Vanishing Into Another Dimension?

Posted on May 2, 2009

There are many strange stories of mysterious disappearances. Everybody knows about Amelia Earhart, the Mary Celeste, Jimmy Hoffa and maybe even Ambrose Bierce, and hot zones of strange activity like the Bermuda Triangle and similar locations like the Bass Strait Triangle, The Michigan Triangle and the Devil’s Sea but I wanted to investigate the more mysterious and strange disappearances. All of these stories are true and can be found on the internet for further investigation.

In 1815, a prisoner in a Prussian gulag, named Diderici was in a chain gang walking in the prison yard for the day’s exercise. As Diderici walked with his prison inmates, he slowly began to fade in and out of view. His body became more and more transparent until Diderici disappeared altogether, and his manacles and leg irons fell empty to the ground.

On September 23, 1880, David Lang was walking across the grounds of his farm to meet Judge August Peck, and Lang’s brother-in-law, who was approaching his farm in a horse and buggy.� His wife and two children were watching their father walk across the field. When suddenly Lang vanished in mid-step and in full view of the judge and his family. The ground around where Lang had been walking was searched in case he had fallen into a concealed hole, but no trace was found. The story further states that Lang’s children later called out to him, and heard a disembodied voice calling as if from a great distance.

On December 1, 1949, a Mr. Tetford was on his way home to Bennington Vermont from a trip to St. Albans. Tetford was sitting on the bus with 14 other passengers. They all testified to seeing him there, sleeping in his seat. When the bus reached its destination, however, Tetford was gone, although his belongings were still on the luggage rack and a bus timetable lay open on his empty seat.

In 1975, Jackson Wright and his wife Martha was driving from New Jersey to New York City. According to Wright, he pulled the car over to wipe the windshield of condensation. Martha went to clean off the back window. When he was finished, Wright turned around to discover his wife was missing.

In 1873, James Worson of Leamington Spa, England, was a simple shoemaker who was known to brag about his running abilities. One day, James made a bet with a few of his friends that he could run non-stop from Leamington Spa to Coventry. James began to jog with his friends following in a horse-drawn cart. James did well for the first few miles. Then his friends saw him trip on something and fall forward – but never hit the ground. Instead, James completely vanished. A thorough search was conducted in the area, with hopes he had fallen into a concealed hole but he was never found.

On November 25, 1809 Benjamin Bathurst, a British diplomat, was in the town of Perleberg Germany, while traveling to Hamburg from Berlin. Initially, Bathurst considered staying the night in Perleberg, but eventually decided to continue on to Hamburg. After ordering horses for their coach at a post house, he and his German courier, Herr Krause, had dinner at the White Swan Inn. Several hours later when the coach and fresh horses were ready, Bathurst left the inn, followed seconds after by Herr Krause. When Krause reached the coach he was surprised to find Bathurst was not in the coach and was nowhere to be found. It was thought that he had returned to the inn for some reason before entering the coach, but no trace of him was ever found, despite a thorough search of the area and the town and an extensive investigation and he was never found.

In November 1878, 16 year old Charles Ashmore left his house to fetch water from the well for his family in Quincy, Illinois. After many minutes of waiting, his father and sister went in search, fearing he had slipped in the snow or fallen down the well but he was nowhere to be found. The only sign of him was his footprints in the snow that led halfway to the well, then abruptly stopped. Then his voice pierced the night screaming “Help, help, they have me!” from overhead.

Multiple Disappearances

In November 1930, a fur trapper named Joe Labelle made his way on snow shoes to an Eskimo village, with over 2,000 residents, on the shores of Lake Anjikuni in northern Canada. When he arrived he discovered the village was deserted. All he found a pot of charred stew on a fireplace of cinders. An investigation was initiated. No footprints of any of the residents were found,� all of the Eskimos’ sled dogs were found buried under a 12-foot-high snow drift starved to death, all of the food and provisions were found undisturbed in their huts. And the Eskimos’ ancestral graves had been emptied.

On February 5, 1923, six hundred inhabitants of the settlement Hoer-Verde in Brazil disappeared. The police thoroughly examined the small town. At the town school, they found a gun, which was apparently used the day before, lying on the floor and the words “there is no salvation” written on a blackboard.

In 1945, a train carrying hundreds of passengers traveling from Guandun, China, to Shanghai was lost halfway to its destination. The track was examined from Guandun to Shanghai with nothing found. There were no survivors or witnesses to explain it’s disappearance.

