First and Last Time I Ever Tried EVP

Posted on October 4, 2009

This story I choose to tell is long, with plenty of details. I want to get this out because even now, way after, I still think about it every single day and I am still terrified when I remember it.

About a year and a half ago, my then boyfriend and I were hanging out at his friend’s apartment. This friend of his is in a band that are mildly known in the local area, and have released albums and because of this the friend had the den� made into a home recording studio. The apartment was huge, three stories, three bedrooms. We would regularly hang out in that studio room. This studio had very expensive recording equipment, and recording program on a computer that showed a flat line when there was silence and spikes when there was noise.

Now this friend, Kyle*, told us about how one day he was recording a sample of his guitar playing and played it back. In between fiddling with the guitar he thought he saw a spike blip on the screen and heard something in the silence of the recording so he turned the volume up. (The microphone he uses are so sensitive they can pick up the sound of a pen, maybe even needle falling to the carpet across the room and it is LOUD when played back at full volume.) Anyway, when he played it back, he could hear a voice, almost a whisper, saying his name. And this was at full volume…

So Kyle played this back for us, since he saved it to a file on the computer (I wanted proof – I’m very skeptical; I do NOT like the unexplainable) and I heard this voice. Indeed it sounded like his name was being said, I couldn’t deny it. I still didn’t believe it. Hey, he’s a recording artist, I thought maybe he was just trying a party trick on us. So he asked if we wanted to try it. He explained he would record our question or whatever we had to say, then we would sit in silence for a couple of minutes, and then he’d play it back, turning the volume up when the silence would start. At first I said no, but my ex and my other friend Molly* (Kyle’s girlfriend at the time) tried it in front of me. I don’t even remember what they asked, I just remember a hoarse voice saying/whispering “Toniooo” over and over again for my ex, whenever he asked who wanted to talk to him. Turns out his uncle, Antonio, died earlier that week. That was creepy enough, since no one but me and my ex knew about him, and so I let my curiosity get the better of me to give it a try. And I got the strongest response.

When it was my turn, I asked “This is ******, is there anyone there who wants to talk to me?” and sat in silence for a minute. Kyle played it back and when he did I got a sudden deep chill. Not like I was cold, but like an overwhelming fear took over me. On the recording were several voices. All talking at once. I thought “ok, maybe its radio being picked up or other tenants” since he lived in an apartment. So I tried again, and decided to specifically ask for my great grandmother, who passed away in 2001. She only knew Spanish, so I asked in Spanish the best I could for her (I don’t speak Spanish) . I’ll never forget what played back. It was her voice, but she sounded younger, like maybe she was about 40 or so (she died at 93, and her voice was then weak as it is with old age). She responded in Spanish, saying “oye me, oye me! essstass…aquuui”. That’s exactly how she sounded, dragging out the words. I was completely gripped with fear and excitement at the same time, and tried again. Kyle stopped the recording, started a new one, and again I tried, asking “Nana, its me, ******, are you here? are you here?” Stop, silence, playback. “Sii, esstaassss aaauii. Oye me!” All this time, the voices were still in the background of these recordings, getting louder, and more were joining, seemingly trying to talk over one another or to one another. Maybe not radio. It was about 3:30am. They weren’t the other tenants. And her responding in Spanish? I didn’t know what “oye meh” meant til the next day, when I asked my mom to translate. She told me it means “listen to me! or “Hear me!”

Frightened and kind of happy to hear her voice, it was strange since naturally, I never thought I’d hear her voice again because she was gone. That’s all she said in the recording and leaving it playing on, another voice came in.� And if anyone has heard an unnatural voice like this, they’ll know what I’m talking about. A deeper voice, someone else came through, louder than all the others. It sounded evil to me, like a deep whisper from someone’s throat, dragging out every word. It first said “T**** iss youur hhheeneemmy”. Right after that, it said “keep clear of Haaannnie*”. At first I didn’t know what it was saying, none of us could, but listening to it twice, Molly realized it was saying “T**** is your enemy” and “Keep clear of Annie*”� There was no more happiness from hearing my grandma. I was so terrified I could barely talk, even with three other people in the room. I asked again “WHO ARE� YOU? Are saying keep clear of Annie?” Playback…voice responded with “Yyeeesss….khheeeep clear off Hhannie…”�

