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Vision of the Past?

Posted on May 30, 2010

I have always hoped to have a ghostly encounter. Mind you, I like to believe ghosts can’t harm me, even though many people here talk about dark experiences they have had.

I have had very few moments in my life where I thought perhaps something paranormal was occurring. This very short story is one of those moments.

I still am not convinced my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, but it happened several years ago, and it always sticks in my mind as something surreal.

I was driving home late one night when I was in High School, probably about 13 years ago. I traveled frequently down this road that led through the older historic “Rich Neighborhoods” that had many old houses that have Texas Historic Markers. This street in question has many newer, more modern houses lining each side. It is very well lit, and nothing ominous about it.

As I was driving I saw something strange, I had not been drinking or taken any mind altering substances (I was pretty straight-laced), it was a regular evening.

I remember seeing a car coming toward me from the opposite direction. Bright headlights, a curved modern shape, and lights all around in the houses… very normal.

I remember blinking, and for a moment everything looked completely different. The houses that lined the street.. seemed to be gone.. just faded to black, the trees remained. The road also remained, and where the car was, I could see two very dim circular lights heading toward me…. reminded me of an Old Model T type Car or something from that early automobile era.  It was distinctly different from the headlights I had seen before.

I blinked again… all was back to normal. The car continued to head toward me, very bright lights, sleek, and modern looking. The houses were back along the street. It happened so fast, yet I distinctly remember seeing it.

I have always thought I saw something that night I couldn’t explain… but, like I said… could have been my eyes playing tricks on me.

Sorry, not very spooky… but I was wondering if people ever have a glimpse of the past. It happened right in front of an entrance to an even older area with big old rich houses from the past. It is a special area, mainly because even though the houses are old, the area itself was an old Military base during WWI and before.

Sent in by Edward, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Military, Texas

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22 Responses to “Vision of the Past?”
  1. jim says:

    Sounds like you had what I think is called a”time slip”?I’ve womdered if some of my own experiences might be this phenomenon.Interesting story!I believe you….Jim

  2. trolldoll says:

    i agree with jim. you got the chance to briefly see the past! cool post!

  3. Cristina says:

    Wow this interestinq… it hasnt happened to me but i believe you(:

  4. jake says:

    some thing like that happend to me i was watching tv, i blinked and the tv was gone and the house was not as it was when i blinked i blinked again and it was still gone so i when outside and it was all strange, the town had changed it was still getting built and i saw three guards come in and one cut my arm and then it all changed again it was normal but the strange thing is the cut was still there

  5. Grace of god says:

    Well like you I’ve always wanted a ghostly incounter. I’ve had a couple when I wa younger but I barely remember. I want something I can really remember. I’m only 16 so I’ve got alot more chances in life to catch me one…:) i wonder what road you were driving.

  6. AnNa says:

    for me i think it was just daydreaming.but thats just me.

  7. jake says:

    then why did i still have the cut on my arm, daydreams don’t leave scars at all

  8. Pete says:

    Lots of people have experienced “Time Slips” that’s what you may have seen,
    very interesting, would love to experience something like that myself.

  9. Kind Skeptic says:

    Dark nights and bright oncoming lights will make anything in your peripheral vision turn “black”, i.e. muted out of vision ,due to retinal and pupil changes brought about by the light. It can make many things appear “unusual”. The reason it was so momentary is that once your eyes adjusted, you no longer had the problem. This is not a phenomenon but just a physical fact. I wouldn’t stuggle w/ this as a “time slip” albetit the concept is interesting. Unfortunately, you experience doesn’t really fall into the scenario….. :-)

    • izumi says:

      I don’t really think that anybody really wants to know about that or just say it was eye problems. Just to put it blunty this is a ghost site not a vision informating site. I think that problems with vision have anything to do with a ghostly experience.

      • Kind Skeptic says:

        Izumi — I don’t quite understand your response because there are typos w/in the copy that makes your point difficult to grasp. However, my intention in responding as I did is to offer alternative options to this “phenomenon” that should always be explored before jumping on the “ghost bandwagon”. The sight issues he experienced are very normal given the dark night and the oncoming bright lights – this is a physiological fact. My offering this info was to simply provide an alternative option to consider. Frankly, the only person who needs to believe is the individual who is writing the story. The rest of the comments made herein can either be embraced or rejected by the participants. That is the option available to all who choose to participate in any communication.

      • lunawatsername says:

        really? “this is a ghost site”? im pretty sure this is just a site for people to share their experiences and hear other peoples takes on them. why would you discourage someone from giving a rational explanation for something? maybe your here to blindly believe whatever you want to, but im sure im not alone in thinking that its nice to get a different take on things, and that if their is a rational explanation for something, i would like to hear it. you of course can believe what you want to believe, but it just aggravates me that you seem to think being a skeptic is somehow wrong, or that we dont belong on this site. just my opinion.

  10. Carlos says:


  11. jake says:

    that happen 4 years ago but i still don’t get it, also i don’t know if it happen again but i was fishing for a week and they told me i was gone for a month, i don’t know what else it could be because the spot i fish in is not even that far from town.

  12. trolldoll says:

    izumi, this site is for anything out of the ordinary. that includes what edward has related to us!!! have you checked out all of the catagories? i would definately like to hear more on this subject!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Thanks trolldoll, I was just about to say almost the same thing :) – While the site is called TrueGhostTales.com it deals with much more than just ghost stories. We are interested in anything paranormal related here.

  13. trolldoll says:

    no problemo ct! i would love to have 60 seconds in this old house back when it was new!!!

  14. Camila says:

    Well my experience isn’t as weird as this but I guess it’s sort of related in the sense that when I was pregnant I would start to see or dream of things from the distant past. I can’t really remember anything before the age of 6 or so. So when I had a realistic dream of me being 3 years old with my father in a pool, and me falling in and looking up to see my dad reach in and grab me from the pool, I called him up and talked to him about this and sure enough he told me it happened. After my son was born I never had these visions of my past anymore but they sure were interesting while they lasted! I can’t explain the events or why they happened but I’m glad they did. Most things I can’t remember from my childhood I saw them through these dreams or flashbacks.

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