Almost disappeared

On December 8th Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B Cumpston arrived at the Victoria hotel in Bristol England for a short trip. Early in the evening they began to hear strange, loud sounds in their room. The sounds soon stopped so they returned to bed for the night but were awoken at approx. 3.00am by the same loud noises. The walls and floor appeared to start melting around them. They shouted out for help and could not help but notice how strange their shouts sounded, echoing weirdly and being repeated by unseen presences. Mr. Cumpston then told of how the floor suddenly opened up and how it felt as if he were being pulled into it. Mrs. Cumpston managed to pull him out and the two of them fled out a nearby window. They were panicked beyond belief and were under the impression that criminals had somehow attempted to kidnap them. They were arrested at a nearby railroad station by police for disorderly conduct.

In the past these disappearances might be explained by mermaids, fairies, werewolves and sea creatures, while today more stranger explanations are given like momentary black holes, alien abduction, tears in the fabric of reality, teleportation and being pulled into the fourth dimension. A more recent, and widely accepted, explanation is Reality Shifts. A reality shift is the sudden manifestation of objects appearing, disappearing, transforming and transporting. They supposedly happen all the time around us unnoticed, until one of the few shifts that happen that makes something noticeable disappear like a person or a train. But this is only the newest hypothesis, what do you think?

Written by Brackette, Copyright 2009 True Ghost Tales

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260 Responses to “Vanishing Into Another Dimension?”
  1. Brackette says:

    I’m the author of this and would like to add that i had bullet points on each of these stories but that doesn’t bother me. This was also an experiment for me on writing an article and i’d like to know what you guys think.

    • lizzy Godding says:

      Perhaps You should watch ” THE FOURTH KIND” This recent release DVD certainly has left me wondering ! and is supposedly based on actual events that took place in NOME ALASKA 2000!

      • Teri says:

        Although a very scary movie, The Fourth Kind is in no way true at all. Not even a single part of it. My husband wanted to research it after I finally sucked it up & we watched it. Nothing in it is true. Not that I don’t believe in it but it would have been nice if it had some truth to it. There was no such doctor etc. Love the movie though, it scared the crap out of me.

    • Alphonzo says:

      one time i was at the hospital for eye surgery when i was called in i put on the hospital gound a layed on the hospital bed i looked straight up and suddenly i saw hands reach up into the air the (size of refrigrators) then slam down on my bodie i couldnt move or feel any thing . i started seeing red walls of flame raise , or i thought , i noticed that walls of flame werent raising but i was being pulled down until i saw nothing but red and white fire . i heard lafter and deep voices next thing i knew i was in a wheel chair getting rolled to the car i arrived in feelling nothing but pain sorround my whole body . i heard voices voices thru the night but the next day i felt revived and energized . when i told everyone what happend they laffed.

      • Kegan says:

        That could be from the drugs they had to put you on. A side effect could be hallucinations. I remember once when I was in the hospital to remove a hernia and I had the strangest, yet so realistic dreams and when I awoke from the medicine I was to wait a few minute to finally realize those dreams were only dreams.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    Hey Brackette. Nice job researching and putting all this together!

    I added some bullets, hope it is to your liking.

  3. Brackette says:

    The Caretaker

    Thanks. You didn’t have to do that. As i was writing it i put bullets but as soon as i put it on here they disappeared so thanks for adding them again.

    • Chii says:

      The bullet’s dissapeared into the fourth dimension…

      • ce says:

        yeah the bullets are in the fourth dimension

        • Andrew says:

          Don’t be mean i belive this and if youre a skeptic we don’t care

          • Caretaker says:

            EVERYONE should be a skeptic. That only means that you dont just automatically believe stuff without having some sort of proof. Some may think that you cant be a skeptic and believe in things like the paranormal but that isnt true. Basically if you are not a skeptic then you will believe anything that anyone tells you. I think most of us are skeptics whether we realize it or not.

  4. rebecca says:

    i hope this doesnt sound stupid but.. after reading this hell instantly came to my head. Do you think its possible?

    • Pat says:

      I can see that… everything slipping away and you are virtually in a zone that you neither recognize or want to be in! VERY SCARY! And I thought spontaneous combustion was scary!

    • Annie says:

      Maby it is possible. It might be that or your imagination going wild. if you really thought that is what you say then i wll not augru with you. it is a senseibul thing to think.

  5. Brackette says:


    Anything’s possible at this point, especially with the story from Hoer-Verde, Brazil.

  6. L. M. S. says:

    Yikers. Creepy. I’ve never heard of people and things disappearing like that.

  7. Blue jay says:

    Sounds creepy…I’m new to this site, hello everybody.
    Vanishing into thin air?
    Anything is possible, I guess.
    Nothing was found on the spot most of them disappeared on?
    Sounds very, very spooky…maybe they were chosen by a higher entity for something.
    Maybe God decided it was time for a talk…
    There are millions of possibilities.
    How can an entire train disappear, with no trace on the tracks, without the paranormal researchers (What are we called again?) getting involved?
    Surely the entity ( if there was one) that did that knew that somebody would find out?
    Forgive me if I’m hyping you up, but why did they take a risk as to being discovered just to take a train off of the tracks?
    Do they not care, did they have to take the risk for some obscure reason?
    Is it even true?