Whoever this voice was, it was refusing to tell me it’s name or who or what it was. But what it was saying about T**** and Annie I’ll never forget. T**** is related to my ex. We hated each other, and she always took every opportunity to make me look bad or say something bad about me in front of him. Annie* is my aunt. At the time this happened, we were fighting with each other and not on speaking terms. No one in that room knew this. And when it came to T****, my ex would look the other way, let alone bring it up to anyone, especially an acquaintance like Kyle. There was no way that Kyle could have pre-recorded any of this, especially my great grandmother’s voice. I was so scared of what I may have invited in that room, I was shaking. Asking around, no one else felt any fear at all. They felt completely fine and normal; it was only me. Hearing that, I ended the session right there, announcing “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here or with us” kind of joking so no one would know how scared I was.

This is where my “paranormal” experience ends. Later I was almost convinced that although the strange voice chilled me to the bone, it was most likely there to help since it told me things as if they were a warning against others in my life. The few that believed me were convinced too, and that I maybe should go back another night and bring it up again, but something didn’t fit. Why did it refuse to tell me who it was? It seemed to be warning me, but… why did I get the feeling it was telling me what I thought I wanted to hear? I have a friend, who is “psychic” and told her about what happened. She was a little upset I’d do such a stupid thing, but agreed to look into it for me. Without knowing what happened, she came called me back two days later and told me that yes, someone in my family came through, but only briefly. And something else did too, and it was, in her words, “very very baaad”.� She told me she didn’t know who or what, but that it wanted me to trust it, so I can go back and call upon it again… so it can attach itself to me or something weird like that. She said she took care of it, and nothing should be bothering me. But if I do decide to go back, there may not be much more she can do. From reading other stories on here, it seems that they can follow if they want too, just from someone playing around the first time, so I’m not sure why it wanted me to go back. I do have a feeling had we kept on with the EVP nights, things may have gotten bad.

There’s a lot more that’s happened, I’ve seen a shadow person once (and I had my best friend with me; we saw it at the same time), I’ve seen other things, heard things go bump in the night, heard knocking on walls and doors, all that, but this is the first time, and only time, hopefully last time that I ever made contact, asked a question and something responded. I hear that voice in my head almost every day, and I play those events back in my mind all the time. So thank you for bearing with my storytelling, its not much compared to others but, boy, I’m glad to finally be able to tell it.

Written by Verity, Copyright 2009

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28 Responses to “First and Last Time I Ever Tried EVP”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad you told it too! Sometimes that’s the best thing. That’s very scary; I used to mess with EVP’s a lot, but I used to get so scared I’d cry sometimes when playing them back. It’s weird to think something you can’t see is talking to you, and the distortion of the voices is pretty horrific at times. Thanks for the great story!

  2. Megan says:

    Basically, I think you did the right thing by not going back. EVP’s are serious business, just like playing with a Ouija board is. You have to try and make the thoughts about it stop, It almost sounds like, to me, it may have followed you home, but you are such a strong skeptic that it is having a hard time actually getting to you. The fact that you found this site and stuff worries me, because I believe that being a skeptic is something that really keeps some people safe. Just be very very careful, and if you ever need to talk we are all here on this site has a whole community.

  3. Jamie says:

    oh my gosh, this is the scariest thing I have read on here, and I’ve read alot… I used to play with EVPs as well, and one day at work I was listening to some other people recorded. I played one for a coworker, where the voice says “so is the dead”. but my coworker heard “zoe is dead”. she told me what it sounded like to her, and i almost passed out, it scared me so bad. zoe is my daughter.
    i have NEVER gone back to listening.

  4. Tony L says:

    It was fallen angels who spoke with you. decieving spirits. They have the ability to appear or sound like anyone or anything they want, just like the Holy angels. Not quite the same powers though or they never would have allowed themselves to be thrown from heaven. They have accompanied us and tried to saduce and pervert our minds our whole lives and know everything a dead person has said and done so its easy to mimic and decieve those unaware. It can also be dangerous for those not filled with the Holy spirit to try and command them or rebuke them. Remember what happened to those who only knew of God but was not really of him, in Acts 19:13-16 ” 13 Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the LORD Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preacheth. 14 And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. 15 And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? 16 And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” The fallen angels know who God is, they’ve met him face to face and chose to rebel. They also can tell when someone only uses his name but does not have him dwelling within them.

