answers and we need them pretty quick.

Well here goes. My in-laws moved into their house in 2006. At first there was nothing unusual, but then if you’ve read my two other stories you’d see we’re no strangers to the super natural. Well, we ended up moving in with my in-laws and their two girls. We stayed in their daughters’ room. Then it started…

Now no one noticed at first because it started with nightmares. My husband would have horrific nightmares… but you see he’s been having them for years so we didn’t think much of it. Then they got worse. He would cry out in his sleep for help and would wake up with scratches on his body. He would tell me that there was something in that house that was hurting him. It would hold him down and choke him. It would suffocate him and scratch him. It would tease him and it was evil. He wouldn’t sleep with the closet door open. He said it was a black figure, thin, strong, and it came from the closet.

Then we started to see it walking around the house. My husband’s friend saw it walk down the hallway, out of “our room”. My little sister-in-laws, 14 and 15, would see it walking from that room. My mother-in law saw it standing in her doorway. It never hurt any of us.. except for my husband and only in his sleep.

Well we moved out and my sisters-in-law got their room back. It didn’t take long for the black figure to find a new victim. One morning at about 4:30 my mother-in-law got up to use the bathroom and check on the house, as every parent does and she noticed that her daughter’s light was on. So, she opened the door and saw my younger sister-in-law, Josie, with the covers pulled over her head. My mother-in-law asked Josie if she was awake and Josie replied, “No, I must have fallen asleep with the lights on.” My mother-in-law went back to bed.

In the morning Josie told� her mom what really happened. This is what Josie said, “I was sleeping and woke up to a feeling of someone watching me. Then I felt someone holding me down and it was kind of suffocating me. I got scared so I closed my eyes. It was telling me it wanted me to help it do something. It needed my help, but it wouldn’t tell me what it needed me to do. I was so scared. It was hurting me. I started to cry and to pray. Then it let me go. I opened my eyes and saw a thin black figure float into the closet. I was so scared I turned on the lights.”

My mother-in-law is a religious woman and keeps holy water in her house. So, she took her holy water, said a prayer and threw some of the holy water on the closet wall. She threw more than she wanted and expected to see it run down the wall, but instead it sizzled as soon as the water hit the wall. She touched the wall. It was not hot, but it was dry. She couldn’t believe it. Then she threw some more and again it sizzled and dried. She said another prayer and left the room feeling confused. That night she slept in the room, but nothing happened.

On Christmas we slept over at my mother-in-laws again. We slept in the den. My husband woke me up in the middle of the night and asked if we could sleep in the living room. Sleepily I moved our blankets and pillows to the living room. We went back to sleep. In the morning I was told why. My husband had said there was a little girl about two years old running up to his face giggling and then running back down the hall.Then she would run back to his face giggling again. She never touched him or hurt him, but the experience did scare him. He couldn’t even tell if he was awake or dreaming.

He told his mom what had happened to him and she told him that the little girl doesn’t hurt anybody. My other sister-in-law, Steph (see A Real Nightmare) said that the little girl will lay down beside her when she’s sleeping. Steph will see her run through the house. She’s just a baby. They hear her giggling a lot.

So here’s my question…. What do you think or know is in that closet? What is the black figure who likes to hurt and scare people and why does it only target my husband and Josie? How can we really get rid of it? If anyone can help please do…. Thanks.

Written by Angelica Olvera, Copyright 2008

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9 Responses to “Who Can Help Us?”
  1. mutch says:

    You know, I think this entity failed to do something before which he desperately needs to do. That is why he keeps on coming back in dreams coz he desperately needs your help. Maybe..just maybe he doesn’t intend to hurt your husband or anyone but the desperation is too urgent that its the only way to get your attention. Anyway, I suggest you call a priest to exorcise the house or say a prayer. This will protect the house from evil spirits and I believe even earth bound spirits who mean no harm will be given grace & peace to this kind of gesture. Also, advise the persons in the house to pray before they sleep & to include especially the spirits dwelling in the house.

  2. CAGL says:

    I’ve had personal experiences before which i intend to post here, hoping somebody could relate to then. I think “it” revolves around the person here. There are certain people who are more attune to the spirit world and i suggest you let them “see” your husband and Josie. There may be something “attached” to them as to why them. In the Philippines, there are healers for situations like this, they would perform rituals to know who the spirit is, why is it doing what it is doing and then vanquish them.

  3. 1,2,3 die says:

    wow i think when you see those things it means someone is gonna die

  4. Doll says:

    123die u r absolutley no hlp. I think mutch is right u shuld really move out of that house cuz it might get so desperate 4 ur attention that it might hurt someone badly even worse than wat it already has. hope ths ordeal ends soon

  5. Lolman says:

    He wants help? I never thought dark spirits ask for help! Try getting rid of the closet,if it wont work,how bout moving out?

  6. Italy says:

    whtever it is its obsessed by your husband… or something casted on his family by someone u need to get help asap one question does it travel around with u guys or stays at the house???

  7. Matthew says:

    That’s strange.I’ve also had numberous encounters with a shadow being when I still lived in Ludlow,PA.Everytime I turned the lights off I also saw a dark being red glowing eyes in my slidy door closet.When I turn the lights on they leave.The one time I was a movie(it was a comedy) and when the flying saucers landed in the movie my bed started shaking very fast and I screamed for help.When my dad came in my room it stopped.I told him what happened and he said it was probably just a dream.Also the one time when I was hungry I went into the kitchen and said I could sure eat some chips about now.All of a sudden the bag of chips on top of the fridge levitated and went flying at me full force almost knocking me to the ground.Regardless of these events I believe they are only trying to help somehow.Why I say so is my room used to belong to a man who was in the Navy.Maybe you should get the history about your house to see what happened?

  8. DelVita says:

    I think that thin shadow “thing” is a demon spirit. Maybe somehow, it thinks it has the right to be there, and that maybe that’s why the prayers and holy water hadn’t really been effective. I agree with the other poster who said that maybe someone cast something on your husband’s family. Maybe he and Josie are “sensitive” to the spirit world? I would say move out, but sometimes these things have been known to follow people. A true man of God needs to come and pray over where you live and over your husband.


    Hello ! I am Mr.Shivananthan from a country called Malaysia situated in South East Asia, neighboring Singapore.I am 41 years old Malaysian Indian working as an agent in life insurance company. I am married with 1 daughter 6 years old. I would like to share my experience in similar case. Since the day that I got married to my wife when I was 30 years old, I’ve experienced so many encounters with evil spirits. They would come in so many different forms, such as a 4 years old girl running towards me with blood oozing from her mouth, a human bodied dog faced devil which will always shadow me whenever I was about to dozed off just to bark at my ears. Many more countless incidents are still happening till today 08/06/2011.Wednesday. The only thing that I am thankful is that so far [ it ] has not hurt or disturbed my wife and my daughter.I’ve seen numerous paranormal healers but to no avail. I was told by most of the healers almost the same statement, that is these demons was sent to me by my former girlfriend who got frustrated when I rejected her advances towards me. She paid an aborigine man from one of the neighboring islands in Malaysia. Gradually I am losing my faith in god. I wander now, whether God really exist. Thank you.

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