    • Jessica says:

      Hello welcome :) guess your right. hmmm the whole train disappered huh? I wonder where they go…. :/

  8. rebecca says:

    im new too, hello to you.

  9. Alpha says:

    I’ve heard of some of the ones you listed in this article before and didn’t know what to think of it.
    It’s just so incredible that stuff like this is happening and people continue to ignore it, simply dismissing it as fiction. This truly goes to show there is more to this world then we honestly know or maybe will ever know.
    There could be so many explanations for this sort of phenomenon.
    Scary stuff for sure!!

    P.S. Nicely constructed article Brackette!!! It was an excellent read!!!
    Caretaker, you should recommend this article to subscribers and add it onto the popular paranormal blog entries on the homepage. This article will truly be a hit!!
    I’m currently at my school library and the lady next to me read it and asked me for the site

  10. Jackie says:

    Brackette, that was very interesting and well written.

    When i used to meditate, i used to feel very strange sometimes, like i was almost reaching another dimension, then one evening right in front of about 7 people, whilst 4 of us were playing Backgammon, i involuntarily dropped my head down and was in another place. I was watching people walk on a very dusty ground, which hadn’t seen a drop of water for ages. It felt like i was in this place for ages, but when i came round my friend at the side of me said it had only been seconds. Everyone was looking at me a bit weird, and i was a bit freaked by this sudden experience, especially as it was in front of people.

    Nothing like that has ever happened since, but i’ll always remember it.

    I totally believe the stories you wrote and i think one of the freakiest is the eskimo one, what the hell happened there????

    • john green says:

      fora long time i have been sick it started back in parents had just died sudenly just one day between them it was a terrable shock to loose loved ones like that..i come from a large fambly ..and they all were in shock for a long time ..after they died health got worse by thr day i ended up going to doctors trying to find out what was going on ..after years of investgations i was given 56 differnt reasons for my failing ..mostly to do with chronic pain and feeling sick my arms legs hands feet neck face head all over i felt l was beaten every day it took so much of my life away loosing friends work and loved ones …ive heard all the storys from people and doctors everyone had a different diegnosis ..and i lisened for years hopeing to be cured but it dident happen i tell you the as god is my father ..the pain was so bad i wanted to just say good bye and die ..and then one morning at about 4 am i was lieing in bed not being able to sleep ..i looked up and there was a women looking down at me she was smileing i dont know who it was but it was a women i felt a bit scared but it was a very calming exsparience .i lay in bed thinking it was my mother to this day i dont know ..strange things started happening then one nite i was lieing in bed reading a book it was 1 15 am out of nowhere a force penned me to the bed it was crazy i could feel the thing holding me down but i could nt move i was alone at the time it lasted for what seemed a long time i let out a shout …let me go get of me but it was still there i tryed to grab the phone to call my wife but i was num …then it stoped ..this happend 9 10 times .. i would not sleep on my own nor be in the house on my own the way i am 50 years of age this is not made up ..after years of this going on ..i just wanted to tell someone but fuond people think im nuts so why bother i just carried on .. then one night i was asleep 4. 5 in the morning i heard a voice calling me i woke up and standing at the sidr of my bed was a man he just stood theere looking at me i didend say a word i just stared at him .. then he turned and walked trough a wall i was calm again this happend for weeks .. when one night i woke and the room i was in was gone i was in an old house in my bed but the walls were old and coverd in green .i could see the night sky the roof was missing ..i know you are thinking i was on drink or drugs or other stuff .but i telling you not so at the time i would not take even pain killers my wife would beg me to take something so i could get a good night s sleep but i stayed of them cause i dident want to get hooked on heavy meds even to day im still in a lot of pain but i wont take more than one zydol 50 mills in one day ..its very hard but i have to do it this way only telling half the story here but i know there is a lot more going on that we dont yet understand …good health and sleep well

      • Shadeydave says:

        Sounds like sleep paralysis with a little hypnagogia thrown in for good measure. These things can be quite alarming and very real to the one who experiences the phenomena. But it’s very well documented in sleep clinics and by neurologists and psychologists. Oddly, it doesn’t take a lot to make us hallucinate. Sleep deprivation, strong EM fields, seizures, you name it. From your extreme pain and lack of taking pain killers, you could also be suffering from some severe sleep deprivation… I know I’ve fallen prey to such hallucinations. I was convinced that I was getting abducted by aliens, but a little further investigation gave me a much better, and well researched answer, that’s backed up by mainstream science. No fairy-tales needed.