  5. KateLyn says:

    Thanks for sharing. :]

  6. cant scare ernie says:

    i agree with megan about the skepticism. my younger bro and his friends have all messed with the ouija board on many occasions and i think that the fact that none had any real bad things happen to them can be attributed to their skepticism on the subject.

  7. Verity says:

    Thanks for the comments and for listening…

    Megan, I do think that being a skeptic has helped me, and I did find this site looking for an answer to what’s been going on since. I guess I wouldn’t have found this site if I weren’t looking for an answer, and It is hard to stop thinking about it, mostly because I don’t have a logical reason to explain what we all heard that night. I am beginning to believe there is something more out there, beyond our physical world and reality. I definitely learned that if you go looking for something, you will find it.

  8. Tonja Brown says:

    Verity, real great story. I too had thought about getting into the subject of EVPs, but after researching on the internet and from what you said in your story, it is quite clear that messing around with trying to obtain EVPs can perhaps be just as dangerous as using an Ouija Board.

    I lost my 22-year-old son 13 months ago because he took methadone that was not prescribed to him and overdosed. So I was thinking I could possibly contact Timmy by EVP. I have had some signs from him over the last several months, positive signs, so I know he is alive on “the other side” and well, and he wants to let me know this.

    I’ll give an example: Back in February, maybe March of this year, I was walking past our entertainment center, when a 5 by 7 picture of my husband’s son flipped backward and off the entertainment center, landing behind it. This picture had been there for several years, along with others and none have ever done this, not even now. Our living room floor does not shake the entertainment center, unless we are jumping up and down, and my husband and I constantly walk past it every day.

    I took it as a sign from my late son that he was saying that I needed to put a picture of him there too, or, why is a picture of your stepson here, but not mine? I did put up a picture of my son, an 8 by 10, which is on the wall next to our computer desk. I put my stepson’s 5 by 7 picture on my husband’s dresser.

    After reading your story Verity, I will just leave the subject of EVP alone !

  9. Jk says:

    I am going to have to agree with Tony. Why, two pieces of evidence that you witnessed your self. One, these particular bad apples form their words through other sound like music, fan noise, white noise on a TV which supplies the voice or vocal cords for them so to speak, nothing else does that at least not that I am aware of and reason 2 whatever it was refused to give you a name and seemed to be adament about it. Not good stay away.

  10. Deanna90 says:

    Wow that was a scary story, yet very convincing.

  11. Verity says:

    JK, thanks for your comment…I picked up on that about forming their voice from the surrounding white noise, audible to us or not, in our environment around us.. I figured that it was they reason why I could hear out the “h’s” and “s’s” clearly but the letters “k” sounded like a person with a hoarse throat. I feel better knowing that its not just my own theory. Nearly all I told in my family doesn’t believe me at all; they’re sensitive about my great grandmother passing.

  12. sooz says:

    I am a psychic. I only have one thing to say about your story. It is good that you didnt go back., but you also have to stop obsessing about it and hearing it everyday in your head. This kind of fear and dwelling on the event can keep the entity close to you. Forget it, tell it it is not welcome near you nor any of your friends if it means harm.
    Just want you to be safe!

  13. George says:

    You hear what you want to hear, plain and simple.

    Speaking as a recording engineer, you have to understand: if a voice appears on a recording, digital or analog, then that voice entered the signal chain at some point. If it didn’t enter at the source (i.e. the mic), then it entered at some point in the wiring or circuitry (i.e. radio frequency interference). No matter how it did that, it was some type of physical phenomenon, either air pressure at the mic, or electromagnetism. It is not uncommon for strange artifacts to appear in recordings, but to interpret them as being causes by something supernatural is simply an unwarranted conclusion.

    It isn’t that being skeptical “protects” me from from being hounded by ghosts. The only thing I am protected from is my own runaway imagination. By jumping to conclusions, such as supernatural causes, you are ignoring an entire spectrum of possibilities, the majority of which are far far more likely than ghosts.

    Take for example, the comment someone else wrote where they and their coworker heard differing things:

    I played one for a coworker, where the voice says �so is the dead�. but my coworker heard �zoe is dead.”