        • dukeman says:

          sleep paralysis is common at your age, im 17 and my family in many cases has had this problem. even myself. last year, i was asleep, or i thought i was. it felt like i was half awake. suddenly it felt like something was dragging me off of my bed, i tried to scream but nothing came out. its weird because when i came out of it i was on the opposite side of my bed. its not possible for me to slide across my bed on my own?
          This could be sleep paralysis or night terrors. i do not believe it is paranormal, i think it is brought on by stress, or not enough sleep because of perscription drugs or lack of sleep.

  11. Blue jay says:

    I have something I feel is related to this, or atleast partly:
    I see colors.
    Not just those things you see on objects, I mean floating around, in different shapes.
    Kind of what you get when you close your eyes, then press down on them, minus the pain and explosions, and I see it all the time.
    There is a jagged red streak next to the screen right now, and now it’s half blue, half red.
    When I look at someone, say my teacher, I can see an extra layer of some kind of material surrounding them…kind of like a dim white light.
    The colors correspond to the moods people are in. Say my mom’s ticked off at me for something taht I don’t know about, I see red when I’m about to go in her room.
    If somebody’s about to punch me, I get the urge to duck, even if I can’t see them.
    Sometimes they gather in one spot, as if trying to show me something.
    Right now I’m looking at the dresser, and they’re all gathered around it.
    Am I nuts?!

    • Chii says:

      I wouldn’t say your nuts
      Maybe you can see aura’s, most people think that’s a load of ~Censor~ but I believe it’s possible, you probably should maybe check it out at the doctors to see if it’s explainable though, ’cause it’s probably kinda scary for you… even though your probably used to it by now

    • DrW says:

      Possibly synesthesia. Some people have this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Aura’s are real, they have to be. I have done some electronic training and ANYTHING that has any kind of a running circuit HAS an electro magnetic field around it. We have a heart beat with blood rushing through our bodies and so it is logical and obvious that we would have a field around us or an aura as it’s better known. A lot of people can see them if they concentrate on someone or something. You seem to have a special gift for it so use it as you need to.

      • Alphonzo says:

        i can see auras one time i looked at one of my teachers and her aura was black the next day she was in the hospital and a couple hours later she died

    • jettblack says:

      Um.. Blue Jay I posted what should have been a reply to you at the bottom of this page as a comment on the article just a few minutes ago please look at it. Thanks!

    • selene says:

      I wouldn’t stop seeing this bacteria looking thing everywhere I look. Eyes closed or opened.
      I also see a random pair of eyes( the same type of transparent you see after opening your eyes) and I see thousands of tiny dots everywhere I look! are they atoms? No way! I can’t even read the back of a car withing 20 meters! besides. the dots are dim lights. It makes me feel like I’m in the second book of darren shan- the demonata…
      Another wierd thing is that I can see through my left eyelid ever since I was shot there with a BBgun. my eye has to look at the sunrise everytime I sleep! It’s more of annoying than cool. anyways- I can see shadows everywhere through my eyelid. It is not veins! and I can’t see through my eyelids well. I can only make out shapes enough to tell how many fingers you hold.

      • selene says:

        I even feel things before touching them.
        Even wierd( I bet you won’t believe this) I can hear motion all around me.
        I hear everything I see
        I even hear the motion inside a plants.
        Everything I see whether they move or not has a sound and I can hear them.
        I even hear my friends backstab me 50 meters away from me EVERY SINGLE WORD.

      • Anonymous says:

        I read those books and that is exactly what i thought of when you said that!

      • tyra says:

        Hey selene i see the weird bacterium thing too. everywhere. closed eyes or open ones,i see it all the time. even in the sky. its kinda weird butim kinda used to it.

      • Alphonzo says:

        hey selene i can also do all those things too and i can also see auras i can tell if someones sick,happy,sad,angry,guilty,etc . all emotions and health related issues . cancer is red dots on black aura

        • Hippogriff says:

          Whoa. I wish I could do all that stuff.

          • Selene says:

            you wouldn’t, It’ll make you feel guilty, and if you said a word, after an hour you’d be wearing a snow white straight jacket.

        • Shadeydave says:

          Synesthesia. What happens is your senses get crosswired. Some people can taste sound, some people see colours when they read, some people see sound, or hear color.

          My mother considers herself to be a very good judge of character. She also claims to be able to see auras. I don’t think she’s a liar, but if synesthesia can extend to senses, perhaps it can also extend to emotions like empathy or judgement. It is, afterall just another way of experiencing data. Like looking at an array of numbers, or a graph that shows the exact same data set.

          Sometimes when you are able to see a complex set of data in a simple visual way, you can process the information a lot quicker. So, what she reads as posture, skin complexion, facial expression, and perceives as attitude, might translate into an accurate colour set superimposed � by her brain � over the person she’s studying. Allowing her to ‘sense’ an underlying problem that would take a lot longer to discern from someone who doesn’t have this gift. Something to think about.

    • rockypercynico says:

      No, I think you see auras. Many people see them but don’t know how to react. I don’t though I do see ghosts often. I see a white figure following my math teacher along, it looks like a man of about 23. Her older brother died when she was six, she doesn’t remember him too well but he remembers her obviously as he’s following her around her classroom, overprotective much?

  12. Blue jay says:

    For all those wondering, I haven’t been known to get hallucinations, illusions, and am not mentally ill, according to my birth record.

  13. Blue jay says:

    Back to the subject:
    There is no salvation.
    It could mean many things.
    Maybe the inhabitants were forced to leave in a hurry.
    The only real explanation I can think of is aliens, or some kind of illness.
    Illness theory:
    …ever noticed how the capital i looks like lowercase L?
    I l….BAck to the subject.
    Perhaps they were forced to leave because of an illness that threatened to wipe them all out.
    When they left, they found that some of them still carried the disease or sickness.
    They couldn’t get rid of it in time, and perhaps in about a week, they were all sick.
    Maybe they thought that if they ever went back to civilization, they knew that they could start an epidemic, so, they sacrificed themselves. Perhaps they knew people would come searching, so they hid themselves underground, or in a tree, where the search party wouldn’t get sick. Seems like a logical explanation, no? It would explain the ‘There is no salvation’ on the board, would it not?
    But the odds…
    I have just invented another theory: bandits, perhaps?
    A group of bandits chased them wherever they went, and slaughtered an entire village…Highly unlikely, but, as has been proven many times over on this site, NOTHING is impossible. There, also an explanation for the ‘There is no salvation’.
    Alien theory:
    Perhaps they were abducted by creatures from another planet.
    This would not explain the writing on the chalkboard.
    So that’s all that I will describe about it.
    Zombies, maybe?
    HIGHLY unlikely, but has anyone ever seen this completely corny and crappy movie called resident evil? It SUCKS, but it has a point. If a type of creatures could exist, and were called zombies, couldn’t they wipe out a village?
    There is a scene in this ‘future’ world, where the hunters go into a classroom, and see abandoned desks, blackboards, everything.
    I find the resemblance to this thing in brazil uncanny.
    It would explain the ‘there is no salvation’ thing, too.
    Anybody care to add anything?

    • courtney says:

      wow, i wish i could do the same, i love being able to see spirits but i also want to see my own aura……

    • Davie D says:

      Interesting breakdown. I tend to go with the infinite dimension theory. Our brains hold the secret to getting there, too bad we can’t use the whole thing!?

    • john green says:

      ok look we have to think i meen where do we go when we pass on are we gone for ever just gone no more what about loved ones babys mothers fathers brothers sisters all them feelings gone the love for eachother what kind of god could do such a thing we live in a big unavirse ..and who knows whats beond that what if our god has a god ans so on and on where were we before we came to earth were we nowhere did we not exsist at all if you can amagine a living creature smaller than the smallest thing even smaller .it looks at the world and says my this is big it only sees as far as your back garden the rest of the world is so big it cant understand and yet it lives along side us every day we dont even know its there lets say that we live in a billion places at one time .yes right now you could be living on a different world living a life that has no wars no sickness no money problms all is very nice in this world and in another your doing something different you might be female or male we are only starting to learn that there is lots and lots of dimentions billions criss croing all the time …and when i say time i meen no time because time does not matter ..its all a bit weard but if we could travle at the speed of light we might find that time is only our blanket ..if a spirt is seen iwalking down a street on a summers day that surly tells us that time does not exsist ..a man was working in a celler in a pub in london one day ..when a full army from roman times walked past him in full battle gear they were in their own time zone so if their in one zone and we are in another who is in the wright one one if we xcould travle at the speed of light we would see our selfs living many lifes ..we could go back to the big bang you could go back and watch your mum as a child …and the great thing is you could go faword as well time is like a ripple in the sea it goes in many different directions…when people are in a life or death cinarieo they say time stands still …whatsthe point of putting us here for only 60 70 years when the cosmos is so large …think of it this way look at a long plank that plank is time from one end to the other we exsist on one part of it if you look at the end of it you will see our past look ahead to our fuature if we could use the speed of light we could go to any part of the plank we wanted ohh and while your on the plank look up and out and side ways we live on the plank thats our plane we are so small to understand that the plank is part of a bigger exsistance ..the plank in only in your back yeard now look beond over the wall over the fence ……ps sorry for the bad spelling

  14. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    Some people might say you see auras or you may have the same thing as me which is synesthesia which is basically a screw up in the wiring of the senses, for instance i see colors when i hear sounds. There are different kinds, for me it’s a crossing of the wires with sight and sound but it can be with any of the senses like smell, touch or taste.