    This is a perfect example. “So is the dead” does not make any grammatical sense, but the coworker makes an interpretation that makes sense “zoe is dead.” Then the first woman immediately associates the coworkers interpretation with her daughter, who’s name is Zoe. Even if we allow the unjustified leap to a supernatural cause, you still have jumped to the conclusions that if this entity IS saying “Zoe,” that it was talking about YOUR Zoe. For all you know, it’s talking about a Zoe in it’s own frame of reference completely independent of you or or co-worker’s life.

    That said, this was an enjoyable ghost story.

    Speaking of which, where are these recordings? Let’s hear them!

  14. kaonashi says:

    Hear hear, George! It’s refreshing to finally see someone who isn’t immediately sucked into the state of thinking that anything unexplained must have a supernatural cause.

    Most of the time EVPs can be thought of as paredoilia, or audible matrixing. “You hear what you want to hear.” Most of the EVPs I have heard were so embedded in the static that it was impossible to make out spoken words unless someone else tells you what to listen for. Once you’re set to expect certain sounds, of course you’re going to hear them in static. Just as there are rarely any clear, focused images of ufos or bigfoot, likewise there are rarely any clear, unmistakable, immediately apparent EVPs.

  15. Dan says:

    wow, that story brought back memories of my paranormal experiences. I lived in fear for a good 3 years, The first year after my experience was the worst, all I could think about was ghosts, it drove me crazy. I really hope you don’t get too worked up about this, it can be really damaging for the mind. After a paranormal experience you start to question life/death, who’s here?, why?, how?, where?

    The key is to accept it exists and move on.

  16. tj says:

    Hi all:

    I am a skeptic and usually brush aside tales of ghosts. I teach science courses at a small college, including stuff on psuedoscience like ghosts where my goal is to be a dubunker. But this one seemed different to me. Not scary but intriguing. I wish I were there to witness it myself. Thanks.

  17. Jack says:

    That’s a very creepy story. I haven’t had any EVPs, but I have had an unexplained drainage of batteries. I had recently purchased a few acres of land, where I found some old headstones which appeared to be moved from somewhere. I had taken fresh batteries and put them into my digital camera, trying to take pictures of the site of the headstones, just for kicks. On my way to the site, I walked through the tall grass, using a small flashlight to guide myself through the dark. I turned on my camera to take a picture, and the batteries were dead. I realize that there are multiple explanations for the dead batteries, such as the batteries being defective, or other natural causes, but when I came back to the site where I tried to take the picture, I found a few foundation stones. This might have been a pointless story, but I just wanted to add in my two cents!

  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I first must say, Tonya, i am so sorry about the loss of your son, i also lost a daughter at age of almost 17, so i understand….and the picture thing, wow,,, i really understand that. i have made friends here that know all about my picture story!!! take care hun,, he will be in touch with you…. its early days yet.. my daughter died 16 years ago, and we are still in touch…. you are not alone.. take better care of yourself, and stop feeling guilty!!!

    I loved this story!!! I had thought about working with evp’s also, and was talked out of it by friends here….i dont need to open any more portals, thats for sure…..

    George and others who feel like George,, if you guys could only walk in my shoes for one day, you would think differently about the paranormal.. I also try to debunk everything, but some things cannot be explained…..I have lived with the paranormal for 51 years. I am a psychic, not by choice, just my nature…..and its not like the tv shows, its not something you can turn on and off… it just happens!!! you should read some of my posts,, some very interesting stuff….

    Verity, I am so glad that you came here to talk about your experience, thats a good first step.. I know you are afraid… you have a lot of support here, just keep on coming back, there are wonderful people here that know what you are dealing with…. we do have to be very careful when it comes to white noise. It does tend to bring up evil spirits, and negative energy. Try to stay as positive as you can… When something is going on, just calmly say,, ok,, ive had enough of you, now leave me alone.. this may make it angry and things could get worse before getting better, but dont stop.. every time, do the same thing. it will finally get bored with you.. try not to give in to the fear.. thats the hardest part..

    You see, even me giving you this advice causes me problems!! The negative you have been feeling, i am also feeling, but i am not worried, as i am not afraid, and it will go away. Evil just hates people like me!!! but, i am under protection of my higher power!!! now,, get on with life, and deal with this as it comes up… then let it go.. dont worry if no one believes you, that is not important.. that just makes you more vunerable…

    Im not writing all of this for attention, i am just trying to help people that need it… We all have our opinions, and i have just expressed mine..