  15. Jackie says:


    I used to be able to see my aura around my hands if I put them against a dark background and then just looked slightly away from them. After a while a faint light used to appear all around the edges of my hands, if i kept my gaze fixed in a certain way. Then i’d lose it when i had to blink. It was amazing the first time i did this.

    I haven’t done this in ages though.

    • Hal says:

      It’s called blurry vision.

    • Shadeydave says:

      This is actually a chemical process of your eyes. Your eyes have evolved to constantly be in motion. If you fixate on one location for too long you will notice some crazy effects. Like staring at black text on a white background. If you look away from that text your eyes will retain the image of the text for a while.

      It’s like getting phosphor burn on an old Tube TV. Your retina behaves in the same way, though chemically. If you stare at a single, high contrast image for a long time the chemicals that your rods and cones use to react to the light they receive will deplete and you will need more and more light to react, leaving dark patches in your vision. Fortunately they are always replenishing these photo receptor chemicals, so taking a quick break will allow them to adjust back.

  16. Mellisa says:

    Blue Jay,
    how about write yoyr own story i this website? XD i’m interested in the color you see!

    Back to the story, wow it’s really wierd. maybe all of them suddenly enter a door or someting that lead to another dimension or even the other world? like the spirit world or the dimension where the death spirit live in?
    i think that the one that about 16 year old Charles Ashmore and the other sudden disappearance might enter a unseen door to another world/dimension

  17. Jennifer says:

    Your story reminded me of the disappearance of Ambrose Small from Toronto, Canada.
    I read a book about haunted places, etc in Toronto that I bought while visiting Canada and they mentioned Ambrose Bierce in the story about Ambrose Small and quoted someone as saying, “Somebody is collecting Ambroses.”
    Maybe there is some sort of connection that is being overlooked between all of these cases?? Who knows?? Maybe someday we will know!

    • Kegan says:

      I have to agree with Jennifer. With all the those mysterious vanishings and no explanation, perhaps there is some connection that we have yet to find. All we know about those people is the facts. Their D.O.B, their sex, their education, and everything that has been documented. Everyone has secrets. Everyone has something that no one else knows about. If there is a connection between these people, it’s a connection that we will NEVER know. It’s a connection that only they have knowledge of. Our world is mind blowing. And for those who do not believe it, were you there? Did you witness what happened? Chances are, no. So you have no room to talk. There is no right or wrong answer, only pure beliefs. I believe this stuff happened. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but until we know for sure, I believe it.

  18. trolldoll1681 says:

    these happenings are documented and i believe in alternate realities and anything is possible in this weird wonderful world we live in oh and by the way what is a bullet?

    • Davie D says:

      There is only one reality, the one that exists for each individual. However, there are an infinite number of dimensions. I believe that we do ‘something’ to open portals to another dimension. Reading these stories leads me to believe that something beyond a state of total relaxation opens these portals. Something in the realm of being mind numb, totally shut down. The human brain is a mystery, we only use a fraction of its capacity, who knows what lurks in the unused depths of our minds?

  19. Brackette says:


    Bullets are the dots infront of the examples on the article.

  20. Blue jay says:

    I actually HAVE written something.
    Guess I’m not a good author, as they haven’t published it.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hey Blue jay
      We receive a lot of submissions and so unfortunately it takes a little time to get to all of them. I do recall seeing some from you on the list. You will see some of your stuff on the site very soon!

  21. Blue jay says:

    I don’t think I have synthsieas…whatever it’s called.
    When I hear a sound, colors don’t appear.
    They are simply always there.
    Thanks for replying, though.
    Nice article, too.

    Thank you all for replying.

    Time stopping theory?
    Think about this: If somebody stopped time, then restarted it, you wouldn’t know because you weren’t active during that nonexistent space of time created between the nanoseconds.
    Doesm’t make much sense, does it?
    Think about it though.
    Got it?
    Well, if an object were to have moved while time was frozen, then wouldn’t it appear to you as if it had ‘moved’? Teleported?
    This may have happened to some people in this article…

    • alan hunt says:

      You know, my math teacher says that he is psychic. he keeps reading people’s minds like crazy. On time, we all gathered in class, and he read a few selected minds, each one successfully, but he said the minds had to be willing. you can in fact hide stuff from him, but he finished my sentence in class for me, and he didn’t even know where I was going with the conversation. I must say, this is the weirdest thing I have seen in a long time.

      • jettblack says:

        I think that is sooo cool! I would LOVE to meet your teacher!

      • Speed says:

        Who’s this teacher?! I also had a teacher who used to say he was psychic and that whole mind has to be willing thing, it might be the same person? I used to be so embarrased cause I had a crush on the teacher ( who hasn’t?) and I used to think he would find out by reading my mind lol I was in high school!!

      • Bella says:

        Awesome let me meet him!