    Bless us all,,,, ktm

  19. rush says:

    Hello everyone! Im just curious if any of you two(Talking about tj and knowtoomuch) are still avalible to contact..? Tj you said ur teaching in college and that u are skeptic, debunker and right the oposite for knowtoomuch who claims to be psychic and having lots of experiences with paranormal..well im investigating that field and would like to get some of your opinions..i was in search for evps for years, but recently i got some clearest voices, so i was asking my self:”is that my voice?” But it doesnt sound to me like mine, neighter to my girlfriend, nor my parents,even best friend said by voice its 100% not me..If looking from other perspective, the voice doesnt fit in context at all(i think it might be something, and if it is i suggest they are residual voices, no intelligance or interactions with us)..well, more info if i get in contact with any of you.. P.s. I also try to debunk everything thats strange and use logical, natural explanations, but sometimes there is no way to explain.. Im interested in paranormal for many years, i believe it is somethin there, but never said for anything i got it might really be paranormal until few weeks ago ..or less .. Thanks, have fun.

  20. Tonja Brown says:

    Knowtomuch, thank you for your kind words, and so sorry for the loss of your 17-year-old daughter!!

  21. Verity says:

    So…its been a few years since this happened and all of us have gone seperate ways since, but recently we all started hanging out again. I ran into this same old friend who apparently has since named this recording studio room the “ghost box”. I’ve come a long way learning about this stuff and am definitely not as afraid as I was then. I’m still a skeptic, and I still don’t believe most supernatural ghost stories since the majority seem like they can be logically explained. I’m especially disinterested in sleep paralysis stories being passed off as hauntings. Anyway, to the point, I was so freaked back when this happened that I asked the recording be deleted, so all I had was this story and nothing to back it up. This friend had quit doing the EVP thing for a couple of years now, but wants to try it again, and well…we all agreed to try again. This time I’ll make sure we record and save if we go through with the EVP session. Not sure if we’ll actually go through with it, since from what I know he was doing the ghost box sessions constantly, and that seemed to bring some crazy activity to the apt. Like a ball of gray matter floating at the top of, then floating down the stairway, seen by 3 people at the same time. Or waking up to the sound of something growling loudly in the bedroom. It’d definitely suck to have that follow me home if those stories of his are true haha. So we’ll see, and if anyone responds with interest, I’ll put up the recording if we do go through with another ghost box evp session.

  22. Grandfather Time says:

    So how’s about uploading that audio file for us instead of just posting the story. Without the audio file, it’s pretty vanilla.

  23. Anonymous says:

    pics, or it didnt happen.

    • Caretaker says:

      Really? So if someone shows you a pic then you will believe it? There are all sorts of things I have witnessed that I dont have pictures of. AND how can one take a picture of a sound anyway?

  24. Verity says:

    you’re right, “Anonymous”, I’ll do it again tomorrow and this time i’ll get pics of the voices!

  25. Anonymous says:

    i have a strange recent expereience, ive had others in my teenage years and im almost 22 now, last night i had my husband call my cell phone cuz i couldnt find it, well when he called it i found it right away and we both hung up our phones without speaking into them. Later that night i realised I had a voicemail, but i had no missed calls, when i heard the voicemail it sent chills down my spine, all it says is “ok, ..ok” but it swispering directly into the microphone and it wasnt a voice i could recognize. I got the info about who sent it and it said it came from my husbands phone. My husbnad did not leave me a voicemail whispering ok, ok and it definately wasnt his voice. I showed it to my husband and he couldnt beleive it either. So he pulled out his cell phone and used hte voice recorder on it, we sat in silence while he asks questions outloud, when we played the tape back there was no voice but a banging sound after sum of the questions. when he was recording we didnt hear any banging, so as of right now im pretty scared. i wish i knew who it was and why they were telling me ok tho.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Was your grandma trying to say ‘I’m here’ or ‘You are here’ because in spanish ‘I’m here’ would be ‘Estoy aqui’, ‘You’re here’ is ‘Estas aqui’. course also had she said it in a questioning tone, ‘estas aqui?’, could mean ‘Are you here?’ Not saying you’re wrong, just trying to get it straight, one skeptic to another lol

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