  22. Brackette says:

    Blue jay

    Your welcome but just so you know, it doesn’t have to be sound (for me it’s sound) but it can be other senses. It can also be taste, feel and smell.

  23. Kathy says:

    the charles Ashmore and David Lang cases are not true and only a varied version of the true tale of Orion Williamson disappearance – check out the link

  24. anne says:


    maybe watever happend at bermuda triangle, has happend at those points as well for some fraction of moment
    maybe there wer really invisible aliens wch have selectively taken away ppl bcoz they dint attack the witness.
    maybe there was some intense energy in the form of heat that it just could burn the body into tiny ashes very quickly
    maybe there wer some radiations comming from some other galaxy wch have caused this effect
    maybe all these things are made up on internet for publicity. after all u can`t just believe stuff on internet
    and so on……….. as u keep thinkin
    there has to be some expalantion. the explanation depends on the series of events the witness will observe wen he or she is not in the state of shock. after all are all these incidents real? if they are then there is some theory which can explain these events bcoz matter can neigther be created nor destroyed. so just dont worry

  25. Suzana Ahmad says:

    For Asian we believe and respect paranormal. The cases mention in our term means that they have been taken to another dimension where the Bunian lives. 1 day their live is 1 year our time. Most of the people abducted are nice,sincerely and good persons,

  26. Arthur Borges says:

    Wikipedia has an entry on Bathurst. Bones were found not that long ago when workers tore down a house near the inn he left. It is likely the diplomat was mugged and killed.

  27. Brackette says:

    Arthur Borges

    Those bones were determined to not be Bathurst.

  28. motomoto says:

    fascinating. a couple of the stories i’ve heard of, i find it sad because where did they go? could it be that they are somewhere foreign to them and stuck there until God knows when. Its involuntary most of the time. I like this kind of stuff.

  29. chris says:

    welcome we should explore the 4th dimension the same exact placea of these disapearances but ware we would go no one knows but Y was it them Y not someone else but wen god comes will we stiil c them or are they stuck in a disappearance 4 ever or will we c them in dreams or reality

  30. bracket says:

    So the majority of you guys seem to think they went to heaven or hell.

  31. duddledeedo says:

    I believe they were shifted to another time or place, but i think that if they were indeed shifted into the past we would have known abt it, especially for the train.
    What is really freaky though is when he 16 yr old boy who went to get water from the well screamed : Help, help, they’ve got me ! now what is THAT about ??

  32. Karen M. says:

    I always thought it was the third dimension, where people disappear out of no where.

  33. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    We are in the third dimension.

  34. Karen M. says:

    What about the twilight zone, that was the third dimension

  35. Bracket says:

    Do you believe everything Rod Serling says?

  36. CMF says:

    lol, that was the 5th dimension.
    There are 11 dimensions, google string theory or m theory and hold onto your brain its deep. Parallel universes and all that. Which makes sense when you think in the context of the paranormal. Could just be shadows from a parallel universe.

  37. CMF says:

    then there is:

    you owe it to yourself to at least should know of this story, as it was on Oprah, Unsolved Mysteries, America’s Most Wanted, KTLA, and in various newspapers even a congressman urged the FBI to look into his vanishing

    Philip ‘Taylor’ Kramer rock star bassist & mathematical genius/aerospace engineer worked at Northrop on the MX missile project. A student of theoretical physics, he pursued particles and equations that he believed would someday permit objects to move faster than the speed of light “warp speed” making possible travel to the stars.

    He vanished on February 12th, 1996. The circumstances surrounding it has been the subject of many tv shows. Just days before he disappeared, Kramer and his father believed they had worked out a mathematical breakthrough, says Iron Butterfly band co-founder Ron Bushy, “We’re talking ‘Beam me up Scotty’ time.”

    This may be the key to cracking the light-speed problem. It could make possible instantaneous transmission of matter
    and data to any point in the universe.

    The Equation, his father Ray Kramer says, combines the work of science’s greatest minds: Newton, Einstein, Planck and Fermi. Relativity, quantum mechanics, quarks: It’s all here, but no one else has put it all together

    In May 1999, two hikers discovered Kramers 1993 Ford Aerostar van at the bottom of a Malibu, Calif., ravine. Skeletal remains found inside and near the vehicle were confirmed through dental records to be those of Kramer.

    • tyra says:

      i think they tried to move faster than warp speed themselves….

    • Alphonzo says:

      i think someone already knew about lightspeed and all that good stuff and wanted it all to him or her self so they killed kramer because they found out that he was on a scientific breakthrough and killed him to keep the secret

  38. Bracket says:


    Well, it sounds like he drove off the cliff.

  39. Karen M. says:

    Bracket so then I’m right,people disappear in the third dimension, if we’re in it!

  40. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Well…. Yeah.

  41. vanessa87 says:

    this information was interesting and creeped me out as well..i dont think these people went to hell and or heaven.i think they simply vanished to another world..i guess yeah another dimension..why? who no idea..was there a unexplainable energy thing going on at that time and place when each of them vanished then causing them to enter this whole diff world? absolutley no clue..but i would like to learn more and read more stories like this. im fascinated by the same time weirded out..

  42. Daniela says:

    wow! i just got done reading this and i find it rather fascinating, but also very confusing s well. i ask how does this happen? and why? i honestly believe that it could be alien abtuction, or maybe there are “chosen’” ones to slip into the fourth dimension?? i dont know but i do believe this could happen, questions is how? how does one just dissapear just like that?? very creepy.

  43. Alexis says:

    I just don’t believe it.
    None of it sounds possible,
    and there are no recent cases
    only from way back when with people who
    are long gone and can’t tell their side of the story.
    Nicely written. Sorry for the negativity.

  44. Bracket says:


    The reason why they’re stories from a long time ago is because there has to be time for them to be gone to make it a mystery. If somebody mysteriously disappears today then turns up tomorrow, it’s not so mysterious is it. There has to be time for the mystery to deepen.

  45. William P. says:

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is the heaven or hell theory. But my simple mind is limited to this, the “third” dimension.

  46. Leo says:

    What I believe is not relavant. What I observe is. This combined with the observations and studies of others suggest the following to me:

    In most cases of people “disappearing” there is no witness to the actual event; only a person(people) that isn’t(aren’t) where they are expected to be. This doesn’t mean that they did not vanish, but it leaves to much room for other malicious yet explainable circumstances.

    The cases that are interesting are when someone dematerializes or simply vanishes while someone that remain with us is observing. I’m sorry but I can’t take the word of a gang of prisoners or guards that this guy didn’t just escape and disappearing is the cover story. Again, that doesn’t prove that this account or others are invalid.

    Overall you have to wonder if the current direction of some Theoretical Quantum Physicist are thinking in was spurred by trying to explain these vanishings or dematerializations; which again suggests that there is truth to the possibility of this phenomenom or there would be no money to pull from to support research in other dimensions.

    It is curious, however, that there are not current open cases world wide of someone or something “dematerializing” in front of witnesses unexpectedly. If this is something that just “happens” there should be something going on right now even, or at least in the past 30 years, something that there are witnesses to the actually moment of disappearance. There can always be cover up stories though.

    So until something vanishes right before my eyes (and Ideally another person of sound mind to confirm what I observe) I remain sceptical but open minded to the possibilities of our mysterious Universe.

  47. CMF says:


    After I submitted the dang article I read the ending.. lol.. your right, but for a looong time there was mystery surrounding that guy not the least of which was him time traveling away!

  48. Leo says:

    Perhaps Kramer didn’t reach the required 88 MPH in order for his Flux Capacitor to work.

  49. Lori says:

    Has anyone considered the legend of the Native American spirit, the wendigo, in relation to the boy and the water? It’s said that the wendigo grabs its victims while they’re walking, pulling them along so that they have to run across the ground just to keep from being dragged. Their feet get hotter and hotter as they move faster, until they just burn away, and then the wendigo lifts its victim up into the air, screaming. The only thing they ever find of the victim is their footprints.

    I think it’s something valid to look into.

  50. Serenity says:

    Here’s my theory:

    I think they DID pass into the 4th dimension. It is said that if you skydive from the right height, and right angle, you can pass into another dimension. But think about ghosts and vampires, and all of this Paranormal stuff? Maybe once we die, we go INTO the 4th dimension, and once we’re there, we can travel between the worlds, but we show up as ghosts when we’re in our dimension.

    • Kind Skeptic says:

      the skydiving statement is bunk. between my husband and I, we have about 6,000 jumps from all altitudes. Nope — you don’t go into another dimension. you just have FUN! LOL

    • Davie D says:

      You’re getting there!

  51. Disaffected Intelligence says:

    Blue Jay: It’s called Synesthesia. Look it up.

  52. Envy says:

    I also think theres a 4th dimension.I agree with Serenity.Maybe its possible to go to 4th dimension at the exact time and place.But the next question that pops into my head ,whats the 4th dimension like?

  53. Flames says:

    Hey, i saw this movie a few months ago called The Girl Who Lept Through Time. It’s an anime movie made in japan or somthing. Anyway, it’s about this girl who can leap through time by running, then jumping really high into the air. then time pretty much rewinds back to whatever time in history you want. In the movie though, the first time that she ” time leaps” it was by accident. Maybe that’s what is happening to these people! (In case you were wondering, the movie is NOT a true story…but it could happen. You never know.)

  54. Alexa says:

    blue jay, welcome! do u like this place?

  55. Alexa says:

    i would never want to ee things like u blue jay . i’ll get scared.

  56. Patricia says: